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washington post JEWS GLOAT over the courageous Private Bradley MANNING CONVICTION -
note how their  'PRIVATE PROPERTY 'RIGHTS'  - 'this material may not be published, rebroadcast, or redistributed"    TRUMP OUR american rights
below- Washington Post TRAITOR JEWS, GLOAT  that  the KANGAROO COURT CONVICTION of Private Bradely Manning on a COWARDLY "espionage" charge - EMPOWERS the TREASONOUS JEWS RUNNING amerika's "national security" DHS  GULAG state, to  TERRORIZE  __ALL__ OTHER WHISTLEBLOWERS - the JEWS ARE INSANE, GENOCIDAL, and have LICENSE to TERRORIZE AMERICANS !!


   BRADLEY MANNING IS AN AMERICAN HERO, and the ENTIRE  NATIONAL PRESS CORPSE and  GOVERNMENT BUREACRATS and Obama administration/military PROSECUTORS who  tried and convicted Mr. Manning are COWARDS -

Private Manning did NOT  RELEASE THE VIDEOS of U.S. gunships in Iraq as a 'favor' to a foreign nation (which is what "espionage" is) - he released those videos of U.S. army helicopter GUNSHIPS,  MACHINE-GUNNING  IRAQI CIVILIANS,  because as an American and as a human being he was OUTRAGED that  MURDER WAS BEING PERPETRATED by the U.S. military in HIS and OUR NAME!  

American Soldiers Gunning Down Unarmed Civilians, Journalists and Children


  ...they would  APPROVE of the NAZIS  EXECUTING "resistance" fighters  for  smuggling out of  World War II Germany    PHOTOGRAPHS of the  DEATH CAMPS,  as  harming "STATE SECURITY"
-   which is essentially what the COURAGEOUS  Mr. MANNING DID - 

    he showed, that under  America's EVIL JUDEO RUN  MILITARY OCCUPATION OF IRAQ, that  ENTIRE NATION had been turned in to a "FREE FIRE ZONE",  where America's military armed with modern "stand-off" weapons, COULD KILL DOZENS OF IRAQIS.... WITH IMPUNITY.

 We apologize that WORDS FAIL US in DESCRIBING THE COWARDICE and LIES of the Bush Obama administration, the  U.S. Army's  pathetic, cowardly Court Martial judges and prosecutors, and of course the COWARDLY, NAZIESQUE   "American" press & media, starting with the COWARDLY HYPOCRITE TRAITORS at the MEYER/graham WASHINGTON POST, and their  fellow jewish partners in "flagship 'news' of Amerika" criminal LIES & WARMONGERING propaganda,
 and  as well that "most influential magazine in the world" the JEWISH OWNED  cnn/TIME/Warner bros.    "Americans have NO human rights (much less Iraqis) - because IF THEY AREN'T  JEWISH, then they are NOT REALLY HUMAN"   Hollywood WARMONGERING, PROPAGANDA MEDIA EMPIRE...  


  The INTENT of this "Neo-Con" JUDEO SUPREMACIST war-pigs  conviction ATROCITY,  

    we now have a CRIMINAL, NAZI,  GENOCIDAL government hiding behind COWARDLY, TREASONOUS PROSECUTORS,  COWARDLY, TREASONOUS JUDGES, cowardly treasonous "legislators" and government officials, and COWARDLY  EXECUTIVE agency LIARS who will SELL A MAN TO HIS DOOM, to SATISFY their DICTATORIAL  JEW  blood-thirsty "pathocratic" pay-masters...

  (again, we apologize for failing to have the words to express how the Bradley Manning KANGAROO COURT "conviction" demonstrates  how COWARDLY, PATHETIC,  LYING, and TREASONOUS  'our' 'American' government has become in service to the genocidal jew war lobby... but see below, especially "steps"  1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10; and, in the COURAGEOUS AMERICAN PRISONER of a WAR CRIMES GULAG,  see #7 and #9  - the COWARDS running the obama/biden Administration & War Department ARE  TREASONOUS FASCISTS.)

Fascist America in Ten Easy StepsNovember 10, 2008  2008Source Source
From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms. And, argues Naomi Wolf, George Bush and his administration seem to be taking them all:George W Bush
1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
2. Create a gulag.
3. Develop a thug caste.
4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
5. Harass citizens’ groups.
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
7. Target key individuals.
8. Control the press.
9. Dissent equals treason.
10. Suspend the rule of law.
George W. Bush: “A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there’s no question about it.”
1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
After we were hit on Sept. 11 2001, we were in a state of national shock. Less than six weeks later, on Oct. 26, 2001, the USA Patriot Act was passed by a Congress that had little chance to debate it; many said that they scarcely had time to read it. We were told we were now on a “war footing”; we were in a “global war” against a “global caliphate” intending to “wipe out civilization.”
2. Create a gulag.
Once you have got everyone scared, the next step is to create a prison system outside the rule of law (as Bush put it, he wanted the American detention centre at Guantánamo Bay to be situated in legal “outer space”) — where torture can take place.
3. Develop a thug caste.
When leaders who seek what I call a “fascist shift” want to close down an open society, they send paramilitary groups of scary young men out to terrorize citizens. The Blackshirts roamed the Italian countryside beating up communists; the Brownshirts staged violent rallies throughout Germany. This paramilitary force is especially important in a democracy: You need citizens to fear thug violence, and so you need thugs who are free from prosecution.
4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
In closed societies, this surveillance is cast as being about “national security”; the true function is to keep citizens docile and inhibit their activism and dissent.
5. Harass citizens’ groups.
A little-noticed new law has redefined activism such as animal rights protests as “terrorism.” So the definition of “terrorist” slowly expands to include the opposition.
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
“Have you been in any peace marches? We ban a lot of people from flying because of that,” asked the airline employee. Anti-war marcher? Potential terrorist. Support the Constitution? Potential terrorist. History shows that the categories of “enemy of the people” tend to expand ever deeper into civil life.
7. Target key individuals.
Threaten civil servants, artists and academics with job loss if they don’t toe the line. Mussolini went after the rectors of state universities who did not conform to the fascist line; so did Joseph Goebbels, who purged academics who were not pro-Nazi; so did Chile’s Augusto Pinochet; so does the Chinese communist Politburo in punishing pro-democracy students and professors. Elsewhere, a CIA contract worker who said in a closed blog that “waterboarding is torture” was stripped of the security clearance she needed in order to do her job. Most recently, the administration purged eight U.S. attorneys for what looks like insufficient political loyalty.  [the COWARDLY, TREASONOUS obama/biden/holder/DoD  "whistleblower" PROSECUTION of BRADLEY MANNING is the ABOVE on STEROIDS] 
8. Control the press.
You won’t have a shutdown of news in modern America — it is not possible. But you can have, as Frank Rich and Sidney Blumenthal have pointed out, a steady stream of lies polluting the news well.   [thanks to the TRAITORS at the MEYER/graham WASHINGTON POST, and SULZBERGER NY SLIMES, and cnn/Time/Warner ANTI-HUMANITY WAR-PIGS  judeo Hollywood Propaganda empire!]  What you already have is a White House directing a stream of false information that is so relentless that it is increasingly hard to sort out truth from untruth.
9. Dissent equals treason.
Cast dissent as “treason” and criticism as “espionage.” Every closing society does this, just as it elaborates laws that increasingly criminalize certain kinds of speech and expand the definition of “spy” and “traitor.” When Bill Keller, the publisher of the New York Times, ran the Lichtblau/Risen stories, Bush called the Times’ leaking of classified information “disgraceful,” while Republicans in Congress called for Keller to be charged with treason, and right-wing commentators and news outlets kept up the “treason” drumbeat. Some commentators, as Conason noted, reminded readers, smugly, that one penalty for violating the Espionage Act is execution. n Stalin’s Soviet Union, dissidents were “enemies of the people.” National Socialists called those who supported Weimar democracy “November traitors.” [NAZIS _LABELLED_  DISSENTERS  and 'whistleblowers'  AS TRAITORS!]  
10. Suspend the rule of law.  [the government will PROSECUTE SOMEONE for REPORTING on.. the GOVERNMENT BREAKING LAWS] 
Even as Americans were focused on Britney Spears’s meltdown and the question of who fathered Anna Nicole’s baby, the New York Times editorialized about this shift: “A disturbing recent phenomenon in Washington is that laws that strike to the heart of American democracy have been passed in the dead of night … Beyond actual insurrection, the president may now use military troops as a domestic police force in response to a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, terrorist attack or any ‘other condition.’”
It is a mistake to think that early in a fascist shift you see the profile of barbed wire against the sky. In the early days, things look normal on the surface; peasants were celebrating harvest festivals in Calabria in 1922; people were shopping and going to the movies in Berlin in 1931. Early on, as W.H. Auden put it, the horror is always elsewhere — while someone is being tortured, children are skating, ships are sailing.
“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands … is the definition of tyranny,” wrote James Madison.

