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BLACKMAIL, Intimidation, EXTORTION, and Bribery: the judeo 'Money Power'/ WAR LOBBY is DRIVING Congress & Government to ATTACK SYRIA, as PRELUDE to ECONOMIC HOLOCAUST, FEMA death-camps, and World War III...

...they just can't help themselves...    the (new testament) bible relates how 2,000 years ago the jewish pharisees, high priests, and other judeo 'leaders'  attempted to STONE  Jesus to death, for the young (30-something), charismatic leader advocating dissent against the absolute dictatorial rule of those jewish, theocratic officials.
   The ruthless and rather sad & awful conspiracy to have Jesus killed ultimately succeeded, of course, but an even more dramatic, if little known (!!)  case of  the JUDEO ELITES  INSTIGATING the  WHOLESALE MURDERS of those around them occurred in 115-117 AD, when jews who had been exiled by the Roman army to Roman colonies in Cypress, Egypt (Alexandria),  Cyrenaica (Libya) and elsewhere along the Mediterranean & North African coasts rose up and  SLAUGHTERED their  Greek and Roman neighbors, with a body-count of nearly 500,000 killed in Cyprus and  Cyrenaica, alone.  
 So it is today,  nearly 2,000 years after the Kitos war,  and the jews still see themselves as a nation and people apart, a tribal/theocratic nation assigned by g-o-d to RULE OVER  all other humans, which, as the jewish bible and (heavens forbid) Talmud very specifically point out,  means that the jews  will control ALL sources of wealth, food, and essential commodities, and their SUBJECT populations will be slaves whose very lives are held entirely at the whim of their judeo masters and
 g-o-d appointed overlords.

  Which brings us to THE topic of  today:  the ABSOLUTE STRANGLEHOLD the judeo war state exerts over America and Europe (and the world financial markets), and especially the BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION of ALL political leaders in the U.S. and European sytems.


 This subject is SO BIG that we can't even grab a hold of it in a dozen hours of trying, so for now, we will just post some links, headlines, and excerpts from MANY DIFFERENT WRITERS  who all touch on the same subject:  CLEARLY, our 'American'  "LEADERS"  are BEING EXTORTED  by the "military industrial/congressional/financial complex"  - i.e. the WARMONGERS, DEBT SLAVERS, TREASURY LOOTERS, and corporate prison-state gulag appartchiks, who as we have attempted to document in 1,000+ blog-posts all seem to answer to the  JUDEO war lobby (which runs the Fed and, via the above mentioned political corruption, bribery, and extortion, our entire U.S. Treasury Department, IRS, and the FBI, CIA, and other federal and state agencies which are dependent on the money flowing through the U.S. financial system.)

 Why hasn’t the US government snatched Ed Snowden yet?
by Jon Rappoport,  Prison  June 27, 2013
...In a related issue, it’s astonishing (to anyone who is awake) that the Congress hasn’t come down on NSA like a ton of bricks.
We should be hearing a grilling like this, directed at NSA head, Keith Alexander:
“Let me get this straight, General Alexander. Snowden captured and stole your most secret data. Anyone of his rank at NSA could have done the same, because you have no security protection against it. And now, with the most sophisticated spying system in the world, you can’t find Snowden. This makes the NSA the most bumbling stumbling trillion-dollar organization in the history of mankind. Can you give me a good reason why we shouldn’t move to de-fund NSA completely and start over from scratch? This is outrageous.”
And that would just be the beginning of the assault.
Yet, that’s not what we’re getting. Instead, so far, we’re hearing a few modest criticisms.
The most obvious answer is, Congress is afraid of the NSA. This bunch of legislators, these crooks and con men and perverts and felonious scum are scared that they’ve been under the NSA spying lens for a long time.
And what could come crawling out of NSA files is terrifying to them.
So they hold still. They take a deep breath. They pray for safety. They go on the attack against Snowden. They fall all over themselves calling Snowden a vile traitor who must be brought to justice.   (cont'd) 
below:  the  "mainstream" media, or at least one 'established' news-paper in England, the U.K. Guardian, comes very, very, very close to naming "THE MONEY POWER":  

 The foreign-financed armed rebellion and the Western-backed opposition to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has been falsely portrayed as a spontaneous uprising of “democracy” activists since violence first broke out more than a year ago. But according to a recent investigation published in the U.K. Guardian, top figures in the “regime-change” coalition — most notably the Syrian National Council (SNC) — have intimate links to the highest ranks of the world elite: the shadowy Bilderberg conference, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Goldman Sachs megabank, billionaire financier George Soros, and, of course, the U.S. government. 
It is all out in the open, too. 

On top of that, the report suggests that much of the war propaganda being used to promote international military intervention and “revolution” is actually slick public-relations gimmicks financed by large tax-exempt foundations and even the governments being asked to intervene. And there is big money behind the spread of the disinformation. Consider the seemingly never-ending reports about “civilian massacres” blamed on the Syrian tyrant — almost always from anonymous “activists” — that continually prove to be exaggerated, fabricated, or even perpetrated by the Western-backed rebels themselves, and then blamed on the regime....
as we have written a thousand times,  "GOLDMAN SACHS Bilderberg, the CFR, JP Morgan (Chase bank),  BoA, the Fed, the London Bullion Market association, the Bank of England, the Euro central bank, the bank of Japan, and the U.S. Treasury's  "Exchange 'Stabilization' Fund" are ALL SYNONYMOUS with the rotschield/judeo global fiat-money DEBT EXTORTION cartel,    and what they mean by "stability"  is allowing their member/partner banks (financial extortion partners in crime)    to PROFIT BY INSIDER TRADING at everyone else's expense....   
  As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts very succinctly spells out in an audio interview with King world financial news, the U.S. government, and U.S. Treasury, are INTENTIONALLY  DESTROYING  market wealth - "shorting" stocks, bonds, funds, precious metals,  and other paper-controlled wealth and real assets -  so  the Big Banks - the insider, connected bankers who are member/owners of the Fed banking cartel -  can profit from INSIDER KNOWLEDGE of  which way the Fed  and/or TREASURY are about to attack  a given market segment that day  with targeted, coordinated BEAR RAIDS,   or currency/bond/stock SHORT SELLING ATTACKS of the type that allowed George Soros and his syndicate to LOOT BILLIONS of dollars of wealth FROM  pasty  British workers, families, savers, and (international)  investors  two decades ago in September 1992 - what we now know today,  is that Soros's  "outsider" financial attack consortium, was almost certainly a part of the INSIDERS  banking cabal LOOTING the public and private investors:  although the Bank of England portrayed itself as  TRYING to "PROTECT" the pound,   BoE  INSIDERS were quite likely to have been "IN" on Soros's  currency attack/specultion.  
     Dr. Roberts proves his assertion, by pointing out how  WHOEVER has been SELLING MASSIVE GOLD CONTRACTS on world markets these past weeks and months (which have terrifically depressed world gold bullion prices)  has been issuing those sell orders at the LEAST TRADED HOURS in the market (i.e. when the New York and London exchanges are closed), and,  instead of selling orders into the market piecemeal, the sellers have been 'DUMPING'  their sales all at one time. 
 BOTH strategies - selling when the market is at its thinnest, and  "DUMPING" massive sell orders, instead of feeding smaller lots in piecemeal -  are completely contrary to what normal sellers do - 'normal sellers'  that is who  want to gain THE MOST FOR THEIR SALES.   
  This is clearly proof that  the sellers are NOT interested in making profits -  their prime motive is to DEPRESS the world gold prices, so the U.S. dollar - 'genocidal BEN' BERNANKE's  "JUDENFETZEN"  increasingly worth-less  'jewish confetti'  'Fed' bankster  notes - looks good in comparison !!   
thereby propping up the [judeo run]  U.S. wars of imperial hegemony on global genocidal insanity...  which,  and here we've actually got a well-informed direct quote on PARASITIC FINANCE!    
 Drl Paul Craig Roberts, former Asst. Treasury secretary (at about  9:30 minutes into audio) "eventually all the money that's being printed finds its way past the banks, and past asset inflation, and get in to consumer inflation. Once that happens the dollar will collapse... and we'll be faced with HYPERINFLATION. And yet, there's NO JOBS.   And of course by then, we won't know what else THE FED will have done to WRECK the remaining private WEALTH.  We know they have already WRECKED  savers dependent on interest income;  if the bond and stock markets go down, there's more wealth lost.  The manipulation of gold market destroys more wealth, so you may end up with a population, their wealth has been largely exhausted, they've got rapidly rising prices,  and NO INCOME, and NO JOBS.  Well, that's total chaos, that's total political instability.  That's what I call 'ARMAGEDDON without NUKES" !!!  

