Friday, August 23, 2013

BLACKMAILED by his Jewish War Lobby puppet-masters for Homosexuality, U.S. President BARACK OBAMA is becoming a WAR CRIMINAL - SENDING U.S. MARINES & ARMY to PROP UP AL QAEDA MASS-MURDER INVASION of SYRIA, to give the Cowardly Mass-Murderous Jews their precious "BACK DOOR INVASION" of IRAN....

   HANG the WAR CRIMINALS for INSTIGATING A TERRORIST INVASION of a U.N. member nation... and  then getting the  CORRUPTED AND GENOCIDAL  U.N. Secretary General  to give his disgusting WET KISS of  APPROVAL to GENOCIDE, MASS-MURDER and WAR CRIMES !! 

WE - the American people - have BECOME FULLY "NAZI" now:    WE HAVE FINANCED, SUPPLIED,  INSTIGATED,  COORDINATED, CHOREOGRAPHED, and DIRECTED the   Saudi, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar (& etc.)  funded  AL QAEDA  Sunni fundamentalist  MASS-MURDEROUS "JIHADI"  INVASION of SYRIA...

  ...and when the courageous "multi-cultural" Syrian army FENDED OFF that JIHADI INVASION, at the  constant, relentless prodding of the   TREAONOUS JEW PUPPET-MASTERS who BLACKMAIL and "OWN"  U.S. politiciansthe U.S. is set to INVADE SYRIA... we once STEPPED IN TO VIETNAM when the courageous Vietnamese nationalists   fought off the FRENCH   IMPERIALISTS  COLONIALIST mass-murderers after World War II. 

  During World War II the French in  "French Indochina" had COOPERATED with the JAPANESE - handing over captured U.S. and allied pilots and airmen to the Japanese FOR EXECUTION... while Vietnamese anti-Japanese AND ANTI-FRENCH  'Viet Minh' nationalists helped downed American airmen escape back to safety. 
  After the French were DEFEATED FAIR & SQUARE by the Vietnamese home-grown military  - despite their being supplied with tons and tons and (today's value) billions of dollars worth of aircraft, tanks, guns, and ammunition -  America stepped in and  created and then propped up a  CATHOLIC  DICTATORSHIP on a 90% BUDDHIST country -  a Catholic  ruling junta closely allied with the defeated and despised French -  and we Americans called that mass-murderous ruling junta that DESPISED 90% of "their own people"  "a democracy."

  TODAY IN SYRIA, the United States MARINES and U.S. ARMY special forces,  are - at the instigation of the mass-murderous, genocidal  Netanyahu/Likud/orthodox jews -   ASSISTING  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in the mass-murder, torture, terrorism, and genocidal "ethnic cleansing" OF ALL  non-Sunni minorities  FROM SYRIA -  BARACK OBAMA,  NANCY PELOSI,  JOHN KERRY,  cia director John Brennan, former CIA director David Patreaus  WAS ACTIVELY  HIRING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS IN SYRIA, when that  MASS-MURDEROUS "operation" BLEW UP in his face with some of those units going "rogue" and ATTACKING the  U.S. Consulate - which was nothing more than a CIA  TERRORIST HIRING FRONT - 

    FRANCE'S MASS-MURDEROUS BODY-COUNT of    post-WWII  INVASIONS &  genocidal  franco/judeo (rothschilds)  MASSACRES and EXECTIONS of  OCCUPIED  colonial nations: 

  French MASS-MURDEROUS  terror SUPPRESSION of Madagascar, "the Malagasy Uprising" 1947-1948:  up to as many as 40,000 killed, or 2% of the population...
the MASS MURDEROUS  FRENCH UPPED the ante from their bloody SUPPRESSION of the ANTI-COLONIAL Malagasy Uprising  in the 1954-1962 ALGERIA WAR... with a body count claimed by some experts to number 1,500,000 - over a million killed.  Observers and writers about the war have suggested that,  knowing they could not maintain colonial control over a people who detested them,  the French secret police and military & government authorities  INTENTIONALLY  SUPPORTED the MOST RADICAL,  MASS-MURDEROU Algerian factions... to INTENTIONALLY INSTITUTIONALIZE TERROR in the 'rebellious' former colony. 
  While a dozen years ago writing about such a French such a 'strategy' may have seemed "conspiratorial" -  it now looks like gospel truth,  WE KNOW that the  JEWS, AMERICANS, FRENCH, BRITISH, and other NATO  'civilized' nations  CREATED an AL QAEDA PROXY INVASION of first Libya, and now Syria... and next up, IRAN - where the  MASS-MURDEROU judeo led "west" INTENDS TO KILL MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of IRANIANS....

  The Malagasy Uprising and  France's mass-murderous suppression of ALGERIAN INDEPENDENCE were but the appetizer for the real  GENOCIDAL  euro/FRENCH  attempt to retain their COLONIAL  RULE over... VIETNAM,  which war - the French & American phases of the Vietnam War,   KILLED  FOUR MILLION  Vietnamese, Cambodians, and other South East Asian ethnic victims between 1946 and 1954 (end of the French occupation) and 1955 to 1975 (AMERICA's phase of the BLOODY  EURO COLONIALIZATION by APPLIED MASS-MURDER TERRORISM.) 

  FAST FORWARD to  August 2013:   THE UNITED NATIONS  has become a WHORE for the INSANE GENOCIDAL JEWISH WAR PIGS,  the U.N.  _CLAIMS_ to be "concerned for human rights"  in the   alleged case of the Syrian army allegedly using poison gas to kill some tens of "rebels" - EVEN AS the  U.N.  ACKNOWLEDGES that these "REBELS"   ARE AN INVADING TERRORIST ARMY SUPPLIED by  SAUDIS, TURKEY....  AND ISRAEL & AMERICA, with the French doing their now usual  SABOTAGE  and TERROR INSTIGATION !!