Monday, September 30, 2013

Mrs. ALAN GREENSPAN - aka MSNBC uber corporate media 'news' Whore ANDREA MITCHELL - CAUGHT IN ACT of PIMPING the Financial Industry's economy killing, ESTABLISHMENT Frankenstein MONSTROSITY "Obama-Care"

The DESPICABLE  Mrs. Alan Greenspan is out there PIMPING  WHORING for Obama-Care... though she cares no more for the health,  health-care, or  financial security  of American citizens, than she or her fellow  synagogue goers care for  Palestinians, and now Syrians,  BOMBED  by American supplied bombs, bullets, and poison-gas producing  "WP"  white phosphorus shells  in Gaza  (or under attack by U.S. & israel funded AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in Syria)...

Mrs. Alan Greenspan is not merely a typical lying, crimes whitewashing,  propaganda spouting media talking head,  but she is an UBER   LYING, TREASONOUS,    jewish supremacists, economy killing bailouts & QE pimping,  financial CRIMES WHITEWASHING connected 'elitist' media 'ho  !!!
  here she is caught in the act, WHORING the INSANE "establishment narrative" - the  notion pimped by the fincial heavyweights behind the insurance companies, that   "you can't oppose Obama care... because obama was re-elected in 2012"  ???!!  
In an interview earlier today on MSNBC, television host Andrea Mitchell asked U.S. House Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Ut.) if he would reconsider his position to either defund or delay Obamacare.
 Mitchell mentioned that other Republicans, McCain for example, felt differently.

“I don’t care what John McCain thinks,” Chaffetz responded, referring to McCain’s recent statement that the American people “endorsed” Obamacare by re-electing Barack Obama.     On the Senate floor last Wednesday, McCain said that he didn’t like Obamacare and it wasn’t the outcome he wanted, but he believed “all of us should respect the outcome” of the 2012 Presidential election, “which reflects the will of the people” on Obamacare. 
[note: in BOTH  ever-EXPANDING foreign WARS,  and for all "domestic" (within U.S.)  surveillance, police-state, and dictatorial financial ATROCITIES,  JOHN McCAIN is a SHAMELESS WHORE,  he is nothing but a shameless mouthpiece for the pure, unvarnished  NEO-CON agenda: the abject enslavement & subjugation of  Americans to foreign wars and foreign loan-sharks & 'globalist'  financiers debt rape;  McCain is a pathetic puppet of the TREASONOUS  "israel UBER America" JUDEO WAR LOBBY and its  GS/jpm/Fed =  "judeo money power"  gobal, above-nations,  economic raping financiers & paymasters]
Oddly enough, McCain did not mention the November 2010 Midterm election in which voter backlash over Obamacare allowed Republicans to retake the House.
Democrat losses in that election added up to the highest loss by a party in a House midterm election since 1938.
Chaffetz referred back to these GOP House gains after Mitchell suggested that members of Congress critical to Obamacare, such as Chaffetz, should move on “to other issues.” 

“Do you want me to just disregard all of my voters, all the promises that I made and how I got elected?” Chaffetz asked. “There were a lot of people elected, particularly in 2010, on this issue [Obamacare], and to just say ‘Well, you should just forget about that because of President Obama’s election,’ we can’t do that.”

MRS ALAN GREENSPAN - that's right,  TV 'news' talking head ANDREA MITCHELL  is  paid MILLIONS of dollars every year by MSNBC  to help  WHITEWASH  BAILOUTS, deregulation, revolving-door payola, slush-funds,  FINANCIAL CRIMES,  ECONOMIC RAPE, and FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS  right OUT of the news and discourse Americans see and hear every night....
  ...the narrative that Americans get from corporate 'news' WHORES like Andrea Mitchell and her stablemates at NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC,   are  LIES fed to us  EVERY DAY,  whether about the EXTORTIONATE   BAILOUT  FOR 'health' INSURANCE COMPANIES posing as "Obama Care",  or   first the horrid "BAILOUTS" and now  "QUANTITATIVE EASING" -

     Bernanke's  "JUDENTETZEN"  so-called "Quantitative Easing"  IS NOTHING BUT  PRINTING UP MONEY and GIVING IT to the BILLIONAIRES who already control the stocks of most companies in the world... =  FREE MONEY for BANKERS, VULTURE 'capitalists,"  economy raping death-squad hoodlums, and  financial parasites!  

And Now a little Humor on the highway to hell known as the RUBIN + BERNANKE (et al) FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST / genocidal economic meltdown: SWISS army war-games DEFENDING against INVADING WARRING FACTIONS of BANKRUPT France !!

h/t to the comments section over at our favorite "uber bear" chart analysing  financial trading site -    
The Swiss army reportedly ran a war game earlier this year based on the premise that: France goes broke.    It breaks into little warring factions and  one of them and decides to invade Switzerland to get back the money in the secret bank accounts.    The Swiss newspaper LeMatin even carries a map of the speculative invasion routes.  The paper quotes a French official, the general counsel of Haute-Savoie, suggesting that the Swiss should choose more realistic threats. A Swiss officer counters that the the exercise was designed when tensions between France and Switzerland over tax evasion were less strained.   
The above is an amusing little article dealing with the INTENTIONAL CHAOS and the INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  by America's  TREASONOUS "elites" -

  the "elites" who answer to "the money power"  which is an AXIS of EVIL based in  New York, London, + Washington D.C....
  and as well over at that dastardly little  blatantly (insanely!) RACIST SUPREMACIST vampire  blood thirsty eternally genocidal judeo war state on the Eastern Med know, the  terrorist little judeo FINANCIERS + WARMONGERS  who 
(as we've written about 1,000+ posts here and counting at TheJewishWars)  
have SENT OUT 'A CALL to JIHAD'  to all their little al QAEDA fundamentalist PROXY armies TERRORIST buddies... to DO TO SYRIA by rape, pillage, mass-murder terrorism, and jihad; 
what they are insidiously doing to the European & American economies from within...  

 But  in any article or news story that actually contains some relevant information about today's global economic crisis and ever expanding  WARS of  usa's insane, judeo run IMPERIAL, genocidal,  mass-homicidal  HEGEMONY,  you can't help it -
  if that news story doesn't CONFRONT the grim horror reality behind the news -
then it in some way  it must run with that treasonous, terroristic, SABOTAGE  Neo-Con agenda story-line, meme,  theme or "mainstream media" narrative:

 In this case,  the story says that  France and  the United States are 
(and,  presumably, other national economies GUTTING  FINANCIAL CRIMES as well) 
"Famous for its bank secrecy laws, Switzerland often comes under criticism for allowing foreign account holders to hide their wealth from tax officials at home. 
But these opaque laws are coming under increasing fire as France and the US, among others, are  cracking  down  on  tax  evasion during a period of economic hardship."


