Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Senate TRAITORS vote UNANIMOUSLY FOR the JUDEO 3,500 year war lust driven WAR AGAINST IRAN....

Senate TRAITORS vote UNANIMOUSLY  to give the insane Netanyahu / judeo-supremacist  driven judeo war state a free hand to wage their   3,500 year lust to ATTACK, invade, conquer & destroy Iran...
 transferring AMERICA's congressional OBLIGATION to declare war, to the insanely racist and delusional leader of the world's  #1. pariah state..
     AMERICA + israel  are  NUCLEAR BULLIES waging  genocidal wars against Syria, Iran,  and  every nation on earth...** 
  and, even more insane,  America's leaders have effectively declared that  FIVE MILLION jews in israel... are far, far, far  MORE IMPORTANT than THREE HUNDRED MILLION+ AMERICANS   in America.

Showing how completely the  'United' States Con-gress and Senate cowards and traitors have been bought-off, bribed, extorted, and taken over by the evil judeo "money power" - whose stock-in-trade has been bribery, extortion, ruthless, competition- & economies-killing monopolies &  war profiteering for well over 200 years -
  - America's TREASONOUS  SENATORS effectively hand the Constitutional  power to DECLARE WAR OVER TO... the  Netanyahu/Likud blatantly racist, insanely theocratic jews in the perpetual, "commanded by god to ENSLAVE and EXTERMINATE our enemies"  perpetual judeo war state...    (see our previous post)... 

** note: we were not exaggerating when we wrote "Americans are now waging genocidal wars against...every nation on earth" 
    -  the below headline illustrates how the U.S. Treasury Department - the entire U.S. government!! - is nothing but a HATCHET-MAN  EXTORTION BULLY and loan-shark enforcer for the very private bankers behind the so-called 'Federal' Reserve...

   The Fed banksters have ENGINEERED the economic CRISIS IN EUROPE, because the "Bailouts" there are NOT to "save" the European economies... no, the "BAILOUTS" are engineered for one reason only, to PAPER OVER the WHOLESALE THEFT of global wealth, by Ben Bernake's  "JUDENFETZEN" money-printing -  FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS, which the U.S. Treasury, ECB (European CENTRAL BANK)  and Bank of England then  STICK TO TAXPAYERS as "government debt"  - DEBT    that "must be paid back... at interest."

  This is PURE GENOCIDAL EXTORTION, akin to killing the buffalo herds to drive the native American 'Indian' tribes on to de facto concentration camp, godforsaken (worst, least hospitable land on the plains)  'Reservations" just over 120 years ago...

US THREATENS UK Not to Pull Out of EU

  below:   the JEWISH (aaron sorkin) WRITTEN SCRIPT, to the jewish produced and jewish Hollywood distributed block-buster movie "Charlie Wilson's War"  actually  contains the grim truth right there in black & white:  the U.S. Con-gress (much less the even more 'elitist' Senate)  
DOES NOT REPRESENT AMERICAN voters or Americans - 
the WHORES in Con-gress and the Senate REPRESENT A FOREIGN mercenary power, the JUDEO MONEY POWER and judeo war state:  

  (Congressman Charley Wilson, talking to his girlfriend / wealthy campaign donor Joanne Herring: )
 I gotta tell you... I'M ELECTED BY JEWS...."
"Congressmen AREN'T ELECTED BY VOTERS,  they are elected by CONTRIBUTORS [campaign donors]  and mine are in NEW YORK, FLORIDA, and HOLLYWOOD because [I am]  ISRAEL's MAN on the Hill" 


  This folly repeats almost precisely the folly of almost exactly 100 years ago, the German Kaiser Wilhelm II  handing Germany's erstwhile lesser ally, the Austria-Hungarian empire,  backing & effective carte blanche to take measures against Serbia which, we know today,  spiraled immediately into a Russian declaration of  war on Austria-Hungary, followed by a German declaration of war against France, England, and Belgium who were allied with Russia, the opening moves in a horrific global  war which bled the nations of Europe dry
(but enriched the financiers at the apex of the Anglo/Franco/American credit = debt central banks).

