Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"STAND UP, America!" A Ray of Hope Against the Evil Neo-Con, Washington DC Driven March to mass Economic INSANITY and global wars of Human Annihilation??

First, the bad news:  the Washington Whore Post reports the obvious,  that  AFTER FIVE YEARS of  the  Obama administration
 (= the emanuel, summers, bernanke, schapiro, geithner, axelrod, orszag, kagan, sutphen, steinberg, ross, klain, bernstein, feinstein, rudman, schapiro, shapiro, sperling, gensler, lew,  et al, ad naseum,  administration!)  

    running our nation's financial, judicial, legislative, government, and economic production system in to the cesspit;
our "ECONOMY IS IN PERIL"  and  is facing


   - those words are direct quotes from the until very recently jewish owned  Washington Post's front-page, headline article (on-line) last night! -    

Even with an agreement, the U.S. Economy IS STILL In PERIL 

Congress has averted a financial catastrophe [for now], but the deal prolongs uncertainty and dodges tough issues.

 AND WHO, we might ask,  are the  ARCHITECTS of all  this   FINANCIAL CRISIS, this looming  "ECONOMIC  PERIL", this "FINANCIAL CATASTROPHE" that is bearing down on us Americans  ??? 

 We're glad you asked!   In this video that we have long wanted to post as the lead in to a long thread (series of articles) on the GoddamnSachs financial puppet-masters over & above the Obama administration pulling the strings to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else in America (and the world),  we have
President Barack Obama _telling us_   WHO HE LISTENS TO on matters of  financial policy and economic directives - 
    his own  BAILOUTS  SUCKING  Citi-bankster of a crony,  insider-trading  White House CHIEF OF STAFF who Mr. Obama promoted to be....  the TREASURY SECRETARY of these (late) United States of America,  orthodox jewish shyster & financial "enslave the goyim" rapist  JACOB LEW !!  

   The video clip of  Obama annoucing  Lew's promotion to Treasury Secretary is nothing but a compilation of  Obama co.'s  Orwellian,  news-speak exaggeration &  LIES;  but we'll pick just one or two of them for this post:
  " for all the talk out there about deficit REDUCTION and MAKING SURE OUR BOOKS ARE BALANCED,  here's the guy  [obama motions to jacob lew who is standing next to him] who did it... three different time."  

AT BEST, this statement by Obama is in the ALAN GREENSPAN school of  financial history:  ALL of the CREDIT...  NONE of the blame!
       But asserting that Jacob Lew deserves any credit for the Clinton "budget surplus" is ridiculous.   Jack   Lew was just one of the Rubinite  Wall Streeters infiltrated into the (President Bill) Clinton administration after the 1996 election;  but the big Clinton budget-balancing bill came in 1993, when (according to his wiki biography)  Lew was tasked with no more than  "policy development and the drafting of the national service initiative (AmeriCorps) and health care reform legislation." 

   But here's what's really grating about  Obama's presentation of Lew as his new Treasury Secretary:

   "In the past year,  I'VE SOUGHT Jack's ADVICE on VIRTUALLY EVERY DECISION that I've made, from ECONOMIC POLICY to FOREIGN POLICY."  

  GREAT !!  SO  JACOB LEW is a the CORE of  obama's  insane, treasonous policy of....
 ARMING, funding, & instigating  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to PERPETRATE MASS-MURDER TERRORISM in Syria... AND  of  Obama's policy of g GIVING SO MUCH "bailouts" and "Quantitative Easing"  'money' to BANKERS (and ONLY to bankers & insider, connected financial rapists)  ON WALL STREET,
   that  EVERYONE ELSE in America  is suffering the duress of an "ECONOMY IN PERIL" and  looming "ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE" !! 

  AMERICA,  JACOB  LEW   _IS_   one of the major   ARCHITECTS of   THIS  American ECONOMIC CRISIS - which is an entirely predictable result of the so-called "liberal Democrat"  "Change we hoped for"  Obama presidency,  being  HIJACKED by RADICAL RIGHT-WING "of, by and for Goddamn-Sachs & the judeo supremacist war state"    perpetrators - which is what you would expect from an ORTHODOX JEW that Jacob Lew is.    

  As we reported earlier,  ORTHODOX  JUDAISM  HAS  NEVER  FORMALLY RENOUNCED   SLAVERY,  for the very simple reason that orthodox, fundamentalist jews regard their "holy bible" as the DIVINE, LIVING WORD OF GOD...  so if the bible instructs jewish elites on how to own and treat SLAVES.... then   OWNING SLAVES is   GOD'S direct ORDER & COMMAND for  jews...   to this day!