     The INSANE Americans are just GIVING the TREASONOUS bankers - the  Rubinites & Bernanke & the TREASONOUS  judeo  supremacist "money power"   bankers BEHIND  Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase, the Fed, and the other top-predator vampire parasite banks  -  $85 BILLION...  EIGHTY-FIVE BILLION per MONTH  in FREE MONEY for bankers, 

 so-called "Quantitative Easing"   is NOTHING BUT  "PRINTING UP MONEY... and GIVING IT to BANKERS !!

(and ONLY to  bankers & their insider, economic hit men,  vulture capitalist, CRONY CAPITALIST  extortion financial mob insiders !!)

  THAT  is  TAX EVASION... on super, hyper,  kryptonite STEROIDS!  
 So, NO, the U.S. and French governments are NOT  "CRACKING DOWN on tax evaders" - they are JUST GIVING THEM billions in free money per month!! 

  You not only are not "taxing" the bailouts & QE sucking hyper-rich - you are JUST BLATANTLY GIVING THEM $85 BILLION per month, in money which DESTROYS the savings, income, earnings, and pensions of those who don't get a slice of those FREE BILLIONS for Bernanke & Rubin's bankster pals - this is the same principle as STOCK DILUTION, when a company issues new shares for stock, without giving present holders any.

    DO WE NEED TO EXPLAIN how  TRAITOR  "GENOCIDAL BEN" 'JUDENFETZEN' BERNANKE's   "Quantitative Easing"  is  FREE MONEY - by the BILLIONS  x 85 per month - for connected bankers ???

 The EVIL  American (and French)  "ELITES" - in Con-gress, in the White House, in the JEW TRAITOR JACOB LEW Treasury Department and 'former' GODDAMN SACHS partner GARY GENSLER run SEC;    in the U.S. government bureaucracy,  in the traitor lying whore corporate U.S. media, in the  academic institutions, think-tanks, universities, & colleges;  and of course in corporate Big Finance, 

  -  AS they just  GIVE AWAY  $85 BILLION per MONTH to BOB RUBIN's   TREASONOUS  ECONOMY WRECKING bankster pals at GoddamnSachs, JP Morgan, NY Bank Mellon, Citi, Wells Fargo, 'bank FRAUDSTERS of America',  Bank of England, and all the other  rotschields (et al) FRONTS, holding companies, wholly owned subsidiaries, and other mega-rich TREASONOUS BILLIONAIRES & multimillionaires who are the only beneficiaries of Bernanke's  TREASONOUS, GENOCIDAL, economies killing  "Quantitative Easing" =  FREE MONEY for  TRAITOR BANKERS !! 

  The  corporate press/media, and the U.S. Congress, presidency, and government,  not to mention the mega-  financial institutions themselves, ARE ALL IN THE POCKETS of TRAITORS  who WANT to throw Americans in to the SECOND  so-called 'FEDERAL' Reserve  INSTIGATED  GREAT DEPRESSION !!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

EXTORTION is the CORE of JEWISH policy: puppet Obama THREATENS GOVT SHUTDOWN to RAM Obama-Care through... EXTORTION is THE HALLMARK of Obama's GENOCIDAL mass-murderous Jew PUPPET-MASTERS, aka "America's government ELITES" (retch) !!!

Below headline screen-shot "Senate Votes to Avert GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN" -  even as Obama and 'our'  stupid, TRAITOR SELL-OUT WHORES in Con-gress  ALLOW  Ben Bernanke to just PRINT UP $85 billion per month! in  FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS 

...even as Obama co. is DESTROYING  the great American tradition of  company funded health care!

The root and common thread  of this ECONOMIC MISERY for millions of Americans is right there in the 'holy' bible - both jewish kings David & his son Solomon, upon CONSOLIDATING jewish CONTROL over their kingdoms.. proceeded to run a census... and ENSLAVE  ALL  NON-JEWS in the land!  
 SLAVES  DON'T  DESERVE HEALTH-CARE, pensions, retirements, job-benefits, or even basic human rights -  "YOU  STUPID AMERIKANS are nothing but SLAVES on the  GODDAMN-SACHS (jpm/fed = rotschields, et al)  SLAVE PLANTATION - so GO AHEAD AND DIE already...!"
   just like those Palestinians in Gaza or Syrians in Syria  being killed by your own stupid  Amerikan taxpayer supplied bombs & bullets !!

  Although we can't prove it, or even cite the date of his visit,  it was reported that then UNDERSECRETARY of DEFENSE - nominally THE #2. man in the Defense Department under Secretary Don Rumsfeld,  but actually Wolfo was effectively the JUDEO COMMISSAR IN CHARGE of America's military,  HIDING BEHIND  senile front-man DON RUMSFELD (just as the financial arms of the Jewish war lobby HID BEHIND  bush & cheney and other insane traitor sell-out Republicans)   Paul Wolfowitz  PERSONALLY TOURED  Abu Ghraib Prison  shortly before the "abuse" =  SADISM, RAPE, & TORTURE photos exposed what was going on in the American run former Saddam terror prison...   and the details we heard were, that Wolfo PERSONALLY VISITED the  "TOP SECRET" wing of the prison (Abu Ghraib) from which the REAL SCREAMS of  prisoners undergoing torture - and not the merely sadistic "abuse" by army privates (that was actually intended to "soften up" prisoners for the CIA run torture sessions, the DEGRADATION of prisoners DESIGNED to destroy their self-esteem & moral as a prelude to officer overseen and 'professionally run'  CIA torture sessions)

10th United States Ambassador to Indonesia
In office
April 11, 1986 – May 12, 1989
Appointed byRonald Reagan
Preceded byJohn H. Holdridge
Succeeded byJohn C. Monjo
8th Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs
In office
December 22, 1982 – March 12, 1986
PresidentRonald Reagan
Preceded byJohn H. Holdridge
Succeeded byGaston J. Sigur, Jr.

