Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, America! The SINGLE PICTURE that PROVES how TREASONOUS, GREEDY, SELFISH, and anti-American our Economy killing DEBT LORDS are... Patriot banker ANTON FUGGER _burns_ the ENTIRE IMPERIAL DEBT, 1535....

Happy Birthday, America!
  Let the PLUTOCRATIC ELITES be CONSTRAINED, let the WARMONGERS &  (would-be) slave-lords be Imprisoned... LET FREEDOM RING !!!
We present a trillions-of-dollars gift to the spirits of Liberty & Freedom in America:

German banker Anton Fugger burns the ENTIRE IMPERIAL DEBT owed to him,   because he is a proud, patriotic subject of  Hapsburg Emperor Charles V, who at the time was seen as "Defending the faith" of his subjects - Charles was simultaneously fighting Protestant 'heretics,' his powerful rival  king Francis I of France;   and the even mightier forces of  the  Ottoman Turks under sultan Suleman, all at the same time,  on behalf of his Spanish, German, Austrian, and other European (Christian/Catholic) subjects who saw those enemies as a mortal threat to their lives and countrymen...
   While Charles (financed by his mighty Fugger bankers) was of course a ruthless and savage conqueror in the manner of his times,   IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE to IMAGINE the evil DEBT LORD financiers of  America, today - the beneficiaries of  DECADES worth of "BAILOUTS',   "deregulation,"  and  leveraged buy-out MONOPOLY CONSOLIDATION  financed by nearly free "quantitative easing"  GREENSPAN/BERNANKE  'judenfetzen' FUNNY-MONEY  from the 'Fed'
(very privately owned central banks)  
BURNING or FORGIVING  the "debts" that  THEY  hold as  a CLAIM to EVERY DROP  of our national wealth & treasure this decade ???     

HELL NO!    

   Indeed, they - the evil bankster  pigs - are doing EXACTLY the  OPPOSITE:   after being the beneficiaries of a half-decade-plus of  "bailouts" and QE  FREE MONEY from the Fed,
the EVIL  BANKSTERS and their bribed & extorted  politician whores  and Wall St. crooks   are now looking at  forcing Cypress style "BAIL INS" on American savers:  FORCING American families  to FORFEIT THEIR SAVINGS  (bank deposits) to fraudulent BANKERS, CROOKED fund operators, and tax-dodging corporate criminals...

...all a verbatim  REPEAT of the S&L crisis that wiped out the savings of millions and millions of American working families in the 1980s.... because that's the way the EVIL   SULZBERGER NEW YORK TREASONOUS TIMES, and   cowardly, lying, TRAITOROUS  MEYER/GRAHAM WASHINGTON POST  editors, publishers, writers, and would-be commissars want it....**

**  (note): 
     (the Post and Times both spent the entire 1990s  whipping up anti-Clinton hate in their so-called "Whitewater"  reporting - scandal-mongering - of a deal where the Clintons LOST money - which "scandal" provided an excellent DISTRACTION story, that allowed the Times, Post, TIME magazine, and other judeo-controlled 'news' media whores  to  WHITEWASH the FAR LARGER 1980s S&L scandals OUT of the 'news' - allowing BOB RUBIN and his army of Wall Street Financial Rapists and bribed senators & congress-critters  to REPEAT their "DEREGULATION"  bait-&-switch trick  (masking FRAUD as "financial innovation")  on an even far larger scale..

...resulting in the economic crisis we have today, which  is simply Rubin's DEREGULATION FRAUDS and crime-spree on STEROIDS,  using the EXCUSE of  "market collapse" to authorize  Bernanke's "DISASTER CAPITALISM"  "bailouts" and "Quantitative Easing".... both of which are merely

(by government taxes on the public to "pay off" government DEBT)


 bonus:   As we explained above, THIS  "DEBT!" crisis is a verbatim repeat - on steroids,  WITH the "war on terra" thrown in to FULLY TERRORIZE _AMERICAN_ FAMILIES -  of the late 1980s  Savings & Loan crisis - which was brought about when  connected INSIDERS with criminal intent bribed & coaxed Con-gress to "DEREGULATE" the locally based Savings & Loans... allowing Wall St.  SHARKS & MANIPULATORS to  "LEVERAGE"   LOCAL, neighborhood savings in to increasingly top-heavy "investment"   PONZI SCHEMES....
When the insider-looted and financially raped S&L's finally  went BUST, their  OPERATORS went CRYING TO CON-GRESS, for "BAILOUTS"....
  ...but at least in that scandal, there were still elements of HONEST government and COMPETENT  press/media investigative journalism in America... which is why  William Black and other FRAUD PROSECUTORS were able to send HUNDREDS of CRIMINAL BANKSTERS to prison (nearly 1,500 in total)   

COMPARE to   GODDAMN-SACHS  MADE MAN  GARY GENSLER,  running a TITANIC CRIMINAL PROTECTION RACKET for his  Wall St. & international financial CRIMINALS cronies,   from his perch atop the  SEC/CFTC  throne today....
  (all the above with the CRIMINAL, TREASONOUS  WHITE-WASH "protection" of the SULZBERGER NEW YORK SLIMES, and MEYER/GRAHAM cowardly traitorous Washington Post  evil commissar extortion, enslavement, & extermination racket posing as "free press/media"...)