below,  Dr. Roberts, in another article, even makes the direct connection, that  current SECRETARY of STATE JOHN KERRY,  MUST  BE BEING BLACKMAILED (!!!)  it is the only possible excuse he could have for being such a tyrannical,  warmongering global bully intent on helping the judeo war state place AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in charge of Syria....

With Hong Kong, China, Russia, Ecuador, and Cuba refusing to obey the Stasi’s orders, Washington is flailing around making a total fool of itself and its media prostitutes.
Secretary of State John Kerry has been issuing warnings hand over fist. He has threatened Russia, China, Ecuador, and every country that aids and abets Snowden’s escape from the Washington Stasi. Those who don’t do Washington’s bidding, Kerry declared, will suffer adverse impacts on their relationship with the US.
What a stupid thing for Kerry to say. Here is a guy who once was for peace but who has been turned by NSA spying on his personal affairs into an asset for the NSA. Try to realize the extraordinary arrogance and hubris in Kerry’s threat that China, Russia, and other countries will suffer bad relations with the US. Kerry is saying that amerika doesn’t have to care whether “the indispensable people” have bad relations with other countries, but those countries have to be concerned if they have bad relations with the “i

Below:  Paul Craig Roberts -  U.S. & Western political 'leaders' ARE BEING BLACKMAILED by the NSA "Stasi"   mega- electronic spy agency...

With Hong Kong, China, Russia, Ecuador, and Cuba refusing to obey the Stasi’s orders, Washington is flailing around making a total fool of itself and its media prostitutes.
Secretary of State John Kerry has been issuing warnings hand over fist. He has threatened Russia, China, Ecuador, and every country that aids and abets Snowden’s escape from the Washington Stasi. Those who don’t do Washington’s bidding, Kerry declared, will suffer adverse impacts on their relationship with the US.
What a stupid thing for Kerry to say. Here is a guy who once was for peace but who has been turned by NSA spying on his personal affairs into an asset for the NSA. Try to realize the extraordinary arrogance and hubris in Kerry’s threat that China, Russia, and other countries will suffer bad relations with other countries, but those countries have to be concerned if they have bad relations with the “indispensable country.” What an arrogant posture for the US government to present to the world....   (cont'd

  here, in the same article,  Dr. Roberts is even more specific:

The gangster government in Washington that has everything to hide is now in NSA’s hands and will follow orders. The pretense that amerika is a democracy responsible to the people has been exposed. The US is run by and for the NSA. Congress and the White House are NSA puppets.
Let’s quit calling the NSA the National Security Agency. Clearly, NSA is a threat to the security of every person in the entire world. Let’s call the NSA what it really is–the National Stasi Agency, the largest collection of Gestapo in human history. You can take for granted that every media whore, every government prostitute, every ignorant flag-waver who declares Snowden to be a traitor is either BRAINWASHED or BLACKMAILED.  
They are the protectors of NSA tyranny.
They are our enemies.... (cont'd) 


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Senator Chuck Schumer SIMULTANEOUSLY THREATENS RUSSIA... AND AMERICA !! The Judeo Supremacist neo-con "Manchurian Candidate" TRAITOR, wants to BALKANIZE AMERICA with a MASSIVE IMMIGRATION BILL.. in time of STAGNANT WAGES and, indeed, Economic RECESSION/depression! (But NO such "open borders" immigration for ISRAEL... UNLESS you are a white, European jew!)

 When the parents and grand-parents of these below "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE"  jewish "U.S." senators migrated to America,  American freedoms were THE ENVY OF THE WORLD,  especially for those jews who came from DICTATORIAL LANDS like those in Czarist or Communist Russia (or equally repressive European & Eastern European hate-filled nations.)  
  NOW THAT THE JEWS ARE RUNNING AMERICA -  from the BOB RUBIN, LARRY SUMMERS, timmy geithner, JACOB LEW Treasury Department, to the GREENSPAN/BERNANKE 'Fed', to the  LIBBY/Bolten (bush/cheney) or   EMANUEL, LEW  (et al) White House, to all the jews in the U.S. Senate, Con-gress, and America's whore-house corporate press/media,  suddenly "FREEDOMS" are just TOO DANGEROUS  for Americans any more!   