Rahm Emanuel as DCCC Chairman in 2006, ORDERING Congressional Democratic Congressman Eric Massa "I DON'T WANT YOU to BE ANGRY ON TV TONIGHT... TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH"  in an election - 2006 - where Americans across the board were ANGRY  with the way the Bush-Cheney Republicans were RUNNING AMERICA in to EVER EXPANDING WARS, and ever growing CORRUPTION including the JACK ABRAMOFF  AND

 REPUBLICANS  IMPEACHED and nearly HOG-TIED  Bill Clinton with a mad-dog IMPEACHMENT over a consensual affair between adults... but  RAHM EMANUEL was SABOTAGING  _LEGITIMATE_  Democratic voter ANGER against;
  1.  the THEFT of Election 2000 (AND Kerry's treacherous SABOTAGE of election 2004 - which DESPITE Kerry's lame, PRO-WAR campaign, the Republicans STILL HAD TO STEAL the vote in Ohio and several other battleground states)  
  2. the Abu Ghraib scandal that broke in 2004 - but the treacherous John Kerry REFUSED to make this scandal a DEFINING ISSUE of the Bush-Cheney administration, because Kerry ran in 2004 as a VANITY PROJECT, as a 'Democrat' "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE"   who did NOT want to win the election, because he knew that if he did win the election, a.) he would lose all privacy; and B.)  eh would become responsible for the horrific quagmire of the U.S. invasion & occupation of Iraq....
  4. the LIBBY   CIA "OUTING" Scandal - which the treacherous, pro-war, establishment  media portrayed as little more than a  "he said, she said"  "VALERIE PLAME scandal."  

 what the above 3 and many other SCANDALS of the Bush-Cheney presidency all had in common, is that TRAITOR  "Democrat" operatives like RAHM EMANUEL SABOTAGED  Dem. candidates and the supposedly "liberal" press & media from using these issues as campaign fodder... because EMANUEL is a JEWISH SUPREMACIST WAR-MONGER, he well knew that the  REPUBLICANS  RETAINING the House  MAJORITY in 2006 would guarantee the next "big ticket item" on the Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY  agenda... the U.S. MILITARY ATTACK & INVASION of IRAN...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

JUDEO Instigated AL QAEDA Terrorist 'rebels' NOW IMPOSING TALIBAN Sharia RULE in Syria - Which - RUTHLESS RADICALIZATION & MASS-MURDER JIHAD in Syria - IS THE INTENTION of the insane Jewish war lobby, as prelude to ETHNIC CLEANSING and ANNEXATION of Syria into bronze-age "Greater Israel"

Syria (ZeroHedge):
in the U.S., Saudi, and   JUDEO INSTIGATED  (allegedly "moderate") 'rebels'  terrorist invasion of  thousands of doomed people in Syria...

  MASS MURDER,  GENOCIDE, "ethnic cleansing" and the MURDER & EXTERMINATION of  tens of thousands (soon to be millions) of victims,  IS  -  and always has been,  going back to the biblical times of the  blood drenched judeo-supremacist bible - the intent, goal, and purpose of the evil jewish wars...

AS  the disgusting, treasonous, traitorous, and economy-killing jews in America  SHED THEIR CROCODILE TEARS for "humanitarian concerns"  (see our previous post) allegedly   justifying their lust to have the  U.S. start bombing (invading!) Syria yesterday, their REAL AGENDA is the same as that for Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere else the U.S. has invaded in the past 12 years:

     set up ruthless  SAUDI style, theocratic, RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST DICTATORSHIPS,    where "money power" global  jew financiers can bribe and control a hated and despised tiny elite,  so those judeo financiers don't have to pay fair market value for the resources they asset-strip out of those now subject, conquered, divided, balkanized, hate-ridden, terrorized, bombed, brutalized, & ethnically cleansed, rump nations:
WSJ notes, the spread of ISIS illustrates the failure of Western-backed Syrian  moderates to establish authority in opposition-held parts of Syria, some  of which have been under rebel control for over a year. "It's still the case that a majority of Syrians are not up for Talibanization," but given the spread of ISIS, their [Syrian people's] choices may become increasingly limited"  
[The Syrian people's "choices" don't count for anything - GO AHEAD AND DIE!" say the insane judeo war pimps & whores to millions of Syrians] 

Chaos Reigns After Obama Gave Libya to Jihadists; Syria 'May Be' [??] Next Wednesday, September 18,  2013  

 THIS IS  the   evil  Judeo "BLUEPRINT" - not only for  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iran.....
  but for Africa, Asia, EUROPE... and AMERICA, too!

  HATE-WHIPPED, IMPOVERISHED, divided, balkanized, terror instigated
 (if not  "FALSE FLAG"  GOVERNMENT PERPETRATED   TERRORIST ATTACKS ON the population of the country they CLAIM they are  providing "national security" for!) 
 spied, on, surveiled, goaded, servile, subservient,  and overseen SLAVE PEOPLES  _IS_ the   INTENTION of the judeo wars...  as we have tried to document in 1,000+  blog posts & counting,       and as is clearly advocated in the blood-drenched judeo "holy" [retch!]  bible...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR, the CNN War Whore, takes up where Rahab, "THE WHORE of JERICHO" left off 4,000 years ago: SELLING HER OWN PEOPLE OUT to MASS-MURDER and EXTERMINATION at the hands of the insane, genocidal, baby-killing Jews and their hired, proxy Terrorist armies, in Syria and Across the Mideast today....

The WHORE of  Jericho reappears from the blood-spattered depths of bible history:
CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR takes up where RAHAB, "The WHORE of JERICHO" left off - SELLING HER OWN PEOPLE OUT  to MASS-MURDER, GENOCIDE, and EXTERMINATION at the hands of the blood-lusting, genocidal Jewish extortionists, mass-murderers and baby-killers in Syria...  and across the entire Mideast (and across the entire world, and here!) today...

 In our previous post, we attempted to document how CNN multi-millionaire 'news' personality and war-pimping talking-head CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR  has attempted over the past week to incite a mass-murderous new American WAR in the Mideast,
the foul, bloody CNN 'news' whore Amanpour getting up on her CNN soap-box to  demand that the United States military start BOMBING SYRIANS, based on her unproven and indeed the wholly fabricated  allegations presented by the Obama administration and jewish war lobby  that the Syrian army used poison gas in attacks on civilians in fighting against the foul terrorist invasion of Syria,   when the Assad regime had NO motivation or sane reason for doing so - and, indeed, the  televised bodies of women and children killed in the alleged gas attack had all the hallmarks of a jewish (israeli)  and U.S. government  staged "FALSE FLAG" terror attack,  the jews and their American puppets  once again using their AL QAEDA proxy army TERRORISTS in Syria to PERPETRATE crimes,  mass-murder, and jihad TERRORISM, and then blaming the Syrian defenders for having the temerity to survive the jews' evil, criminal, genocidal  mass-murderous,  proxy terrorist jihadi attacks.

  Amanpour's mass-murderous lies & hypocritical crocodile tears on CNN are, if you notice, an almost verbatim repeat of the lies and treachery of  RAHAB, the WHORE OF JERICHO,
Amanpour resurrecting the spirit of Rahab IN SELLING HER OWN PEOPLE  OUT to MASS-MURDER ANNIHILATION.  

 Just as RAHAB, the WHORE of Jericho's  TREACHERY  delivered her neighbors in Jericho over to  WHOLESALE  EXTERMINATION at the hands of  Joshua's murderous judeo army,  so too does the Arab-American  Christiane Amanpour  SELL ALL CHRISTIANS, Kurds, Shia, and all non-Sunni fundamentalist Syrians over to the murder spewing guns of the jews' proxy AL QAEDA TERRORIST JIHADIS proxy armies today - because Amanpour is REWARDED in fat CNN contracts and by her marriage into the judeo GoddamnSachs financial rapists Rubin clan,  for PIMPING GENOCIDE against all non-jewish peoples in the Mideast, and in Syria in particular,  that the blood-drenched jews hope to make in to "Greater Israel," "eratz israel"  in the near future...

 Here's the bible text from the ORIGINAL WHORE of Jericho story:  
 24 Then they burned the whole city and everything in it, but they put the silver and gold and the articles of bronze and iron into the treasury of the Lord’s house. 25 But Joshua spared Rahab the prostitute, with her family and all who belonged to her, because she hid the men Joshua had sent as spies to Jericho—and she lives among the Israelites to this day.

 THE WHORE of JERICHO is actually an interesting story that has far more substance and resonance than the more well known but less substantive, more metaphorical "whore of  Babylon" story.
  What is so interesting about the rather horrid story of  the  JEWISH ANNIHILATION of the terrified inhabitants of  Jericho,  is that the story is  OSTENSIBLY  about the MIGHT and GLORY of god.
   As every Sunday schooled child knows,   the "great" story of Jericho shows how  Joshua led his (bloodthirsty, genocidal little band of warmongering) Jews to surround and besiege the terrified residents of Jericho...   and then, after seven days of the  jew priests and religious leaders blowing their damn horns,  "g-o-d"  helped the jews to slaughter the men, women, children, AND BABIES (and animals) of the doomed city, by  SMASHING down the walls that defended the doomed city  in a mighty crash.

    Which makes one ask, "OK... so in a story that is ostensibly about 
the MIGHT and GLORY of G-O-D smashing down mighty defensive wall;   just what is with that whole 'the HARLET of JERICHO  taking in Joshua's SPIES'  story?"

  -   the prostitute taking in Joshua's spies is a  COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY ELEMENT in a story that ostensibly showcases  the MIGHT and GLORY of  g-o-d smashing down fortress walls!!

 In our below bible text clip, we show that there was indeed NO NEED for either a prostitute or Joshua's jewish SPIES:   "g-o-d"  COMMANDS  Joshua to send his army to besiege Jericho, and then, after Joshua followed the procedures as g-o-d instructed, then g-o-d SMASHED the walls down with NO NEED for human assistance -  Joshua's SPIES and their treacherous WHORE are frivolous elements, nothing but embellishments to the story,  if  "almighty", all-seeing  'g-o-d' COMMANDED Joshua to send his army to Jericho, then WHY the need for spies or whores?  
The only reason Joshua would have sent spies to consort with whores in Jericho,  is if  he would have been DOUBTING   g-o-d's  commands!
Now the gates of Jericho were securely barred because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in.Then the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men.3 March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the army will go up, everyone straight in.”

In fact,  this is a perfect example of  bible literature INVERTING reality:
the story of Jews sending SPIES and ASSASSINS to BRIBE   TRAITORS  among their future victims is the REAL story...

 ...everything added  about "by G-O-D" is AN EMBELLISHMENT to make the story seem more dramatic, and even more importantly, more  palatable to skeptical young children or young men and women who were taught the stories around tribal campfires over generations;  children and youths  who, without the "commanded by g-o-d" elements tossed in to make the story more dramatic and more palatable,  might question just how righteous a story is whose main elements are spies, bribes, prostitutes, and mass-murder - and the  intentional mass-murder DESTRUCTION and annihilation of an entire city by a so-called "holy" army fixated on TREACHERY, deceit, and consorting with prostitutes.   

    Clearly, even a high-school level examination of the story of Jericho reveals that the "WALLS CAME THUNDERING DOWN"  was a metaphor, an EMBELLISHMENT added to the story to make it seem more dramatic, and that  the truth is far more grim: the jews BRIBED their Prostitute Rahab to shelter them until, at the appropriate time, one  night the judeo spies & commandos opened the gates, and the rest of their  army came pouring in before the Jericho defenders could organize a defense -  just as the equally deceitful Greeks had used their Trojan Horse to surprise the doomed inhabitants of Troy one night.

   The walls came "crashing down" alright -  AFTER the city was defeated,  probably by  some prisoner slaves the jews had spared for that task of tearing their own city's walls down.

So just as the WHORE of JERICHO  *HELPED*   the jews SLAUGHTER her countrymen,
 so too today do we have  CNN   MEDIA WHORE war-pig Christiane Ananpour, WANTING  TO HELP  AL QAEDA  Sunni Islamic JIHADIS - HIRED and recruited by the CIA, Saudis, Britain, France, Turkey, NATO, Saudis, Qataris, Bahrainis, Kuwaitis AND THE INSANE  JEWS (israel)  from all over the radicalized Islamic world -       KILL SYRIAN CHRISTIANS,  Kurds, Druze, Allawites, Shia (also Muslims) and all other ethnic & religious minorities in SYRIA - all while bleating about her own  self-professed "HUMANITARIAN" principles!!

below video:   brutal JEWISH SPONSORED  "ETHNIC CLEANSING" and MASS MURDER of a CHRISTIAN village in Syria... all so the INSANE jews can prepare for their total, ruthless GAZA style ETHNIC CLEANSING of Syria in preparation for the  ANNEXATION of Syria in to the demented "eratz israel"  "GREATER ISRAEL" GENOCIDAL, insane judeo war state!

CNN Arab/JEWESS**  TRAITOR   CHRISTIAN AMANPOUR  SUPPORTS  Al QAEDA jihadi TERRORISTS - KILLING  Christians, Kurds, Druze, Shia, Allawites, and all other religious & ethnic minorities IN SYRIA, on the  extorted by jewish-war-lobby U.S. taxpayers' terror-inciting billions of dollars dime!    

**(by marriage - She is married to GODDAMN-SACHS/Citibankster  judeo uber economies-killing financial vampire BOB RUBIN's son James)


CNN Propagandist Amanpour Demands “Moral” Intervention in Syria

  CNN is a valuable propaganda asset for wars of globalist intervention.
"An agitated Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s well seasoned propagandist who developed her chops defending Bill Clinton’s murder of Serbians, said a “moral” United States cannot allow chemical weapons to be used in Syria. She indignantly demanded U.S. military intervention in the country. 
CNN is a valuable propaganda asset for wars of globalist intervention"  

  Actually,  CNN and  Amanpour  are  "VALUABLE PROPAGANDA ASSETS"   FOR INSANE, GENOCIDAL  JEWISH SUPREMACY and the INSANE,  METASTASIZING WARS of  JUDEO GENOCIDAL EXTERMINATION and MASS-MURDER - just like blood-drenched, WHORE of JERICHO was  four thousands years ago!