  THE EVIL JEWS, who came some 3,500 odd years BEFORE JAMES MADISON, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or any of  the other American nation founding fathers,  think that THEY are SUPERIOR  to (Americans) non-jews...  and, their  evil "bible" and "g-o-d" giving them LICENSE to EXTERMINATE _EVERYONE_ they come in to contact with,
they DO NOT BELIEVE IN HUMAN RIGHTS,  nor do they believe in  democracy....


Big Banks Manipulated Energy Markets In California and the Midwest … Ripping Off Tens of Millions of Dollars in 9 Months

...for yet another article & story - as if one is needed - that the barack obama, JOE BIDEN, hillary clinton, and NANCY PELOSI "Democrat" administration IS IN BED WITH  FINANCIAL CRIMINALS  _DESTROYING_ the American economy.... along with AMERICA's  CIVIL RIGHTS and the very notion that the world should be FREE FROM  METASTASIZING  evil JUDEO WARS....  


  IN getting the  COWARDLY and CORRUPT obama/biden/pelosi administration &   "united states" military to CONVICT Private Bradely Manning, the  JEWS HAVE  IMPRISONED, PROSECUTED, and  given PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE to a COURAGEOUS AMERICAN -
the "NEO-CONS"... the JEWS RUNNING AMERIKA have revealed themselves to be SADISTIC, ANTI-AMERICAN TERRORISTS, bent on TERRORIZING  _anyone_ who EXPOSES GOVERNMENT CRIMES... which ALWAYS  tend to favor the jewish financial rapists and their  genocidal war-lobby WAR PROFITEERS....


  Just look at the so-called "PNAC" - 'Project for a New AMERICAN Century'  Washington 'think tank'  - letter to President Clinton in JANUARY 1998,  CALLING FOR U.S. MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAQ -   CROSS OUT the non-jew names, and you are left with

 CROSS OUT the  NON-JEW NAMES of the above "project for a New AMERICAN century"  D.C. WAR LOBBY  signers... and you are left with  THIRTEEN out of 25 JEWISH WAR PIGS  


  WOLFOWITZ, ALONE, would be 'CREDITED' as  "THE ARCHITECT of the IRAQ WAR"  (as Bush's UnderSECRETARY of WAR in 2003) BY THE JEWISH MEDIA!  - 
 here this evil jew war pig      IS CRYING FOR that soon-to-be MASS-MURDEROUS WAR  in this PNAC Jan. 1998  "letter to the president",  a war that will KILL A MILLION IRAQIS,  in no small part because the evil Wolfowitz, (Perle, Feith, Libby, Wurmser, Zachheim, & co)  warmongers DISMANTLED  Iraq's army & police, leaving a VACUUM for TERRORIST GUNMEN TO TAKE OVER...

  here it is - the PROOF that the IRAQ WAR is a MASS-MURDEROUS, GENOCIDAL JEWISH WAR,  POSING as an "America's national security" war -
  IN FACT, it is the JEW TRAITORS who were ALLIED WITH AL QAEDA ON 9-11,   "wet-blanketing" - SABOTAGING - America's government, military, and "national security" DEFENSES, to  ENABLE the murderous terror attacks that horrible day...


 post-script:  EVEN AS the EVIL JEWS who CONTROL the ENTIRE  "United States" (sic) corporate media   GLOAT over the TERRORIZING  "espionage" CONVICTION of  the Courageous Private Bradley Manning - whose "leak" of the video was AIMED at THE AMERICAN POPULATION,  thus the  kangaroo court conviction EQUATES the AMERICAN PEOPLE with 'espionage'! -    one of their TREASONOUS  LITTLE JEW RATS,   despicable HARVARD hypocrite &  GENOCIDAL  anti-human-rights pig ALAN DERSHOWITZ... PIMPS for the FREEING of  another person convicted of ESPIONAGE,  but one who really did hand U.S. government secrets over to... A FOREIGN POWER,  israel!

