Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Credit Where CREDIT is DUE: And now some lighthearted fun, before we get down to the real "clean the pestilential hate-mongering parasites out of the deadly swamp" chores...

 CREDIT where credit is due! 
 In our previous post  we wrote
"Horrors!  our quick internet search for the term "MASSACRE of PRIESTS in SPANISH CIVIL WAR"  turned up this   #1.  link:   wikipedia's  "RED TERROR (Spain)"  page disclosing the unsettling fact   that   it was the REPUBLICANS'   WAR on  the Catholic Church and on Christians which INITIATED the VIOLENCE in 1933  that led to the Franco Fascist vs Republican Civil War breaking out in Spain in 1936 !!" 

  And we later asked ourselves, "Where the hell did we get the idea to 'search'  'Spanish Priests MASSACRED in Spain's 1930s Civil War'?"   before remembering - "Oh, yeah, it was watching that excellent 1 hr. BBC video on  Dark Ages art,  "BBC's The Dark Ages: An Age of Light - The Clash of the Gods (Episode 1 of 4)    where art historian and narrator Waldemar Januszczak examines the development of the spectacular artworks of the so-called "Dark Ages"  period of post- Roman empire collapse, and finds that those decades and centuries weren't necessarily so 'dark' at all... and in tracing the development of  art and architecture during this period,  Mr. Januszczak finds himself tracing the development of nothing less than the Christian church and faith during this critical period (in Christian church/religion development) as well.  

    Mr. Januszczak's specific quote that led us to search "Spanish priests MASSACRED in Spanish Civil War"   was his pointing out  (our rough paraphrase)  that the Roman persecution of  Christians may not have been as widespread as we are led to believe today;  and indeed that  "nations today are far more efficient at MURDERING CHRISTIANS IN LARGE NUMBERS than the Romans ever were -  700 priests and nuns were massacred in the Spanish Civil War, and NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THEM" 

  Which gives us a great lead in to an entirely new line of discussion we will have to take here at TheJewishWars,  one that examines the PSYCHOLOGY of the   "g-o-d" of the Jews, and how the judeo "god of the universe"  mirrors the powers... AND HUMAN FAILINGS... of the PAGAN gods who came before judaism was established  (about the time of the  Moses led 'exodus' from Egypt, about 4,000 years ago).

  But what is so delicious and refreshing about  Mr. Januszczak's videos,  is that he doesn't engage in historical, theological, or political debates... he simply lets the ART works of those eras speak for themselves,  and in his masterpiece, tour de force journey through Dark Ages art,  he finds art and architecture that will take your breath away with its dazzling beauty and spectacular architecture -  demonstrating that the very term "DARK AGES" is perhaps a PROPAGANDISTIC TERM imposed on 'modern'  American  'judeo/Christ-ian' society  by elites who want to IMPOSE an imperial Roman totalitarian empire on us, even today... 

  So.. enjoy!  this excellent video on the development of  art in the "Dark Ages" - which just so happens to trace the development and maturation of the Christian Church during this critical period in its history, as well...

The Dark Ages: An Age of Light - The Clash of the Gods (Episode 1 of 4)