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ECONOMIC SABOTAGE _IS_ the NEO-CON AGENDA; because price EXTORTION of vital Commidites _IS_ the GoddamnSachs (jpm/Fed/Boe = rotschields, et al) Bankers CONNECTED, larcenous, kleptocratic GENOCIDAL INSIDERS AGENDA,

  When Barack Obama campaigned on "Change" in 2008,  many millions of Americans were hoping that at least some of his campaign promises would come true... or, at the very least, that steady progress would be made in the directions Obama had promised.   
  For example,  Obama promised that he would focus like a laser on REDUCING HEALTH CARE COSTS for millions of Americans... well,  we just got our new Blue Cross (annual) premium a month or two ago... and it was 20% higher than the previous year!  

So - five years down the road since 2008 for the Obama presidency, and NO progress on one of his core campaign themes...   with NO hope for improvement in the foreseeable future.  
(Indeed, Obama-care is an INSURANCE INDUSTRY written scam (written by a 'former' WellPoint VP, at that)  that will only make matters WORSE  if it is implemented against a rising tide of American outrage... outrage and DISMAY led by small businesses owners, who are the backbone of the American economy, who are being FORCED to  DOWNSIZE their workforce from full-time to part-time workers, to avoid Obama-care's DRACONIAN,   COMMISSAR DICTATES). 

   And the outlook is no better on the environmental front  than it is on the health-care 'reform' front:  Mr. Obama, a pathetic sell-out puppet to his GoddamnSachs = jewish war lobby "handlers" and campaign kickbacks/slush-funds "donors,"  cares no more for the environment than George W. Bush & Dick Cheney.      Proof?    
 - America's  COLD WAR era designed & built NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS are _ALL  LEAKING_  hazardous, carcinogenic,  life-threatening contaminated water and cooling fluids... but (as we all  know)  ALL Mr. Obama cares about is his latest golfing man date,  his latest jet-setting vacation,   giving billions of dollars EVERY WEEK to Ben Bernanke's  TREASONOUS, economy-killing banksters,  and  signing off on  NAZI-esque  ASSASSINATION ORDERS in the evil,  metastasizing,  judeo run "War on Terror" -  with the  TREAONOUS  Mr. Obama FUNDING  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS  in SYRIA,  IRAN,  LIBYA, EGYPT, and across Africa (every  "al Qaeda terrorist attack" is an EXCUSE to SEND IN THE U.S. MILITARY and  SIEZE CONTROL of the local economy & infrastructure - the Neo-Con game-plan)....
  Well,  speak of the devil...   these introductory paragraphs have been our confused and disjointed attempt to outline the backstory to this latest  news article we present as PROOF   of  the Neo-Cons'  - which is to say,  President Obama -  INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE - 
 As we were trying to say,  many of us "liberal" voters were HOPING that Obama's  2008 "Change" campaign & election victory would lead to some MEANINGFUL   ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRESS,  and not just more  BIG BUSINESS  RAPE of American consumers,  MASQUERADIGN as  "environmental progress."    Examples here include 

  1. forcing American gasoline buyers to accept gas blended with ethanol - a pure give-away to big agribusiness which owns the farms which grow corn to produce the ethanol (an extremely energy intensive means of  producing energy for consumer consumption) 
  2. forcing American consumers to purchase expensive "energy efficient"  light bulbs to replace the classical screw-in incandescent light bulb - a GIFT to manufacturers like GE (General Electric), these new light bulbs are loaded with MERCURY, so they are an ENVIRONMENTAL NIGHTMARE in and of themselves...
  3.  and there are  of course - sadly & horribly - many other Obama NEO-CON  BAIT & SWITCH  environmental nightmares over the past 5 years, but without doubt at the TOP of the list is the  GODDAMN-SACHS (= jpm, Fed, BoE, ecb, = rotschields, et al)  attempt to  JUST OUTRIGHT EXTORT  EVERY DIME of economic activity  in America & the world,  using the government's  "environmental regulation" EXTORTION POWERS to  quantify, commoditize, and  essentially TAX    every erg of energy expended in any American business on the production of anything - and as every high school history/social-studies student should know,  "THE POWER TO TAX _is_  the POWER to DESTROY"...   both of which (extortion by government taxation + license for connected insiders to run extortionist monopoly cartels; and  DESTRUCTION of rival, competitor businesses... currencies, or even nations)  is the bread & butter, the  dark vampire essence of the MONOPOLY EXTORTION CARTELS.   
As author Guy Larsen writes in his phenomenal book on how Wall Street really operates,  "OCTOPUS: the SECRET MARKETS & Wall St. Cons" 
 "CONTROLLING COMMODITIES was how  DICTATORS STAYED IN POWER - and that  [controlling dictators]  was how America KEPT POWER."

