Thursday, September 26, 2013

EXTORTION is the CORE of JEWISH policy: puppet Obama THREATENS GOVT SHUTDOWN to RAM Obama-Care through... EXTORTION is THE HALLMARK of Obama's GENOCIDAL mass-murderous Jew PUPPET-MASTERS, aka "America's government ELITES" (retch) !!!

Below headline screen-shot "Senate Votes to Avert GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN" -  even as Obama and 'our'  stupid, TRAITOR SELL-OUT WHORES in Con-gress  ALLOW  Ben Bernanke to just PRINT UP $85 billion per month! in  FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS 

...even as Obama co. is DESTROYING  the great American tradition of  company funded health care!

The root and common thread  of this ECONOMIC MISERY for millions of Americans is right there in the 'holy' bible - both jewish kings David & his son Solomon, upon CONSOLIDATING jewish CONTROL over their kingdoms.. proceeded to run a census... and ENSLAVE  ALL  NON-JEWS in the land!  
 SLAVES  DON'T  DESERVE HEALTH-CARE, pensions, retirements, job-benefits, or even basic human rights -  "YOU  STUPID AMERIKANS are nothing but SLAVES on the  GODDAMN-SACHS (jpm/fed = rotschields, et al)  SLAVE PLANTATION - so GO AHEAD AND DIE already...!"
   just like those Palestinians in Gaza or Syrians in Syria  being killed by your own stupid  Amerikan taxpayer supplied bombs & bullets !!

  Although we can't prove it, or even cite the date of his visit,  it was reported that then UNDERSECRETARY of DEFENSE - nominally THE #2. man in the Defense Department under Secretary Don Rumsfeld,  but actually Wolfo was effectively the JUDEO COMMISSAR IN CHARGE of America's military,  HIDING BEHIND  senile front-man DON RUMSFELD (just as the financial arms of the Jewish war lobby HID BEHIND  bush & cheney and other insane traitor sell-out Republicans)   Paul Wolfowitz  PERSONALLY TOURED  Abu Ghraib Prison  shortly before the "abuse" =  SADISM, RAPE, & TORTURE photos exposed what was going on in the American run former Saddam terror prison...   and the details we heard were, that Wolfo PERSONALLY VISITED the  "TOP SECRET" wing of the prison (Abu Ghraib) from which the REAL SCREAMS of  prisoners undergoing torture - and not the merely sadistic "abuse" by army privates (that was actually intended to "soften up" prisoners for the CIA run torture sessions, the DEGRADATION of prisoners DESIGNED to destroy their self-esteem & moral as a prelude to officer overseen and 'professionally run'  CIA torture sessions)

10th United States Ambassador to Indonesia
In office
April 11, 1986 – May 12, 1989
Appointed byRonald Reagan
Preceded byJohn H. Holdridge
Succeeded byJohn C. Monjo
8th Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs
In office
December 22, 1982 – March 12, 1986
PresidentRonald Reagan
Preceded byJohn H. Holdridge
Succeeded byGaston J. Sigur, Jr.

Rahm Emanuel as DCCC Chairman in 2006, ORDERING Congressional Democratic Congressman Eric Massa "I DON'T WANT YOU to BE ANGRY ON TV TONIGHT... TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH"  in an election - 2006 - where Americans across the board were ANGRY  with the way the Bush-Cheney Republicans were RUNNING AMERICA in to EVER EXPANDING WARS, and ever growing CORRUPTION including the JACK ABRAMOFF  AND

 REPUBLICANS  IMPEACHED and nearly HOG-TIED  Bill Clinton with a mad-dog IMPEACHMENT over a consensual affair between adults... but  RAHM EMANUEL was SABOTAGING  _LEGITIMATE_  Democratic voter ANGER against;
  1.  the THEFT of Election 2000 (AND Kerry's treacherous SABOTAGE of election 2004 - which DESPITE Kerry's lame, PRO-WAR campaign, the Republicans STILL HAD TO STEAL the vote in Ohio and several other battleground states)  
  2. the Abu Ghraib scandal that broke in 2004 - but the treacherous John Kerry REFUSED to make this scandal a DEFINING ISSUE of the Bush-Cheney administration, because Kerry ran in 2004 as a VANITY PROJECT, as a 'Democrat' "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE"   who did NOT want to win the election, because he knew that if he did win the election, a.) he would lose all privacy; and B.)  eh would become responsible for the horrific quagmire of the U.S. invasion & occupation of Iraq....
  4. the LIBBY   CIA "OUTING" Scandal - which the treacherous, pro-war, establishment  media portrayed as little more than a  "he said, she said"  "VALERIE PLAME scandal."  

 what the above 3 and many other SCANDALS of the Bush-Cheney presidency all had in common, is that TRAITOR  "Democrat" operatives like RAHM EMANUEL SABOTAGED  Dem. candidates and the supposedly "liberal" press & media from using these issues as campaign fodder... because EMANUEL is a JEWISH SUPREMACIST WAR-MONGER, he well knew that the  REPUBLICANS  RETAINING the House  MAJORITY in 2006 would guarantee the next "big ticket item" on the Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY  agenda... the U.S. MILITARY ATTACK & INVASION of IRAN...