Friday, August 16, 2013


  Although it is easy to recount the   NEO-CON - which is to say,  Likudnik/TALMUDIC JEWISH SUPREMACY - ATROCITIES being perpetrated against America and across the world,  even the most informed and aware of  'alternative media' expert observers and commentators can't quite wrap their heads around this very simple concept:

    that  GENOCIDE and  MASS-MURDER  TERROR PURGES  _IS_ the  INTENT and GOAL  of  jewish run politics,  and their  foreign/international policies;  and their ever expanding WARS and POLICE STATE GULAG POWERS -
 -  whether the evil jews and their bought-&-extorted Con-gress  MAKING A CALL TO JIHAD  and UNLEASHING Sunni Islamic  AL QAEDA DEATH SQUADS on SYRIA;  
   ...or the evil jews 
 instigating &  supporting SUNNI ISLAMIC DEATH SQUADS against RUSSIA (and soon China);
 ...or the evil and insanely greedy,  in-your-face corruption GODDAMN-SACHS/bob rubin/Ben Bernanke/Fed/Jacob lew  ECONOMIC DEATH SQUAD LEADERS  unleashing serial economic rape, pillage and titanic sabotage destruction against the wealth and economy of  AMERICA...   with the CONCURRENT devolution of America in to an evil judeo run  COMMISSAR TERROR PURGED,  prison gulag  CONCENTRATION/DEATH CAMP terrorized slave colony of a  rump nation.... 

   ...ALL THE ABOVE and many, many, many other NEO-CON ATROCITIES  have the same common thread!  

   And the perpetration of the above ATROCITIES against the people of  America and the world, today,  is simply a mere repetition of the same MASS-MURDER BLOOD LUST expressed in the jewish 'holy' bible from 2,000 years ago:  Casting covetous eyes on the wealth of their regional neighbors; the jews repeatedly start migrating to and infiltrating that soon to be doomed nation;  then SABOTAGING that nation from within.... then EXTERMINATING their FORMER  ALLIES,  friends, and neighbors,   IS  the  jews'  GENOCIDAL  STRATEGY,  as documented in page after page,  bloody mass-murder story after bloody mass-murder story,  of the bloody jewish by-blos,  or  'holy' book! 

  #1.  jewish adulterer, terrorist gang leader, and mass-murder king DAVID orders his men to use AXES, harrows, and SAWS to  EXECUTE 22,000  TWENTY TWO THOUSAND captured Syrian and 18,000  eighteen thousand captured Edomite prisoners -  right there in the 'holy' bible!

  "And he brought out the people that were in it, and cut them with saws, and with harrows of iron, and with axes..." (I Chronicles 20:3)

   Forget you typical, SADISTIC, terrorizing blood-and-gore 'modern' Hollywood horror flick -  the evil JEW KING DAVID was the greatest SAW  mass-murder of them all... and the jews ADMIRE him for it! 

#2.  The most important verse in the entire evil judeo bible:  this quote explains that,  far, far, far from being hopeless and downtrodden slaves as the bible's "Exodus" story attempts to portray; the jews in fact were  POWERFUL MERCENARY WAR TRIBE,  who EXTORTED and MURDERED their hapless Egyptian hosts!  

  Exodus 12:35-36
35 The Israelites did as Moses instructed and 'asked'  [EXTORTED at point of sword & spear!]  the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing [and all other forms of portable wealth]. 36 The Lord had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they [the jews]  plundered  the Egyptians.

  People who possess GOLD and SILVER and expensive clothing are NOT so poor as to not have bread and other foodstuffs available at all times.
  This critical bible passage indicates that the ENTIRE  "UNLEAVENED BREAD"  story of weak jewish slaves fleeing Egypt at a moment's notice is a MADE UP FABLE designed to portray the jews in a more favorable light - not as a band of ruthless mercenary killers, but as weak and hapless victims of the ruthless, cruel Pharaoh.  
     The far more likely scenario is that the jewish war band were a tribe of mercenary killers, slavers, traders,  and extortionists  (as, indeed, all pirate, mercenary, and would-be conqueror nomadic tribes are)  who opportunistically fell on and pillaged many vulnerable Egyptian cities when the Egyptian army was either weak or on campaign elsewhere... until the jewish mercenary nomad's luck ran out at some point, and they  were forced to flee into the desert. 
 This would be the very typical story of "some wins, some defeats" for any nomadic war tribe.  In retelling the story around the campfire to their children, the jewish scribes and myth-tellers simply condensed those periods of hunger and impoverishment following defeats or retreat into the desert into the "unleavened bread" story, which becomes both dramatic and an easily remembered identifying, or unifying theme story. 

#3.  The 'holy' bible's worst, most evil, most heinous atrocity - says the very jewish writer David Plotz!  In this horrid, blood-drenched story, the evil jewish 'prophet' Moses TURNS ON HIS  ALLIES, the MIDIANITES - and without warning, notice, or compassion,  ORDERS the mass-murder GENOCIDE and attempted  EXTERMINATION of not only the jews'  ALLIES (and, presumably, friends) - but of the tribe of Moses' own first wife Zipporah - MOSES ORDERS the massacre and attempted EXTERMINATION of  his OWN IN-LAWS,  boy howdy! 

  This - Moses, Phineas, and the other judeo "religious leaders" just  hanging around as Phineas murders two hapless people -   IS  the  JUDEO COMMISSARIAT, and   whenever the powerful  judeo 'religious' elite  gather round together,  THE FIRST THING ON THEIR MINDS is HOW TO MURDER and EXTERMINATE their non-Jewish 'friends',  neighbors,  and soon-to-be-former ALLIES!    

