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HALLELUJAH! EUREKA! HURRAH! AMAZING GRACE! JOY TO THE WORLD! BRAVO! - 'Yukon Jack' at Veterans Today DECODES the RANCID JEWISH ATTACK on America society... from the RADICAL Right-Wing bankers & warmongers _POSING_ as "liberals" and trendy, do-gooder 'leftists' !!

 for "Yukon Jack" at Veterans Today who has deciphered and exposed  THE #1. cold,  cruel, ruthless nations destroying  REALITY in the world today:  the ASSAULT on human liberties here in America and across the globe; and the WAR on the AMERICAN ECONOMY and world financial system;  have a very rancid, very evil,  very treacherous, very deceitful,  very JUDEO FLAVOR TO THEM - in his  below op-ed commentary,   
"The Huffington Post:  SLEAZE DRESSED UP AS LIBERAL" !!     

 For at least half a decade now we've been screeching that  THE NEW YORK TIMES,  the WASHINGTON POST, TIME magazine, CNN,  and indeed the ENTIRE  CORPORATE MEDIA   ARE NOT  "liberal" 
but are in fact are radical right-wing reactionary -

they are all trying to take America  BACK to the SLAVE OWNING or  even FEUDAL  eras; 
where powerful lords and nobles or slave plantation owners (the "elites" of their day)
COULD  ENSLAVE and or KILL  any of the peon serfs, indentured peasants, or slaves  under their rule - on a whim.
     This evil ideology is the ANTITHESIS of  modern American democracythey do NOT  believe in "all men are created equal",  they do NOT believe in "We the People,"  they do NOT believe in democracy; they do NOT believe in human rights, and they certainly do not believe in, nor have any respect for, America's constitutional rights:  they,  America's  RADICAL RIGHT-WING PLUTOCRATS,   believe that they should have the same powers that  SOUTHERN SLAVE CHASERS  had when hunting down escaped slaves in the Deep South:   not only did your property have  NO  FREEDOM from SEARCH if  someone suspected that an escaped slave had fled there;  but if you were found to have aided and abetted that escaped slave (or, hell, if you were SUSPECTED to have aided escaped slaves)   THEY COULD HANG YOU ON THE SPOT.

THIS  RADICAL RIGHT-WING IDEOLOGY is obviously at the core of America's metastasizing POLICE STATE  DHS/tsa/fema/NSA  and military/police  SPYING,  stop & search, and  POLICE BRUTALITY IN AMERICA  TODAY...   but since Americans have a 200 year history of  despising such brute force dictatorship leadership
 (except for Southerners who were easily manipulated by the blatant racism of the slavery society to oppose abolition as an "infringement" on their rights)   
 our 'elites' today must  DISGUISE their  rancid, treasonous, dictatorial radical right-wing agenda behind  FRILLY CURTAINS of LIES and DECEPTION, or behind BRIGHT SHINY OBJECTS of  DISTRACTION.....

-  exactly as "Yukon Jack" at VT  masterfully explains below -


The Huffington Post – Sleaze Dressed Up as a Liberal

by Yukon Jack

The Huffington Post is a text book example of how ‘liberal’ media is nothing but Zionist propaganda. 
The HuffPo, as it is called by its lovers of the Jewish Supremacism mindset, is a dressed up sleazy whore.
Marketed as new alternative news media, they push all the same lies of the old media, their truth mimics the lies of state, not a single article on 911 or false flags. Not one. You will never read about the anything even approaching reality in this online tabloid, it parallels the traditions of London’s sleazy newsprints.
The HuffPost is pure state  [judeo corporate/government = FASCIST!]  propaganda and was recently purchased by AOL and has become mainstream propaganda with little change to its format. I’d tell you to line your parakeet cage with the HuffPost but there is no print edition, but it would be good competition for supermarket tabloids.  The Huffington Post screams the latest bloody outrage of the left and then distracts you with skin.  And to think Arianna’s bloody online rag was purchased for $315 million. SOMEONE'S GOT MONEY to BURN.

