Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DEMONIC JUDAISM: The Jews via their PROXY PUPPETS the U.S. Government & Saudi Financed AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in Syria, have ROUNDED UP CHILDREN, KILLED THEM with chemicals... and used the corpses to BLAME the embattled SYRIAN ARMY & government! THE EVIL JEWS have ONE-UPPED HITLER, STAGING THE INTENTIONAL mass-MURDER OF CHILDREN, and BLAMING THE VICTIMS (the children WOULD HAVE BEEN PROTECTED if they had been in Syrian army controlled territory).... DESPICABLE, GHOULISH VAMPIRE WAR-PIGS & ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITORS !!

HEY you TREASONOUS  'American' jews:  HOW'S THAT "NATO war to  FREE LIBYA"  working out?
   OH... so  all your  "national security experts"  Mossad agents infested in the U.S. government, NATO, and in European puppet nations HAVE TURNED LIBYA IN TO an AL QAEDA TERRORIZED  HELL HOLE ??

    And how's that U.S. invasion of Iraq you war-pigs instigated in 2003 going,  didn't your media PR & 'national security experts'  [retch!]  label it  "Operation IRAQI FREEDOM"?
 So 10 years later the Iraqis  STILL HAVE BOMBS GOING OFF every week,  terrorizing the country into a balkanized hell-hole?

  Well,  we have to give you DEMONIC  ANTI-American (hell... ANTI-HUMANITY)  GHOULS  some credit...  even we are stunned to see that, in broad daylight, in front of the entire  stupified, damned and doomed world,  you instructed  (via your Saudi puppets)    your AL QAEDA PROXY TERRORIST ARMY to ROUND UP  some SYRIAN CHILDREN,  KILL THEM with chemical agents 
(probably in a Jim Jones "force the children to drink the kool aid" fashion, because the videos indicate that the terrorists handling the corpses were NOT worried about touching the corpses:   a genuine exposure to deadly poison-gas, chemical or bio agents would have created a deadly hazard for those handling the corpses)


  And it's not just the hundred or so victims of this INTENTIONAL MURDER OF CHILDREN to FRAME their overwhelmed defenders (the Syrian army)  that is the most disturbing aspect...

   ...nor even the 100,000 Syrian victims - mostly civilians - or your evil NETANYAHU  INSTIGATED    GENOCIDAL  Al QAEDA mass-murderous TERRORIST INVASION and "ethnic cleansing"  of  NON-SUNNI MINORITIES from Syria...

  ...no, the most horrifying aspect of this horrid Syrian war,  is that you EVIL JEWS have PROVED ADOLF HITLER RIGHT,

you  DEMONIC JEWS   are LUSTING FOR THE U.S. government to LAUNCH DEADLY MISSILES to KILL THOUSANDS OF SYRIANS this coming week, in the way that a normal American teenager might lust after a hot date, or the chance to buy a new car...

And even worse than MERELY LUSTING for the  MASS-MURDER by air of THOUSANDS OF SYRIANS in the coming weeks,  the U.S.  MASS-MURDEROUS MISSILE ONSLAUGHT against SYRIAN CIVILIANS
(and their life-supporting Civilian INFRASTRUCTURE -  see the MASSIVE DESTRUCTION the  JEWISH WARMONGERS   RICHARD HOLBROOK & WILLIAM COHEN INFLICTED ON SERBIA after 78 days of  U.S./NATO bombing in 1999, 

  ...or see the U.S. military's  TRASHING  of IRAQ'S population and  CIVILIAN INFRASTRUCTURE  PAUL WOLFOWITZ and the  treasonous  PNAC jewish warmongers unleashed on IRAQ in 2003 after they BLAMED IRAQ for THEIR treasonous 'Neo-Con'  judeo war lobby   COMPLICITY with  the  Al Qaeda  terror attacks that killed 3,000 American victims on 9-11 !!  

  ... the MASS-MURDER by air that YOU EVIL JEWS  ARE LUSTING for your extorted U.S. government & military to inflict on Syrians  IS ONLY THE APPETIZER for the main event:

 YOU  MASS-MURDEROUS JEWS WANT TO KILL A FEW MILLION  IRANIANS, the REAL  goal of this  "AL QAEDA TERRORISTS UNLEASHED ON SYRIA"  'foreign policy' atrocity  that your genocidal Neo-Con  COMMISSARS  have dreamed up and defend  night & day,  is  just to get  a new  base to  HAVE AL QAEDA  NEXT  START BOMBING IRANIANS  24/7.



thanks to the EVIL JEWS who own our press/media
 (financial system, and our puppet, bribed, extorted, corrupted, and mass-murderous government)  
who have INSTIGATED the  AL QAEDA  Sunni fundamentalist JIHADI  INVASION OF SYRIA,   including this latest horrific episode:

   -  the ROUNDING UP of  SYRIAN CIVILIANS, to be INTENTIONALLY KILLED by AMERICA'S PROXY ARMY... in order to BLAME the SYRIAN army & government!

        AMERICA, YOUR  _EVIL_  hijacked by genodical jews  GOVERNMENT  HAD  CHILDREN ROUNDED UP & MURDERED,
in order to BLAME the Syrian  army that would have protected them had it been able -

 -  in NAZI FASHION, the  US ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES,  CIA, NSA, Con-gress, senate, State Department, White House, and corporate media  HAVE BLAMED THE VICTIMS for the INTENTIONAL MURDERS  PERPETRATED BY AMERICA'S  proxy army !!

Indeed, one reason for the rush to war is to prevent the UN inspection that Washington knows would disprove its claim and possibly implicate Washington in the false flag attack by the “rebels,” who assembled a large number of children into one area to be chemically murdered with the blame pinned by Washington on the Syrian government.