Monday, September 16, 2013

CNN *WAR WHORE* CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR Demands A MASSIVE new US WAR in Syria, at the prodding of her JEWISH IN-LAWS and insane, genocidal Judeo War-Lobby CNN puppet-masters

 CNN millionaire war-pig  CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR  LIES  her face off to PIMP  a massive US bombing & invasion of Syria at the behest of her judeo supremacist in-laws & insane, genocidal AIPAC jewish war lobby / CNN puppet-masters... '
 this EVIL WAR WHORE   is ADVOCATING    GENOCIDE against KURDISH, ALAWITE, and CHRISTIAN VICTIMS of her insane, 'elitist'  "humanitarian"  nazi AGGRESSION & WARMONGERING, all so israel can mop-up the Mideast under Saudi style owned, despised puppet THEOCRATIC wahabi DICTATORS, as we will illustrate below -

CNN Propagandist Amanpour Demands “Moral” Intervention in Syria

“I can barely contain myself at this point,” said the  'journalist'. “How many more times do we have to say that weapons of mass destruction were used and as bad as it is to decapitate somebody it is in no means equal?”
Although the Obama administration and the establishment insist the al-Assad government used chemical weapons against civilians in Syria, there is scant evidence to back up Amanpour’s assertion or justify her emotional outburst.

What the EVIL, Al Qaeda terrorist supporting WAR PIG is REALLY saying:  the treacherous  sellout war whore CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR is really  pimping the usa + jew-war-state instigated, Saudi wahabi fundamentalist financed
 See also our previous blog post, Amanpour's AL QAEDA TERRORIST pals BURNING KURDISH PRISONERS ALIVE....

CHRISTIAN AMANPOUR   also pimps "FALSE FLAG" poison-gas/wmd  TERROR ATTACKS by CIA instigated  al Qaeda TERRORISTS,   in order to
  BLAME the Syrian victims, to justify a huge new US  ILLEGAL, GENOCIDAL  WARS
 by nuclear-armed huge nations'  BULLYING of formerly peaceful, productive small nations,
  that never posed any threat to the United States...
all  because the INSANE  JEWS believe they are ENTITLED to EXTERMINATE people of the world !!!
"The plot thickens. The Zionist regime seems to deliver Sarin gas to the Syrian rebels; the rebels then used it, and then blamed Assad for it. Once Assad is blamed, then the same Zionist regime asks for a regime change."
plus -
U.S. Military: Al-Qaeda Rebels Produced Sarin Gas For Chemical Attacks In Syria 
Further evidence that the Aug. 21 chemical attack was a false flag to frame Assad h 

Why Are We Supporting Guys Who Want to Blow Us Up?  

"WHY?"  Indeed... because the ONLY information Americans receive, is from the TREASONOUS, criminal, genocidal, JEWISH OWNED and dominated mass-media 'news' corporations like CNN... with their  mass-murderous, kleptocratic, theocratic, elitist, anti-American,
 genocidal  JUDEO SUPREMACIST  agenda behind & driving their each & every sordid 'news' story they pimp....

  As we illustrated with video in our previous post, there is now NO DOUBT that the U.S. & judeo war tribe instigated "Syrian rebels" are a plague of  AL QAEDA jihadi TERRORISTS
the Western nations have unleashed on Syria,
 Sunni TERRORIST JIHADIS who are EXTERMINATING not only Shia, Allawites, Druze, and other minorities that were until recently PROTECTED by the ASSAD regime...  but the "DEVIL'S SPAWN"  plague of jihadi killers America & israel have unleashed on Syria are also killing  KURDS... AND CHRISTIANS in a bloody  campaign of extermination across the formerly peaceful land...

  below, here's ANOTHER video, of TRAITOR  SELL-OUT WAR-WHORE Christiane Amanpour's genocide VICTIMS in Syria... this time  CHRISTIAN Syrians!

CNN Arab/JEWESS**   CHRISTIAN AMANPOUR  SUPPORTS  AL QAEDA jihadi TERRORISTS - KILLING  Christians, Kurds, Druze, Shia, Allawites, and all other religious & ethnic minorities IN SYRIA  

**(by marriage - She is married to GODDAMN-SACHS/Citibankster  judeo uber economies-killing financial vampire rapist BOB RUBIN's son James rubin.)


 Documentation of our contention that it was AMERICAN, Saudi, & MOSSAD SUPPLIED Al QAEDA TERRORISTS who used that Sarin lethal gas against civilians in Syria...

U.S. Military: Al-Qaeda Rebels Produced Sarin Gas For Chemical Attacks In Syria   September 13, 2013
A leaked U.S. military document reveals that Al-Qaeda possessed and produced “kitchen-grade” sarin gas for chemical attacks against the Syrian people, further adding to the evidence that the Al-Qaeda Syrian opposition launched the Aug. 21 chemical attack in Damascus as a false flag in order to frame Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.
U.S. Military: Al Qaeda Rebels Produced Sarin Gas For Chemical Attacks In Syria 091313rebelsCredit: FreedomHouse via Flickr
In May, Turkish anti-terror police confiscated a two-kilogram cylinder of sarin gas from members of the Jabhat al-Nusra Front based in Southern Turkey near the Syrian border, according to a classified report obtained by WND.
The National Ground Intelligence Center report states that Al-Qaeda in Iraq produced the sarin gas and then shipped it to the al-Nusra Front for use in Syria.Two months prior to the confiscation, 26 people and Syrian government forces died from exposure to sarin gas delivered in a rocket attack on Aleppo, a city in the northwestern region of Syria near the Turkish border.
“The rocket came from a place controlled by the terrorists and which is located close to the Turkish territory,” according to a Syrian government statement in response to the attack. “One can assume that the weapon came from Turkey.”The document also describes the sarin seized in Turkey as not being military grade but rather a “kitchen variety,” which corresponds to the sarin gas used in the Aug. 21 chemical attack near Damascus, according to Dr. Yossef Bodansky, a top terrorism expert.
Bodansky said that unlike military grade sarin, the sarin used in the Damascus attack did not accumulate around the victims’ hair and clothing.
If it did, said Bodansky, the sarin molecules would have detached from the victims and “killed or injured the first responders who touched the victims’ bodies without protective clothes … and masks.”
Yet there were no reported casualties among the first responders to the attack, none of whom were wearing adequate protective gear....
High-level U.S. intelligence officials reinforce Bodansky’s conclusion, stating that they are not convinced that the Aug. 21 chemical attack was carried out per Assad’s orders or that it was even carried out by Assad’s government.
While the Obama administration continues to push our military into entering Syria as “al-Qaeda’s air force,” fighting alongside Islamic extremists recruited and armed by the CIA, the evidence strongly points to the al-Nusra Front, designated by the U.S. as a terrorist organization, as responsible for the Aug. 21 chemical attack.Related posts:
  1. Syria asks UN to immediately investigate 3 new ‘chemical attacks’ by rebels
  1. Syria accuses Turkey of supplying rebels with chemical weapons
  1. Russian inquiry to UN: Rebels, not Army, behind Syria Aleppo sarin attack
  1. U.S. can’t prove Bashar Assad approved chemical attacks in Syria
This article was posted: Friday, September 13, 2013 at 1:17 pm


there is no mystery for whom Christian Amanpour & CNN are  REALLY PIMPING the GENOCIDAL  al Qaeda TERRORIST WAR in Syria for - for her JEWISH  in-laws and
the insane judeo supremacist war lobby, AIPAC, PNAC, ADL, UJA, SPLC, and all its other infernal incarnations!   
note - this is a jewish site, Haaretz,   proudly documenting that AIPAC, the treasonous jewish Israel-America lobby, is supporting those AL QAEDA JIHADIS in Syria !!  