  JEW Alan  Dershowitz PIMPS FOR FREEDOM for convicted JEWISH ANTI-AMERICAN SPY  Jonathan PollardBy Gilad Atzmon
Ethnic cleansing advocate [jewish HARVARD law 'expert']  Alan Dershowitz is campaigning today for the release of arch spy Jonathan Pollard. In a commentary published on the repulsive Jewish media outlet The Algemeiner, Dershowitz argues “the time has come…for the United States to do the right thing with regard to Jonathan Pollard.”Dershowitz’ argument is amusing as usual.  “Pollard poses no continuing danger to America, since he has not had access to our secrets for nearly 30 years.”
Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, should know that people occasionally remain locked behind bars for the crime they committed in the past rather than the crime they may not commit in the future.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The TREASONOUS jewish owned media - the meyer/graham cowardly, lying WASHINGTON POST, the SULZBERGER new york slimes, bloomberg 'news, the cnn/Time/WARNER (ne Polish/jewish Wonsakalar brothers) empire are all COVERING UP the MASSACRES of CHRISTIANS in SYRIA, by the OBAMA admin. Supported AL QAEDA PROXY TERRORIST INVASION of that country -

The FACE OF HATE:  U.S. Ambassador to Egypt ANN PATERSON...
 America's STATE DEPARTMENT is  supporting the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD  JIHAD against WOMEN and all religious minorities in Egypt,  because getting PROXY ARMIES & TERRORISTS to EXTERMINATE  their enemies
(= any and everyone not allied with, or more importantly part of the judeo elite du jour)  IS  the  evil, insane, judeo agenda that  CONTROLS America's slavish, gruesome "foreign policy" &  State Department... which is to say, America's metastasizing genocidal "exterminate (depopulate) as much of humanity as we can possibly get away with"  JEWISH WARS....

The FACE OF HATE:  U.S. Ambassador to Egypt ANN PATERSON is the new April Gillespie,  the U.S. Ambassador to Saddam's Iraq in 1991  just after the period when America had ILLEGALLY and surreptitiously ARMED  IRAQ with CHEMICAL and BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS Saddam used to poison both Iranian troops... and  Kurdish and Shiite CIVILIAN POPULATIONS 
(labelled by the evil Neo-Con U.S. media in New York & Washington as "rebels")  
in Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88...   
    It was Gillespie's  conferring on Saddam what he thought was a U.S. license to invade Kuwait, which led to the Iraqi army invasion of Kuwait, and to the subsequent Gulf War I... that is,  Gillespie's incompetence and/or machinations, led directly to the first U.S. Iraq war... 
from which DEPLETED URANIUM EXPOSED American soldiers and veterans are still trying to recover, and the pattern of  AMERICA'S MILITARY PROPPING UP  SAUDI, KUWAITI, BAHRAIN, and other THEOCRATIC EXTREMIST Sunni (Muslim) DICTATORS was etched-in-stone as America's   Orwellian named "freedom" and "liberty"  foreign policies... 

   Just as April Gillespie was the face of  whitewashing AMERICA's COOPERATION  including SUPPLYING Saddam's mass-murderous generals and secret  police with POISON GAS,  so too  are ANN PATERSON and the entire  U.S. State Department, White House, and Con-gress  SUPPORTING  MUSLIM EXTREMISTS - in SYRIA, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,
and of course the Saudi, Kuwaiti, Bahrain, and other theocratic despots in the Arab Gulf oil states - BECAUSE SOWING CHAOS, MASS-MURDER, and anti-democratic despair;
IS  AMERICA's  JUDEO DRIVEN "foreign policy"
Ever since the Greenspan/Bernanke/Fed
(= city of london = rotschields & allied debt slavery judeo financiers)
created inflation and the bush/obama/cong-gress/U.S. TREASURY given GODDAMN-SACHS LICENSE to MANIPULATE and CORNER vital commodities markets  drove Egyptians to REBEL against American puppet dictator Mubarak because of family destroying SOARING FOOD PRICES,   the 'new' American foreign policy in Egypt is to simply arm the most radical factions
= the  AL QAEDA ALLIED MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD  Sunni Islamic extremists )
to MASSACRE as MANY EGYPTIANS as  possible - BLOOD PURGES  _IS_ the biblical AND MODERN  judeo 'normal'   mode of conquest and "relations" with their neighbors...

 ...just as Saddam MASSACRED Shiites and Kurds in the 1980s and 1990s,
  ...just as Al Qaeda is MASSACRING SYRIANS, TODAY...
...just as MILLIONS of Americans today are DISAPPEARING from the gainfully employed roles and being turned in to dispossessed wards of the states while the bought-&-owned Con-gress HANDS TRILLIONS of dollars to the thieving, economy killing banksters & war lobby....

so the ENTIRE STATE DEPARTMENT is COMPLICIT in TREASON with America's evil, insane, warmongering, blood-thirsty  judeo puppet-masters.

 note:   it is not merely "DEMOCRAT" OBAMA (and the entire TREASONOUS  "Democrat" Party side of the aisle in Con-gress)  WHICH IS SUPPORTING AL QAEDA IN SYRIA at the behest of the insane, genocidal judeo puppet-masters.... SO TOO do JOHN McCAIN,  LINDSEY GRAHAM,  ERIC CANTOR, and ALL the TREASONOUS REPUBLICANS in Con-gress, too.

