Tuesday, August 13, 2013

AS the Jews GLOAT over their looming DEFEAT of ASSAD REGIME, the COLD EVIL TRUTH is unmistakable: Jews HATE CHRISTIANS, and are FUNDING & INSTIGATING the ETHNIC CLEANSING (mass-murder and TERROR EVICTIONS) OF Christians throughout the ENTIRE MIDEAST... AND a LOOMING "Cheka" style JUDEO RUN PURGE of AMERICANS as soon as they feel Secure in unleashing their NEXT "CATASTROPHIC TERROR EVENT" to succeed 9-11

With the worldwide judeo supremacist War Lobby having CONSPIRED to INSTIGATE and AGITATE a SUNNI MUSLIM = al Qaeda TERRORIST JIHAD against Syria  that has now ground down the Syrian army under the weight of THOUSANDS of imported Sunni jihadi TERRORIST FIGHTERS, the jews are LICKING THEIR CHOPS as they see the END GAME coming in to view:  SYRIA will IMMEDIATELY be used as a STAGING AREA for  the CONTINUED  JUDEO/usa PROXY TERRORISTS INVASION, this time of IRAN - which WILL lead to backlash "blowback" terrorist attacks on AMERICANS - which WILL result in the COMPLETE MARTIAL LAW END of  Democracy and life as we know it in America, as the corrupt police and military become charged with "PURGING" some significant portion of the American population -  mass-murder purges that will quickly rival the percentages that Russians, Ukrainians, and others suffered under the judeo led (kaganovich, trotsky, yezhov, etc.)  mass-murder purges of the Communist "GREAT TERROR." 

The "PHONY WAR" is over -  over the past five years the treasonous  Jews - the "Neo-Cons" in both the Republican AND "Democrat" Party - have completely succeeded in getting millions of American so-called "Liberal Democrat" supporters (and voters) to EMBRACE the  GEORGE W. BUSH/DICK CHENEY agenda (which is to say, the Wolfowitz/Perle/Feith/Libby/Wurmser/Zackheim/Podhoretz/Mukasey/Chertoff/Greenspan/Bernanke/Sharon/Shamir/Netanyahu et al judeo supremacist "israel UBER America agenda)   and now, with the loming destruction of the Assad regime, the jews are practically gloating:   they are both  ETHNICALLY CLEANSING  CHRISTIANS (Druze, Allawites, and especially the hated Shia) OUT of  SYRIA, and, simultaneously and concurrently, they  feel they are positioned IN AMERICA  to UNLEASH THEIR  EVIL,  "Cheka"/KGB/COMMISSAR  mass-murder PURGES AND GULAGS  here in the  late United States of America...

  In the past five years, the "Democrat" Jews - the Rahm Emanuel, Bob Rubin, Jacob Lew, Elena Kagan, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein,  Carl Levin (et al, ad naseum) crowd - in close cooperation with the Jewish media tycoons -   have WHITEWASHED  _ALL_ the CRIMES and treasons of the Bush-Cheney (wolfowitz/libby/bolten/mukasey/chertoff, et al)  era OUT of the news - EVEN INCLUDING the LYNCH MOB  PROSECUTIONS by KARL ROVE's  HAND-PICKED prosecutors of  SITTING DEMOCRATelected officials - INCLUDING  genuinely 'liberal'  JEWISH Democrat  former ALABAMA GOVERNOR DON SIEGELMAN -    judicially LYNCHED by Rove's  partisan prosecutors, WITH the BLESSINGS of  OBAMA's  first and very jewish White House Chief of Staff, RAHM EMANUEL.
  WHY would the very JEWISH,  so-called "Democrat" RAHM EMANUEL, do NOTHING to spring his "fellow jewish Democrat" Governor Siegelman from the wrongful conviction by a partisan Republican judicial LYNCHING?!

