Monday, September 30, 2013

Mrs. ALAN GREENSPAN - aka MSNBC uber corporate media 'news' Whore ANDREA MITCHELL - CAUGHT IN ACT of PIMPING the Financial Industry's economy killing, ESTABLISHMENT Frankenstein MONSTROSITY "Obama-Care"

The DESPICABLE  Mrs. Alan Greenspan is out there PIMPING  WHORING for Obama-Care... though she cares no more for the health,  health-care, or  financial security  of American citizens, than she or her fellow  synagogue goers care for  Palestinians, and now Syrians,  BOMBED  by American supplied bombs, bullets, and poison-gas producing  "WP"  white phosphorus shells  in Gaza  (or under attack by U.S. & israel funded AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in Syria)...

Mrs. Alan Greenspan is not merely a typical lying, crimes whitewashing,  propaganda spouting media talking head,  but she is an UBER   LYING, TREASONOUS,    jewish supremacists, economy killing bailouts & QE pimping,  financial CRIMES WHITEWASHING connected 'elitist' media 'ho  !!!
  here she is caught in the act, WHORING the INSANE "establishment narrative" - the  notion pimped by the fincial heavyweights behind the insurance companies, that   "you can't oppose Obama care... because obama was re-elected in 2012"  ???!!  
In an interview earlier today on MSNBC, television host Andrea Mitchell asked U.S. House Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Ut.) if he would reconsider his position to either defund or delay Obamacare.
 Mitchell mentioned that other Republicans, McCain for example, felt differently.

“I don’t care what John McCain thinks,” Chaffetz responded, referring to McCain’s recent statement that the American people “endorsed” Obamacare by re-electing Barack Obama.     On the Senate floor last Wednesday, McCain said that he didn’t like Obamacare and it wasn’t the outcome he wanted, but he believed “all of us should respect the outcome” of the 2012 Presidential election, “which reflects the will of the people” on Obamacare. 
[note: in BOTH  ever-EXPANDING foreign WARS,  and for all "domestic" (within U.S.)  surveillance, police-state, and dictatorial financial ATROCITIES,  JOHN McCAIN is a SHAMELESS WHORE,  he is nothing but a shameless mouthpiece for the pure, unvarnished  NEO-CON agenda: the abject enslavement & subjugation of  Americans to foreign wars and foreign loan-sharks & 'globalist'  financiers debt rape;  McCain is a pathetic puppet of the TREASONOUS  "israel UBER America" JUDEO WAR LOBBY and its  GS/jpm/Fed =  "judeo money power"  gobal, above-nations,  economic raping financiers & paymasters]
Oddly enough, McCain did not mention the November 2010 Midterm election in which voter backlash over Obamacare allowed Republicans to retake the House.
Democrat losses in that election added up to the highest loss by a party in a House midterm election since 1938.
Chaffetz referred back to these GOP House gains after Mitchell suggested that members of Congress critical to Obamacare, such as Chaffetz, should move on “to other issues.” 

“Do you want me to just disregard all of my voters, all the promises that I made and how I got elected?” Chaffetz asked. “There were a lot of people elected, particularly in 2010, on this issue [Obamacare], and to just say ‘Well, you should just forget about that because of President Obama’s election,’ we can’t do that.”

MRS ALAN GREENSPAN - that's right,  TV 'news' talking head ANDREA MITCHELL  is  paid MILLIONS of dollars every year by MSNBC  to help  WHITEWASH  BAILOUTS, deregulation, revolving-door payola, slush-funds,  FINANCIAL CRIMES,  ECONOMIC RAPE, and FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS  right OUT of the news and discourse Americans see and hear every night....
  ...the narrative that Americans get from corporate 'news' WHORES like Andrea Mitchell and her stablemates at NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC,   are  LIES fed to us  EVERY DAY,  whether about the EXTORTIONATE   BAILOUT  FOR 'health' INSURANCE COMPANIES posing as "Obama Care",  or   first the horrid "BAILOUTS" and now  "QUANTITATIVE EASING" -

     Bernanke's  "JUDENTETZEN"  so-called "Quantitative Easing"  IS NOTHING BUT  PRINTING UP MONEY and GIVING IT to the BILLIONAIRES who already control the stocks of most companies in the world... =  FREE MONEY for BANKERS, VULTURE 'capitalists,"  economy raping death-squad hoodlums, and  financial parasites!