Sunday, September 8, 2013

A PLAGUE of FOREIGN TERRORISTS and/or 'American' TRAITORS is DESCENDING on OUR CONGRESS this morning....they are evil JUDEO "aipac' WAR LOBBYISTS, PROMOTING LIES, WARS, GENOCIDE, and MASS-MURDER JIHADI TERRORISM in Syria... in the name of their BLOOD-LUSTING, BABIES-KILLING intolerant, genocidal 'g-o-d' and people... and they are TURNING America _back_ into a ruthless, cruel, enslaved & sadistic SLAVE NATION in the process

 CALL your Representatives (Congress men/women) and  Senators and DEMAND they have these FOREIGN judeo JIHADI  'lobbyists'  TERRORISTS  ARRESTED  for  TREASON and for advocating the  EXTERMINATION of  Kurds, Druze, Allawites, Shia, CHRISTIANS and all other ethnic & religious minorities in Syria...
and for  promoting GENOCIDE, RACISM, SLAVERY, WARS,  the bribery, seduction, &  fomenting of TREASON in our Congress & government;   
 for promoting the  possible  DESTRUCTION of human LIFE ON EARTH, and  certainly promoting the DESTRUCTION of the American economy,   who are all  attempting to SABOTAGE and ENSLAVE to the  Larry Summers, Bob Rubin, Jacob Lew,  Tim Geithner, Gary Gensler,  Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, GolddamnSachs/JPMorgan/ Fed (= rotschields, et al) judeo  DEBT SLAVERY  economic  SABOTAGE &   EXTORTION  cabal,  'the money power'...

   HOW DARE THEY put 5 million jews in israel, OVER and ABOVE 350 million Americans, and simultaneously try to pass themselves off  as 'Americans'?!
     ISRAEL is NOT  a 'democracy' - it is an APARTHEID, SEGREGATED,  homicdal (MASS-MURDEROUS), infernal WAR-MONGERING  state that exists SOLELY by  BRIBING  legislators in foreign nations to SELL OUT the resources, assets, people, and interests of  those nations to the WOULD-BE SLAVE OWNERS of the evil judeo "money power"  and infernal judeo war-state...

 The below video monologue and highlighted screen-shots about the evil  judeo "TALMUD" religious code  illustrates  to anyone who isn't already aware  that the jewish 'Orthodox' or  fundamentalist  religion  considers and treats _all_ non-Jews as NON-HUMANS...  CATTLE, as BEASTS, as CHATTEL PROPERTY to be used by  judeo SLAVE OWNERS and DISPOSED OF  with extreme prejudice when those 'goyim'  beast/animals/sub-humans are no longer of any use to their evil judeo masters...

  THIS  is the INSANITY that is   DRIVING  America's ever expanding, life-threatening
(as in "threatening ALL LIFE ON EARTH)    NUCLEAR-ARMED,  mass-murder and global massacres, blackmail, extortion, terror, & genocide  evil JEWISH WARS...


"When ISRAEL is MIGHTY" - when jews are ARMED with NUCLEAR WEAPONS, and  CONTROL 
(through bribery, extortion, and abject domination of ALL the  mass-media propaganda in the western world)
the ARMIES, nuclear-armed militaries, governments, and financial system of their Western nations hosts & sponsors  (and parasite victims)  - they are then free to REVERT to their REAL  biblical & Talmudic code:   the  relentless pursuit of the EXTERMINATION of  all  non-jewish neighbors, and the expropriation and seizure of ALL WEALTH ON EARTH by and to the united, determined, parasitic & war-lusting judeo tribe...  

  [The evil judeo Talmud]  "...DEFINES _ONLY_ JEWS who believe [practice] the religion AND ARE MEN as FULL HUMANS..."  

  now that the jews 'are mighty' - now that they control their own nuclear arsenal AND the NUCLEAR ARMED MILITARIES of ALL Western nations - they are free to revert to their OVERTLY  racist, warmongering, GENOCIDAL biblical & talmudic code...

  the Talmud is  a "clever" legalist document, that in good lawyerly or 'code' fashion SAYS TWO CONTRADICTORY  THINGS at one time;  while the Talmud _may_ say that "KILLING a NON-jew is a crime,"    it provides for NO PUNISHMENT for this crime...   
and thus DECRIMINALIZES the MURDER of non-jews
(especially when there is something to be gained for 'the tribe' in so murdering 'goyim' - see the horrendous, CASUAL MASS-MURDER perpetrated by the jewish 'hero'  Samson, which are portrayed as  "defeating the evil Philistines.") 

below - OUR  "American" WAR DEPARTMENT, and  TREASURY (economy)  are now structured by these foreign TRAITORS,  on the fundamental notion that
'the chosen elites'  SHOULD _ENSLAVE_  all the  'goyim' under them !!

