Sunday, October 6, 2013

Alex Jones, Peter Schiff, & Max Keiser: THREE of THE MOST INFORMED commentators, still REFUSE to CONNECT THE MOST Important dots.....

These twin,   2 person on-air video discussions, both hosted by InfoWars producer Alex Jones,  are probably the most informative 40 minutes (+/-) of  news analysis you will hear anywhere  in the world right now... but, as so often is the case,  all three participants (Alex Jones is in both videos)  are  dramatically, diametrically WRONG   on each of their  core themes.

   How could that be -  how could each video be landmark, state-of-art analysis  of world affairs
  (which is to say, the looming  "DEBT" implosion, aka  INTENTIONAL  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  TAKE-DOWN of the American & European economies)  
while all 3 of the participants are egregiously wrong on their fundamental  analysis?  
        (Hint: we just mentioned the factor that all three refuse to see... key word "intentional") 
   (hint #2.: they all three refuse to see THE ELEPHANT in the living room, which, since we are writing about it here,  you might just guess what that THREAD that UNITES _all_ the horrors, atrocities, past catastrophes (9-11, Abu Ghraib,  and Sept. 2008 market crash, anyone?)  and looming disasters just might be???)

  Well  (lord willing, and the creek don't rise)  we'll be back to dissect and analyze these 2 videos....
  but for now,  if you can stomach these prima donnas trying to one-up each other, these two discussions are probably the most insightful geo-political analysis you will find anywhere today
 (except for your humble hosts here, at TJW blog, where we connect-the-dots everyone else is afraid to, and provide 40 centuries of historical context to,  and background psychology of,  genocida insanity  -  and  _suicidal_  genocidal insanity - as well)  
American investment broker, businessman, author and currency-manipulation financial commentator Peter Schiff  discusses with Prison Planet host Alex Jones  that we are in worse shape TODAY, economically,   than we were just before the 2008 financial crisis, which we still have yet to recover from...