  Senator Lautenberg, below right, even wants to OUTLAW BLACK POWDER, of the type that was often made in backyards and farms to supply Patriot soldiers during the AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR.   
 Leave it to the "oh so smart" Jewish Commissars senators, con-gress critters, and govt. appartchiks:      THEY CAN'T KEEP AMERICA  OUT of a ECONOMIC HOLOCAUST, and they can't keep the C.I.A. &  Netanyahu's Likud/Mossad Crazies from ARMING AL QAEDA IN SYRIA, and MASSACRING CHRISTIANS, DRUZE, SHIITES, and other minorities there...  but they CAN "protect us" Americans from having any freedoms!  

left to right:  schumer:  "WHISTLEBLOWING IS TREASON" - agrees with Nazis & Gestapo!! 
Feinstein: the wicked witch of the west, "AMERICAN gun-owners MUST BE MARCHED TO THE GULAG!'
 levin:    "let's ARM AL QAEDA IN SYRIA, and KILL SOME CHRISTIANS THERE, so we can get PRACTICE killing Christians (and everyone else) here in judeo-ruled Amerika" 

lautenberg:  this creep, in addition to WHITEWASHING the MERCENARY/military/police/bomb-squad PRESENCE at START & FINISH LINE of Boston Marathon (where the bombs went off) -  wants to use that BLACK OPS murder/treason attack as an excuse to OUTLAW BLACK GUNPOWDER in America - taking America BACK to 1775... you know, when the BRITISH ARMY MARCHED TO LEXINGTON & CONCORD, to  SEIZE the Patriot's gunpowder!   CREEPS !!  

we are starting to lose patience with those who do not understand what the "Neo-Con" agenda is - the judeo supremacy, "israel uber alles,'  the  "israel uber AMERIKA"  agenda -  because it is the defining,   most powerful,  clearly overwhelming force in all American politics,  which is to say the 'neo-con' judeo supremacist agenda as run out of Washington D.C. (and New York & City of London financial markets) is the de facto ruling power on earth... and as it METASTASIZES like an out of control cancer, the evil judeo war lobby COMMISSAR APPARTCHIKS  barely take the trouble to HIDE their OVERT CONTEMPT of Americans and American democratic, constitutional, "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY'  rights & freedoms - all SUBORDINATED to the TYRANNICAL (clearly genocidal) judeo supremacist  jewish war lobby agenda...  

   In this case,  the new most prominent "SENATOR FROM TEL AVIV"
(now that  "traitor joe" lie-berthug has departed the senate whore-house)
is CHUCK SCHUMER - and as we reported the other day,   Mr. Schumer made a hardly veiled THREAT AGAINST RUSSIA -  he said  that it was "infuriating" that Russia would provide safe refuge for Edward Snowden - the AMERICAN CITIZEN TRUTH-TELLER "whistle blower" who is now  the #1. "most wanted man" on the evil, judeo Commissar  PURGE list, for the courageous Mr. Snowden risking his life to inform Americans that the NSA has been set up to  SPY ON  EACH AND EVERY phone call, conversation, and business or financial transaction Americans will ever make - because the jews consider non-jews to be SLAVES, and SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS...

Schumer: Russia faces ‘SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES’ if it protects Snowden

    At the same time as is now pretty clear that CHUCK SCHUMER,  every JEWISH SENATOR & every jewish Congress-critter in Con-gress, and the entire  jewish owned press/media propaganda cabal are trying to CRIMINALIZE Americans for dissent,  as they are WAGING WAR  on journalists and a free press in Amerika,  
deep in this video  InfoWars host and publisher Alex Jones let slip another  interesting little tidbit...
  that the treacherous, treasonous, back-stabbing  "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE"  israel UBER amerika  traitor Senator  Chuck Schumer is  also THREATENING  AMERICA and Americans -     with MASSIVE,  illegal alien PROTESTS, if the  atrocious 'Democrat'   IMMIGRATION BILL package is not passed in the House & Senate !!! 

 MR. SCHUMER CARES NO MORE FOR IMMIGRANTS  in America, than he cares for those thousands of Americans  evicted out of their homes by banks agents signing perjured mortgage foreclosure statements....

 Mr. Schumer CARES NO MORE for immigrants, than he cares for his own New York citizens & residents among the   "Occupy Wall Street" PROTESTERS  ARRESTED by evil jew Commissar Mayor michael BLOOMBERG's  NYPD  HEAD-CRACKING PURGE/arrests of  "Occupy" protesters...

Mr. Schumer cares no more for immigrants than he cares for Christians in Syria
(who are being PURGED, massacred, raped, murdered, wiped out by the evil jewish senators'  SUPPORT FOR AL QAEDA in the Netanyahu/CIA  run Al Qaeda PROXY INVASION of Syria);

Mr. Schumer cares no more for immigrants than he cares for Americans who are being TERRIFIED by PINK SLIPS, looted pension funds, and gutted social safety net cutbacks...

  ...indeed, THE SIGNATURE of this evil  'Neo-Con' written immigration package, is that it will put MORE STRESS & BURDEN ON the already stressed-to-breaking-point AMERICAN  social safety net...

  NO, the ONLY THING Mr. Schumer is concerned with, is USING the  IMMIGRATION issue as a WEDGE issue  to further DIVIDE, ANTAGONIZE, and BALKANIZE Americans,
especially those Americans who are already unemployed and looking for work,
(including College Students with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan DEBT)
 as the Neo-Con financial extortionists and puppet-masters encourage MASSIVE NEW IMMIGRATION during a recession... 

   just as HENRY KISSINGER wants to BALKANIZE  Syria,  chop it up in to thousands of inconsequential fragments,  so the evil jew state can continue to SPONSOR CAR BOMBINGS in those Assad controlled factions they, the evil jew war state, don't yet have sway or exert proxy (AL Qaeda!) control over...  

...just like they did in LIBYA,  turning what WAS the HIGHEST INCOME per-capita country IN ALL OF  AFRICA, into a  Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia style BOMBED OUT,  DEATH SQUAD MILITIA run WASTELAND....

 below video:  at approximately 11 minutes, Alex Jones explains the "Corker Amendment" immigration bill amounts to a COMPLETE GUTTING of America's borders... and at 13:38
how (traitor jewish senator) CHUCK SCHUMER  is threatening to (have his jew war lobby)  STAGE MASSIVE PROTESTS to support what would be a NEW WAVE of  massive immigration in America!! 

(but NO non-European jews welcome in traitor schumer's real constituency,  the evil segregationist, apartheid, insanely racist & theocratic despotic jew war state)  

(Neo-Con PUPPET president)  

below: Obama's EVIL JEW PUPPET-MASTERS are SUPPLYING AL QAEDA IN SYRIA to MASSACRE ANY AND EVERYONE - the jews HATE AND DESPISE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, and will play both sides against each other, until the two sides exterminate each other.
  In Syria,  JEW WAR STATE supported SUNNI Al Qaeda TERRORISTS, are MASSACRING  CHRISTIANS wherever they take control -  the jews HATE & DESPISE CHRIST, and  view Christians as IDOLATERS.    So when   EVIL JEW HENRY KISSINGER says he supports the  partition of Syria in to small fragments,  HE IS SUPPORTING the GENOCIDAL MASSACRE, PURGE, and EXTERMINATION of  Syrian Christians... who of course "don't count" because they are not White Europeans...