This is what you are going to see at the Huffington Post, they are obsessed with the lastest Hollywood buzz:
Every myth being currently employed by the state to enslave the people is parroted daily by the HuffPost. They are nothing but irrational left screaming headlines and selling Hollywood skin.

They are like crack whores huffing and puffing crystal meth – completely out of their damn minds, 
the Huffington Post is a sleazy publication trying to be seen as respectable. 

If you happen to click into the front page your senses will be assaulted by the latest Hollywood whore’s attire or upskirt shot,  HuffPost bedazzles the viewer with flashing ads of Tinseltown’s latest tantalizing actress’s overpriced skimpy outfit.

  Serious minds don’t care. The HP is trying to hypnotize the reader with Hollywood bling and glitz, those concerned by the reality of the political situation in the United States don’t buy it.

Conservatives are always complaining about the liberal media. Jew wise patriots point out that all of the liberal legislation has Jewish sponsors.
[and so did DHS - after 9-11 Bush/Cheney/CHERTOFF/MUKSASEY (at the DOJ)  RAMMED the  "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act through a stubborn Congress - but ONLY with the help of a little cocaine deadly anthrax letters mailed directly to  THE TWO SENATORS who were holding up the evil P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act! - but it was THE DEMOCRATS who rammed   DHS  "Department of HOMELAND Security"  through - using the pretend incompetence "failure to communicate" but actually SABOTAGE of  government agencies failing to prevent  the 9-11 terror attacks as an excuse)  

To an awakened patriot, liberal is code for Jew.

 Likewise the New World Order, the push for one world government, is a Jewish enterprise, and we know this for a fact if we look closely to see who is pulling the levers of power.

The New World Order is a Jewish Banker World Order.

The NWO and liberal are used as a camouflaging memes to hide the real perps destroying liberty. Thomas Jefferson was a liberal in the classic sense, because he sought to liberate humanity from bondage. Myth is the enemy of mankind because it is used by church and state to enslave and the Huffington Post pushes myth almost as bad as World Net Daily, which is a right wing version, a daily dose of Christian prophetic myths woven into daily politics. WND is the WMD of Hal Lindsey.