    Speaking of ,  Larsen quotes Sam Israel Jr., the son of legendary Wall St. commodities trader Sam Israel Sr. "My father travelled all over the Third World because that was where all the commodities were.  He met with heads of state, top ministers,  captains of industry.   He dealt with Idi Amin in Uganda when he was importing coffee from there.  Manuel Noriega in Panama was another.  Ferdinand Marcos was a close associate of my father.  The Philippines was huge for sugar.  Marcos'  number one guy was named Don-Ding Corleone Gojuangco, He HAD A MONOPOLY on bananas and beer in the Philippines.   Don-Ding offered to take me there to work in the summer, but my old man [Sam Israel Sr.] said there was NO WAY he was going to let me go because I'd end up dead.  My father's work was also very closely tied to the government of the United States.  HE WAS DEALING WITH _all_  the BAD BOYS the  C.I.A.  HAD PUT IN POWER.   He knew how things really worked.    When he came back from places like the Philippines,   he would be debriefed by the C.I.A.   CONTROLLING COMMODITIES was how dictators stayed in power, and that [controlling dictators who controlled commodities]  was how America [the ruthless, blood-drenched U.S. government] KEPT POWER..." 

TRAITOR- THIEVES Barack Obama & Rahm Emanuel:  
David Axelrod and other members of the "Chicago brain trust" behind Obama's winning presidential election campaign of 2008 were crafting Obama's every campaign speech to tell millions of  Democratic, Independent, and Republican voters what they wanted to hear - that we all wanted "CHANGE!" after the miserable in-your-face CORRUPTION, LIES, wars, brutality, stolen elections, and blatant hate-baiting of the Bush-Cheney Republican presidency - they made sure they kept Rahm Emanuel well hidden and out of  sight - distant - from the Obama campaign. 

Why Spain Wants to Tax the Sun

How solar panels became “toxic assets”
Adan Salazar
Oct. 8, 2013
You know the Spanish economy is in dire straits when politicians propose a tax on the sun.
Why Spain Wants to Tax the Sun solarpower
Solar cells on Spain’s Cíes Islands / via Wikimedia Commons.
Far from rewarding enterprising citizens by offering net metering rebates, Spain is considering a more ass-backwards approach by instead taxing those who would dare take it upon themselves to produce their own energy.

In alleged efforts to tackle a debt mountain of $35 billion, Spain’s energy sector wants solar panel users to pay a “backup toll,” essentially forcing people who use solar panels to pay for “self-consumption.”
“We will be the only country in the world charging for the use of the sun,” the director of a Spanish sustainable energy firm named SEBA, Jaume Serrasolses, told the BBC. “Strange things are happening in Spain. This is one of them.”
Those who produce their own energy through solar panels typically accrue enough savings to pay them off within eight years. The new solar tax would ensure this timeline extends to 25 years.
The logic behind the proposal is that with increased “’self-consumption,’ the income for conventional energy systems will decrease, but grid maintenance will cost the same,” according to the BBC.
“If I produce my own energy, but am connected to the grid, having the backup in case my production fails, I have to contribute to the cost of the entire system,” Energy Secretary Alberto Nadal explained.
In other words, even though the Spanish government was responsible for a massive campaign six years ago promoting solar energy, the people that actually jumped on the initiative are now burning holes in the pockets of Spain’s five biggest energy companies – and the taxpayers must once again come to the rescue.
Dutch lawyer Piet Holtrop has assumed the task of defending over 1,000 people who, due to the proposed tax, are now in danger of holding “toxic assets” and even losing their homes.
“The majority are people like your or my parents who at one time had savings and wanted to make an investment with a better return,” Holtrop says.
Why Spain Wants to Tax the Sun sunpeek
Spanish lawmakers seek “backup toll” for solar energy producers / via Wikimedia Commons
“Many of these people are going to lose their houses (that they used as collateral to buy solar panels). They are unable to pay back at the bank. They can’t sell the installations, because the government has made them toxic assets.”

Serrasoles says that although the toll has yet to go into effect, the photovoltaic sector is already feeling the pinch. “Nobody is going to make significant investment if it takes over 20 years to pay it off.”
Meanwhile, Spain’s five major energy providers are experiencing an uptick in consumption due to the fact people are suddenly not-so-eager to purchase solar panels, something Autonomous University of Barcelona professor Richard Jornet thinks may have been the plan all along.
“I think they (the government) know this proposal does not make sense. They just want to gain time,” Jornet reportedly stated. “[And] during all these months the energy oligopoly is making thousands of millions of euros.”
The BBC claims at least four other European Union member states – Latvia, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Greece – seem destined to follow suit and are watching Spain closely to see if the tax goes off without a hitch.
This is just the latest example of how big governments will stop at nothing to tax their people out of existence, all the while declaring it’s in everyone’s best interests. What’s next? An oxygen tax?

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