Under the evil Neo-Con thrall, the U.S. CIA and jew mossad, are SHIPPING  WEAPONS FROM LIBYA, to KILL SYRIANS -  says the EVIL  jew OWNED  ARTHUR SULZBERGER NEW YORK TIMES!! 

"The New York Times reports today that Syrian “rebels” are getting their hands on Libyan stockpiles of weapons that belonged to Colonel Qadaffi. The report states that the arms transfers are largely being financed by Qatar." 

 THE SUPPORT of AL QAEDA MURDERERS IN SYRIA, and the desire to BALKANIZE  BOTH  Syria AND AMERICA,   HAS the political backing of  TRAITOR  Senator CHUCK SCHUMER... and EVERY OTHER  JEWISH senator and con-gress critter!!  

Fighting Al Qaeda by SUPPORTING  AL QAEDA in Syria: the Obama Administration [and its JEWISH PUPPET-MASTERS**]  is a “STATE SPONSOR of TERRORISM" 
 by Prof Michel Chossudovsky,  Global Research  June 22, 2013

A major transition in US counter-terrorism doctrine is unfolding.
While Barack Obama, following in the footsteps of  George W. Bush, remains firmly committed to waging a “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT), his administration is now openly supporting selected rebel units in Syria which are part of the Al Qaeda network.Known and documented, Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, which has covertly supported the “Islamic Terror Network” since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war.
While Al Qaeda is a US sponsored “intelligence asset”, a “New Normal” has been established.
An Al Qaeda affiliated organization, namely Syria’s Al Nusrah, is being supported “overtly” by the US President, rather than “covertly” by the CIA.The support of Al Nusrah, an affiliate of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), is no longer channeled in secrecy as part of a CIA-MI6 covert operation, it  is now being supported –in a semi-official fashion– as part of a US foreign policy agenda. The latter is also part of America’s diplomatic discourse, implemented in consultation with Britain, Canada, Germany and France. Although Al Nusrah was not mentioned explicitly, “support to the Syrian rebels” was the main topic of debate at the June 2013 G-8 meetings in Northern Ireland.
While intelligence covert ops continue to perform an important role, Washington’s support to Al Qaeda in Syria is now “out in the open”, within the public domain. It is no longer part of a secret undertaking. It is part of the mainstay of US foreign policy, carried out under the helm of Secretary of State John Kerry.
“Support to the rebels” is also debated in the US Congress. It is the object of a bill which has already been adopted by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Senator Corker who co-sponsored the bill stated that:
“The future for Syria is uncertain, but the U.S. has a vested interest in trying to prevent an extremist takeover, which poses a very real risk for us and the region,” (emphasis added)
In a twisted logic, the bill purports to prevent “an extremist takeover” by supporting an Al Qaeda terrorist formation.
The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations voted 15-3 in favor of the proposed bill.
Ironically, the pro-Israeli lobby was also actively involved in lobbying in favor of aid to jihadist rebels.
Israel has supported Al Nusrah militarily in areas adjacent to the occupied territories of the Golan Heights.
Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky (left) voted against the bill, warning:
“You will be funding today the allies of al Qaeda” (quoted by RT)Al Qaeda, Osama and “The Blowback”Everybody knows that Al Qaeda is now directly supported by the US government.
The implications are far-reaching. Obama’s decision not only undermines the legitimacy of the “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT), it also casts doubt on the “blowback” thesis.
Moreover, it begs the embarrassing question: Why is the US president supporting Al Nusrah, which is on the US State Department list of terrorist organizations?The CIA refers to the so-called “blowback” thesis whereby  an “intelligence asset”, (i.e. the Islamic jihad) is said to “have gone against its sponsors”; ”
The sophisticated methods taught to the Mujahideen, and the thousands of tons of arms supplied to them by the US – and Britain – are now tormenting the West in the phenomenon known as `blowback’, whereby a policy strategy rebounds on its own devisers. (The Guardian, London, September 15, 2001).

Sunday, June 23, 2013

TREASONOUS JEWISH WAR-PIG Senator CHUCK SCHUMER attempts to EXTORT RUSSIA in his Frenzy to HANG AMERICAN PATRIOT truth-telling NSA illegal SPYING whistleblower Edward Snowden...

 This article proves, that when the EVIL, TREASONOUS  JEW WAR LOBBY  REALLY, REALLY, REALLY  NEEDS to GET SOME DIRTY WORK done... they  can't depend on their "HIRELINGS" -  hired, bribed, & extorted  goy appartchik government officials to do a thorough job of to sticking the knife in the American body politic -  THEY  DO the DIRTY WORK  THEMSELVES.

JEWISH TRAITOR senator Chuck Schumer HEADLINES  THIS WEEK's  judeo COMMISSAR PURGE of American truth-tellers who are courageous enough to BLOW THE WHISTLE on their government's WAR CRIMES and  CRIMES AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE & CONSTITUTION.....

whether  BRADLEY MANNING,  rotting in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in torturous conditions under the JUDEO OCCUPATION  run criminal 'justice' system for EXPOSING COLLATERAL MURDER of civilians in America's occupation/war against Iraq; 

   or    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange forced to live on a cot  under the (potentially) MURDEROUS SIEGE by the U.S. judeo-run government where he is holed up in the Ecuador embassy in London;

   or now EDWARD SNOWDEN,   forced TO FLEE HIS COUNTRY, the late 'United' States of America, for  EXPOSING the  STAZI  SURVEILLANCE GRID that is part of the EVIL,   JEWISH WARS OCCUPATION & ENSLAVEMENT of America...

 or  ANOTHER NSA WHISTLEBLOWER, MICHAEL HASTINGS,  meeting "an untimely death" WHEN HIS CAR BLEW UP... funny thing, the rear end of the car... WHERE THE GAS TANK is located,  is not blown-up, like the front-end is!  
(The engine was blown clean out of the car, and landed a dozen yards away.
In Iran, Syria, and elsewhere,   the ISRAELI jew  mossad TERRORIST murder ASSASSINS have become QUITE EXPERT as PLACING BOMBS ON CARS to kill their victims and terrorize entire nations...)
 (and  this is a jewish, israel,  Haaretz web article saying so !!)
as surely as these mass-murderous War-Pigs are supporting Netanyahu, Mossad, the Likud, and the Israel "Defense" Forces   SUPPLYING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to KILL 90,000 SYRIANS in the past 2 years.... including especially a PURGE OF ALL CHRISTIANS in the Mideast wherever the 'American'  NEO-CON jewish wars stage a new coup or war...  
 in his blood-thristy judeo FRENZY to HANG  America NSA SPYING CRIMES Exposing 'Whistleblower'  Edward Snowden...      
Courageous Mr. Snowden forced to FLEE AMERICA to avoid the EVIL JUDEO COMMISSAR TORTURE gulag, wars,  & MASS-MURDER PURGES.... 
by Alexander Bolton,  The Hill June 23, 2013  