 (literally, in the case of Phineas stabbing a couple to death with a spear, presumably on partner lying on top of the other with his back exposed to Phineas' spear)
BACK STABBING their 'friends', neighbors, and soon-to-be-former 'allies' to death!  

   The Complete Book of Numbers  -
Here is most hideous war crime in a Bible filled with them. As with the story of Dinah, it is sexual misbehavior that spurs the ugliest, evilest biblical vengeance. At the start of the chapter, God tells Moses he must complete one more task before he dies: taking vengeance against the Midianites. Why? For the fairly piddling crime described in Chapter 25. God was threatening punishment for Israelites who'd been whoring with Moabite women. At that very moment, an Israelite walked by the Tent of Meeting with his Midianite girlfriend. Phineas speared the couple to death. God, delighted by Phineas' zealotry, stops the plague he had sent against the Israelites as punishment for their lechery. Even so, 24,000 Israelites die. For reasons I can't understand, God and Moses hold the entire Midianite nation responsible for this mess, and they want payback. If you ask me—and Moses didn't--the Bible is willfully ignoring the obvious point. It was the Moabite women, not the Midianite women, who did the dreadful whoring that provoked God's rage and the plague. Going after the Midianites to punish a Moabite crime is as nonsensical as the United States invading Iraq to teach al-Qaida a lesson. (Oh, wait. We did that.)
Moses dispatches his army, which quickly kills the five Midianite kings and slaughters all the Midianite men. (This is not the war crime, but rather everyday policy.) The Israelites capture all the Midianite women and children and march them back to camp. Moses is furious that the Midianite women have been spared. (This chapter also fails to mention that Moses himself is married to a Midianite woman!)  Moses orders his troops to execute all the Midianite boys and all the Midianite females except for the virgins. Isn't this a kind of sick, grotesquely disproportionate atrocity? It's collective punishment of a most repellent sort—and all to take revenge for the one bad date between an Israelite and a Midianite girl! Numbers informs us, with its usual fondness for precision, that 32,000 virgin females survive the mass execution (and were then enslaved, incidentally). By my rough estimate, this means the Israelites killed more than 60,000 captive, defenseless women and boys.


  Just as the biblical jews DECLARED OPEN SEASON to MASS-MURDER their 'friends,' neighbors, and 'former'  allies (much less the "they have something we want" ENEMIES)  in the evil jewish bible -so too have the  evil, ANTI-AMERICAN  Neo-Con judeo supremacist  running our nation into the cesspit of corruption, sabotage, and mass-murder, and looming
  TURNED our government and 'law enforcement' (retch!)  POLICE FORCES in to LICENSE TO MURDER mass-murderous goon squads - 


The American people have suffered a coup d’etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it. The regime ruling in Washington today lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy. Americans are ruled by usurpers who claim that the executive branch is above the law and that the US Constitution is a mere “scrap of paper.” 

 yes - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, author of the above comment, is absolutely correct:  THOSE "USURPERS"  who have been  INDOCTRINATED and raised on 4,000 years worth of bible based PROPAGANDA, that the judeo elites HAVE THE RIGHT to  MASS-MURDER ANYONE THEY WANT TO, at ANY TIME they want to -
have ABSOLULTELY  _ NO_ respect for the  American,  United States Constitution! 


 Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant U.S. TREASURY SECRETARY under President Ronald Reagan)  explains:   
  "the United States is now RULED by the Executive branch, the  Congress and judiciary are now IRRELAVANT..."   "they are all CEASARS"   "THERE HAS BEEN A COUP d'ETAT..."

Well,  WE  here at theJewishWars  KNOW WHO the  TREASONOUS PERPETRATORS behind the Puppet Obama REGIME are!  - 


WAKE UP,  Americans!  THERE IS _NO_ DIFFERENCE between  Obama's  so-called "liberal Democrat"  jewish genocidal,  mass-murderous,  "Israel UBER amerika" police-state DICTATORSHIP  TERROR PURGES instigating PUPPET-MASTERS  (above)
 (and the reams of jewish billionaires, multi-millionaires, and blatantly jewish supremacist 'lobby groups' like AIPAC, ADL, and AJC  behind them)...  

 and  Bush & Cheney's blatantly radical Right-Wing 'neo-con'   WARMONGERING, torturing, police-state DICTATORSHIP   PUPPET-MASTERS  (below)
(who are supported by those SAME  jewish billionaires, multi-millionaires, and America hating jewish supremacist ADL, AIPAC,  AJC  fifth-column traitor lobbyists)... 


The jewish "Democrats" and  jewish "Republicans" and jewish lobby groups  ARE all  part of the SAME TEAM:  they are JEWISH SUPREMACISTS FIRST, and  "Americans"  NOT AT ALL !!   

  AS the BIBLE INFORMS US,  the  jews ALWAYS REVERT to TERRORIST  PURGES and  MASS-MURDER EXECUTIONS   the moment they have the power - and enemies OR 'FRIENDS and ALLIES'  at hand to massacre & mass-murder!   - to do so.

  coming soon:  we hope to do a post on the blood-drenched psychology of judaism and the evil,  BLOOD SACRIFICE demanding  jewish god,  "El" or "Yahweh." 
 It is, of course, not BLOOD or the flesh of "burnt offerings"  (INCLUDING HUMANS! whether ritually sacrificed "CONSECRATED" victims... or  THOSUANDS of mass-murdered prisoners of war)  that 'he'  lusts for -  IT IS THE VERY ACT OF KILLING that is  THE PARAMOUNT  act and drive of the entire  judeo bible,  and hence the entire judeo faith is, indeed, based on a SATANIC LUST to KILL  and EXTERMINATE,  once the used-up slaves and allies  have no further value