Monday, September 2, 2013

TRAITOR John Kerry: The DEATH CULT "skull & bones" man IN RUSH TO ATTACK & KILL SYRIANS.. before the VAST CRIMES of the JUDEO WAR LOBBY IN AMERICA - 9/11, Sandy Hook school shooting, 'Batman' movie shooting massacre, Boston Marathon Bombing, SYRIA 'rebel' POISON GAS provocation attacks - all EXPOSED to American Public as "BLACK OPS" FALSE FLAG CRIMES & TREASON...

update:  the evil 'Neo-Con' = judeo supremacy plot to EXTERMINATE huge numbers of  AMERICANS - in 'Soviet' COMMISSAR GULAG/death-camp  style  MASS-TERROR PURGES  &  genocidal  "holodomor" terror-famine   INTENTIONAL GOVERNMENT STARVATION policies - spelled out in calm, reasoned terms  here and here...  

THERE IS A SIMPLE REASON that  "ISLAMIC EXTREMISM" is BREAKING OUT ALL OVER THE WORLD:  because the jewish financiers  and the jewish political groups  who _own_ the U.S. government  WANT IT THAT WAY

  Their entire  usa /judeo "PNAC" hegemony plans are  built  on the foundation of  Saudi + Gulf-Arab  ruthless, theocratic (islamic fundamentalist)   DICTATORS whose OIL keeps the American  PETRO-DOLLAR from exploding into "judenfetzen" HYPERINFLATION  WORTHLESSNESS.

  Without the cooperation of their Gulf Arab oil dictators partners-in-global-crimes
(who can only retain power by brutal force of  American, British, European, and NATO weapons)
Bernanke's treasonous, genocidal,  exponential MONEY PRINTING
(under the labels of "bailouts,"  "debt extension"  and just handing money to bankers, "Quantitative Easing")
would be exposed as  the hyper-inflation  TRANSFER OF WEALTH - the equivalent to diluting the shares of stock you own in a company when that  company issues more shares without giving a portion to you -  from the middle-class populace to the connected, larcenous, thieving, elites who ruthlessly enforce this megalomaniac, kleptocratic rule by bribing and extorting politicians to unleash police batons and military bayonets (or plain old  murders and assassinations) on those who would oppose them....

  The judeo financiers DESPISE democracy, they DESPISE HUMANITY,   and through the relentless BRIBERY and EXTORTION of Con-gress they have not only COVERED UP  israel's mossad   BLATANT SUPPRESSION of  ALL  U.S. government defenses in the critical months leading up to 9-11....
 (after Bush & Cheney as the front-men for the Wolfowitz/Perle/Libby/Feith/Wurmser/Zackheim/Bolten/Mukasey/Chertoff administration  STOLE the election of 2000

...UNPUNISHED,  nay, REWARDED with TENS of BILLIONS of U.S.  war-spending taxpayer dollars for their 9-11 treachery, the Neo-Cons -  jewish supremacist TRAITORS  in BOTH the  Republican & Democrat Parties -  have  INSTITUTIONALIZED their ATTACKS  ON AMERICAN CITIZENS, to not only include the "black ops" MASSACRES of  the Aurora "Batman" movie Massacre, the Sandy Hook school massacre, and the Boston Marathon bombing
(where the patsies were brutalized by police after treasonous government agents spewed out one set of lies after another about the attacks)
 - but right there IN BROAD DAYLIGHT,  not a covert "black op" - the government (DHS) has purchased ONE BILLION+  BULLETS... whose only use  is to KILL AMERICANS!

     TRAITOR  john kerry - having  SABOTAGED  HIS OWN  2004 election campaign
 (so he would not bear the historical albatross for Bush & Cheney's (= wolfowitz, libby, perle, feith & etc.) horrific Iraq war crimes in 2004) -
is now the new STALKING HORSE for the evil  JUDEO MASS-MURDER PURGES (commissar gulags and mass killings) RUSHING DOWN THE PIKE  just as soon as  they

  1.  ATTACK SYRIA, provoking a  SHUT-DOWN OF THE WORLD OIL MARKETS when Syian missiles attack oil-tankers in response; and
  2.   the RESULTING ECONOMIC CHAOS  provides the EXCUSE the TREASONOUS  JEWS at the JACOB LEW / NEAL WOLIN u.s. TREASURY and on Wall St.  need to  allow Goddamn-Sachs and the Fed to   INTENTIONALLY CRASH the critical U.S. financial markets....  thus robbing millions of Americans of not only their pensions and 'investments' in paper assets.. but their life savings in bank accounts as well  
  3. (exactly as happened in early 1930s under so-called "progressive liberal" president Franklin D. Roosevelt - who enabled the Fed  economy-raping banksters, even as he prosecuted and blamed ordinary Americans as 'gold hoarders'  for trying to save their wealth outside of the  insanely corrupt  'Fed'/judeo dominated banking system.)  

  JOHN KERRY is STEPPING UP  where BARACK OBAMA,    JOHN McCAIN,  george bush, DICK CHENEY, HILLARY CLINTON, and other  TRAITORS  IN SERVICE OF THE JEW WAR LOBBY HAVE FAILED -  attacking Syria is the COWARDS BACK DOOR to ATTACKING IRAN, which will give the evil judeo Commissars THE EXCUSE THEY NEED to start their "democide" MASS-MURDER terror/famine PURGES of AMERICANS......

 below -  good job, john kerry!   that "peace & stability" that SUPPLYING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS IN SYRIA has brought to... EGYPT -  makes you look like a  demonic agent of satan "foreign policy genius" !!

As Egyptian Churches Are Put To the Torch, Obama’s Reputation Goes Up in Flames

By YOUSSEF IBRAHIMSpecial to the Sun | August 18, 2013