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the third-ranking Senate Democratic leader, said Sunday that Russia will face “serious consequences” if it harbors Edward Snowden, who has been charged with espionage.
“What’s infuriating here is Prime Minister [Vladimir] Putin of Russia abetting Snowden’s escape,” Schumer said in a CNN “State of the Union” interview. “I think it will have serious consequences for the United States-Russia relationship.”  [judeo Appartchik global crime syndicate  TERRORIST  Chuck Schumer THREATENS.] 
Snowden, a former employee of Booz Allen Hamilton who leaked classified materials related to the National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance operations, has been charged with several counts of espionage.
He initially fled to Hong Kong but took a flight to Moscow Sunday morning after U.S. officials requested his extradition by Hong Kong authorities.
Schumer said Putin likely approved Snowden’s flight to Russia and certainly knew of it.
Full story here.

  CHUCK  SCHUMER is a TREASONOUS  JEWISH GESTAPO NAZI pig,  invoking "STATE SECURITY UBER ALLES"  to CRIMINALIZE  any Americans  courageous enough to EXPOSE GOVERNMENT CRIMES in the ever increasing evil judeo run  COMMISSAR PRISON GULAG TERROR &  REPRESSION system,
which of course works hand-in-glove with both the jewish run 
'judenfetzen'  "FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS = DEBT SLAVERY FOR EVERYONE ELSE"   criminal "Fed" economy killing financial extortion system;

which in turn works hand-in-glove with (financing) the ever expanding JEWISH WARS...

 ...the ever expanding Jewish (run American manned & financed) Wars,
the ever expanding  judeo COMMISSAR PRISON STATE TERRORISM/gulag system,
and the  CRIMINAL, jewish-run 'FED'  banking/financial  fiat money debt extortion system,

are all three facets of the same unholy,  anti-humanity pyramid of control, extortion, repression, terrorism... and genocidal mass-murder extermination.

(And you can throw in judeo control of the entire American corporate press/media for the base, or  fourth facet of that tyranical pyramid that rules America, and, increasingly, the world,,  like a  "work them to death and then dispose of them"  concentration camp SLAVE COLONY.)


  That's why first RAHM EMANUEL and then  JACOB LEW were Obama's  WHITE HOUSE CHIEF's of STAFF... because "goy" William Daley, who replaced Rahm Emanuel
(after Obama could no longer stand the vulgar jewish supremacist Emanuel running the entire White House as his own private fiefdom) 
 may have been a top-notch financial rapist of the "U. Chicago Free Markets = license to corruption" genre
(specifically, Daley is a charter member of the  Chicago institutionalized graft, kickbacks, extortion, and corruption Daley gang, closely connected to the East Coast, NY, Boston, D.C., & Ivy League corruption cartel)   
but  Daley could hardly be depended on to  ram the "ISRAEL UBER AMERIKA"   EXPANDING WARS and  PRISON GULAG POLICE STATE terrorism agenda down American throats
(and, in particular,  down "liberal Democratic" and minority voters' throats)  
 as blatant  judeo supremacists Emanuel and Lew could do.

  (Current White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough  may appear to be an exception to this rule, except that McDonough is another fundamentalist Catholic of the same school as blatantly Republican U.S. Supreme Court Chief  Justice  John Roberts and even more fundamentalist, OPUS DEI Catholic  Antonin Scalia.    Opus Dei Catholics are  super-fundamentalists who come pretty close to believing the  INQUISTION ERA DOGMA, that  since Mother Church is GUIDED DIRECTLY by the will OF GOD in heaven.... it must therefore be infallible.
     Whether Obama's WHCos McDonough is a rabid Opus Dei fundamentalist we can't ascertain
(this Catholic website lists his many close ties to the Catholic Church including two brothers who are priests)
 but what is certain is the McDonough is  NO "liberal" in the restraint of  the official government use of MASS-MURDER
 i.e. McDonough is a proponent of waging "JUST WAR,"  of which the Catholic Church has a several hundred years  brutal & mass-murderous  record, of of which concept - "just war" - is a wishy-washy NEO-CON 'Democrat'  recitation of  George W. Bush's  blatant "kill anyone we want"  'PRE-EMPTIVE WAR'  doctrine,  of which ADOLF HITLER  proudly deserves  prior credit.)

  THE JEWISH TRAITORS and their hired & extorted government officials - whether 'Democrat' or Republican - DO NOT BELIEVE in FREEDOM OF SPEECH, they DO NOT BELIEVE in HUMAN RIGHTS, they  believe in SLAVERY as it is spelled out in the bible,

     who use their POWER in close proximity to the U.S. government, to PURGE and TERRORIZE honest Americans, and to turn ALL Americans not closely connected to the evil jew War Lobby
(first requirement: BE a SADISTIC GHOUL to your fellow Americans)  in to pink-slipped paupers,
pension-funds looted cat-food eaters, and terrorized, extorted slaves...


 bonus: the evil judeo commissar / judeo financier ENSLAVEMENT of Amerika DECODED:  
  $400 MILLION for ONE  NEW PRISON being built in Pennsylvania...  while Philadelphia, alone, is FORCED TO CLOSE 23 SCHOOLS.  
$85 BILLION per MONTH in FREE MONEY from 'the Fed'  for  Genocidal Ben Bernanke's  judeo bankster bosses...  DEBT SLAVERY & PRISONS for ordinary AMERICANS...

 Philadelphia Closes 23 Schools, NEW  $400  Million PRISON Being Built


  So you thought the very jewish PAUL KRUGMAN is a "liberal"? 

  Well,  despite branding himself a "liberal"
(he even calls his Jew York Times website "the Conscience of a Liberal" (sic))

  and despite working at the so-called "liberal"  jewish owned Arthur Sulzberger New York Times,

Krugman is a TYPICAL JEWISH NAZI:   like Adolf Hitler, he believes in "CREATING JOBS" for his fellow countrymen... by WAGING WAR and dropping bombs and firing machine-guns bullets at  other poor schmucks...   as  "STIMULUS SPENDING."

    JEWS  ARE RAISED, from the time they start learning to speak,  to applaud the GENOCIDAL bible  judeo CONQUEST AND MASS-EXTERMINATION of  Canaan,
the so-called "promised land" -

 THAT notion of  "the RIGHT' to EXTERMINATE OTHERS"  become so ingrained in them, that it  becomes  the essence of their dark, humanity hating,  anti-American souls...

link (and here) "once you strip away all the B.S., it turns out that Nobel Laureate  [retch!] Paul Krugman, Keynesian par excellence and darling of the Wonk Left, is essentially pushing for war as the ultimate Keynesian stimulus solution.