Yes We Can: Obama Funding Syrian Rebels Beheading Christians, Using Child Soldiers
by Anthony Gucciardi,   July 28, 2013
        Remember when al-Qaeda members were the bad guys?    
[Before RAHM EMANUEL, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, CHUCK SCHUMER, CASS SUNSTEIN, JACOB LEW, and all the other Neo-Con "Democrat"  JEWS  pulled their "HOPE"  BAIT & SWITCH... turning their puppet Obama into a BUSH III warmonger, treasury looter, and WAR ON FREE PRESS & WHISTLEBLOWERS demagogue proto-dictator...  turning the Bush-Cheney-Chertoff era DHS into a JEWISH RUN CHEKA  TERRORIST POLICE AGENCY TARGETING AMERICAN citizens for extermination....]   
  Obama is  [AND McCAIN REPUBLICANS are]  now pushing massive funding for Syrian rebels who have NOT ONLY BEEN LINKED to al QAEDA,  but are gruesomely beheading innocent Christians and using 14-year-old child soldiers. 
[promoting GENOCIDE, ETHNIC CLEANSING, and "divide and conquer" terrorizing race wars, IS the jewish agenda... and the jews  HATE  CHRIST as a 'TRAITOR', and therefore they HATE  Christ-ians,  more than they hate Muslims!]    
And virtually no one seems to even be questioning the Obama administration’s support of these chaotic troops who kill innocent citizens using US-funded arms in a bid to throw Syria’s current system into insanity.   
[ "NO ONE SEEMS TO BE QUESTIONING" this GENOCIDAL, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY 'foreign policy' because AMERICA's  press/media  is/are CONTROLLED BY JEWS, and  GENOCIDE  and EXTERMINATION perpetrated against both designated 'enemies'  and  'former'  ALLIES,  IS the 3,500 year agenda & CORE  IDENTITY  of judaism!]  
What’s perhaps even worse is that Obama has been pushing to continue this funding in a battle with reasonable lawmakers in a move that highlights his continued support of Syrian rebels who massacre innocents in public beheading sessions (that are met with applause and cheers).  
It’s even hidden [in plain view] in the mainstream news, yet the media pieces on the subject somehow fail to generate any social media sharing or view counts for the most part. 
[The jews have been perfecting their "NARRATIVE" INVERSION of REALITY for 3,500 years... for example, portraying jews who EXTORTED gold, silver, and clothing from Egyptians as hapless victims - a MEDIA PROPAGANDA SKILL they powerfully exert, today, that turns victims into aggressors, and aggressors into victims.]  
Just look at the August 2012 Reuters admission that Obama secretly went ahead and enabled support for Syrian rebels while bypassing any form of checks or balances. Flash forward to June 2013 with the headline ‘Syrians behead Christians for helping military, as CIA ships in arms’ inThe Washington Times publication, and we’re still letting this happen.  
  [the jews DO NOT  believe in democracy - Moses, David, Solomon,  'the judges' and ALL OTHER bible jewish leaders, DESTROYED, MURDERED, and MASSACRED _ALL_ their opponents... including "rebellious" jews - with only rare exceptions.]    
From the report in The Washington Times:
“A priest and another Christian were beheaded before a cheering crowd by Syrian insurgents who say they aided and abetted the enemy… The reported beheading of the two Christians comes about the same time America has started sending arms to rebel fighters, the Wall Street Journal revealed this week.”
In other words the supposedly ‘Christian’ (a laughable declaration) Obama not only allows for these rebels to kill all Christians who do not convert and pay excessive taxes to the rebel army, but is the driving force behind it. How truly Christian of him. In fact, let’s look at the options innocent Christians are given by the Syrian rebels who wield CIA-given weaponry as according to the missionaries who have been to the Christian communities in Syria:  
1. Renounce their Christian faith and convert immediately to Islam (to potentially have your life spared after swearing to the Syrian rebels and Islam).
2. Pay an extremely heavy tax to the Syrian rebels to potentially save your life and be able to secretly continue being a Christian (unless they decided to behead you anyway).
3. Immediately choose death, likely via beheading in the center of town to scare off your friends and family from challenging the Syrian rebel army.
4. Flee for your life and hope the Syrian rebels don’t find you or kill your family. All of your belongings left behind now belong to the Syrian rebels.
As you can see, these are the truly ’humane’ options supported by the United States government. And they’re getting away with this thanks to the general public having no idea what’s going on. In two months, the funding officially runs out — at least for this fiscal year. Amazingly, however, the House and Senate Intelligence Committees both went ahead and approved the continued support of the Syrian rebels. Just like how our elected officialsrecently sided with the NSA in continuing the gargantuan funding that fuels the agency.
The media is doing a great job on covering a bogus debate (if they cover the subject at all) over whether or not they need more funding to take down Assad, and once again it’s up to independent news outlets to blast this information out.
If you ever had doubts as to the true nature of the sociopaths inside government and the lengths they will go to secure their agenda, you now have proof.
Originally appeared at Story Leak.
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With the  JUDEO ORCHESTRATED  AL QAEDA PROXY INVASION of SYRIA,  America's foreign policy is now revealed to be  FULLY TREASONOUS:
 if we or any of our readers were to  donate so little as  $20 to any of these LISTED TERRORIST GROUPS fighting the Assad government in Syria,
WE WOULD INSTANTLY BE EARMARKED by the DHS Jewish Cheka in Washington  as "terrorist funders" -

 - yet the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE,  the John Kerry STATE DEPARTMENT, the U.S. CIA and military, and Republican ruled Con-gress  are
SUPPLYING THESE SAME  AL QAEDA hardened fighters TERROR GROUPS  with millions upon millions upon millions of dollars of  funding, weapons, support, and direction,  up to and including heavy weapons, POISON GAS, & man-portable anti-aircraft missiles...

 ... man-portable anti-aircraft missles that can in the near future be used to shoot down AMERICAN AIRLINERS, which is almost guaranteed, because of course the  EVIL JEWS  RUNNING the AL QAEDA TERROR INVASION OF SYRIA,  hate al Qaeda Sunni Muslims almost as much as they Syrian & Iranian (and Bahrain, etc.) Shiite Muslims (or, heavens forbid, Mideastern Christians)...

 ...which means the evil jews and their AMERICAN PUPPETS will soon enough TURN ON their current AL QAEDA TERRORIST ALLIES, which will of course goad those "allies" to shoot down U.S. or israeli airliners, when that time comes.... which will just give the out-of-control, metastasizing, TREASONOUS U.S. "national security" (sic) agencies and police state "CHEKA" apparatus  the NEW EXCUSE they need to EXTORT BILLIONS MORE in funding and dictator powers from the already  extorted & enslaved 
(to israel, the despicable, genocidal, theocratic dictatorial prison gulag apartheid state)
American taxpayers....

AMERICA is BEING DESTROYED... from WITHIN: the TREASONOUS "Neo-Con" ASSAULT to DESTROY America, just as the Jews first DESTROYED EGYPT, then their OWN ALLIES the MIDIANITES, then SLAUGHTERED their neighbors in the KITOS WAR, then Made allies with the "Moroso" Muslims who TERRORIZED SPAIN's COAST with deadly raids by Barbary Coast Arab Slavers... leading up to the 20th Century JEWISH JIHADS Against the people of RUSSIA, then GERMANY, and now the extorted people of Britain (again!) and THE U.S.A, (AGAIN! FOLLOWING the Schiff/Warburg/Rotschields/fed GREAT DEPRESSION I of the 1930s) host and "alternative media" leader Alex Jones does yeoman service for the cause of our American right to timely news and information, which are fundamental prerequisites for a functioning democracy, when he hosts this video interview with former Assistant TREASURY SECRETARY Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,  on the  DESTRUCTION of AMERICA... FROM WITHIN:

The Total Destruction of America from Within   July 27, 2013

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary (1981 - 1982 under President Reagan) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discusses the dismantling of the U.S. constitution, the TERRORIZING of  millions of American citizens DENIED their FREEDOMS, RIGHTS, and liberties;  and the  ongoing &  metastasizing Bernanke/Fed/GolddamnSachs (= Wall Street & City of London) financial crimes creating our economic crisis "Great Recession"
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  5. ‘Fall of the Republic’ unveils Obama’s agenda for the destruction of America

