Saturday, September 7, 2013

HOWARD FINEMAN takes up where vile War-Pig CHRIS MATHEWS left off: PIMPS TREASON and MASS-MURDER WARS... because he's aTREASONOUS little millionaire Jewish WAR PIG at the TREASONOUS Huffington PRETEND "Liberal" but actually RADICAL RIGHT-WING 'Neo-Con' Warmongering HUFFINGTON POST....

DEMONIC,  skull-&-bones DEATH CULT member and now U.S. Secretary of State  John Kerry to Americans:  "we can perpetrate TREASON, and start a new GLOBAL WAR by BOMBING SYRIA in SUPPORT of AL QAEDA  Christians massacring ETHNIC CLEANSING  jihadi TERRORISTS  _without Congressional approval_  or a legitimate declaration of War  if we want to... because you Americans are now enslaved peon scum to us 'Neo-Con' warmongering elites." 

JEW HOWARD FINEMAN  and the war-pimping Nazisesque propaganda parrots at the Huffington Post  agree with  John  Kerry and Barack Obama's   ADOLF HITLER, NAZIesque assertions of  permanent DICTATORSHIP WAR POWERS:    jewish-nazi   Fineman (and the evil treasonous judeo supremacist jewish nazi crew at the HuffPost)   SUPPORTS Kerry's assertion of Treason that the U.S. president and his secretaries of  State & War can KILL ANYONE ON PLANET EARTH - simply by ordering the U.S.  military to start bombing!  

      TRY THIS little rhetorical mind-game on for size, HOWARD, you treasonous little jewish  millionaire TRAITOR 'media whore' of a war-pig:   "We,  the COMMISAR elites, can declare  ANY  MINORITY or interest group to be 'TERRORISTS' and ROUND YOU UP and 'disappear you'  and your family, and anyone you have ever associated with"...  JUST LIKE HITLER  DID  with THE JEWS! 

 "WE DON'T NEED you Americans' stinking peons' approval to BOMB the s*** out of Syria and start a new and VASTLY LARGER WAR in the Mideast -  WE, the elites, CONTROL the military, the military-industrial-congressional-executive-financial-media-prison-gulag complex, and if we want to HELP AL QAEDA TERRORISTS  _ETHNICALLY CLEANSE_ Syria  of CHRISTIANS, Druze, Allawites, Shias, Kurds, and everyone else...  well, YOU PEON Americans ARE NO MORE THAN SLAVES ON OUR PLANTATION,  SO SHUT UP before we sick the CHERTOFF DHS  judeo COMMISSAR TERROR PURGE(s) on you, your family, and your friends & neighbors, and give you a taste of the treatment we are dishing out in Syria" !! 

In our previous post, we explained how Alex Jones magnificent 22 minute tv/audio rant DEMOLISHED  three iconic members of the so-called "Liberal Democratic left," as  WAR-PIGS who put  POLITICAL ALLEGIANCE to the "Democrat party leader" [retch] OVER and ABOVE any concerns for human rights in Syria or Constitutional process here in America,
  and in so doing,  Mr. Jones illustrated to any Americans with more than 2 operating brain-cells that the late "Democratic" Party is no longer democratic, and it certainly isn't "liberal" or "leftist"...
the 'Democrat' Party has become a RADICAL RIGHT-WING enslave the peons WEALTH  CONFISCATION
  (and re-DISTRIBUTION to connected 'Neo-Con' elites, which is to say, the vile judeo financial rapists and their treasonous partners in crime at Goddamn-Sachs, Lehman, JP Morgan, the Fed, & etc., ad naseum)  
and vile WARMONGERING for profit cabal - today's Democrats are IDENTICAL to Bush-Cheney-wolfowitz-bernanke   RADICAL Right-Wing REPUBLICANS about wars, police-state dictatorship powers, and license for crimes by connected elites;
 except whereas Republican Neo-Cons focused on on  TAX CUTS FOR RICH in time of war and give-the-farm away insider selling of public assets, and profitable contracts to connected companies as means to enrich their supporters,
      the  pretend 'liberal' 'Democrat' Neo-Cons - those including Jacob Lew, Gary Gensler, Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Bob Rubin, and all of Bob Rubin's  Goddamn-Sachs or Citibank toadies infested in the highest positions of power in the U.S. government (like Lew & Gensler)  are actually even MORE  RUTHLESS in DEMOLISHING the American middle-class (much less working poor) than the Republicans, it is the 'Democrats' who passed Obama-care  which is nothing but  official GOVERNMENT EXTORTION to the benefit of the FINANCIAL COMPANIES  behind the 'health' insurance companies - EVERYTHING the  Rubin-Summers-Geithner-Bernanke-Lew crew does is INTENDED to RAPE the American economy and TRANSFER ALL of our American wealth to these Treasonous  judeo elites and their  "goyim" PARTNERS IN CRIMES & treason!

below screen-shot:  The PARROT,  Nazisesque WARMONGERING PRESS -  JOHN KERRY, HOWARD FINEMAN, and the TRAITORS at the Huffington Post  are NO "Liberals."
  In the same way that Adolf Hitler's 'Nazi' Party may have had "National Socialism" in their name, but the Nazis  most certainly represented the most radical right elements in German society -  the industrialists, the military,  the  xenophobic, reactionary racists elements in  that society (that are generally speaking synonymous with "conservatism") - so too do Kerry, Fineman, the Huffington Post and most "Democrats" REPRESENT THE AUTHORITARIAN,  vested interests that are little different today from Hitler's industrialists and military supporters & enablers in the 1930s



  bonus:  independent media host Alex Jones SPELLS OUT the treasonous, mass-murderous  "NEO-CON" AGENDA to a 't' -  he just doesn't connect the dots to  who it is BEHIND both the Rethuglican AND "Democrat" parties  PUSHING ALL THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY 
- e.g. the Al Qaeda GENOCIDAL PURGING of CHRISTIANS from Syria -  and ATROCITIES    that are nothing but a new,  'modern'  high-tech version of the judeo  Kaganovich/Yezhov (et al)  COMMISSAR TERROR PURGES of  millions of doomed human beings in  Russia and the 'Soviet Republics' in the 1920s and 1930s...