 The above Krugman critic also gives a TEXTBOOK EXPOSE of the   JEWISH MEDIA  _PURGING_  Critics of... the insane, WAR-PIMPING,  HUMANITY DESPISING, torture loving,  economies killing, AMERICANS & CHRISTIANS HATING, AMERICAN ENSLAVING 
 evil, global crimes-against-humanity syndicate, the judeo millionaires & billionaires owned press/media:   

"For pointing this out, I got slimed by the Krugman Defense Industry (KDI)" [and all but PURGED from "mainstream media" attention]   
"And the response—i.e., the sliming—by the KDI was pretty severe and swift, considering that at the time, I was a lowly blogger with not much of a following..." 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Judaism - THE GREAT EVIL - Is Upon Us. The LAST Roadblocks to U.S. ATTACK on SYRIA are being OVER-RUN & DEMOLISHED as we speak... = EXPANDING WARS, "BLOWBACK" Terror Attacks which will trigger POLICE STATE REPRESSION (FULL MARTIAL LAW), and the COMPLETE Institutionalization of OVERT SLAVERY in America: the DHS/Fema PRISON Camp GULAGS & Summary EXECUTION DEATH CAMPS...

 IT IS TOO LATE:  WE ARE ALL expendable, cannon-fodder, human-meat  SLAVES on the judeo Plantation,  and, as we speak, the TREASONOUS appartchiks and sell-out TRAITORS in 'our' government are DEMOLISHING the last roadblocks to...

#1.  U.S. attacks on  (and/or INVASION OF)  Syria (and here, and here

#2.  which is the BACK-DOOR the  EVIL JEW WAR-PIGS have been LUSTING FOR to get the U.S. to attack their  real target - IRAN.     The judeo war lobby  Neo-Cons have been wet-dreaming about a U.S. attack on Iran for at least 2 decades now...

   and the judeo war cabal have
(high priests, wealthy/powerful merchants & financiers, and 'secular' academics 'scholars;, and 'think-tank' writers, etc.)  collectively been LUSTING TO ATTACK IRAN (as a proxy stand in for Babylon or Persia)  for nearly 3,500 years,  ever since the Babylonian army under King Nebuchadneezer attacked and conquered Jerusalem (in 597 BC), massacred thousands of jews, and drove the survivors off as captured slaves during the "Babylonian captivity." 

   The jewish religion - which is drenched in blood, and worships a "god' who demands frequent and massive blood sacrifices -  has had a 3,500 year schizophrenia since the Babylonian conquest & captivity:
A.) On the one hand,  the jews  knew that they were the SUPREME PEOPLE on earth - because 'the holy bible' tells them they had been "chosen" by ALMIGHTY 'god' to RULE over lesser humans...
B.) on the other hand, the fact that "god almighty" had ALLOWED first the Assyrians, and then the Babylonians to CONQUER and enslave the jewish people,  "must" have meant that the jews had  fallen out of "god's" favor.

  IN THE DEMONIC, bronze-age outlook of the judeo 'leadership' and their religious indoctrination,  KILLING ENOUGH  PERSIANS (Iranians, as stand-in  sacrificial victims for Babylonians)  today, in the 21st century,  will CONFIRM to the jews today that they are once again "god's chosen" not only _theoretically_ in the pages of the bible,  but in actual fact - wielding not just covert, but overt judeo supremacy throughout not just Occupied Palestine, but through all of  "eratz israel"  'greater  israel'  to present day Iraq... and to Persia, and to Arabia, Afghanistan, and throughout the entire Middle East, North Africa,  Central Asia, and everywhere.

(Yes, we know this is insane..  but as the 1,000+ posts on this blog attest, the  judeo supremacist OCCUPATION of AMERICA  is ALREADY systemic,  in-your-face, mass-murderous,  economy-killing, civil- and human-rights crushing,  and overt -  if you do not discount the facts, videos, pictures, and stories that stare you in the face every time you read the 'news' or watch 'your' government conduct its increasingly dictatorial, destructive, warmongering, police-state, monopoly concentration of wealth and  GROSS INEQUALITY  business.)  

   And of course, the jews being as BLOODTHIRSTY and remorseless as their relentlessly bloodthirsty and vengeful god (whom they model themselves on), the RESTORATION of  judaism as the ACTUAL, FACTUAL  RULING PEOPLE of planet earth, will be "celebrated" by a MASSIVE BLOOD-LETTING - the KILLING of  at least a MILLION Iranians, to make the Iraq war look like a tea party in comparison.  
Hell, the evil jew war state has already killed nearly 1/10th of a million Syrians in a PROXY war - and that is a low-ball estimate.

#3.  The Syria attacks, alone (without even waiting for the U.S./jew-war-state attacks on Iran)  will almost certainly provoke  BACKLASH  terror attacks here in the United States... what the  covert/intel world calls  "BLOWBACK" attacks... 

#4.    Those  "blowback" TERROR ATTACKS  IN the U.S.A. will be the  "incident(s)" the  treasonous government appartchiks need, to proceed with

#5.  much of the economy will GRIND TO A HALT for those in the wrong place at the wrong time - you will have NO customers if your neighborhood is "LOCKED DOWN"  by the evil judeo/police invasion/siege, you'll be lucky to get food and water if the police cordon surrounds your community...

#6.   PROTESTS will effectively be TREATED AS TREASON:  merely protesting will mark you a "TERRORIST SUPPORTER,"  and you can be whisked away to "DISAPPEAR" in the gulag system - until the judeo traitors or their hired, SADISTIC  appartchiks running the system decide to let your family know your whereabouts...  IF  you aren't gunned down or tortured to death immediately...

#7.  The above IS THE DESIRED OUTCOME, the  GOAL, of the TREASONOUS Neo-Con appartchiks who have filled and taken over our government positions in the decades since public support for  Civil Rights, human rights, and a peaceful, productive economy have been diminished, demeaned, degraded, and destroyed under the relentless judeo financier and judeo press/media propagandists' sneering "death of 1,000 cuts."

    This is not fantasy or merely "conspiracy theory" on our part:  the jewish bible EXPLICITLY instructs jews that they (their elites) are entitled to ENSLAVE  other human beings - not only foreigners and non-jews, but EVEN FELLOW JEWS may be ENSLAVED for... get this...  for   DEBTS!!   

