Friday, September 6, 2013

Americans being led to KILL THOUSANDS of SYRIANS, and start a NEW WAR.. because DEMONIC JEWISH HITLER "king bibi" NETANYAHU, is 'CONCERNED' for Syrians killed by chemical weapons?? NETANYAHU KILLED THOUSANDS of GAZA victims with U.S. supplied bombs including WHITE PHOSPHOROUS - that acts as a POISON GAS, burning the lungs and eyes out of anyone not burned in its fireball blast...

How dare anyone on planet earth try to make the case that America must be led into another mass-murderous war by this demonic war pig, 'king bibi' NETANYAHU...
who as a 'present' to the American people who DEMANDED   'change!'    from Bush, Cheney, WOLFOWITZ (et al)'s   neo-con wars in the 2008 election, proceeded to KILL THOUSANDS of Gaza CIVILIANS and CHILDREN before Barack Obama was inaugurated ... just to prove the  infernal jew war state had the power to do so... 

Well, you can't deny that 'king bibi' the JEWISH HITLER driving the U.S.A. ever deeper into the morass of death and mass-murder homicide (aka "war") in the Mideast has "chutzpah" -
  the son-of-a-bitch keeps ranting and raving about  Iran's alleged nuclear arsenal... when everyone in the world knows that the jew war state (israel) DOES, ALREADY,   HAVE A HUGE nuclear weapons arsenal... which, according to the racist, apartheid, segregationist,  blatantly genocidal "Likudniks" who run israel...  THEIR  arsenal is ENTIRELY OFF LIMITS for inspection  by anyone in the world!

  That's on top of the  ghoulishly despicable fact that the insane, genocidal jew war-pig  instructed 
(via his American & Saudi surrogates running his proxy AL QAEDA TERRORIST INVASION OF SYRIA) 
 the jihadi terrorists in Syria to INTENTIONALLY KILL Syrian CIVILIANS - WITH POISON GAS - so Assad could be framed for another of the evil judeo-state, u.s.a., france, britain, & saudi (et al)'s WAR CRIMES

below video screen-shot:  NETANYAHU sheds crocodile Tears for HUMANITY in SYRIA in 2013..? after he MURDERED CIVILIANS by hundreds in GAZA in jan. 2009

below montage: :  NETANYAHU's OWN HANDIWORK, the  MURDEROUS POUNDING of CIVILIANS and CHILDREN in the de facto DEATH CAMP the evil jews have made of  Gaza - as a "present" to the American people to show that he didn't give a damn that American people  wanted "CHANGE!" from the expanding, mass-murderous, humanity destroying  JEWISH WARS...  

below montage:  the insane, ghoulish judeo supremacist war-pig Netanyahu and his well-coached AMERICAN PUPPET of a  partner in crimes-against-humanity,  barack obama:  both shed CROCODILE TEARS for people they INTENTIONALLY have MURDERED -  

 As a "gift" to the people of America and world after millions of American voters resoundingly tossed out the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Chertoff insane puppets & judeo warmongers in the 2008 "CHANGE!" election - Netanyahu had his demonic jewish army bomb thousands of Civilians & CHILDREN caught in the living hell of the de facto  jewish run concentration camp/ DEATH CAMP the evil jews have made of Gaza

the murderous,  demonic 'god-like'  FIRE FROM SKY of the evil jews scorches and murders everyone and everything it touches...

a demonic jewish soldier takes a break from firing U.S. supplied white phosphorous shells (light blue) (which create a poison gas which burns out lungs)  at CIVILIANS and CHILDREN caught in the living hell that the evil jews have made of their concentration-camp /  DEATH CAMP GAZA

below - just a small fraction of the insane FRUIT of  the evil judeo "king bibi" netanyahu's "Operation CAST LEAD" -
 -- now here is the vital, critical factor:    orthodox and fundamentalist jews - and their Amerikan 'moderate' brethren who just "go along"  just as good Nazi citizens in WWII  did - like Al Qaeda jihadis today,   BELIEVE THAT GOD  LOVES to see the DEAD, BURNT, BATTERED BODIES of  'enemy' children AND BABIES,  KILLED by their wars (war-crimes & wholesale mass-murders "in the name of g-o-d," whether al Qaeda JIHAD, or the jews'  similar "jihadi" GENOCIDAL campaigns to EXTERMINATE EVERYONE in the Canaan Valley as a prerequisite for a demonic judeo 'promised land" - a genocidal terror campaign by the jews still on-going today as they attempt to ethnically cleanse everyone in the way of  their 'eratz israel'  modern, nuclear-armed hell on earth...)

  The modern American Protestant notion that "god loves you" will seem to be quaint in the not too distant future.. as the demonic fires of hell spread their pall of  human degradation & death across more than just terrorist besieged Syria & Gaza...


