Saturday, September 21, 2013

JUDEO Instigated AL QAEDA Terrorist 'rebels' NOW IMPOSING TALIBAN Sharia RULE in Syria - Which - RUTHLESS RADICALIZATION & MASS-MURDER JIHAD in Syria - IS THE INTENTION of the insane Jewish war lobby, as prelude to ETHNIC CLEANSING and ANNEXATION of Syria into bronze-age "Greater Israel"

Syria (ZeroHedge):
in the U.S., Saudi, and   JUDEO INSTIGATED  (allegedly "moderate") 'rebels'  terrorist invasion of  thousands of doomed people in Syria...

  MASS MURDER,  GENOCIDE, "ethnic cleansing" and the MURDER & EXTERMINATION of  tens of thousands (soon to be millions) of victims,  IS  -  and always has been,  going back to the biblical times of the  blood drenched judeo-supremacist bible - the intent, goal, and purpose of the evil jewish wars...

AS  the disgusting, treasonous, traitorous, and economy-killing jews in America  SHED THEIR CROCODILE TEARS for "humanitarian concerns"  (see our previous post) allegedly   justifying their lust to have the  U.S. start bombing (invading!) Syria yesterday, their REAL AGENDA is the same as that for Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere else the U.S. has invaded in the past 12 years:

     set up ruthless  SAUDI style, theocratic, RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST DICTATORSHIPS,    where "money power" global  jew financiers can bribe and control a hated and despised tiny elite,  so those judeo financiers don't have to pay fair market value for the resources they asset-strip out of those now subject, conquered, divided, balkanized, hate-ridden, terrorized, bombed, brutalized, & ethnically cleansed, rump nations:
WSJ notes, the spread of ISIS illustrates the failure of Western-backed Syrian  moderates to establish authority in opposition-held parts of Syria, some  of which have been under rebel control for over a year. "It's still the case that a majority of Syrians are not up for Talibanization," but given the spread of ISIS, their [Syrian people's] choices may become increasingly limited"  
[The Syrian people's "choices" don't count for anything - GO AHEAD AND DIE!" say the insane judeo war pimps & whores to millions of Syrians] 

Chaos Reigns After Obama Gave Libya to Jihadists; Syria 'May Be' [??] Next Wednesday, September 18,  2013  

 THIS IS  the   evil  Judeo "BLUEPRINT" - not only for  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iran.....
  but for Africa, Asia, EUROPE... and AMERICA, too!

  HATE-WHIPPED, IMPOVERISHED, divided, balkanized, terror instigated
 (if not  "FALSE FLAG"  GOVERNMENT PERPETRATED   TERRORIST ATTACKS ON the population of the country they CLAIM they are  providing "national security" for!) 
 spied, on, surveiled, goaded, servile, subservient,  and overseen SLAVE PEOPLES  _IS_ the   INTENTION of the judeo wars...  as we have tried to document in 1,000+  blog posts & counting,       and as is clearly advocated in the blood-drenched judeo "holy" [retch!]  bible...