Leviticus 25:44-46 
44 Both thy bondmen [SLAVES!], and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.  [judeo wealthy elites can ENSLAVE EVERYONE around them !! ] 45 Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession.  [IF jews see "foreigners" walking around... they may call out the police/mercenary goon squad, and  ENSLAVE those "alien" people right on the spot! ] 46 And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour.   [ SLAVERY shall be UNTO PERPETUITY for those captured and held "in servitude" by the evil jew war-pigs !!] 

   And in the deranged world-view of conservative, orthodox, and 'religious' jews, the instructions of the bible - including those on the administration of slavery - are not just "instructions" to be followed at your convenience, like a stop sign at a deserted intersection, but are viewed as "direct COMMANDS from god" -  all jews seek to become wealthy and prosperous, and the sign of a wealthy and prosperous jew is to have many "servants" - "servants" is a modern euphemism for SLAVES, so being "in god's grace" is  synonymous with attaining wealth... and owning slaves

  So, cut through the decades of middle-class American (and European) judeo "we support human rights" propaganda narrative designed to CAMOUFLAGE their real agenda,  hard-core Orthodox  and elitist jews are CONTEMPTUOUS of human rights, and advocate a system BUILT ON GROSS INEQUALITY that moves as closely to "god ordained" SLAVERY as is politically possible...

 THIS ideology IS THE AXIS, the CORE, upon which judaism is built!

  That the judeo elites" are ENTITLED to  ENSLAVE EVERYONE around them,  especially foreigners and aliens (non-jews)  BUT fellow, less successful or less ambitious (or less well connected!)  JEWS AS WELL.

     It is for precisely this reason that the judeo war-state could never become an empire in ancient times:  the judeo elites were TOO PREDATORY and  parasitic of THEIR OWN FELLOW JEWS (much less foreigners) to ever field enough manpower to take on the really mighty empires of their day - most of which featured combined, multi-national armies - ENSLAVED MEN do NOT fight as well as those with status and stake in their society,  see "the Decline & Fall of Rome."

 The Egyptian, Hittite, Babylonian, Phoenician, and especially Persian empires willingly adopted foreigners and mercenary allies as their kingdoms attempted to expand in to empires.
   Despite 3,500 years of jews wailing about "INTOLERANCE" at the hands of others, they are actually more intolerant than all the above empires!

  "But the jews conquered Canaan against vast opposition... and under David and Solomon, Israel (judea) became a proto-empire"  you say...    

Well, true enough... but that conquest occurred at a time when neither the Egyptian nor Hittite empires held sway in the Canaan Valley,  and with some good strategy and some good luck, the jews were able to pick off their opponents one at a time.
 And just as important, that was the whole point of  Moses leading the jews  in circles through the desert for 40 years:  nomadic life (especially in a desert) is a harsh and brutal life, so  after decades, all males inured to those nomadic hardships could easily be converted to  warriors - just like Bedouins, nomadic American Indians, and nomadic Mongol horsemen  all made fierce warriors.
Immediately upon the jews becoming SEDENTARY - settled in Jerusalem or other cities and towns - the judeo elites'  NATURAL INCLINATION is to GET OTHERS TO DO THEIR WORK - to become wealthy and own slaves -  led  to a 'soft'  male population that has to be trained and conditioned before becoming warriors - an inefficient model to base an empire on.


    As we have tried  to outline above, under the EVIL, TREASONOUS influence of the despicable  WAR LOBBY JEWS,    our American police forces are already,
steadily being groomed to be as ruthless, BRUTAL, and OPPRESSIVE as  CONCENTRATION CAMP GUARDS 
were in death camps in Germany and in Nazi occupied Europe & Eastern Europe...

 ...just as  the evil jewish war state is 
NOW TORTURING, abusing, and being SADISTIC to
arrested Palestinian youths. 


 regarding our fellow AMERICANS not merely  as "potential" terrorists...
mini- CONCENTRATION CAMP... a "free speech zone" at the
2004  DEMOCRAT presidential candidate  Con-vention in jew ruled NY City! 

...but   actually treating our American friends and fellow citizens AS TERRORISTS  for EXPOSING CRIMES  ("whistelblowers" accused of TREASON)  in the ever expanding USA/judeo wars,  for exposing CRIMES in the police/intel state,  and for exposing CRIMES in Congress, finance, and government corruption -

   and EVEN THE ACT OF PROTEST  is coming to be DEFINED AS TERRORISM  by  our EVIL  jew OVERLORDS and their BRIBED, BOUGHT-OFF,  TREASONOUS, and anti-American judges, legislators, cops,  media-whores, and ruling class parasites!!  

 below cartoon:  "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" -    the HATRED of the Cheney-Bush presidency was actually the pure, unadulterated HATRED, ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, and WRECKAGE of the NEO-CON, which is to say JEWISH PUPPET MASTERS behind Bush & Cheney....

  all of which destructive, larcenous, warmongering,  SADISTIC,  dictatorial, police-state,  repressive, autocratic, democracy-crushing, CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH = gross inequality  policies are (except for the immediate 2008 war against Iran, had John McCain been elected president as cheney/bush's successor)  the POLICIES OF the BARACK OBAMA  presidency and  'Democrats"  in senate & Con-gress  TODAY...  


  Just look at those images of  BLACK WATER  MERCENARY GUNMEN  patrolling New Orleans streets after Hurricane Katrina destroyed billions of dollars of New Orleans property...  were the gunmen "protecting" DESTROYED PROPERTY??    HELL NO!!

They were there for one reason, and one reason only:  to INTIMIDATE and TERRORIZE minority  New Orleans residents who were too poor to flee in advance of the hurricane's  landfall.

coming to your neighborhood soon:  the nightmare being visited on Afghans and across the Mideast in the usa/judeo wars there - hired gunmen with license to kill with impunity - about to be unleashed all across America...

    ANTI-AMERICAN Brutality  that has the tacit and active support of  our entire  criminal 'justice' system & legal system,
that has the support of  OUR BOUGHT-OFF & BRIBED legislators, congress-critters, presidents, and politicians;   an ANTI-AMERICAN HATE-FEST that has the willing support of
the TREASONOUS  jewish owned corporate "major media."

 Examples from today's recent news:  A Tennessee state Water Department bureaucrat THREATENED PARENTS at a county meeting,  parents who were concerned that their children were drinking contaminated, carcinogenic drinking water...    with threats of DHS  GESTAPO INTIMIDATION style investigations  into their citizen protests  as "acts of terrorism," for parents being concerned  about the  potentially poisonous drinking water their children are forced to drink!  

