Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OBAMA & Holder the FASCIST THUGS in Service of their Jewish Supremacist WAR-PIG puppet masters... and their TRAITOR, QUISLING, SOLD-OUT, _PRETEND_ "liberal" crimes Whitewashing "Liberal Democrat" SUPPORTERS

 Over at - one of the reliably and passionately "liberal Democrat"  Hillary & Obama supporting  bloggers who paints everything in a  "Republican vs Democrat"  light,   ol'  Bartcop posts a cartoon about  THE REPUBLICANS (Paul Ryan in particular) trying to KILL   Medicare. 

Only problem,  ol' Bartcop FAILS to notice that it is his hero OBAMA who is...
about to SLASH  FOOD STAMPS for needy American families, by 13%,  overnight! 

  And the worst part is,  neither "Left" leaning "Liberal Democrats" like Bartcop... or Obama, or ANY of the Democrat Senate or Con-gress "leaders",  nor  anyone on the "conservative" Republican side (or any of  their army of press/media whores)   mentions that  THERE IS NO NEED to SLASH food stamps for NEEDY AMERICAN FAMILIES.... SIMPLY CUT  the  dollar-for-dollar,  100%  take that JP MORGAN/Chase Bank gets for "administering" the food stamp program...  
 ....because  both "liberal Democrats"  and Right-Wing Rethuglicans ARE IN BED WITH the  ECONOMY KILLING,   FAMILIES TERRORIZING  JP Morgan "bank" !! 

Obama's DHS Prepares for "All HELL Breaking Loose" When People See Overnight CUTS to their FOOD STAMPS  this Nov. 1st
by Mac Slavo,   October 29, 2013

A few weeks ago we saw what happens when the Electronic Benefit Transfer system is threatened in any way. When access to food stamps went offline for just a few hours, the masses began to panic in what were essentially isolated hot spots where law & order totally broke down.
This Friday, because of guidelines set forth in the American and Recovery Investment Act  [UNDER  Barack Obama's  presidential 'leadership', retch]  the 48 MILLION Americans receiving nutritional food assistance from the government are GOING TO SEE CUTS  to their monthly distributions.
According to the USDA, the average monthly food benefit for an American family is about $272. Come November 1st, that will be reduced by $36 – or about 13%.
Now, that may not seem like a big number, until you consider that the people depending on these distributions are already struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.
The  [OBAMA! "liberal Democrat"]  government is, in essence, reducing their food availability by 13% overnight.
Most people aren’t even paying attention, but one organization certainly is, because they know exactly what can happen when you start taking food out of peoples’ mouths.   
And it gets even worse... it has already gotten far, far, far worse...

  In the same edition that he posts the cartoon of Paul Ryan Republicans trying to kill Medicare for their insanely greedy, evil  financial overlords,  ol'  so-called "liberal Democrat" Bartcop   joins the  Bush-CHENEY-WOLFOWITZ-MUKASEY-CHERTOFF  crew...  in declaring opponents of GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE, NSA SPYING, TORTURE,  DRONE death squads (push-button MURDER from the air)  and any of the other OBAMA Co.  tactics in the metastasizing "WAR ON TERROR"  (war on humanity)  to be...  TERRORISTS! 

  Bartcop contributor  Mark Perkel writes 

  "So Obama now claims he didn't know that the NSA was tapping the phones of 35 world leaders.
Are you F-ing kidding me?   
I'm trying to figure out what is worse, Obama not knowing or if Obama is lying about it.
If Obama wants to know what's going on at the NSA he should call up Edward Snowden and ask him."  

Bartcop responds to the above comment he just posted on his own website by... blaming NOT the PERPETRATORS of ILLEGAL SPYING and CRIMINAL, massive surveillance, 

   ...but  by FRAMING and BLAMING the MESSAGE-CARRIER  crimes exposing  "whistleblowers"  as "CONSPIRATOR[s]"

   which is to say  as  CRIMINALS and/or  TRAITOR TERRORISTS !! 

Bartcop comments: 
     "The way I heard it, five years into his administration, Obama found out they were  bugging allies and he ordered it stopped.  
Glenn Greenwald, Snowden's co-conspirator, says he believes Obama
didn't know,
which, he says, is an indication of how out of control the NSA is."

  STUPID  Bartcop has becoming a PARTY-line THUG ENFORCER... he is  TOO STUPID  (or too cowardly) to notice that the late "Democratic" Party has been a LBO  leveraged-buy-out victim of the GODDAMN-SACHS  RADICAL RIGHT-WING slave-trading money changers and insane, genocidal jewish war lobby.
 (As we've reported 10,000 times here at theJewishWars,  the judeo "money power" and the judeo war lobby are one and the same... and have been, going all the way back to judeo patriarchs Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Joshua, David, & etc.)