  - answer - Because Emanuel,  LIKE ALL THE JEWS now in positions of power in the "Democrat" Party - ARE NOT "liberal Democrats" THEY ARE RADICAL RIGHT WING NEO-CONS  who support an essentially JEWISH NAZI agenda:  judeo supremacy,  ever expanding wars of judeo nationalism & imperialism ("zionism")  HIDING behind the U.S. military - and Governor Siegelman is AS EXPENDABLE to this RADICAL RIGHT-WING  judeo war-lobby agenda, as another popular "Liberal Democrat" JEWISH elected official was,  Minnesota JEWISH Democrat Senator  PAUL WELLSTONE was CERTAINLY ASSASSINATED by THE JEWISH WAR LOBBY, for being the one man in the world who could potentially have DERAILED the Bush-Cheney-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY-SHAMIR (etc.)  mvoe to get the U.S. military to INVADE IRAQ in the spring of 2003.
     Senator Wellstone was THE ONLY POLITICIAN in America with the will, the political savvy, and above all the political support to  STAND UP to the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Libby-Wolfowitz (et al)  MARCH TO WAR -    Wellstone was CRUISING to an EASY RE-ELECTION as Minnesota Senator,  despite being "ENEMY #1." of the ENTIRE Bush-Cheney (Fleischer/Libby/Wolfowitz, et al)   2002 Republican election campaign machine -
  HAD WELLSTONE WON that election, he would have STOOD UP AGAINST the so-called "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act",  he would have stood up against the entire judeo war lobby  + Bush/Cheney LIES TO WAR,  and, indeed, Wellstone may have had enough political firepower to put some real teeth into the  9-11  INVESTIGATION....
      The above - a Wellstone victory with the 3 above political implications a certainty - was SIMPLY INTOLERABLE from the Neo-Con"  = JEWISH WAR LOBBY perspective... so, PRESTO!   Senator Wellstone WAS ASSASSINATED - WITH some family members, some staffers, and 2 pilots - when his plane fell out of the sky on a routine re-election flight, with no bad weather in the area, and no emergency radio-call from the doomed pilots.  (We believe that Mossad experts sabotaged the airplane to fly into the ground by remote radio activation - a Mossad specialty.) 

  So we have, in the space of just of few years of the Bush-Cheney administration,  TWO POPULAR JEWISH politicians, thrown to the wolves - WITH THE SUPPORT of the JEWISH WAR LOBBY,  who do NOTHING to call attention to the LYNCH MOB PROSECUTION of Governor Siegelman (essentially convicted of "CORRUPTION" - for placing one of his campaign donors  in a state-wide health commission position - a "crime" that is the BREAD AND BUTTER staple  of  REPUBLICAN  AND  RAHM EMANUEL/bob rubin "Democrat" politics!) 

  Thus we have THREE ATROCITIES  PERPETRATED AGAINST the people and Constitution of the USA by the evil jewish war lobby:  in the 8 years of the Bush-Cheney administration:
 the INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of America's genuine "national security" defenses, the ASSASSINATION of  Senator Wellstone, the STOLEN ELECTION of 2000 that put Wolfowitz, Libby, Perle, Feith, Wurmser, Chertoff, Mukasey, and Bolten (etc.) at the very APEX of U.S. government power....
     and we won't even count the POLITICAL LYNCHING of Governor Siegelman - with the WET KISS BLESSING of the ENTIRE  TREASONOUS  jewish "Democrat" Congressional & Senator Caucuses, and the complicity of the JEWS RUNNING the obama/biden Administration.

        We'll fast forward completely past the Iraq & Afghan war atrocities - ALLOWING Bin Laden to ESCAPE Tora Bora in 2001  so as not to deprive the war lobby of their EXCUSE to INVADE IRAQ;  the WOLFOWITZ/bremmer orchestrated DEMOLITION of the IRAQ POLICE and army immediately after the U.S. invasion;   the LOOTING of not only Iraqi antiquities but the UNGUARDED  massive Al Qaaqa ammunition dump (the better to arm mass-homicidal sectarian terrorists - the ESSENCE of judeo/amerika's  REAL "DIVIDE, CONQUER, & DESTABILIZE"  neo-con 'foreign policy' (= genocidal wars & ethnic cleansing!) - and of course  "Under" Secretary of Defense PAUL WOLFOWITZ  PERSONALLY VISITING  ABU GHRAIB PRISON, to put HIS evil judeo STAMP OF APPROVAL on the not only systematic TORTURE of prisoners.. but the SYSTEMATIC RAPE, DEGRADATION, and dehumanization of prisoners by low-level U.S. military "Grunts" (privates and non-com officers)  -   ALL THE ABOVE WITH the APPROVAL of the TREASONOUS  "Democrat" jews who are in power in Congress, the Senate, and the obama white house TODAY -

   -  to get to the 3 NEW ATROCITIES  AGAINST AMERICA that foreshadow the NEW MASS-MURDER PURGES about to come down the pike as soon as the jews launch their full-scale PROXY INVASION OF IRAN from their new Syria AL QAEDA SECTARIAN GENOCIDE HELL-HOLE -
  #1.  the BATMAN MOVIE SHOOTING massacre; followed almost immediately by the even more horrendous
#2.   "SANDY HOOK"  SCHOOL SHOOTING MASSACRE, followed by the even more horrendous
 #3.  BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING   and massive police/government COVER-UP

 NTITLED to SABOTAGE AMERICA whenever they can profit from doing so,  and all the 

  ...just as the FBI  had SET IN MOTION the  1993  Al QAEDA TRUCK BOMBING terror attack on the NY World Trade Center - as the very jewish, very neo-con, very warmongering SULZBERGER TRAITOR NEW YORK SLIMES has CONCEEDED !!

 and don't forget  ATROCITY #4. in recent months -
#4. - the INSTIGATION of the  BENGHAZI  AL QAEDA TERROR ATTACKS on the U.S. Consulate - complete with SOME TRAITOR in the CIA  IN ITALY,  SABOTAGING  U.S. military FIRE SUPPORT for the embattled Consulate - in order to make the obama/biden/pelosi 'Democrats' LOOK WEAK, and get MITT ROMNEY elected president -   ROMNEY, a PUPPET to the jews even more so than obama - would ALREADY HAVE USED U.S. TROOPS to ATTACK IRAN by now...  

supporting links/articles:
  1.   governor siegelman CONVICTED for.... placing a campaign supporter in a state health care panel  ??!!!  WTF!  THIS IS A LYNCH-MOB!   http://harpers.org/blog/2008/02/cbs-more-prosecutorial-misconduct-in-siegelman-case-alleged/ 
  2.  TRAITOR jew "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE" RAHM EMANUEL  SIDED WITH REPUBLICAN LYNCHING of the very jewish Democrat Governor Don Siegelman!   Emanuel is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING judeo MAFIA/nuclear-armed WAR LOBBY jewish traitor, who has NO USE for genuinely populist, genuinely 'liberal' American politicians or leaders...  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brendan-demelle/revealed-rahm-emanuel-nix_b_510691.html 
  3. AL QAEDA EXPANDS IN SYRIA - with the SUPPORT of  CARL LEVIN,  JACOB LEW, AND ALL the JEWISH TRAITORS in the "U.S." GOVERNMENT  and PRESS/media whores - including the  TREASONOUS "REBELS IN SYRIA" SUPPORTING WASHINGTON TRAITORS POST !!!!  - http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/al-qaeda-expands-in-syria-via-islamic-state/2013/08/12/3ef71a26-036a-11e3-9259-e2aafe5a5f84_story.html
  4. TRAITOR JEW RAHM EMANUEL SHOULD BE IN PRISON - for FRAUD regarding his FREDDIE MAC payolla, and for ALL THE EXTORTION he has overseen as the lead "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE"  obama admin INSIDER, KILLING American democracy to assert an evil,  JUDEO  blood-&-murder obsessed DICTATORSHIP (aka mass-murder PURGES) 
  5. Batman movie theater shooting massacre  - TYPICAL HALLMARKS of an "Operation GLADIO" style  GOVERNMENT "BLACK OPS" massacre, designed to frame gun-owners as terrorists - http://www.naturalnews.com/036536_James_Holmes_shooting_false_flag.html 
  6. SANDY HOOK school shooting  massacre WAS NOT 'staged' (= a false flag BLACK OPS GOVERNMENT TERROR ATTACK) ??   well- why is the government providing NO answers, and NO information on the shootings - after having told us that the alleged shooter used an assault rifle, when the alleged assailant's assault rifle was never fired? http://www.resistthetyranny.com/so-you-say-sandy-hook-wasnt-staged/
  7. Boston Marathon Bombing WAS STAGED - perpetrated by government  "BLACK OPS" agents, AS  POLICE and "security" WERE RUNNING "DRILLS" to  THWART any possible defense against those attacks...  http://www.hangthebankers.com/proof-boston-marathon-bombing-was-a-false-flag-operation/
  8.  Upon "successful" completion of their TREASONOUS  BLACK OPS  MASSS-MURDER ATTACK ON American civilians at the Boston Marathon  -the  current U.S.A. version of the jewish war state dropping massive bombs on Palestinian civilians in Gaza -  the "authorities"  - who answer to that same evil jew war lobby - roll out their PREVIEW of the  MILITARY OCCUPATION OF AMERIKA - by the wholly owned police, military, and 'national security" (sic) agencies...  the new "CENTURIONS" guarding the treacherous, debauched roman judeo technocrat emperor(s) by TERRORIZING the slaves, serfs, and peasants...
  9. the jews are on a JIHAD to DISARM AMERICANS -  jewish senator frank lautenberg ALREADY HAD a "OUTLAW BLACK POWDER" bill sitting in his desk when - HOW CONVENIENT! - some TOTALLY AMATEUR "Chechan terrarists"  USED BLACK POWDER - instead of the POWERFUL  C4 type explosives used every day in Iraq & Syria - to make those 'terror attacks" 
  10. according to the OFFICIAL u.s. government NARRATIVE about the Boston Marathon Bombing, TWO CHECHAN Brothers  PERPETRATED the deadly attacks... to  WIN SYMPATHY for  Muslim separatists in Russia????    to exact REVENGE against the U.S. for .... supporting wars in Islamic lands?   THE US government IS FUNDING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in AFGHANISTAN (the Taliban have huge "SECURITY" and OPIUM SHIPPING CONTRACTS _WITH_ the usa government & military there!)  the US govt is SUPPORTING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in SYRIA and LIBYA, the USA government is SUPPORTING  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS IN CHECHNYA (against Russia) -  so the U.S. government's contention that 2 teenage Chechan kids  launched these attacks  IS LUDICROUS !! 
  11.   in fact, the U.S. government - which is to say, the evil jews running the U.S. government - WANTED to FRAME   "White extremists" for the deadly Boston Marathon  murder bombings - but were FOILED by the pictures we linked to above - so they had to go for their fall-back  PATSIES, the 2 teenage Chechans.     But just  do an internet SEARCH for "Boston Marathon FALSE FLAG," and already the field is being CROWDED OUT by "conspiracy theories.... and  A NEW GOVERNMENT ATTEMPT to link the _ALLEGED_  "CHECHAN TERRORITS" with.. WHITE SUPREMACIST AMERICANS!     EVEN THOUGH  PAMELA GELLER, the  JEWISH EXTREMIST hate-mongering racist PROVACATEUR - IS LINKED TO Andres Brevik, the teen school children shooting mass-murder TERRORIST  in NORWAY !!    (says the very neo-con, jew friendly "SLATE" magzine on-line!) 
  12. what passes for "liberal journalism" in America today - the JUDEO dominated CIA  FRONT 'news' magazine SALON... OPENLY HOPES that they can BLAME THE BOSTON MARATHON bombing on "white Americans"! !!!  WHAT are these evil pigs' complaints with Hitler or Stalin's KANGAROO COURTS and execution cells????