Monday, May 13, 2013

So-called "LIBERAL' PHIL MAHER caught in act - of being a RACIST, _genocidal_ WAR-PIG, spouting DICK CHENEY & George W. Bush 'Neo-Con" Talking Points !!!

BRAVO FOR GLEN GREENWALD !!  (who, btw, is jewish) -   FINALLY SOME SANITY from "liberal" American jews starts creeping  (back, slowly) in to the discourse and national conversation?

    In this case, Mr. Greenwald  - who we have criticized in the past for SOFT-PEDALING if not sugar-coating  the extent to which  JUDEO SUPREMACY is CLEARLY driving  not only America's expanding wars and 'foreign policy' but  EVERY aspect of American life
 (AIPAC, UJA, and the other jewish supremacist lobbies are the undisputed most powerful interest group in Washington... and America)    

...including especially the wholesale  "NEO-CON"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST HIJACKING  of  the entire  late "liberal Democratic Party"....

 In this below video, Mr. Greenwald courageously and defiantly CONFRONTS  JUDEO WAR-LOBBY PROPAGANDA mouthpiece and SHILL    PHI MAHER - who, while pretending to be a "liberal,"  is actually spouting the  Neo-Con talking points "those people" -  Muslims in the Mideast - "are all just naturally VIOLENT & MURDEROUS"  -  aka terrorists! - that we expect to hear out of the most rabidly pro-war Republicans and judeo war-lobby dominated 'think tanks':

 Phil Maher works for HBO  (Home Box Office) - a wholly owned subsidiary of
  the very jewish WARMONGERING,  ATROCITIES instigating & whitewashing  cnn/TIME/Warner Bros.   JUDEO SUPREMACISTS   wars, assassinations, & drone-bombings  pimping HOLLYWOOD Media   PROPAGANDA EMPIRE  

  h/t Prison Planet for this fine catch - and to whomever distilled the Greenwald/Maher video down to its essence: 

  Here, the LYING, WARMONGERING judeo supremacist 'Neo-Con' 'entertainment'  HIRELING   PHIL MAHER  is caught  WHOLESALE GRABBING  ARGUMENTS that  DICK CHENEY, GEORGE W. BUSH, and other radical Right-Wing Republican supporters used to justify the U.S. invasion of  Iraq in 2003:
  Phil Maher:    "It's NOT OUR FAULT...  WE did NOT GO IN TO EGYPT... we wound up with the Muslim Brotherhood"  
 PHIL, YOU LYING PIG - the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is FUNDED, FINANCED, and INSTIGATED by the SAUDIS,  Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, and other ruthless SUNNI GULF ARAB theocratic DESPOTS -   

The CENTERPIECE of  American AND JUDEO  (israeli!)  policy FAVORS  these THEOCRATIC DESPOTS, over genuine democracy in the region, for the simple reason that it is easier to get away with FINANCIAL RAPE (resource extraction - i.e. cheap oil) of  a foreign nation's assets,   if you only have to BRIBE a small group of ruthless autocrats, kleptocrats, and mass-murderous theocratic oligarchs  who run the joint with MASS MURDEROUS,  usa & jew-war-state backed impunity !!!