  ..he would rather send INNOCENT PEOPLE TO THE GAS CHAMBERS...

  than admit that his "Democrat'  "political leaders" (sic) (retch!) heroes are IN BED with the  RADICAL RIGHT-WING  SLAVE-TRADING,  economies killing,  parasite financiers and pump-&-dump "money changers." 

  In our above paragraph,  we mention that ol' "liberal Democrat" Bartcop has become a party-line THUG ENFORCER.....

   Unfortunately,  we are not the only ones to find that the "Democrats" have become THUGGISH ENFORCERS of their now blatantly radical Right-Wing 'Neo-Con' wars & economic rape party line, as this insightful cartoon from today's website illustrates -

  Obama and Holder, while "Black", dressed up like thuggish White cops about to beat a handcuffed prisoner with a baton during the segregation era interrogation session! 

 obama & holder as baton wielding racist 1950s cops about to "interrogate" a handcuffed suspect...

A previous PrisonPlanet  image we posted shows Obama looking thuggish... in real life!

And just to show that so-called "liberal"  Bartcop's  PAINTING   NSA CRIMES EXPOSING  "Whistleblower"  Eric Snowden  and uber "liberal" Civil Rights blogger Glenn Greenwald is no fluke,  another genuinely "liberal" blog,   Washington's blog,  posts the headline & story that says it all:   IF  president Barack Obama is  IGNORANT of the CRIMES being PERPETRATED at the NSA, CIA,  DHS,  and Defense Department (military) under his presidency,


Which Is Worse: A Rogue NSA … Or A President Who Gives His Approval And Then Lies About It?
Washington’s Blog | From the Either-Way-It’s-Bad Department.

 And here's a headline link proving that the British & U.S. governments are STILL COORDINATED, STILL pushing the NAZI-esque theme that to EXPOSE GOVERNMENT CRIMES - to be an illegal NSA spying "whistleblower -  is to BE A CRIMINAL  TERRORIST yourself - this  GESTAPO  THUG  Brown-Shirt TERROR-by-government agenda, STILL has OBAMA's  ENERGETIC SUPPORT - 


Now here's the rub, and payoff  line to this post:  if Obama is  so "liberal" and CONCERNED for the  WELFARE of  his MILLIONS of  distressed but (still) loyal  working families who NEED FOOD STAMPS to feed their children... 

....then WHY  is  he NOT  doing  SOMETHING MORE AGGRESSIVE...


  of   his increasingly foul presidency,

the TRANSFER  OF WEALTH  __FROM__ the majority of working Americans,  TO  an INCESTUOUS,  PARASITIC, PREDATORY, CRIMINAL,     TREASONOUS (economy killing) "elite" ????!!!! 

a THUGGISH looking Barack Obama ADMITS who his increasingly foul presidency REALLY serves!!

The  headline reads "Obama ADMITS that 95% of INCOME GAINS Have gone to.... ONLY the TOP 1%" !!! 

  ACROSS the board, on EVERY issue you care to look in to, BARACK OBAMA is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING Treasury looting  NEO-CON  FINANCIAL RAPISTS and GENOCIDAL,  CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY  push-button MURDER, WARMONGER, and  TERRORIST  who his DESTROYING  AMERICAN civil rights & Liberties  on behalf of his insane GoddamnSachs/Wall St./ Fed (= BoE = rotschields, et al judeo "money power,") slave trading money-changer financier puppet-masters !! 

Obama admits 95% of income gains gone to top 1%

  @CNNMoneyInvest September 15, 2013

President Obama has been loud and clear about his fight against income inequality, but he admitted that the rich have fared far better than the poor during his time in the White House.

  TALK IS CHEAP, but TREASONOUS LIES  get PAID FOR by the TREASONOUS,   _intentionally_  ECONOMIES-KILLING "pump-&-dump"  money-changers, parasite financiers, and genocidal war-mongers!

 post-script:   These articles below  documenting  how "Obama-Care" IS  DESIGNED  by RAHM EMANUEL,  MAX BAUCHUS, and the Neo-Con puppet-masters to INTENTIONALLY DESTROY what little is still productive about the AMERICAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM....
   are just the tip of the iceberg revealing the  ATROCITIES  that Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, and all their CRIMINAL co-conspirators in the "Democrat" Party  have INTENTIONALLY UNLEASHED on America....

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