We haven't even gotten to do a blog-post on Dr. Paul Craig Roberts ground-shaking essay, "WASHINGTON IS INSANE" from a month ago, even though we recently reported -  using a Dr. Roberts interview with precious metals investment experts King World News (.com)   as just one of three sources -  to outline our contention that  BLACKMAIL, BRIBERY, EXTORTION  and criminal SPYING ON OUR OWN GOVERNMENT LEADERS  is how the evil JUDEO WAR LOBBY is  GOADING  CONGRESS to support the evil U.SA.  . & jewish war state run AL QAEDA PROXY INVASION OF SYRIA -  which is  ETHNICALLY CLEANSING ( = mass murdering!)  SYRIAN CHRISTIANS and SYRIAN JEWS alike  (as well as Druze, Shiites,  and all other non-Sunni Syrians) because  EXTERMINATING  PEOPLE  _IS_ the the  CORE IDENTITY of  war-tribe judaism,   and if the jews can get the Syrian Sunni al Qaeda jihadis  to EXTERMINATE EVERYONE ELSE in Syria, then the jews can later come in (to Syria) and wipe out their  Sunni allies  - the very allies they have been supporting - when the time comes.
 The fact that jews SUPPORT the EXTERMINATION of CHRISTIANS in Syria is EASY to prove:   JUST GO LOOK at the pages of the EVIL  JEW _ROTHSCHILDS_ owned "THE ECONOMIST" magazine, and see - in their issue after issue after issue 'reporting' on their little Syrian al QAEDA PROXY WAR - how many pages these evil media whores devote to the plight of SYRIA'S CHRISTIAN minority that is being DESTROYED by the evil Rothschilds & judeo war state PROXY  al Qaeda WAR - and as to Syrian JEWS, well, the  israeli, European, and American jews aren't merely judeo supremacists, they are RACISTS TOO, for they do NOT consider Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese, or other Mideastern jews to be "real jews" - much less EITHIOPIAN, EGYPTIAN, or other north-African jews - because jews across the board are WHITE, Euro supremacists.
 (In America at the turn of the late 1800s - early 1900s, before they had become relatively assimilated in to American culture, the Russian jews and German jews hated each other, as well.)  

  THIS TACTIC - hiring MASS-MURDEROUS MERCENARIES to help  defeat and DESTROY their latest enemy du jour -  IS the  JEWISH  WAR TRIBE's well honed tactic of  3,500+ years - as the grim, horrific, and blood-drenched judeo bible relates in case after case, example after example,  bloody mass-murder massacre after bloody mass-murder massacre...

...and, following the  bloody  JEWISH  "CHEKA" dominated Soviet SECRET POLICE MASS-MURDER PURGES in the Russian Revolution that were but a prelude to the even more horrific  MASS MURDER PURGES and INTENTIONAL FAMINE HOLOCAUSTS inflicted on the people of Russia, the Ukraine, the Armenian holocaust, and the entire Soviet SLAVE LABOR DEATH CAMPS GULAGS,    THAT  treatment is COMING TO AMERICA -  today.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Not "by the DOZENS" but BY THE MILLIONS: Barack Obama and Eric Holder have been SELLING MILLIONS of American Blacks DOWN THE RIVER to the GODDAMN-SACHS/fed/rotschields GENOCIDAL, SADISTIC, RACIST, jewish SLAVE PLANTATION..

Not "by the DOZENS" but BY THE MILLIONS:  Obama and Holder have been a DISASTER for BLACK Americans over the past 5 years -
 they aren't just selling American blacks  "by the DOZENS" down the river...
 - "the DOZENS" was a dread term during America's slavery era to define Black slaves who were no longer considered able bodies fit to work  profitably in the fields...
...which meant that their  'owners' had NO MOTIVATION TO FEED THEM... they were DISPOSABLE....
  Barack OBAMA and Eric HOLDER are SELLING MILLIONS of  African American (Black) men, women, children, and families  DOWN THE RIVER to the GODDAMN-SACHS/fed/rotschields monopoly extortion economy killing GENOCIDAL, SADISTIC, RACIST, APARTHEID  jewish SLAVE PLANTATION as we speak...

 Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the ENTIRE "Democrat" Party are  PROFITING - in "political campaign contributions" KICKBACKS and promises of future job offers -  from the CRIMINALLY CORRUPT prosecutions and incarcerations of millions of Americans - they are both effectively engaged in the NEW Amerikan SLAVE TRADE,    SELLING innocent Americans down the river to the new, de facto "Neo-Con" run American PRISON SLAVERY GULAG system...

 below video: as regrettable as the Trayvon Martin shooting & killing were (the prosecutors should have filed a manslaughter case instead of a first degree murder case),  the 'powers that be" ('TPTB')  have been HATE-WHIPPING the Black community on this tragedy, in order to DISTRACT Black Americans from the far larger, far more egregious atrocity being perpetrated by AMERICA'S (state, local, and federal) GOVERNMENT(s) against Black Americans every single day: the SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION of CIVIL RIGHTS, and the concurrent metastasizing expansion of the American crimninal 'justice'  de facto  PRISONS system  de facto SLAVERY  GULAG.

 In short, BARACK OBAMA and ERIC HOLDER are willing participants (both of them may be blackmailed as well as bribed) of a horrible new American SEGREGATION and APARTHEID system,  where jewish financiers and their allies (like Holder & Obama) at the very top of the system now how complete immunity for COMMITTING CRIMES, while those at the bottom of the American social and power-structure pyramid are jailed for NOT committing crimes.

 We have proof of exactly that in a video we posted a week or three ago - videos of  BULLYING, MACHINE-GUN ARMED  POLICE   ARRESTING a Black man who moments before was peaceably walking his dog on a public city sidewalk.

  America's African Americans SHOULD BE PROTESTING  OBAMA & HOLDER's CRIMINAL COLLUSION with this  CROOKED, anti-humanitarian, ANTI-AMERICAN empowerment of  cops, by 'the elites',  to PRESUME GUILT  on the part of all Americans - and especially those at the bottom of the social pecking order (Blacks, native Americans, recent immigrants, and the poorest of Whites) who are now being TERRORIZED by our nation's  MACHINE GUN ARMED  BULLYING, BROWN SHIRT COPS who are acting more like thugs than "law" enforcement officers -

MACHINE-GUN armed 'American' cops  ARREST a black (African-American) man for quietly walking his dog and video-taping police with a small cell-phone camera from a public, city sidewalk...  
    As the police arrest, handcuff, and  hassle the man, his dog jumps out of car, and the cops SHOOT, GUN DOWN his dog...   AN ATROCITY that never would have happened, if the police hadn't  #1.) illegally arrested the man with NO probable cause; and
 #2.) hadn't BULLIED HIM,  making him lose his balance as one cop KICKS HIS LEG OUT FROM UNDER HIM - 

  AN ILLEGAL ARREST that led to a BRUTAL KILLING in an American public neighborhood.

