Monday, August 26, 2013

NAZI-esque JOHN KERRY is PIMPING Dick Cheney's 2003 LIES-to-WAR all over again - this time, the TREASONOUS WAR-CRIMINAL LIAR Kerry claiming "POISON GAS ATTACKS in SYRIA" are "a moral obscenity" when it is an AL QAEDA TERRORIST INVASION using U.S. & jew war state SUPPLIED BOMBS & BULLETS that has KILLED 100,000 Syrians in the past 2 years!

  The NAZI-esque  u.s.a  (puppet colony of the evil judeo war state)  SECRETARY of STATE  JOHN KERRY,  is  TAKING UP where treasonous former Vice President DICK CHENEY  left off  in   2003: PIMPING  LIES-to-WAR,       CLAIMING that  "poison gas attacks" in Syria are
"A MORAL OBSCENITY"  when it fact  IT IS HE, john kerry, who is insanely corrupt and MORALLY OBSCENE -

 JOHN KERRY and the ENTIRE  U.S. government are IN BED WITH the AL QAEDA  MASS-MURDEROUS TERRORIST INVASION of SYRIA, whose foreign jihadi invasion has KILLED  100,000 victims since the U.S.A. &  evil judeo war state (israel) instigated the  Saudis, Turks, Bahrainis, UAE, Qataris (& etc.) to  finance & support the  AL QAEDA allied SUNNI JIHADIST INVASION of Syria over two years ago,
  and whose AL QAEDA SUNNI JIHADI terrorist killers are PURGING SYRIA of MILLIONS of non-Sunni minorities  as we speak:  minorities  who were PROTECTED, peaceful, and productive under the Assad regime -

(to set up a SAUDI style  MEDIEVAL THEOCRATIC  Shari terror-based DICTATORSHIP,  the evil jew financiers' current preferred mode of  humanity-crushing wealth extraction.  The Saudis & other Gulf Arab oil dictators are the bedrock of the U.S. "petro-dollar," which in turn is the foundation of the insane Neo-Con drive to start WWIII,  aka god-like imperial u.s. hegemony which sees any potential opponents as ENEMIES to be DISPOSED OF "with extreme prejudice" - which means EXTERMINATING iran, russia, and china!)   

  below:  DEMONIC  "Skull & Bones" TRAITOR  and MASS-MURDERER John Kerry WANTS TO FEAST ON the blood, corpses, & bones of  TENS of THOUSANDS of MURDERED SYRIANS -    

 john kerry is NO "liberal" - he is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING    COWARDLY, MASS-MURDEROUS  LIAR &  kicbacks-profiteering WAR-CRIMINAL:  

    "mainstream" news outlet Yahoo  PREDICTED   back in JANUARY 2013  that the UNITED STATES government would  INSTIGATE a TERRORIST POISON GAS ATTACK in SYRIA... to BLAME the Assad government & army! 

     JOHN KERRY and the ENTIRE  U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT,  con-gress, senate, obama White House,  military, & U.S. government  are  TAKING UP WHERE ADOLF HITLER and the insane, genocidal JAPANESE MILITARIST left off in 1939  - blaming the victims for   GENOCIDAL  MASS-MURDER AGGRESSION on behalf of the evil, insane,  genocidal, "right to exterminate THE ENTIRE MIDEAST" demonic  jews and their evil war state... 


August 23rd, 2013
Updated 08/23/2013      

Bypassing all claims of ‘conspiracy theory’, it was actually Yahoo News that published an eerily psychic  piece that warned of moves by the Obama administration to launch a chemical attack in Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime. syra-chemical-attack-false-flag 
Laying out what is now history in clear text, the mainstream Yahoo report sourcing ANI reads (I have archived a screenshot of the page in case it is removed):
“The Obama administration gave green signal to a chemical weapons attack plan in Syria that could be blamed on President Bashar al Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country, leaked documents have shown. As per the scheme Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons,’ the Daily Mail reports.”
But maybe AIN and Yahoo News are conspiracy news organizations? After all, the very notion of a false flag is now considered treason in the mind of Obama drones. It is not politically correct to talk about how the Syrian rebels, who may have carried this out under Obama, are barbaric minions of Hell who revel in beheading all Christian families.
PREDICTED MONTHS BEFORE There has much been talk of the recent chemical attack in Syria, yet there appears to be virtually no mention of this piece in the mainstream news. Instead, we look to the alternative news, which actually lit the proverbial pilot light behind this bombshell to begin with. Powerhouse journalists like Paul Joseph Watson have been covering the reality of a staged chemical attack for months, shouting from the rooftops that Assad will be blamed in order to begin a hot conflict.
Yet it seems the media is now blatantly corrupt and irrelevant enough to ignore this, and instead call for immediate actions against Assad. But what can they say when Yahoo, now the #1 largest website in the entire nation and the epitome of mainstream news, goes on record and warns about it being a false flag? Better yet, the piece even references Infowars in the text. But you ask, why would they do that? Why would they reference an alternative news site like that?
The simple answer is that the mainstream news is out of real content. They can only push sensational lies over the Trayvon Martin case and other shootings for so long before they literally have zero audience, and we already know their trust rankings are virtually dead. That’s why we see many mega media outlets actually starting to act as if they are on a crusade against the banksters and want justice. Think of it as a basic fight for survival on their end. They know that unless they somehow make themselves relevant, they will burn out very quickly in the face of alternative news.
Here is a video report on the Obama-funded Syrian rebels who likely carried out these attacks: