Monday, July 22, 2013

The 5 years of the BARACK OBAMA + ERIC HOLDER Administration HAVE BEEN A DISASTER for BLACK AMERICANS - but rather than REPORT these SIMPLE FACTS, the EVIL JUDEO owned media - the Meyer/Graham Washington Post, the Sulzberger New York Slimes, the Bloomberg 'news', the cnn/TIME/WARNER bros. Hollwood jewish Propaganda Empire - are ALL DESPERATELY TRYING TO START a NEW U.S. WAR AGAINST SYRIA... while they COVER UP their NEO-CON "BLACK OPS" WAR ON AMERICANS. The Judeo owned Press/Media & Elites are AS EVIL, SADISTIC, & WARMONGERING as HITLER'S NAZIS....

In our previous (huge) post, we grabbed a handful of snapshots from a video illustrating how the past (nearly) 5 years of the  Barack Obama presidency has been A DISASTER for  BLACK Americans - 

Regardless of how the "conservative" press/media tries to spin Obama as "a welfare SOCIALIST" giving billions of dollars to Black communities in government welfare programs to curry their favor, the cold hard facts - once you step back and look at the "big picture" - is that 
the Obama years have been A DISASTER for millions of Black American families,  
whose bread-winners and income earners now find themselves unemployed  and swiftly running out of unemployment benefits.   

  Indeed, being at the bottom of the American social pyramid to begin with
(along with low income migrant communities, Native American communities, and only the poorest of White communities),
  no one has taken the brunt of Obama economics more than low-income Black Americans.
But rather than report these simple facts, the  JEWISH OWNED MEDIA  in America is in a FULL THROATED ROAR to  get the Obama/Biden administration to START BOMBING SYRIA, to kill Syrians and amass the power in Syria unto themselves (or their hired puppets and stooges), but, just as importantly, TO DIVERT AMERICANS from PAYING ATTENTION TO what the past five years of the judeo ruled Obama presidency has done to America and the American economy.

     Wars and warmongering are a "win-win" for America's evil judeo puppet masters:  they PROFIT, like "the Queen of insider trading and war profiteering" jewish/american Senator DIANNE FEINSTEIN, from all those massive government  WAR CONTRACTS;  and
every  drop of war spending that IMPOVERISHES  AMERICANS not working at the war plants,  leads to a climate where our police and legal system become ever more ruthless and dictatorial:
because   creating a COMMISSAR  DICTATORSHIP that has the power to KILL MILLIONS  of  people (yes - American citizens!) 
 IS THE GOAL of  the evil judeo agenda - just as it was in Russia under the Jewish Bolshevik Communists.**

 Don't believe us?   Just look at this story:  Philadelphia, under the "AUSTERITY" and "BUDGET CUTS" that are SWEEPING AMERICA while Barack Obama is  (literally!)  
GIVING AWAY the U.S. TREASURY to  BEN BERNANKE and JACOB LEW's  jewish "money-trading" fellow extortionists
 is CLOSING 23 PUBLIC SCHOOLS, and SLASHING 3,000 school jobs..
while BUILDING A $400 million  PRISON!

    The judeo financiers, having mastered the art of exchanging worthless Bernanke "JUDENFETZEN" PAPER (u.s. dollars)  for gold, oil, billions of tons of products from China and Asia and commodities from Africa and South America (i.e. all the wealth in the world)

are now mastering the art of  GETTING the STUPIFIED AMERIKAN PEONS & SERFS to  willingly PAY FOR their OWN IMPRISONMENT & ENSLAVEMENT!!

 Since the above snap-shot & news article are from a BLACK YOUTH website, we know that Black Americans are AWARE of the gross DAMAGE BEING INFLICTED ON THEIR COMMUNITIES under the cruel jewish financial rapists OBAMA's "Bush III" economics... 

 but misguided Black Americans would rather protest the unfortunate Travon Martin killing, than
the WHOLESALE DESTRUCTION  being visited on their homes, families, and communities by Obama's  ECONOMY KILLING  judeo supremacist JIHADIS!

** (note:  Stalin of course was not a jewish Bolshevik - as a youth he briefly attended an Christian Orthodox seminary, his mother prayed that he would become an Orthodox priest.  However, the jewish Bolsheviks including TROTSKY,  Zinoviev, and  Kamenev  were the core revolutionary supporters swirling around Lenin's communist revolution, and once they started amassing power (by a mass executions terror regime against all opponents) they realized they couldn't look too blatantly jewish, without spurring a titanic backlash.  Thus Stalin emerged as the non-jewish FRONT MAN for Soviet Communism's very judeo flavored mass-murder purges and constant reign of domestic terror:  just as JEWISH KING DAVID and his jewish killer soldiers had used saws & axes to kill tens of thousands of  captured SYRIANS and EDOMITE prisoners thirty centuries before.    Stalin was smart enough, and brutal enough, to be accepted as the front man for the judeo Bolshevik Communists,  but he had a tiger by the tail:  the moment he relented in his purges and reign of terror, he knew that he would become an assassination victim, himself.  Thus as long as Stalin kept up a fresh list of "enemies of the state" TO MURDER,  he could CONTINUE the JUDEO STYLE  MASS-MURDER PURGES, and not become a victim of them. 
   We will hopefully return to the subject of the Communist purges being modeled on the JEWISH MASS-MURDER EXECUTIONS of  defenseless prisoners, as documented throughout the blood-drenched jewish bible,  at a future date,  but this website contains a good list of some of those mass-executions of the  bronze-age 'judeo commissariate"  purges.)

below: Barack OBAMA the HATE-MONGER:     

   When Barack Obama RAN FOR PRESIDENT in 2008, he CERTAINLY DID NOT  CAMPAIGN on an agenda of  GUN CONFISCATION.  

  WHAT has happened in the 5 years since, where Obama's judeo COMMISSAR PUPPET-MASTERS  believe they can get away with DICTATORIAL LAWS OUTLAWING GUN OWNERSHIP in America?  

answer:  Five years of  the JUDEO COMMISSAR metastasizing PURGE of Americans, goaded by the evil, anti-American JEWISH OWNED MEDIA,
has CONDITIONED Americans to behave as occupied "subjects,"
that TSA, DHS, and militarized "SWAT" team machine-gun armed police are "the new normal"  we have no choice but to accept - as the below cartoon illustrates