Monday, September 30, 2013

And Now a little Humor on the highway to hell known as the RUBIN + BERNANKE (et al) FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST / genocidal economic meltdown: SWISS army war-games DEFENDING against INVADING WARRING FACTIONS of BANKRUPT France !!

h/t to the comments section over at our favorite "uber bear" chart analysing  financial trading site -    
The Swiss army reportedly ran a war game earlier this year based on the premise that: France goes broke.    It breaks into little warring factions and  one of them and decides to invade Switzerland to get back the money in the secret bank accounts.    The Swiss newspaper LeMatin even carries a map of the speculative invasion routes.  The paper quotes a French official, the general counsel of Haute-Savoie, suggesting that the Swiss should choose more realistic threats. A Swiss officer counters that the the exercise was designed when tensions between France and Switzerland over tax evasion were less strained.   
The above is an amusing little article dealing with the INTENTIONAL CHAOS and the INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  by America's  TREASONOUS "elites" -

  the "elites" who answer to "the money power"  which is an AXIS of EVIL based in  New York, London, + Washington D.C....
  and as well over at that dastardly little  blatantly (insanely!) RACIST SUPREMACIST vampire  blood thirsty eternally genocidal judeo war state on the Eastern Med know, the  terrorist little judeo FINANCIERS + WARMONGERS  who 
(as we've written about 1,000+ posts here and counting at TheJewishWars)  
have SENT OUT 'A CALL to JIHAD'  to all their little al QAEDA fundamentalist PROXY armies TERRORIST buddies... to DO TO SYRIA by rape, pillage, mass-murder terrorism, and jihad; 
what they are insidiously doing to the European & American economies from within...  

 But  in any article or news story that actually contains some relevant information about today's global economic crisis and ever expanding  WARS of  usa's insane, judeo run IMPERIAL, genocidal,  mass-homicidal  HEGEMONY,  you can't help it -
  if that news story doesn't CONFRONT the grim horror reality behind the news -
then it in some way  it must run with that treasonous, terroristic, SABOTAGE  Neo-Con agenda story-line, meme,  theme or "mainstream media" narrative:

 In this case,  the story says that  France and  the United States are 
(and,  presumably, other national economies GUTTING  FINANCIAL CRIMES as well) 
"Famous for its bank secrecy laws, Switzerland often comes under criticism for allowing foreign account holders to hide their wealth from tax officials at home. 
But these opaque laws are coming under increasing fire as France and the US, among others, are  cracking  down  on  tax  evasion during a period of economic hardship."


     The INSANE Americans are just GIVING the TREASONOUS bankers - the  Rubinites & Bernanke & the TREASONOUS  judeo  supremacist "money power"   bankers BEHIND  Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase, the Fed, and the other top-predator vampire parasite banks  -  $85 BILLION...  EIGHTY-FIVE BILLION per MONTH  in FREE MONEY for bankers, 

 so-called "Quantitative Easing"   is NOTHING BUT  "PRINTING UP MONEY... and GIVING IT to BANKERS !!

(and ONLY to  bankers & their insider, economic hit men,  vulture capitalist, CRONY CAPITALIST  extortion financial mob insiders !!)

  THAT  is  TAX EVASION... on super, hyper,  kryptonite STEROIDS!  
 So, NO, the U.S. and French governments are NOT  "CRACKING DOWN on tax evaders" - they are JUST GIVING THEM billions in free money per month!! 

  You not only are not "taxing" the bailouts & QE sucking hyper-rich - you are JUST BLATANTLY GIVING THEM $85 BILLION per month, in money which DESTROYS the savings, income, earnings, and pensions of those who don't get a slice of those FREE BILLIONS for Bernanke & Rubin's bankster pals - this is the same principle as STOCK DILUTION, when a company issues new shares for stock, without giving present holders any.

    DO WE NEED TO EXPLAIN how  TRAITOR  "GENOCIDAL BEN" 'JUDENFETZEN' BERNANKE's   "Quantitative Easing"  is  FREE MONEY - by the BILLIONS  x 85 per month - for connected bankers ???

 The EVIL  American (and French)  "ELITES" - in Con-gress, in the White House, in the JEW TRAITOR JACOB LEW Treasury Department and 'former' GODDAMN SACHS partner GARY GENSLER run SEC;    in the U.S. government bureaucracy,  in the traitor lying whore corporate U.S. media, in the  academic institutions, think-tanks, universities, & colleges;  and of course in corporate Big Finance, 

  -  AS they just  GIVE AWAY  $85 BILLION per MONTH to BOB RUBIN's   TREASONOUS  ECONOMY WRECKING bankster pals at GoddamnSachs, JP Morgan, NY Bank Mellon, Citi, Wells Fargo, 'bank FRAUDSTERS of America',  Bank of England, and all the other  rotschields (et al) FRONTS, holding companies, wholly owned subsidiaries, and other mega-rich TREASONOUS BILLIONAIRES & multimillionaires who are the only beneficiaries of Bernanke's  TREASONOUS, GENOCIDAL, economies killing  "Quantitative Easing" =  FREE MONEY for  TRAITOR BANKERS !! 

  The  corporate press/media, and the U.S. Congress, presidency, and government,  not to mention the mega-  financial institutions themselves, ARE ALL IN THE POCKETS of TRAITORS  who WANT to throw Americans in to the SECOND  so-called 'FEDERAL' Reserve  INSTIGATED  GREAT DEPRESSION !!