  How does the above  headline and story not remind one of Ludwig Borne's comment from over 100 years ago, in the mid 1800s, that the Rothschilds global debt extortion financiers  were "a nation's WORST ENEMIES...  They have done more than any to UNDERMINE the FOUNDATIONS of FREEDOM"  in support of the AUTOCRATS whose complicity they obtain by BRIBERY, in return for granting massive state loans that will be extorted (principle and interest) out of the taxpayers of those nations for decades to come...

below headline:  In this horrific 12 page story, not by an "anti-government protest group" but by a bicycle enthusiast magazine, the writer outlines an arrest and lawsuit resulting from  a town's raging police officer trying to  RAM  two bicyclist for having the temerity to ride through his town - then tasering one of the bicyclists when the policeman finally swung his cruiser in front of them, what looked to the bicycle riders as the terrifying scene unfolded of being shot at by a handgun.

  The above stories are just the tip of the iceberg of POLICE BRUTALITY in American,  but what is truly chilling about these stories, is that the POLICE  are ALMOST ALWAYS BACKED UP  by the ENTIRE  U.S. & state & local governments... and the entire  corporate press/media... which is  up & down the line OWNED by despicable, treasonous, treacherous  anti-American freedoms  judeo supremacist financiers.

  Don't believe us??   Look at this horrible story:

The F.B.I. Deemed Agents FAULTLESS in... 150 Shootings   [!!!] 
Charlie Savage and Michael S.Schmidt  The New York Times
June 19, 2013

After contradictory stories emerged about an F.B.I. agent’s killing last month of a Chechen man in Orlando, Fla., who was being questioned over ties to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, the bureau reassured the public that it would clear up the murky episode.
“The F.B.I. takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents, and as such we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally,” a bureau spokesman said.
But if such internal investigations are time-tested, their outcomes are also predictable: from 1993 to early 2011, F.B.I. agents fatally shot about 70 “subjects” and wounded about 80 others — and every one of those episodes was deemed justified, according to interviews and internal F.B.I. records obtained by The New York Times through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.
The last two years have followed the same pattern: an F.B.I. spokesman said that since 2011, there had been no findings of improper intentional shootings.
Full story here.

 The above story essentially means that our American 'elites' have conferred  LICENSE TO KILL to government agents armed with guns... whether police, FBI,  or, heavens forbid,  the on-rushing DHS COMMISSARS and Blackwater mercenaries  once the  treasonous Black Ops Neo-Cons start setting off  the BIG  terror attacks they lust for in  our doomed American cities...


p.s.  note how the  despicable, TREASONOUS  very jewish owned & run Arthur Sulzberger NEW YORK TIMES  handles the above story:  they have just written and published a news story  reporting on the FBI  SHOOTING 150 Americans, without  a single instance of wrongful shooting,

 So...the editors & publisher of the Times CAN SAY that they have  REPORTED on the issue...
 but it goes NO FARTHER THAN THAT... there is no call for further action,   NO further NYT investigating or reporting on the issue,

 and the overall  JUDEO  POLICE  STATE DICTATORSHIP,  that  the American public MUST COWER before the  "agents of the law" armed with guns.... is quietly RATCHETED UP ANOTHER NOTCH.

 The ONLY  complaint the jews have with Hitler's Nazi death camps, is that THEY WEREN'T RUNNING THEM, for THEIR enemies...  the way Palestinian children accused of "TERRORIST" protests,  are LOCKED UP FOR LIFE, subject to lifetimes of  TORTURE AND ABUSE by their EVIL  slave-owning judeo jailers and sadistic tormentors...

  the MODEL the EVIL, TREASONOUS, TRAITOROUS judeo elites  are LUSTING  TO IMPOSE  here in America, the doomed, today....



 - below:  GOOGLE is just AN ARM OF the U.S. Government -  and the U.S. government is JUST A WHOLLY CAPTURED ARM, or colony, or subsidiary, of the JUDEO WAR STATE... 

  The Google search function algorithms and hardware were based on the C.I.A. and NSA's  data storage and retrieval models... which have been "PRIVATIZED" under Google's effective targeted advertisements based corporate structure.

  Using  "the war on terror"  ushered in when the TREASONOUS  Netanyahu/Sharon  Neo-Cons who had INFESTED the highest levels of the U.S. government under Bush, Cheney,  (and Clinton and now Obama administrations)   ALLOWED the well known 9-11 hijack plots to PROCEED UNMOLESTED, (that is, the treasonous, insidious SABOTAGE of America's _genuine_  national security)

 the  JUDEO WAR STATE is now actively SPYING on every human on earth, using the massive funding of the U.S. government and the entire  American economy to fund their jihad to "liquidate," annihilate, exterminate, and wipe-out all those they determine to be "USELESS MOUTHS,"
  aka  'potential' TERRORISTS...

      i.e.,  all humans who aren't of some monetary value to them,  the  Casino Gulag nuclear-armed, genocidal   judeo would-be slave plantation owners...


 double-bonus:    "they think they are so smart" -  the EVIL  NEO-CONS  & jews RUNNING AMERICA's  overseas "war(s) on terror"   clearly feel that they are JUST LIKE "god" -  just like the  "god" of the bible, who KILLS, KILLS, KILLS  relentlessly, remorselessly, without compassion or regret -   the jews runnning the War on Terror are invoking the doctrine of the Catholic/Spanish Inquisition:  "MOTHER CHURCH IS led BY GOD, and is therefore INFALLIBLE"

     The U.S. government and  EVIL jew owned corporate media, NEVER APOLOGIZES for our drone missiles  KILLING  INNOCENT VICTIMS - the EVIL JEWS have become AS SADISTIC as MASS-MURDEROUS  concentration camp DEATH CAMP GUARDS...

The RISE of THE KILLER DRONES:  How America GOES TO WAR in SECRET [i.e.,  How America's  DIABOLICAL, INSANE gov't. "war on terror"  APPARTCHIKS  MURDER and KILL  with IMPUNITY] by the late Michael Hastings,  Rolling Stone Magazine

  the JUDEO OWNED  Obama/Democrat administration (and 'Democrats' in Con-gress)   WAGING WAR on AMERICAN citizens... on AMERICAN  'whistleblower' CITIZENS  BRAVE ENOUGH to RISK THEIR LIVES   EXPOSING  Obama 'Democrats'  and the REPUBLICAN Parties'     treasonous collusion in   CRIMES against American citizens and our Constitutional rights:

NSA whistle-blower revealed as Edward Snowden, 29-year-old ex-CIA employee source of the intelligence leaks that revealed the National Security Agency's massive domestic surveillance program last week was identified on Sunday by the Guardian andWashington Post as Edward Snowden, a soft-spoken 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of NSA defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.
Snowden, a Hawaii resident who was interviewed by the U.K. newspaper in his hotel room in Hong Kong where he is hiding, said he has no regrets about going public—even if he [FORCED BY THE EVIL  JUDEO WAR-PIGS and their HIRED PUPPETS]  never sees his family again."I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things," Snowden said. "I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under. ... I can't in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building."