Amerikan/CA bullying, GESTAPO  Police - HAVING ILLEGALLY ARRESTED a man for committing NO crime - then SHOOT HIS DOG  in front of the man & horrified bystanders!   
The dog would never have jumped out of the window of the man's car, except that the MACHINE GUN ARMED cops were TAG-TEAM BULLYING the defenseless, HANDCUFFED,
 illegally arrested man... with BARACK OBAMA and ERIC HOLDER's  WET KISS OF COMPLICITY & corruption !!!  

  WHERE are all those BILLIONS upon BILLIONS upon BILLIONS (upon trillions) of dollars of   SO-CALLED "government DEBT"   GOING ???  
   WE KNOW:  to the TREASONOUS   FINANCIAL SWINDLERS & PARASITES of the   TREASONOUS   evil, back-stabbing GENOCIDAL   "exterminate all non-jews as non-humans" JUDEO WAR LOBBY....
  who have their politicians and appartchik whores  CLOSE SCHOOLS and BUILD PRISONS for  non-jews... as they ship tens of millions of American taxpayer dollars overseas to the RACIST, APARTHEID  judeo war state, there to INDOCTRINATE  young jews in genocidal, jewish supremacist HATE.....


The Shul is a $6 million synagogue in West Bloomfield, Michigan that also functions, technically, as a college campus—for the
Michigan Jewish Institute, a Chabad school that has grown rich through the federal government's Pell Grant program.
Pictured standing in front is Dov Stein, the MJI's head of academics.
Michigan Jewish Institute, a Chabad school that has grown rich through the federal government's Pell Grant program.Pictured standing in front is Dov Stein, the MJI's head of academics.
By Richard Edmondson
With Jewish power in America standing at unprecedented levels, it is only natural we should begin to see Jews reap gains and benefits disproportionately greater than those available to other segments of the population....  (cont'd) 

   Besides ERIC HOLDER  RUNNING A TITANIC  CRIMINAL PROTECTION RACKET for his genocidal  judeo SLAVE-TRADER overlords,   black Americans SHOULD be OUTRAGED that the TREASONOUS  Mr. Holder has created a  legal environment where POLICE have LICENSE to  DO ALMOST ANYTHING  TO American citizens... including  TERRORIZING THEM, by ARRESTS and brandishing weapons,  as this video shows, for doing little more than observing the cops standing on a sidewalk while participating in a large police action....

  Police bullies STALK A MAN, to ARREST HIM... for "CRIME" of walking his dog on sidewalk while filming cops with a small cell-phone camera!


  THIS  IS   ERIC HOLDER's AMERIKA:  POLICE BRANDISH MACHINE GUN against PEACEFUL, HAND-CUFFED man while the 2nd cop bodily KICKS the man's feet apart with no warning!

 MACHINE GUN ARMED COPS  _BULLY_ a man - kick his feet out with no warming -  who quietly let himself be handcuffed - for the "crime" of walking his dog on a city sidewalk, while videotaping, with a small cell-phone camera, these ROGUE, CRIMINAL, MACHINE GUN ARMED  BROWN-SHIRT/GESTAPO cops  !!

 Cop WITH MACHINE-GUN  swiftly turns to HARASS the victim from the front - notice the cop on right  SWINGING his right arm in a PUNCHING MOTION against the defenseless victim: 

The dog, which has been quietly sitting in the car to left of image, becomes AGGRAVATED as the TWO COPS PHYSICALLY HARRASS  the hand-cuffed man who is

Police SHOOT DOG in front of horrified owner....  POLICE in Amerika today  have LICENSE to ARREST AMERICANS for NOTHING 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Under the Thrall of the evil Humanity Hating Jewish Supremacists, the U.S.A. today - Washington DC - has become like the USSR under ruthless, TOTALITARIAN, gulag Communism...

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a "Conservative" Republican who was Assistant Treasury Secretary under PRESIDENT REAGAN,  has hit another grand-slam  home run, with this essay about how America...  about how the UNITED STATES has become as ruthless and mass-murderous as the USSR  UNDER Soviet style  gulag COMMUNISM.

    The only thing Dr. Roberts doesn't fully explain  is that this is the "NEO-CON agenda" -
 the JUDEO SUPREMACIST AGENDA - that is driving all these SLAVE,  PRISONER nation GULAG ATROCITIES in America, 

and that they (dictatorship powers and prison gulag atrocities here in Amerika)  are of course closely allied with both the Goddamn-Sachs (= Fed, = rothschields & allied judeo monopoly parasite financiers)   genocidal FINANCIAL RAPE of the American, European, & world economies,
which (monopoly exotortion financial rapes and economic sabotage)  are as well
 part & parcel of  America's  EVER EXPANDING  JUDEO  RUN WARS...
 as we've been saying for 1,500+ posts.

   And, to repeat - if  you simply pay attention,
THE JEWS  in their OWN  PRESS & media do NOT DENY any of the above - they BRAG about it !!

   HERE is  JEWISH OWNED  BLOOMBERG  'news'  touting that   JUDEO "neo-con" warmonger  PAUL WOLFOWITZ  was   "the ARCHITECT" of  Bush & Cheney's  IRAQ WAR,
that was of course BASED ON the  LIES TO WAR  pimped by  the Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz-Perle-Feith-Zackheim-Podhoretz-Wurmser & co.  (= sharon, shamir, netanyahu, & co.)  (and here)  axis of evil,  and by the JEW OWNED  MEDIA - in particular the SULZBERGER New York Slimes and the cowardly, lying, treasonous Meyer/Graham WASHINGTON POST...

      The JEWS  RUNNING  Bush & Cheney's White House, government, and in particular the Pentagon ("Defense"/WAR Department)  WARS & INVASIONS of Iraq & Afghanistan,   were ESSENTIALLY  ISRAELI AGENTS...   who DID NOTHING,  NOT ONE god-damned thing, to PREVENT the WELL KNOWN possibility of an AL QAEDA TERRORIST  airliner HIJACKING in the long, cruel (stolen election) summer of 2001
"...And the CIA station chief in Italy warned the Italian secret services [preparing for the JULY 2001 GENOA G8 summit]  that al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden's terrorist group, might be planning a suicide [airliner] attack on the summit. Italy took security precautions seriously and placed Spada surface-to-air missiles at strategic locations around Genoa in the event of a terrorist air attack..."