    AMERICA,  OUR TREASURY SECRETARY is a JUDEO  FUNDAMENTALIST  facist  who  does NOT REJECT  SLAVERY as a legitimate  economic activity -   so NO WONDER our economy is being driven in to a    "YOU, the PEONS,  OWE US, the ELITES,  EVERYTHING YOU OWN!"   financial catastrophe -

_that is_    JACOB LEW, GODDAMN-SACHS,  TIM GEITHNER, BOB RUBIN,  BEN BERNANKE, and JANET YELLEN's agenda:  "ENSLAVE THE GOYIM,   as 'g-o-d' COMMANDS"  economic agenda!  


 Oh, and about our headline to this post - a ray of  hope in this insane,  JUDEO DRIVEN march to AMERICAN  ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE" and metastasizing American fought, judeo wars of global hegemony, imperialism, and  nuclear annihilation (EXTERMINATION)...??

  The GOOD NEWS is that AMERICANS ARE WAKING UP to this NIGHTMARE of  neo-con pretend "liberal" but actually radical right-wing TREACHERY,   TREASON and  GENOCIDAL  WARS  +  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE in our midst !!

Mainstream media turns on Obamacare,  LIBERALS Suddenly  SCREAMING MAD  about Health Insurance Skyrocketing Premiums SHOCK  & disaster

  We'll leave the final word of this post to the resolute former Reagan administration Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts - who then and today is  FAR MORE "liberal" than the gang of thugs infesting the Obama White House and "Democrat" Party:  

"Now that the rest of the world has stood up to Washington, the American people need to stand up to the executive branch, take back their civil liberties, close down the police state, break up the media conglomerates and reestablish an independent press."

Americans, STAND UP to Washington's Economies Destroying, ruthless, Imperial,  Genocidal,   'neo-con' nuclear armed, Financial Extortion  TYRANNY...

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary (Reagan admin.)
October 16, 2013

In less than 2 days, if the Treasury secretary can be believed, the Treasury will not have enough money to pay all its bills and will have to prioritize. This doesn’t mean default, as interest on Treasury bonds, notes, and bills will be right up there with the military and NSA. If Washington defaults on its bonds, Washington’s power will be gone with the wind regardless of whether the Treasury pays the military.
Stand Up Americans 161013stand
Image: American Patriots.

Whatever the outcome, Washington has already cooked its goose.
Washington’s prestige and credibility have been hammered. 

China, Washington’s largest foreign creditor, has responded to Washington’s inability to govern itself with a call for a de-Americanized world. The state news agency, speaking for the Chinese government, said that the “days when the destinies of others are in the hands of a hypocritical nation  have to be terminated, and a new world order should be put in place.”

China does not mean by “a new world order” the conspiratorial concept popular on the American right-wing. What the Chinese government means is a departure from the American world order based on the US dollar as world reserve currency and US financial imperialism.
China has clearly had enough of Washington’s hubris, arrogance, and irresponsibility as the lack of diplomatic language makes clear: “Instead of honoring its duties as a responsible leading power, a self-serving Washington has abused its superpower status and introduced even more chaos into the world by shifting financial risks overseas.” In addition Washington has provoked “regional tensions amid territorial disputes, and waged unwarranted wars under the cover of outright lies.”
China announced that it has discounted the value of US Treasuries held as collateral against futures trades, and China and the European Central Bank have arranged a currency swap in preparation of a US default.
The head of the IMF declared on NBC that Washington must honor its signature and uphold its financial promises.

Clearly, the fact that the “superpower”  [U.S.A.]  is less than 48 hours away from being unable to finance its red ink has made the world nervous of American financial leadership.

I believe that at the last minute the crisis will be resolved and, if not, that neither the Federal Reserve nor the White House will permit a default on public debt. Either the Fed will extend a loan to the Treasury or Obama will implement one of the presidential directives put on the books by George W. Bush.
Nevertheless, the government’s shutdown and the specter of a Washington default has made a deep impression on the world. Washington’s power has been diminished permanently.

Washington’s economic embarrassment came close on the heels of being exposed as a liar and blocked from attacking Syria.  

Neither the American people, nor the UN, nor the British Parliament, nor NATO, nor the Russian government would tolerate another Washington act of naked aggression.
With comeuppance following comeuppance, the diminished superpower will be showing less arrogance in the future.
Now that the rest of the world has stood up to Washington, the American people need to stand up to the executive branch, take back their civil liberties, close down the police state, break up the media conglomerates and reestablish an independent press.
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available.
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