And in closing, we were   innocently 'searching'  for the correct spelling of  "ALAWITES" - and not even looking for any new grim news to report - when we stumbled on this latest blood-drenched example of  OBAMA, HILLARY, McCAIN,  Boehner, lindsey graham, KERRY, BRENNAN, PATREAUS, and the jewish war lobby's  EVIL Nazi  HANDIWORK - the recent bloody massacre of  THIRTY  Alawite men, women, and children MASSACRED by Hillary, McCain, Kerry & Obama's new AL QAEDA  'rebel' pals in Syria !!

Women and children among dead** in Syrian Alawite village: monitors  
(Reuters) - The death toll from an 'alleged' massacre in an Alawite village in central Syria has risen to 22, including women, children and elderly men, a rights monitoring group said on Thursday.
The minority Alawite sect to which President Bashar al-Assad and most of Syria's elite belong is an offshoot of Shi'ite Islam whose members have increasingly been targeted by radical fighters among the Sunni Muslim-dominated opposition in the 2-1/2-year revolt against Assad.
Fighters from the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front shot dead 16 Alawites and six Arab Bedouins on Tuesday after storming the village of Maksar al-Hesan, east of the city of Homs, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is opposed to Assad.
The British-based Observatory said the victims included seven women, three men over the age of 65, and four children under the age of 16, citing residents and medics.
Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Observatory, said the victims had been shot in their homes, and that they were not members of any pro-Assad militias. Activists in Homs had said on Wednesday that the dead were all from pro-government militias.

 Those last two screen-shots and above  text snip are both from JEWISH  (rotschields) owned REUTERS  reports....  the JEWS KNOW that THEIR HIRED GUNS in Syria are KILLING KURDS, ALAWITES, and CHRISTIANS... but they REFUSE to speak out for the victims,
they instead  PUSH for MORE  WAR,  and specifically  for  the U.S. government and military to HELP Al QAEDA  KILL MORE  Christians, Kurds, and Alawites in Syria...

  BECAUSE KILLING  ALL non-Sunni minorities, and leaving a FACTIONALIZED, BALKANIZED, DESTABILIZED divided and hate-ridden rump state that the jews can prey on like vultures,  IS the  strategy and goal of the insane, treasonous, genocidal, war crimes perpetrating jews....
the jews are truly are GENOCIDAL PSYCHOPATHS who are a threat to humanity!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

U.S. + evil Jew war state SUPPLIED AL QAEDA TERRORIST 'rebel' Proxy Army BURNS Syrian KURDS ALIVE....

Syria:  the handiwork of shillary, obama, kerry, mCcain, lindsey graham, cia directors patreaus & john brennan and the entire,  treasonous  U.S. Congress, CIA, State Department, White House, defense department & military... our entire  hijacked U.S. government's

h/t vt:  "The Western 'elites' have  UNLEASHED the DEVIL's SPAWN upon us all"

 of course the above video is "legitimate" - it follows the very simple  pattern of  judeo supremacist "NEO-CONS" +  their bribed, extorted, treacherous, treasonous, & complicit 'Western' politicians'  ["leaders", retch]  ALLIANCE with SAUDI  (et al) funded SUNNI FUNDAMENTALIST jihadis all across the globe...  

 usa & jew war-state (+ britain, france, turkey, nato, SAUDI, KUWAITI, QATARI, BAHRAIN, & etc.)  supported, instigated, funded, directed, and led    al QAEDA TERRORIST JIHADI invaders BURN three Syrian Kurdish men  ALIVE...    
below: Terrorist jihadis pronounce death sentence on three bound & seated Kurdish men
next:  USA + JEW STATE SUPPORTED 'al Qaeda JIHADI TERRORIST 'rebels'   DOUSE GASOLINE on 3 bound Syrian Kurdish men,  moments before they are pushed in to a fire pit that is  already on fire...

 obama, kerry, hillary, mccain, netanyahu, & brenan's TREASONOUS, CRIMES-AGAINST HUMANITY bitter fruit:  3 KURDISH SYRIAN MEN  IN FLAMES, BURNING ALIVE,
men who were alive and doing well before the EVIL JEW STATE + puppet usa  INSTIGATED al Qaeda "rebel civil war"  TERRORIST  INVASION hit Syria like the devil's spawn.

     GREAT GOING,  McCAIN,  BRENNAN, hillary, kerry, obama, & lindsey (et al, ad naseum)  - YOU are all TRAITORS  to HUMANITY !!

  ASK NOT for whom the bells toll (in Syria), America...  the EVIL, HATE, TERRORISM, and GENOCIDAL MASS-MURDER the  TREASONOUS  al QAEDA HIRING judeo ruled neo-con 'ELITES' have hired and whose mass-murders &  terrorism they are sponsoring in SYRIA... are SOON COMING to EUROPE and AMERICA** 
  - and they have already been ATTACKING our financial system, economy, social safety net, and the very fabric of the now doomed and enslaved (late) American nation... 

 **(note: radical Islamic fundamentalists are already well entrenched in Europe - just google "honor killings europe"
and the wolfowitz/libby/perle/feith/wursmser/zackheim/shamir/sharon/netanyahu  (et al) 'Neo-Con' treachery & treason wrecking crew WAS ALREADY  IN LEAGUE WITH al Qaeda terrorists ATTACKING AMERICA - you may have heard about that  little "9-11"  2001 incident?)  

  pps:  A special note to hired mass-murder thug  cia director john brennan:  IF humanity survives these coming wars,  and IF you think that the  wolfowitz/perle/feith/libby/netanyahu MOSSAD ROLE in 9-11 will remain hidden to the survivors... then you are entirely too stupid to be cia director...

Friday, September 13, 2013

The JUDEO run RED TERROR PURGES (aka TSA/dea/FBI + militarized police mass arrests and DHS MASS-MURDER GULAGS) are BEARING DOWN on AMERICA at FREIGHT TRAIN speed...

Well, we hate to be "alarmist" and "conspiracy theory" here,     but the below Alex Jones rant  "Obama's Web of Lies, Deceit, Tyranny Must End"
[which is to say, "mass repression + economic sabotage + CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY  &  AL QAEDA JIHADIS in SYRIA as a  GATEWAY to HELL  prelude to IRAN WAR
portraying  our warmongering, AL QAEDA SPONSORING,  "FALSE FLAG"  (Operation Gladio style) TERROR PERPETRATING government overlords  as  spiders sucking the life-blood out of  the ensnared American people,  is spot on...