    ...all the more heinous, because the above 'Neo-Con' Republican  jews CLAIMED to be "experts" on all things "national security"... and in OCTOBER of 2000, mere weeks before Bush & his gang of jew traitors STOLE the election of November 7, 2000claiming  that they would put

...Al Qaeda had  BOMBED a U.S. WARSHIP in a Yemen harbor, nearly blowing the U.S.S. Cole in two with a huge underwater bomb on 12 October 2000...   and the above mentioned JEW  TRAITORS in the Cheney- Bush White House [and their Mossad overlords back in Sharon's israel government]  PRETENDED NOT TO NOTICE  once they attained the TOP positions of POWER in the Bush-Cheney Defense Department ????!!!!!!! 



Becomes Head of World Bank

AMERICA'S JEWS - the owners of the press/media, their sponsors in mega-finance, and their corrupt, TREASONOUS  feinstein/schumer/rubin/lieberman/ bernanke/bloomberg/greenspan/wolfowitz/perle/feith/libbyemanuel/kagan/lew/sunstein/gensler/schapiro/sperling/ (et al)  politicians

 all  __SUPPORT__ this ROLE REVERSAL: AMERICA is now the NEW cruel & ruthless  USSR TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE, because the EVIL AIPAC WAR-PIGS  of the  israel UBER America WAR LOBBY WANT IT THAT WAY:

is merely the prelude to 

Role Reversal: How the US Became the USSR 
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,    July 24, 2013   
I spent the summer of 1961 behind the Iron Curtain. I was part of the US-USSR student exchange program. It was the second year of the program that operated under auspices of the US Department of State. Our return to the West via train through East Germany was interrupted by the construction of the Berlin Wall. We were sent back to Poland. The East German rail tracks were occupied with Soviet troop and tank trains as the Red Army concentrated in East Germany to face down any Western interference.
Fortunately, in those days there were no neoconservatives. Washington had not [yet] grown the hubris it so well displays in the 21st century. The wall was built and war was avoided. The wall backfired on the Soviets. Both JFK and Ronald Reagan used it to good propaganda effect.
In those days America stood for freedom, and the Soviet Union for oppression. Much of this impression was created by Western propaganda, but there was some semblance to the truth in the image. The communists had a Julian Assange and an Edward Snowden of their own. His name was Cardinal Jozef Mindszenty, the leader of the Hungarian Catholic Church.
Mindszenty opposed tyranny. For his efforts he was imprisoned by the Nazis. Communists also regarded his as an undesirable, and he was tortured and given a life sentence in 1949.
Freed by the short-lived Hungarian Revolution in 1956, Mindszenty reached the American Embassy in Budapest and was granted political asylum by Washington. However, the communists would not give him the free passage that asylum presumes, and Mindszenty lived in the US Embassy for 15 years, 79% of his remaining life
In the 21st century roles have reversed. Today it is Washington that is enamored of tyranny. On Washington’s orders, the UK will not permit Julian Assange free passage to Ecuador, where he has been granted asylum. Like Cardinal Mindszenty, Assange is stuck in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.
Washington will not permit its European vassal states to allow overflights of airliners carrying Edward Snowden to any of the countries that have offered Snowden asylum. Snowden is stuck in the Moscow airport.
In Washington POLITICIANS of BOTH PARTIES  [they are ALL TRAITORS who ANSWER TO THE JEW WAR LOBBY]  demand that Snowden be captured and executed.  
POLITICIANS demand that Russia be punished for NOT violating international law, seizing Snowden, and turning him over to Washington to be tortured and executed, despite the fact that Washington has no extradition treaty with Russia.
Snowden did United States citizens a great service. He told us that despite constitutional prohibition, Washington had implemented a universal spy system intercepting every communication of every American and much of the rest of the world. Special facilities are built in which to store these communications.
In other words, Snowden did what Americans are supposed to do–disclose government crimes against the Constitution and against citizens. 
Without a free press there is nothing but the government’s lies. 
In order to protect its lies from exposure,    
Washington intends to exterminate all truth tellers. 
 [this is the JUDEO PURGE as the blood-drenched satanic 'holy' bible relates... in verse after verse after verse, chapter after chapter after chapter, including the evil jew king david using SAWS,  among other weapson, to execute  _40,000_ Syrian and Edomite captured prisoners.] 
The Obama Regime is the most oppressive regime ever in its prosecution of protected whistleblowers. Whistleblowers are protected by law, but the Obama Regime insists that whistleblowers are not really whistleblowers. Instead, the Obama Regime defines whistleblowers as spies, traitors, and foreign agents. 
[this is based on the ancient judeo agenda of LABELING non-jews as ENEMIES, "idolators" and MASSACRING THEM - including Moses' act of  supreme treachery, ordering his blood-drenched soldiers to swiftly and with no warning TURN ON THEIR ALLIES, the MIDIANITES and EXTERMINATE THEM  - the Midianites who had sheltered Moses when he was on the run from Egypt and whose daughter, Zipporah, the mass-murderous jew Moses had married!]  
 Congress, the media, and the faux judiciary echo the executive branch propaganda that whistleblowers are a threat to America.  It is not  [the TRAITORS claim]  the government that is violating and raping the US Constitution that is a threat...  
It is the whistleblowers who inform us of the rape who are the threat.  [!!!]
The Obama Regime has destroyed press freedom. 
A LACKEY federal appeals COURT  has ruled that NY Times reporter James Risen must testify in the trial of a CIA officer charged with providing Risen with information about CIA plots against Iran. The ruling of this fascist court destroys confidentiality and is intended to end all leaks of the government’s crimes to media.
What Americans have learned in the 21st century is that the US government  [UNDER the THRALL of the EVIL  AIPAC "israel UBER amerika jews]  lies about everything and breaks every law. Without whistleblowers, Americans will remain in the dark as “their” government enserfs them, destroying every liberty, and impoverishes them with endless wars for Washington’s and Wall Street’s hegemony.
Snowden harmed no one except the liars and traitors in the US government. Contrast Washington’s animosity against Snowden with the pardon that Bush gave to Dick Cheney aide, [the jewish PAUL WOLFOWITZ protege & PARTNER in NEO-CON 9-11 TREASON]  Libby, who took the fall for his boss for blowing the cover, a felony, on a covert CIA operative, the spouse of a former government official who exposed the Bush/Cheney/neocon lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.
Whatever serves the tiny clique that rules america is legal; whatever exposes the criminals is illegal. 
 [the "clique" is  NOT so "tiny" - it encompasses EVERY  judeo TEMPLE, and  EVERY  jewish community in America, and dozens if not hundreds of jewish millionaires and billionaires outside of America... and their bribed, bought-off, extorted, and complicit "goyim" allies in business, finance, war contracting, and especially in press/media & politics)    
That’s all there is to it.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously the editor of the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.

