Wednesday, September 4, 2013

GENOCIDAL, WARMONGERING "Democrats" TAKE UP where the DESPISED BUSH & CHENEY left off: STARTING mass-murderous NEW Wars, on PRETEXTS built of LIES, TREACHERY, TREASON, & DECEIT for the insane, genocidal jews..

by the SAME treasonous,  MASS-MURDEROUS 'Neo-Con' WARMONGERS who were the puppet-masters BEHIND the Bush-Cheney WH  -  "wolfowitz THE ARCHITECT of  Iraq war"  says the jewish owned Bloomberg 'news'!
  We Americans voted  for  *CHANGE*  in 2006 and 2008,   but instead we got...
MORE  GEITHNER, more BERNANKE,  more Fed, jpm, Lehman & Goddamn-Sachs debt rape, wage slavery,  titanic FRAUD,  & massive monopoly extortion ECONOMIC SABOTAGE...
more Chertoff/mukasey/(holder/Napolitano) DHS GESTAPO POLICE STATE prison gulags...
    ....and  MORE GOD-DAMNED mass-murderous, treasury depleting, economy killing, "we can kill anyone we want to"   demonic, blood-thirsty JEWISH WARS !!  

America - MEET THE FACE OF YOUR new mass-murderous TERRORIST 'ALLIES'  in  the evil NETANYAHU / AIPAC  jewish  INSTIGATED  Syrian WAR:

note the headlines next to the photo of the AL QAEDA gun-waving killer - the TREASONOUS  satanic "skull & bones" WAR PIG  JOHN KERRY WANTS TO SEND IN THE U.S. ARMY to HELP THESE  TERRORISTS  KILL SYRIANS !! 

Kerry, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Hillary, Panetta, Reid,  -  they ALL ANSWER TO  the mass-murderous, genocidal JEWISH WAR LOBBY, "AIPAC",  UJA,  AJC,  and  Netanyahu's blatantly insane judeo Supremacist Likudniks -  

THE TREASONOUS  "Democrats"  are  HELPING A FOREIGN POWER - Israel - IMPOSE  JUDAISM  and  JEWISH SUPREMACY in particular, on 350 million Americans....  and the entire  Mideast and world!

The chaos,  mass-murder and social disintegration the evil jews and their treasonous U.S. political puppets have visited on SYRIA... 
...will be soon  COMING HERE TO AMERICA...

     ...just as soon as   the TRAITORS     WHIP UP  THEIR NEXT  9-11/Boston Marathon Bombing FALSE FLAG  TERROR ATTACKS HERE IN AMERICA,  which will give them the cover they need to CRASH our critical financial markets
(as they did in 1929) 
 and treat us now unemployed, dispossessed, savings-wiped-out AMERICANS the same way they are treating SYRIAN REFUGEES...   as DISPOSABLE ANIMALS,  as VERMIN  to be rounded up in the Chertoff DHS gulag, left to starve in cordoned off urban ghettos, or marched off to the desert to die...


  "AIPAC is the  800 lb.  DEMONIC, mass-murderous, child-killing, blood-drinking, body-parts eating savage  GORILLA  BEHIND THE SYRIAN WAR" 
    - notices  the very  JEWISH OWNED Sulzberger "we love new wars and profiteering from MASS-MURDER, extortion,  TERRORISM... and GENOCIDE!"  NY Times.  

 They even mention the real atrocity: THE MASS MURDEROUS al QAEDA TERRORST INVASION and PROXY  WAR  the Netanyahu + 'American' AIPAC JEWS have UNLEASHED ON SYRIAis but a prelude... an APPETIZER   for "the real deal" - GETTING THE UNITED STATES people  and their  military to ATTACK and KILL MILLIONS OF IRANIANS!!   