"...and here it is important to note, that ORTHODOX  Judaism HAS NEVER ABOLISHED SLAVERY..." 

 (insert picture of current U.S. Treasury Secretary jacob lew here...)
'orthodox' (talmudic) jew Jacob Lew put in place... as SECRETARY of TREASURY of the (late) U.S.A... to complete the ENSLAVEMENT of  the goyim and sub-human Americans to the Bernanke "JUDENFETZEN"
Fed/dollar  fiat-money extortion machine

-  This ENSLAVEMENT of non-jews to  JUDEO ELITES
is not merely a "modern" era Talmudic  interpretation, but it is deeply rooted in the bible itself. 

 When 'Orthodox',  fundamentalist,  or 'observant' jews make a fetish of strict obedience to obscure bible rules on the eating of meats  or other mundane tasks,  how then must they regard the BOLD BLACK & WHITE TEXT of the 4,000 year old Bronze Age bible - which they regard as the "living word of g-o-d" and thus absolute and infallible,  a set of COMMANDS or divine ORDERS on how to live and how to structure observant jewish households  - ALL OF WHOM, they believe,  _should_    ASPIRE to  OWNING SLAVES !!  

 below - "ERASING someone from history" IS CULTURAL GENOCIDE... the jews LOVE  CULTURAL GENOCIDE, it is the founding and dominating theme of  their insane 'religion'
 (for example, TWICE  ancient judeo patriarchs (Abram, aka "Abraham,"  & Jacob, aka "israel") JOURNEY to EGYPT... but BOTH TIMES, the genocidal judeo biblical  authors REFUSE to MENTION those proud Egyptian accomplishments, the pyramids.  And, indeed, the entire "Exodus" story shows the jew's austere desert god ACTING as a SPOILED, SELF-CENTERED 3 year old - jealous of everything, willing to kill people AND CHILDREN to show "his greatness" - an appalling, sad, sadistic, anti-humanity story.)    

   Americans  voted for "CHANGE!" in 2006, 2008,   and again in 2010
(though they were forced to vote for a Republican majority in Con-gress in 2010 to get "CHANGE,"  because the RAHM EMANUEL sabotaged  'Democrats' were becoming even further Emanuel/JACOB LEW,  TIM GEITHNER TREACHEROUS ZIONIST  PREDATORY, ruthless, judeo-supremacist  warmongering,  than the WOLFOWITZ-PERLE-feith-libby-wurmser-zakheim-bernanke-bush-cheney Republicans had been able to go,  restrained as the Zio-nazi Neo-Con  Republican warmongers were by the Democrats taking the House in the Nov. 2006 elections)

...but the EVIL JEWS  keep THINKING THEY ARE CLEVER, for BRIBING  politicians of BOTH parties, then RAMMING   their DESPISED,  BLOOD-LUSTING  judeo supremacist WAR-MONGERING, GENOCIDAL, NATIONS DESTROYING evil agenda down our throats...

  ...obama, biden, hillary, pelosi, kerry, panetta, feinstein, schumer, levin, boxer, franken, and other SELL-OUT 'Democrats' have in Sept. 2013 taken up where the despised bush, cheney, rumsfeld, wolfowitz, & libby (et al)  war-pig Republicans left off back WHEN THEY LOST the House Majority in the elections of Nov. 2006 -  the obama-biden-pelosi-hillary 'Democrats' TODAY in 2013,  are  PIMPING the IRAN WAR as  Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz  Rethuglicans were back in 2006!


  obama  & kerry the insanely hypocritical liars -  demonic,  satanic WAR-CRIMINAL 'zombie' HYPOCRITES in service to their evil judeo overlords &  puppet-masters:  
   -  They  CLAIM that the use of  poison gas in Syria  "demands" a NEW nuclear-armed Amerikan military war - where they will then unleash WHITE PHOSPHOROUS bombs & shells WHICH ACT JUST LIKE POISON GAS,  and, even worse,
 the U.S. military will bomb and shell victims with 'DEPLETED'  URANIUM  ammunition... which is ETERNALLY TOXIC to anyone who comes in contact with its residual dust, which DEFORMS  BABIES and KILLS CHILDREN for  DECADES to come

both kerry & obama are in COMPLETE CONTEMPT to the decent respect of the rights and opinion of mankind... or their fellow Americans... 

 kerry, obama, hillary, netanyahu,  shamir, sharon, emanuel, lieberman, feinstein, schumer, levin, lautenberg, boxer, pelos, emanuel, & jacob lew's  (et al, ad naseum) demonic 'fruit' -  according to these jew-war-state supporters,  "G-O-D LOVES  KILLING BABIES - it is the very measure of his greatness as repeated in awful bible story after awful bible story - and is  a pursuit  (killing non-jew babies) that ALL GOOD JEWS SHOULD ASPIRE to...