See also Dr. Robert's previous essays,

The Rule of Law Has Been Lost (2009)  

his more recent
Lawlessness Is The New Normal, 
  and this essay,
 "Has Washington’s Arrogance Undone Its Empire?" 

which outlines how all the politicians in the world now bow and scrape to the top 400 billionaires... selling their countrymen out by the millions, as TONY BLAIRS acquiescence to Bush & Cheney's
 (= wolfowitz, perle, feith, libby, zackheim, wurmser,  judith miller, the sulzberger NY Slimes, the cowardly, treasonous MEYER/graham WASHINGTON POST, etc. etc. etc.) 
LIES to the IRAQ WAR in 2003 have, a decade later, resulted in an England (and Europe) that is NOW BANKRUPT to the TREASONOUS, MASS-MURDEROUS, GENOCIDAL  DEBT LORDS

        As we've said many times before...  the radical Right-Wing 'Republican' HATE of  the Bush-Cheney administration (and their many White reactionary supporters)... was really, at its core,
the HATE of  Bush & Cheney's  JEWISH PUPPET-MASTERS,
 the very JUDEO "NEO-CON"  WAR-LOBBY - the entire  AIPAC  judeo supremacist,  
israel uber amerika" lobby   supported by EVERY jewish temple, and EVERY  jewish school, community, and interest group in America... they ALL  SUPPORT the   ruthless, historically mass-murderous & genocidal   judeo HIJACKING of America...



  PROVING that the Bush-Cheney "WASPs" (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) (and the closely inter-related Scot/Irish = White Celtic Protestant) were PUPPETS of the JEWISH WAR LOBBY is  e-asy - and we don't need to spend 5 to 7 years obtaining a PhD in International Relations or Political Science  at serially LYING and TREASONOUS  HARVARD University to do so.

    In fact,  all we have to do to PROVE that BUSH, CHENEY and the staffers of their   presidency  were SUBORDINATES to the JEW WAR LOBBY,  is look at one little web page,  and pay attention to the names.

 Here is the up-and-running web page for the so-called "Project for a New AMERICAN Century"  Washington D.C. 'think tank', the web page  appears exactly as it did back  in 1997 when this group was founded to advocate their interest-group goals and agenda.   NOTICE THE NAMES!  
 (which names we have helpfully enlarged in the next image) 

  These names would become the power figures, the HEAVY HITTERS of the Bush-Cheney Republican administration just 4 years later,  in 2001,  when George W. Bush's brother Florida Governor Jeb Bush STOLE THE ELECTION from voters who, had their votes been counted, would have put the state in the "Gore" column in the November 2000 presidential election:

   We have DICK CHENEY, DON RUMSFELD, Dan Quayle, and Jeb Bush.   Remember, in 1997 Dan Quayle was sort of  like Mitt Romney - ignorant about American policy, prone to gaffs, but good looking and popular in Republican circles.
  And,  in 1997 Jeb Bush was  "the smarter Bush" - governor of Florida, connected, someone most political commentators would have thought far more likely to win a presidential election than his scandal tainted brother, George W. Bush.   (Jeb had his fair share of scandals, too, of course.) 

  In fact, it was Jeb's THEFT of election 2000  from Florida voters that would put his brother  George in the White House, and - with George W. being a complete neophyte at federal politics and completely uninterested in the mechanics of legislation and federal administration -  it was his V.P.,  vice president Dick Cheney, who effectively ran the Bush White House in the months leading up to 9-11-2001 (and after)
(For example, presidente George W. Bush infamously stayed at his Texas ranch all through the month of August,  2001, DESPITE the C.I.A. handing him an urgent briefing, the infamous August 6  Presidential Daily Briefing ("PDB")  

  All the above to say, that the PNAC signers in 1997 and 1998 would become THE CORE of the bush-cheney 'REPUBLICAN' presidency in 2001...   

  and, lookee here!   

   IF you simply CROSS OUT the names that are WASP (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Forbes, etc.) or Catholic (William Bennet) and the token Asian (Fukuyama) and Muslim(Khalizad)
you are left with 13, THIRTEEN out of 25  american jews! - 

 - OVER HALF of the so-called "Project for a New AMERICAN Century"   "Statement of Principles" signers are JEWISH!!
 And if you look at the very next "PNAC"  webpage, of Jan. 1998,  you see what their REAL AGENDA IS:  Getting the United States to FIGHT WARS against  IRAQ and IRAN!  

  The "Project for a New 'American' Century" is 
a JEWISH WAR LOBBY GROUP, posing as American, 
and  promoting a virtual cascade of AMERICAN  WARS IN THE MIDEAST - and elsewhere!!

  DICK CHENEY,  JEB BUSH, DON RUMSFELD,  GEORGE W. Bush,  and the entire Cheney/Bush White House and REPUBLICAN Con-gress and Senatewere 

Take out - CROSS OFF -  the non-jewish names... and  PNAC, 
the "ARCHITECTS of the IRAQ WAR", are revealed as nothing more than an alien nation (israel) funded  JEWISH  WAR LOBBY   HATE GROUP!

    Not only did the PNAC TRAITORS do NOTHING  to PREVENT AL QAEDA's WELL KNOWN TERRORIST THREAT in the long summer of 2001...
 but in their 1998  BITCHING about  Saddam's Iraq needing to be "CONTAINED" and crying about Iraq evading the costly U.S.A. enforced SANCTIONS and EMBARGO on Iraq.....

 ...the PNAC TRAITORS  quietly failed to reveal that IT WAS ONE OF THEIR OWN - DICK CHENEY, as then CHAIRMAN & CEO of HALLIBURTON oilfield services co. - who was most effective in HELPING SADDAM  EVADE THOSE SANCTIONS, 

   the TREASONOUS  DICK CHENEY used  Halliburton's vague (Eastern) Europe SUBSIDIARIES, to skirt the U.S./UN sanctions to  SUPPLY SADDAM with critical  OIL DRILLING equipment,  so Saddam could get his oil economy back up and running!!     


 who have CORRUPTED OUR ENTIRE  United States government...

 ...and they are well on their way to turning our entire American civilian population into either terrorized serfs, or  bullying,  COMMISSAR GULAG SADISTIC, terrorizing  concentration police, brown-shirt thugs, and brutal  camp GUARDS 

- just exactly as the evil jewish bible proscribes the judeo 'elite' commissariat (high priests, kings, and wealthy landlords)  to treat not only enslaved non-jews, but those jews who fall in to DEBT _SLAVERY_ as well...