Sunday, September 8, 2013

Alex Jones w/ Dr. Francis Boyle: "LEO STRAUSS" - the evil jewish God-father of today's 'Neo-Cons' - a protege student under Nazi Jurist Dr. Carl Schmidt who "Justified EVERY TACTIC and ATROCITY of the Hitler Nazis" - INCLUDING DEATH-CAMPS and WARS of GENOCIDAL mass-murder AGGRESSION !!

We're pleased to give our readers this link to Dr. Paul Craig Robert's latest indictment of the CRIMINAL MASS-MURDERERS  'elite' overlords  running America into the sewage of chaos, economic destruction, and mass-murderous wars  from Washington, D.C.,  here... and as well give our readers this  preview of a video  conversation between Alex Jones and Dr. Francis Boyle that we will attempt to deconstruct (capture quotes from) in the near future -

The fact that this video is being hosted on at least a half-dozen "alternative media" sites we found in our quick 'search' indicates that there is still a little hope for humanity... or, at least, that some of us will have our eyes open as the insane Neo-Cons bring about this 21st century global world destruction that will make WWI,  WWII and the Red Terror purges** look like a warm-up act.
**(that preceded WWII and that drove Hitler to embrace German racist  hyper-nationalism as his only defense against the "internationalist" Commissar terror purges that would certainly, inevitably be coming to Germany if the German nationalists didn't prevent the "internationalist" terror from arriving on a wave of  trotsky/bronshtein style mass-murder executions (purges)...)

 Indeed, that subject is  the topic of  Mr. Jones exceptional interview with Dr. Francis Boyle in the third and final half hour of this 3 and a half hour video,  in which  if you listen carefully you can catch Dr. Boyle discuss the entire Neo-Con agenda, and how it is little more than the SOVIET COMMISSAR GULAG and TERROR PURGES... transplanted to AMERICAN shores and powered with the latest high-tech surveillance & mass-murder technology... 
In many cases by  jews (or their first-generation 'Amerikan' descendants) who FLED the very Russia & 'Soviet Union' that their own co-religionists judeo Bolshevik genocidal terrorists  had set up in the 1920s & 1930s !

Besides naming WOLFOWITZ ("the United States is going to get in the business of DESTROYING nations" at 2:45:50) and  so-called Obama "liberal democrat" but actually  CLOSET NEO-CONS Cass SUNSTEIN, ELENA KAGAN, Susan Rice,  LARRY SUMMERS  and other "crypto" Neo-Cons in name,  Dr. Boyle explains that LEO STRAUSS, the  evil judeo 'Godfather" of  'Neo-Conservatism"  was actually the protégé student under "the leading Nazi jurist" CARL SCHMIDT,  who justified and supported  ALL the METHODS, TACTICS, ATROCITIES, and strategies of ADOLF HITLER and the NAZIS - INCLUDING  DEATH CAMPS and  WARS of industrialized SYSTEMATIC GENOCIDE!  (video at 2:48:40)

further to Dr. Boyle and Alex Jones' credit, they saw this whole nightmare - of  the  insanely Corrupted U.S. government  RUN BY THE INSANE 'Neo-Cons' who are merely fronts for the BLATANTLY GENOCIDAL, evil JEWISH SUPREMACISTS of  Netanyahu/shamir/sharon/begin's  LIKUD  "greater israel or bust" ruling party   NOW  PAYING AL QAEDA to KILL CHRISTIANS, Druze, Allawites, Shias, Kurds, and other minorities in Syria,  while using those very same ATROCITIES they commissioned, instigated, and perpetrated in Syria as a COWARD'S BACK-DOOR to the real goal, a  U.S. nuclear-armed REGIONAL WAR to DESTROY Iran -   coming at least 5 years ago in this 2007 Jones/Boyle interview...   
"Leading Academic: Neo-Nazis Have Signed Us Onto WWIII"... [jewish  Neo-NAZIS!!]

  PS - note  in an earlier portion of this Friday Sept. 6 2013 video that while Mr. Gerald Celente was repeatedly urging viewers to purchase his latest edition of  Trends Journal, Celente constantly SOFT-SELLS any response by the American people to the insane agenda behind the White Collars criminals he calls "the white shoe boys";  Dr. Boyle is far less restrained from using words like "PSYCOPATHIC,"  "SOCIOPATHIC," "BRAINWASHED at institutions like HARVARD and U. Chicago," and offers a far more direct indictment of,   and course of action against = IMPEACHMENT and PROSECUTION for WAR CRIMES !! -   those perpetrators driving America (and the entire world) into the sewage of mass-death and titanic destruction....