...except that Mr. Jones refuses to note  that  BLOOD PURGES,  MASS-EXECUTIONS of DEFENSELESS PRISONERS, and above all  the INFILTRATION of FOREIGN EMPIRES as a prelude to their  being DESTROYED FROM WITHIN - whether Egypt or Babylon or Persia - is a serial, repeat characteristic of the blood-drenched jewish 'holy'  bible -  that is  the  'social genetic code'  of those  who claim to be  "chosen by god"...

 Mr. Jones refuses to note  that BLOOD PURGES and  MASS-EXECUTIONS of DEFENSELESS PRISONERS,  is a serial, repeat characteristic of the blood-drenched jewish 'holy'  bible -

   ...To FAIL to understand that
the  RED TERROR PURGES being PREPARED 'for' Americans  
with BILLIONS of rounds of  bullets being purchased for the jewish 9-11 crimes whitewashing traitor  CHERTOFF run DHS  as we speak 

is to be guilty of the #1 sin in war - - - NOT KNOWING YOUR ENEMY !  


 bonus:  As much as we despise having to (re-) read all these  MASS HOMICIDAL biblical horror-fest atrocities,  we not only have re-read, but reposted here for our readers' convenience, just  several of the awful,  "DARK,"   "EVIL"   biblical ATROCITIES which, if you look at them with a dispassionate researchers' eye -  are the COMMON DENOMINATOR, the  unifying thread running through the entire  judeo bible - every time the jews MASSACRE their neighbors or former allies, they simply INVOKE "g-o-d"  and    write him in as perpetrating those blood drenched mass-homicides that would reflect badly on judaism if they admitted to perpetrating them themselves... EXCEPT   in the below story of   ESTHER or "PURIM"...  where the jewish biblical authors  can't help but brag a little about taking over, usurping, the  IMPERIAL DICTATOR POWERS of  the entire  PERSIAN empire, and proceeding to SLAUGHTER their former neighbors, competitors, and adversaries!  

Esther 9:13 “If it pleases the king,” Esther answered, “give the Jews in Susa permission to carry out this day’s edict tomorrow also, and let Haman’s ten sons be impaled on poles.” once the royal secretaries were summoned—on the twenty-third day of the third month, the month of Sivan. They wrote out all Mordecai’s orders to the Jews, and to the satraps, governors and nobles of the 127 provinces stretching from India to Cush.[a] These orders were written in the script of each province and the language of each people and also to the Jews in their own script and language. 10     
[NOTE: EXACTLY as it is today, jews in EVERY nation in the world speak the language and know the culture of that nation... but they act as a SUPRANATIONAL group, OVER and ABOVE all nations... the original "internationalists."  It is hard to compete against such a huge group of widely spread, multi-lingual, highly placed, and well connected opponents  WHO WANTS to DEFEAT and DESTROY (or enslave) you and your country.]  
  Mordecai wrote in the name of King Xerxes, sealed the dispatches with the king’s signet ring, and sent them by mounted couriers, who rode fast horses especially bred for the king.11 The king’s edict granted the Jews in every city the right to assemble and protect themselves; to destroy, kill and annihilate the armed men of any nationality or province who might attack them and their women and children,[b] and to plunder the property of their enemies. 12 The day appointed for the Jews to do this in all the provinces of King Xerxes was the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar. 13 A copy of the text of the edict was to be issued as law in every province and made known to the people of every nationality so that the Jews would be ready on that day to avenge themselves on their enemies.14 The couriers, riding the royal horses, went out, spurred on by the king’s command, and the edict was issued in the citadel of Susa.The Triumph of the Jews15 When Mordecai left the king’s presence, he was wearing royal garments of blue and white, a large crown of gold and a purple robe of fine linen. And the city of Susa held a joyous celebration. 16 For the Jews it was a time of happiness and joy, gladness and honor. 17 In every province and in every city to which the edict of the king came, there was joy and gladness among the Jews  [OVER the MASSACRES of THOUSANDS of their 'enemies'], with feasting and celebrating. And many people of other nationalities became Jews because fear of the Jews had seized them.  [JUST LIKE al Qaeda JIHADIS  FORCE CONVERSION of CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA  TODAY!] 
  1. Esther 8:9 That is, the upper Nile region

 For those who might hope that   "the g-o-d"  of the jews "merely" drowning Pharaoh's army
(the  final act to the SEVEN PLAGUES 'he' visited on Egypt)   might have been the END to  the TORMENT the jews visited on their adopted homeland (for the several generations they were allowed to live in Egypt)... think again!

By sucking up to the PERSIAN king, the jews were able to SEND  EXECUTION warrants and DEATH SQUADS to  the UPPER NILE  (present day Egypt)... centuries later!


post-script:  just as the JEWISH  MASS-HOMICIDAL PLOTS to KILL their neighbors and competitors (aka "enemies")  in
#1. THE KILLING of  EGYPTIAN CHILDREN (aka "Passover") and
#2.  MORDACHAI's  BLOOD EXECUTION PURGES throughout the PERSIAN empire   

   were both WELL PLANNED in advance - in "Passover" the jews PLOTTED by SPLASHING  THEIR OWN DOORWAYS with BLOOD as a SIGNAL to the death squads to move on;

    and as  our  above bible quotes show the jews PLANNED  their MASSACRES of Persians IN ADVANCE  -
   -   so too are the onrushing MASS-HOMICIDAL PURGES, aka "The judeo 'red terror' BLOOD PURGES  in Amerika"  being well prepared for Americans today,  as this below headline-link illustrates:

video:    Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens? 

  And while at the start of this post we linked "terror perpetrating government overlords" to Lynne Sutter's commentary  about the Sandy Hook school shooting,   her analysis  about the suspicious web of government lies & deceit surrounding  that horrific school shooting massacre is so excellent - calm, rational, logical, and hardly hysterical - that we are posting a snippet here...
Did Sandy Hook [school shooting massacre of children]  happen because Operation Fast and Furious was exposed as a government-led operation, thereby terminating its usefulness to Obama and company in pushing for an assault-type weapons ban?
    Beginning in late 2011, the scandal concerning Operation Fast and Furious  was heating up. Operation Fast and Furious led right into the U.S. Department of Justice and implicated Barack Hussein Obama. Operation Fast and Furious was exposed as a government-led operation 'walking' guns [= SMUGGLING GUNS by the U.S. GOVERNMENT TO MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS!]  across the border into Mexico. At the same time, Obama and company (including "What difference does it make" Hillary Clinton) were alleging those same guns were being supplied, illegally, by Americans.  It has been alleged that Obama intended to use Operation Fast and Furious as justification for passing a law banning assault-type weapons. His and Clinton's claims that guns were being supplied, illegally, by Americans certainly makes the case that such was Obama's intent....
Note how Ms. Stuter's  timeline positions the Sandy Hook school shootings  in relation to the KNOWN  obama/U.S. GOVERNMENT  PLOT to SUPPLY   MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS  with AUTOMATIC WEAPONS,  with the horrific INTENTION of INCITING  that FRESH WAVE OF  DRUG WAR KILLINGS  in Mexico IN ORDER to BLAME  AMERICAN GUN OWNERS for  allegedly "selling those guns to Mexican crime gangs"