'NYT' *CENSORS*  mention of  the "800 lb. gorilla" WAR PIMPING  *AIPAC*  in their Syria war 'reporting'by Greg Mitchell,  "The NATION"  on September 3, 2013

[this following quote AS PRINTED IN THE SULZBEGER  WAR-PIMING  NEW YORK SLIMES - before it was retracted, deleted, CENSORED - for being too honest in reporting  about WHO REALLY  PROFITS FROM this  MASS-MURDEROUS  WAR BUILT ON  TSUNAMI of  TREASONOUS "Democrat" LIES, MURDER, and kickback bribes/TREASON !] Administration officials said the influential pro-Israel lobby group Aipac was already at work pressing for military action against the government of Mr. Assad, fearing that if Syria escapes American retribution for its use of chemical weapons, Iran might be emboldened in the future to attack Israel. In the House, the majority leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, the only Jewish Republican in Congress, has long worked to challenge Democrats’ traditional base among Jews.
One administration official, who, like others, declined to be identified discussing White House strategy, called Aipac “the 800-pound gorilla in the room,” and said its allies in Congress had to be saying, “If the White House is not capable of enforcing this red line” against the catastrophic use of chemical weapons, “we’re in trouble.”


below cartoon:   "How treasonous Vice President DICK CHENEY STOLE THE CONSTITUTION - and STARTED mass-murderous WARS and ran dictatorship  GESTAPO POLICE STATE POWERS  at the goading of his  JEWISH WAR LOBBY  puppet masters...  

below cartoon:    THE DEMOCRATS   HAVE BEEN IN BED  WITH the  AIPAC treasonous, genocidal, mass-murderous, dictatorial JEWISH WAR LOBBY  ALL ALONG -   the Jane Harman "AIPAC SLUSH-FUND, BRIBES,  influence-peddling, and KICKBACKS SCANDAL" broke in October of 2006 - mere weeks before the critical 2006 election which.
  Had the Bush-Cheney Republicans won (retained) the majority in Congress in the critical 2006 elections we would have seen them IMMEDIATELY START the IRAN WAR... the Pelosi-HARMAN-EMANUEL  "Democrats" WERE already  IN BED WITH the  JEWISH WAR LOBBY
(hell, Harman, Emanuel, Schumer, Levin, Feinstein, Lautenberg and Lie-berman, etc., etc., etc.,  ad naseum.. WERE and ARE  the evil jewish war lobby!)  
 that was  THE POWER behind the Bush-Cheney administration, 
 even as AMERICANS DEMANDED  "CHANGE" from the despised  Bush, Cheney, WOLFOWITZ, LIBBY, and AIPAC's  grotesque wars...
   ...way back in 2006 - the  TREACHEROUS  JEWISH "Democrats"  and their  BRIBED  PELOSI, kerry, hillary, panetta  puppets were ALREADY TRYING TO SABOTAGE what the VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WANTED!    

 THE jewish WAR-PIG THINK THEY ARE "so smart" - AMERICANS WANTED "CHANGE"  back in _2006_ but here it is -  SEVEN YEARS later - and they, the DESPICABLE  LYING,  BRIBING,  MASS-MURDEROUS FIENDS,   have MANEUVERED our "Democrat"  elected officials to SOUND JUST LIKE the DESPISED Bush & Cheney back in 2006 !!

note how our above 'wikipedia'  link for their  "JANE HARMAN KICKBACKS & BRIBES from israel JEWISH WAR LOBBY " (AIPAC) SCANDAL" article  DOESN'T EVEN USE THE WORD "scandal" -

 -  THAT'S HOW EFFECTIVE the TREASONOUS JEWS are at WHITEWASHING their CRIMES, TREASON, SPYING, and  GENOCIDAL WAR-MONGERING from what the American public sees and hears every day


below 3 illustrations:  WE Americans VOTED FOR  *change*  FROM  the  AIPAC/jew-war-lobby goaded BUSH-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ  (perle, faith, libby, wurmser, zackheim, podhoretz, kristol, kagan, kaganovich, et al)  WARS back  in *2006*  and AGAIN in 2008...

  but,  INSTEAD -  empowered by all the money they have STOLEN from the American economy by the treasonous  Bernanke Fed, Goddamn-Sachs, & JPM banksters  (and "military industrial complex" WAR PROFITEERING) -
and more MASS-MURDEROUS,  TERROR INCITING, genocidal  humanity 'cleansing' evil JEWISH WARS !!