   See also the  this article - the evil judeo puppet-masters THINK THEY ARE SO SMART,  they have bullied and badgered their American con-gress/senate political whores to within a hair's whisker of SENDING U.S. TROOPS to WAGE WAR IN SYRIA... the back-door to the attack on Iran the jews have been lusting over for 35 centuries since the Babylonian army conquered jerusalem and made it appear as if 'god'  had sided with the idolators versus "his chosen people."

   The way the insanely theocratic,  judeo supremacist jews see it,  CONQUERING and DESTROYING  Iran in the next few years will clearly show and demonstrate to the world, that they are "god's chosen" - CHOSEN to RULE THE WORLD - even in today  the nuclear weapons age...

By Julian Pecquet - 05/03/13 

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Senate Votes Unanimously Toward War Against Iranby Daniel McAdams,  The Lew Rockwell Blog,    May 23, 2013
Today the US Senate voted unanimously in favor of a Lindsey Graham resolution, S.Res.65, which “[s]trongly support(s) the full implementation of United States and international sanctions on Iran and urg[es] the President to continue to strengthen enforcement of sanctions legislation.”The legislation, as expected from a Lindsey Graham product, is full of misstatements, historical revisionism, and war-drum-beating hyperbole. Particularly revolting is the distortion and lies about Iran’s not being in compliance with IAEA nuclear safeguards requirements and the irony of Graham’s using Iran’s refusal to implement UN resolutions as evidence of its rogue status. [Israel, the judeo war state, is CONTEMPTUOUS of U.N. resolutions.] 
 Also deceptive is the sleight of hand claiming that Iran pursuing a “nuclear weapons capability” is the real violation, rather than an Iranian failure to uphold its agreed upon obligation to not actually divert fissile material to build a nuclear weapon. It is a unilateral lowering of the bar, which is in fact itself a US violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.Most alarming, however, is that this resolution contains among the clearest legislative language to date promising that should Israel decide to attack Iran, the US would back Israel militarily. It is breathtakingly foolhardy for the US Senate to give such carte blanche permission to any foreign country to attack another nation as it sees fit with the promise of the backing of the United States military. The move will likely embolden Israel to continue recent escalation of military action in the region and will likely propel Israel closer to an attack on Iran. In economic theory this is known as “moral hazard.”
The resolved clauses of the resolution must be seen to be believed, so I reproduce them here (see especially the original point (8), which was apparently even too over-the-top for the Senators — the substitute language is just as bad but it adds a layer of vagueness as a fig leaf):
(1) reaffirms the special bonds of friendship and cooperation that have existed between the United States and the State of Israel for more than sixty years and that enjoy overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress and among the people of the United States;
(2) strongly supports the close military, intelligence, and security cooperation that President Obama has pursued with Israel and urges this cooperation to continue and deepen;
(3) deplores and condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the reprehensible statements and policies of the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran threatening the security and existence of Israel;
(4) recognizes the tremendous threat posed to the United States, the West, and Israel by the Government of Iran’s continuing pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability;
(5) reiterates that the policy of the United States is to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon capability and to take such action as may be necessary to implement this policy;
(6) reaffirms its strong support for the full implementation of United States and international sanctions on Iran and urges the President to continue and strengthen enforcement of sanctions legislation;
(7) declares that the United States has a vital national interest in, and unbreakable commitment to, ensuring the existence, survival, and security of the State of Israel, and reaffirms United States support for Israel’s right to self-defense; and
[Struck out->] (8) urges that, if the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in self-defense, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence. [< -Struck out]
(8) urges that, IF  the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with United States law and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence. 
A meaningless statement is added at the end which likely guaranteed unanimous support:
Nothing in this resolution shall be construed as an authorization for the use of force or a declaration of war.
This last part is Congressional WEASEL LANGUAGE, as the point was not to declare war but rather to define the circumstances under which war would be authorized. Point (8) lays down those circumstances, which is a trap for any Senator who voted for this bill. Imagine if the criteria in point (8) are satisfied by an Israeli attack on Iran claiming self-defense. Any Senator hesitating to authorize the US military to join Israel’s war would be shown his vote on this resolution and told that he is already on record supporting war in these circumstances. That is how it works on the Hill.  
This is an important vote.
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