Huffington Post = Zionist Jewish Supremacism = World Net Daily
[BRAVO!   EXACTLY!     FAUX 'liberal' is DOMINATED by RADICAL RIGHT-WING JUDEO FINANCERS/WARMONGERS  =   JUDEO SUPREMACISTS who _ALSO_   DOMINATE the RADICAL RIGHT-WING DISCOURSE.. you will NEVER hear  RUSH LIMBAUGH, Michael SAVAGE, Bill O'Liely, Sean Hannity or any of the other "conservatives"  CONFRONT the JEWISH WAR /FINANCIERS lobby SABOTAGE of America's ECONOMY or  genuine national security *** BOTH "left" AND "right" are on the SAME  evil JUDEO SUPREMACIST  DICTATED page!***
The Huffington Post and World Net Daily are perfect examples of Jewish supremacists _camouflaged behind_  a polarizing left or right banners.  
[ = HATE-SPEECH and RADICALIZATION...  INCITING the peons whipped up in to orgies of HATE,   to HATE EACH OTHER.... =  CLASSIC  "DIVIDE & CONQUER" tactics !! ] 
The HuffPost is a JEWISH RAG  _feigning_  as a leading liberal voice, but they not liberal, not in the classic sense.
_A real liberal intends to liberate humankind from the oppression of the property holding conservative classwhich owns the system and oppresses  for their own gain and maintenance of power. Conservatives always want to conserve the system in which they benefit, once someone makes it rich, they become a conservative, unless, of course, they are Jewish and have a Jewish supremacist agenda like the Huffington Post, which seeks to overthrow American Republic and substitute THE MENTAL INSANITY of  JEWISH SUPREMACISM. 
The HuffPost is a live version of this psychosis. They are dishonest leftist radicals just as WND appeals to the dishonest right wing christian conservative radicals. I predict Veterans Today will dominate both of these Zionist publications, because VT deals in reality at least 40% of time, lol. (PS I’m trying to slightly up that metric.) 
The Huffington Post is the perfect example of the epic farce of modern journalism, shallow and immoral always promoting the latest fad or movie.  NEVER ANYTHING SUBSTANTIAL...
[when they DO  REPORT something  HARD-CORE and HITTING... their editors and writers act like they've never seen the article posted in their own rag!   For examples,   Larry Summers And The Subversion of Economics;  or   Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession; or anything by Bill Black;  or anything by David DeGraw - pretty much PURGED since Dec. 2012!;  or  anything else they've written which even touches on - much less really critical about - TORTURE, WAR CRIMES; LIES-TO-WAR,  9-11, or ESPECIALLY anything about the Fed,  JPM, or GoddamnSachs, the nations destroying, economies killing, people pulverizing vampire squids.] have to wonder if the writers actually believe the mythos they promote. The front page headline is current political crisis hyped [in] large bold type. The right side column is the daily feature of Hollywood actresses latest garb – as if the latest starlet’s attire matters in political commentary. Readers click in and they eyes are immediately diverted away from the political headlines to Hollywood skin, cleavage, boobs, panties and flashy jewelry. The Huffington Post front page is borderline soft porn. Why do they bother? Half of the internet is real porn, it’s not like you can’t see free porn for free all day long on the internets. What moran reads the HuffPo?
Large flashing ads celebrating the latest Hollywood whore’s boob job are in you face DISTRACTING the reader FROM ACTUALLY READING  [about]  ANY CRITICAL ISSUE   facing the nation. The HP is also obsessed with the latest Jewish legislation and the latest outrageous headline of the Congressional idiots. The Huffington Post is about cleavage, maybe they should go all the way and just put the latest Hollywood boobs on the front page, they  already have the latest Hollywood Boobs on the front page. If the editors of the HuffPost were honest, they would sell Obama’s health care agenda like this:
Notice how I cleverly put the big “O” over the nipple because that will mesmorize the reader to go sign up, I ain’t even been paid or living in the greater Los Angeles brothel district [lol!] to know how its done. With my graphic artistic skills I bet we could double Obamacare sign ups overnight, by tomorrow we’d have nearly 900 total nationwide.  You have to be clever to sell failed liberal policies, and you don’t even need a Harvard education, all you need to do is watch Idiocracy a few times to know what you are dealing with and how to manage a modern democracy.
You have to wonder, if the Huffington Post is selling the left’s agenda with boobs, then they really don’t have rational arguments for their product. No real issue is ever address in this rag. Take Fukushima for example, radiation is pouring into the Pacific Ocean, making the entire fishery radiological toxic and the Huffington Post has no articles on this crisis even though they are in Los Angeles, a city on the Pacific Ocean!
They are completely disconnected from reality and are like chickens with their heads cut off chasing the latest highly emotional headline.

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   bonus!  In a previous commentary, 

  "Scum Suckers of the Potomac"

 Yukon Jack does the old "what if?"  routine, developed as  satire masquerading as comedy for hundreds of years in ruthlessly conquered, occupied, and terrorized Russia
(the Russian people have been terrorized for centuries... by Mongols, Swedes, Teutonic knights, Nazis, judeo bolshevik Commissars, among many, many others... and  even by their own Czars,  see "Ivan THE TERRIBLE") 
to ask a  very simple question:     
HOW MANY NUKES have the "DEEP BLACK"  shadow government**  STOLEN from the American military arsenal -  _WITH_  WASHINGTON's  INSANE, TREASONOUS, insane (we repeat) COMPLICITY ??

   **(with all their billions upon billions upon billions of  U.S. taxpayer "black budget" dollars -  BACKED UP by MORE billions upon billions of  israel + SAUDI, kuwait, qatari, french, british, nato, & etc. BLACK OPS money & manpower... and missing nukes!)