Thursday, May 30, 2013

TREASON: 71 Senators VOTE AGAINST American Consumers' RIGHT TO KNOW About the FOOD on their tables... CORRUPT Senators vote FOR the MONSANTO debt-money/Big Finance / biologically TOXIC food EXTORTION CARTEL...

 At last we're getting somewhere...  a number and names, in simple black and white, which shows that  the ELITES in government and media are in COMPLETE, treasonous  CONTEMPT of tens (upon hundreds) of millions of American citizens... 

 Here it is, America... in black & white, in terms that even "Harvard graduates" George W. Bush and Barack "I hear no evil, see no evil, and heavens forbid, speak no evil against my CORPORATE FINANCIAL RAPISTS PAY-MASTERS" **   Obama can understand: 
**  (and here - by one of his own "liberal" supporter mouthpieces!) 

  #1. the senators, con-gress critters, and presidents of the United States (of America) government  DO NOT REPRESENT  American voters... they represent the "BIG MONEY DONORS," 
"the money power"  who have an insanely evil advantage... they own the 'banks' that run the printing-presses that print the dollars that everyone else   (including the wholly captured U.S. gov't.)  must use!

note:  (This is a page from the JEWISH WRITTEN SCRIPT, to the jewish/Hollywood produced blockbuster movie, "Charlie Wilson's War" 2005... "they" are so arrogant, that if you actually pay attention to what they are saying.. the will eventually let slip their absolute contempt for Americans and American democracy!)  

 "but Congressmen aren't elected by voters... THEY'RE ELECTED BY   CONTRIBUTORS, and mine are in New York, Florida, and Hollywood, because [I am] ISRAEL's [the perpetual judeo war state's]  MAN on  the [Capitol] HILL" 

#2.    the TRAITORS in the 'United' States senate, think that their next CAMPAIGN 'donation'  (legalized BRIBE money!)   from bio-war, genocidal Big Finance Ag giant MONSANTO corporation, is far more important than the RIGHT of AMERICAN food consuming families,  to KNOW WHAT THEY ARE eating and feeding their children  !!!

 There it is:  your bribed, bought-off, extorted, and terrorized senators and con-gress critters will do back-flips, contortions, and twist their rhetoric like pretzels, to make what Americans DON'T want seem like  'the will of  the people"  in a "popular democracy"


 bonus!  Another story NAMING  _your_ SENATOR SELL-OUT  TRAITORS to the "big money"  POISON FOOD selling corporate junta -

Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto

by Anthony Gucciardi,
May 29th, 2013

Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can help Monsanto slide its icy tentacles into the food chain, then there’s some financial tip available to you. Thankfully, many such ties can be exposed through some data digging, and thanks to diligent readers who send comprehensive news tips and other researchers out there, we now have an extensive list of politicians getting paid cold hard cash from GMO juggernaut Monsanto.
Keep in mind these are the figures we know, which means that behind the scenes expect these numbers to multiply extensively. But what is most amazing is that these politicians just don’t care that you know they’re receiving thousands of dollars from Monsanto! They sweep it under the carpet, but they are openly taking money from this corporation that has been caught running ‘slave-like’ rings and disregarding public health. We’re talking about a corporation that primarily aided in the creation of Agent Orange — the Vietnam-era chemical weapon that killed over 400,000 people and led to 500,000 plus birth defects.
Looking at these figures, over $260,000 was openly pumped into the House, and $122,000 was pumped into the Senate. And again, this is openly. I’m speculating, but I would imagine the real number to easily be in the millions.
 Can you imagine how much they must pay these 
[INSANELY CORURPT,  puppets-to-financial-criminals,  ACCOMPLICES to CORPORATE MEDIA  poison-propagandists]
 politicians to shoot down GMO labeling bills that 90 plus percent of the entire country wants (cont'd)


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