 IF  those behind Mr. Obama would INCITE a MASS-MURDER KILLING SPREE in MEXICO in order to justify their  draconian, POLICE STATE "RED TERROR"  PURGE of American gun owners
  (if you refuse to turn in your OUTLAWED guns... you will be arrested = purged)

...then they would certainly  have no qualms or  scruples about KILLING  twenty AMERICAN children, either
(who, truth be told, our  'Neo-Con' judeo 'elite' puppet-masters  regard AMERICAN CHILDREN  as no better than PALESTINIANS children - and the jews in israel have a LICENSE TO KILL Palestinians, including hauling them out of cars and shooting any Palestinian who dares to drive on a SEGREGATED, FOR JEWS ONLY  section of highways in israel built with AMERICAN taxpayer dollars)


 pps:    In the video we linked to in our first post-script,  "Obama To Top American Military Generals: 'Will You FIRE on AMERICAN CITIZENS'?"    conservative activist Jim Garrow anonymously quotes a well known U.S. military officer as the source of his troubling contention that the Obama regime's handlers are PURGING the U.S. military of those officers who will not follow orders to treat American citizens as enemies on the battlefield - in the way that  the JEWISH ARMY will SHOOT  PALESTINIAN protesters.   
However,  Mr. Garrow tries to make the case that these orders from Obama's handlers to the U.S. military originate from CHINA's  control over Obama.

   Nothing could be further from the truth -  the "handlers" who control Obama, have a distinctly judeo flavor to them,   and their ultimate goal is to EXTERMINATE China (all one-billion+ of them!) for the simple reason that there are so many Chinese that they pose the ultimate threat to the jews "being a light unto the world"  aka ruling the world with the genocidal judeo EXTORT, ENSLAVE, & EXTERMINATE blood-drenched  iron fist.
(as we have attempted to document in 1,000+ posts here at The Jewish Wars blog).

  BOTH  Bush AND Obama CAMPAIGNED as MODERATES and "nice guys" who would  BRING AMERICANS TOGETHER - but both ruled as DIVISIVE partisans,   RAMMING  unpopular bills through Congress in complete contempt of their opponents.

  _Both_ Obama's  "leftist/socialist/communist"  agenda,  and  Bush's  Right-Wing PRIVATIZE/tax-cuts-for-rich/war-powers/expanding-wars/ & ever expanding "War on Terror" POLICE STATE POWERS   are  both  cut from the same cloth - THE NEO-CON AGENDA of 
 - LOOTING the ENTIRE economy to ENSLAVE the citizenry to the CONNECTED 'elites'  via TAXPAYER EXTORTION by BRIBED pols & corrupt govt. officials,
 - and ruthless  POLICE STATE POWERS to  ENFORCE above - by the VERY TRADITIONAL  judeo style  MASSACRES and  mass-murders BLOOD PURGES !!!   

  If Mr. Garrow thinks that  CHINA is behind OBAMA's  Syria War - which is merely the Neo-Con COWARDS BACK-DOOR to the PERSIAN (Iran) War - he is nuts,   IRAN is  China's  oil supplier, and when Iran falls the Neo-Cons are most certainly preparing to ATTACK  China AND RUSSIA.

     However, Mr. Garrow is absolutely correct about Obama (Feinstein, Emanual, Bloomberg, Lautenberg (recently deceased), Schumer, Levin, & co's)   WAR ON AMERICANS  and on American gun owners in particular - he just wants to see "China Communists" behind Obama, so he creates them there out of thin air.

 In fact,  Mr. Garrow mentions  his  CATHOLIC  CHURCH connections - including with Bill Bennett and ZBIGNEW BREZINSKI -   both of whom  are NEO-CONS TO THE CORE,   hell,  Bennett is one of the handful of "goy" (non-jewish 'gentiles')  who signed the VERY JEWISH WAR LOBBY,
 PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY manifesto  as gentile WINDOW DRESSING to make the PNAC judeo supremacist war lobby LOOK "American"!!

  That's CATHOLIC   BILL BENNETT (and jeb bush, and PROTESTANTS  Gary Baur, Steve Forbes, dick cheney, don rusfeld, and frank gaffney)   signing the VERY JUDEO SUPREMACIST  WAR LOBBY MANIFESTO,  "PNAC"  -  which MASQUERADES as an "American"  "national security" [retch!] lobby !!

 In closing, BOTH Bush (w. and Cheney) AND  obama  are PUPPETS to the Neo-Con agenda... they are BOTH PUPPET  SELL-OUT TRAITORS to the JEWISH WAR LOBBY,  even though the Neo-Con media whores work frenetically to hide and disguise this simple truth!

  BOTH Obama AND Bush  RAN AS MODERATES -  Bush (if you recall)  CRITICIZED "nation building" and "nosy BIG GOVERNMENT" - and then proceeded to justify his IRAQ and AFGHAN wars based on the premise of "bringing democracy" to those nations - the ULTIMATE in "NATION BUILDING"!
(his Iraq War was given the code-name of "Operation IRAQI FREEDOM") 
 and of  course  Bush's  POLICE STATE TERROR LAW, the "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act"    MADE GOVERNMENT 1,000 TIMES NOSIER than it had been before HE LET the  AL QAEDA TERRORIST HIJACKERS  perpetrate their terror plot on 9-11 2001 !!

    Likewise, Obama RAN as a UNIFIER - and then proceeded to RAM the despicable,  ECONOMY KILLING  "OBAMA-CARE" bill down our American throats... just as he is RAMMING his SYRIAN WAR  and U.S. SUPPLIED   AL QAEDA JIHADIS   down our throats...

   BOTH Bush (McCain, Romney, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell) REPUBLICANS,
  AND   obama/kerry/biden/pelosi/hillary/pannetta/emanuel/feinstein/levin/lieberman/schumer/bloomberg/ "Democrats"  ARE SELL OUT  PUPPET TRAITORS to the JEWISH WAR LOBBY - which judeo "internationalists" are now today - as they have for  3,000 years as their wretched 'holy bible'  proudly proclaims - they  are now as we speak PLOTTING the  TAKEOVER and MASS-MURDER MASSACRES  _OF millions of AMERICANS_ ,  today.