 "Why is the u.s.a. DESTABILIZING countries by FUNDING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS?"  indeed -  because America is in bed with the DEMONIC, GHOULISH, genocidal,  BLATANTLY  (if you read their own words) JUDEO SUPREMACIST WAR LOBBY, in all of its AIPAC, PNAC, AJC, UJA,  & Mossad infested U.S. government, media, & financial system incarnations...

 the insane, evil, TREASONOUS  "loyal to israel OVER amerika"  jews in America  (AIPAC)  lead HUMANITY OVER THE CLIFF of  NUCLEAR WAR and  mass-murder GENOCIDE to make World Wars I & II look like a prelude..

video link  details the  23, TWENTY THREE Syrian religious groups and ethnic minorities  - INCLUDING CHRISTIANS! -  the demonic  jew 'king bibi' netanyahu is TERRORIZING, MURDERING, and CHASING OUT OF SYRIA with his satanic, usa & saudi fiananced AL QAEDA jihadi TERRORIST  proxy INVASION -

  as the insane judeo war pig sheds crocodile tears for the Syrians MURDERED by HIS  PROXY al Qaeda TERRORISTS!!! 

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  2. West Providing Chemical Weapons to Syrian Rebels – Iran
  3. Shock Video Shows ‘Syrian Rebels’ Testing Chemical Weapons 
  4. Syrian rebels fire chemical weapons in Aleppo, killing 16 – state news agency
  5. Syrian Rebels Caught on Tape Discussing Chemical Weapons Attack
  6. ‘No confirmed reports’ Syrian govt preparing to use chemical weapons – UN chief

 yikes!  - the once young & inspiring looking  obama is even starting to LOOK  DEMONIC in the last few years... 

How dare anyone on planet earth try to make the case that America must be led into another mass-murderous war by the DEMONIC anti-humanity soulless, ghoulish war-pig, judeo war-pig 'king bibi" Netanyahu - who as a present to the millions of Americans who voted for "change" from the Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-CHERTOFF-Mukasey-PERLE-FEITH-WURMSER-ZACKHEIM judeo hijacked American war machine in Nov. 2008, proceeded to launch the mass-murderous bombing and burning of hapless Palestinian civilians in the de facto DEATH CAMP the evil jews have made of Gaza


  Below,  AMERICAN combat VETERAN (whose father and uncles were WWII combat veterans) James W. Dean - editor of  Veterans Today
makes the sad, awful, horrendously true case that the  U.S. GOVERNMENT has been HIJACKED by a foreign nation, and that the American government  is LYING  and FRAMING the Assad regime for the  MASS-MURDEROUS POISON GAS ATTACKS ON CIVILIANS... INSTIGATED BY America, Israel, and the Saudis, and perpetrated by America's own evil, mass-murderous terrorist allies,  the al Qaeda jihadi "REBELS" in Syria: 
They [Americans now waking up to the relentlessly criminal conduct of the rogue "elites" running our government] sense the justification for a Syria attack as part of America’s post Soviet collapse continuation of commercial wars to secure and protect markets for multinational corporations, thus reducing the American people to plantation livestock and military cannon fodder.  They [we]   are seeing an insider government rogue element intermarriage with these supra-multinational corporations, including the banksters, as the most dangerous national threat that America has been facing. They are of course 100% right.
When Obama used Vietnam anti-war veteran John Kerry to trot out that pitiful excuse for evidence that Syria would pull a chemical weapons attack in areas where their ground forces had been succeeding, he shot himself in the foot. Absent was any mention of motivation, or the already known Intel of the rebels having chemical weapons and having used them.
Obama has now aligned himself with the depredations of the Bush II regime. His administration is now being viewed as a national security threat in itself.  Obama, the Brits and the French have all been quiet on the major terrorism operations being run out of Saudi Arabia by Prince Bandar. 
They have murdered more people in Syria than were lost in New York City on 911. Syria has been getting the ‘911 treatment’ once a month, compliments of "the protector[s] of the free world."Those who conspired to bring this about are guilty of crimes against humanity under international law.The charge is simply conspiracy to commit terrorism, and taking direct action to effect such. This is like… a really really big crime. The last time I looked, diplomatic immunity did not protect you from that.The world knows now that the ‘Iran has nuclear weapons’ scare was all hype, created to build support for a hope for strike against Iran. The economic consequences of that misadventure would have tanked the world economy.   

   [And now the insane puppet politiicans in America have 'jumped the shark' - they have STARTED A TERRORIST INVASION of a sovereign nation, then BLAMED that nation's defenders for  the awful CRIME  PERPETRATED by those terrorists - with the DIRECT  SUPERVISION of the American CIA,  White House, Con-gress, & war machine.]