Tuesday, May 21, 2013


below: CAUGHT IN THE ACT:   As every poker player knows,  DECEIT - "bluffing" - is half the game of being an expert poker player.  

      And financiers and big money traders have every right to keep their cards 'close to their chest'   and not inform the pubic - or their competitors - about what their true plans are, until they are ready to move forward with those plans.
  (For example, Walt Disney purchased thousands of acres of Florida land in the Orlando area as discretely - as secretly - as possible, so as not to incite a "land rush" which would jack up those land values and make his plans to acquire them for a super entertainment complex that much more expensive.)
 But when well 'respected' financiers make it their business to talk on the record and "ADVISE' the American (British, or European) public about financial matters - and SAY ONE THING PUBLICLY,  while DOING THE OPPOSITE in private - well, then you have some THIEVING, LYING, land-sharks preying on the easily deluded public... you have PREDATORY,  parasitic financiers, INCITING HERD PANIC in their host public, so to drive them off the cliff... to feast on the dead bodies...

  (note how the RETUERS link for the below article  is now DEAD:  REUTERS is an evil JUDEO / Rothschilds owned PROPAGANDA corporate media whore MOUTHPIECE for the evil, insidious, incestuous judeo elites -   whose 4,000 year stock-in-trade IS DECEIT, telling their hosts, neighbors, & business partners that they are peaceful, productive members of the community... while at all times looking for opportunities to overthrow, subjugate (enslave!)  and/or exterminate their hosts & neighbors...)  

Soros Privately DOUBLED  Gold Investment WHILE PUBLICLY TRASHING Precious Metal[s] !!!
ReutersWednesday, February 17th, 2010
Billionaire investor George Soros’ hedge fund more than doubled its bet on the price of gold during the fourth quarter, a portion of the firm’s total U.S.-listed equity holdings of $8.8 billion at the end of 2009.
The New York-based firm also disclosed in a filing on Tuesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it bought almost 95 million shares of Citigroup during the quarter, worth $313 million by the end of the year.
Soros reported no holdings of the troubled bank’s shares at the end of the third quarter.
Soros Fund Management owned 6.2 million shares of SPDR Gold Trust — an exchange-traded fund that owns gold bullion — at the end of the year worth $663 million. That was up from 2.5 million shares at the end of the third quarter.
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Americans may not realize it, but  if you are American... you live on the judeo/Rotschields/'Fed'/GoddamnSachs  owned SLAVE PLANTATION.... 

  ...IF  you work (in uniform or as a civilian... or as a hired mercenary "contractor")  for the 'United' States military,  you are a hired hand,  a "hireling," for the 
 judeo/Rotschields/'Fed'/GoddamnSachs  slave-plantation overlords...

  ...IF you work in Con-gress or anywhere in the late 'United' States government...   you work for the "entitled to extort, enslave and exterminate"   judeo/Rotschields/'Fed'/GoddamnSachs debt-SLAVERY lords...  

  and of course  if  you work in American corporate "major media"  you already know
  (unless you are a total dunce)  that someone, somewhere above you in the corporate food chain, is a jewish "israel uber Amerika"  judeo-supremacist
 "slavery should be legal for god's 'chosen' elite"  commissars/owners in league with 'money power'....


    The GOOD NEWS, is that since the above are
(or, if their true intent and mechanizations were fully understood, would be

 a despised minority,  they must play their hand carefully... if they are TOO OVERT in asserting their SLAVE PLANTATION U.S.A.  powers,

  the restless, ENSLAVED American peons & masses would rebel, en masse,  with pitchforks and tar & feathers, and their would be hell to pay...

 (Which is exactly why the treasonous Janet Napolitano, the "Big Sis" non-jewish front woman for the Chertoff/Mossad  DHS  American KGB/Gestapo,  and here,  is purchasing billions of dollars of  rounds of  'only good for shooting humans"  handgun ammunition over the past 2 years.)  

  But for now, ENJOY!  the above article -  the MASK COMES OFF!  of our evil judeo "elite" - who are  4,000 year experts at SAYING ONE THING, and DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE !!  

  In this case,  'former' NAZI COLLABORATOR  GEORGE SOROS  helping the evil Rotschields/GoddamnSachs/Fed  judeo banksters  INCITE A PANIC  among the sheeple... STAMPEDING THEM  (the American public sheeple) AWAY from "real money"
 (the precious metals that form the "reserves" in all major banking systems... the "real money" reserves that  are not subject to inflationary money printing)

and right in to  DOLLAR DENOMINATED "assets," despite Ben Bernanke & crew at the 'Fed'  PRINTING ONE TRILLION  "free money for banksters" dollars per year,
 which devalues everyone else's dollars, savings, pensions, wages, and paychecks...


bonus:     JEW TRAITOR  Michael BLOOMBERG's  "news" service - CAUGHT in the act,   MEGA-PHONING  Soros'   "Time to DUMP gold"  bold-faced LIE !!!

Gold Bear Bets Reach Record as Soros Cuts Holdings: Commodities

Hedge-fund managers are making the biggest ever bet AGAINST  gold AS BILLIONAIRE GEORGE SOROS  SOLD   holdings last quarter and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicted more declines after the longest slump in four years. 
 [THESE JEW TRAITOR PIGS - at Goddamn-Sachs, at BLOOMBERG, and at George Soros & Co - ARE ALL LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH -  and they are ALL "IN" ON THE SAME LIE !!! ]  
The funds and other large speculators held 74,432 so-called short contracts on May 14, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission data show. That’s the highest since the data begins in June 2006 and compares with 67,374 a week earlier. The net-long position dropped 20 percent to 39,216 futures and options, the lowest since July 2007. Net-bullish wagers across 18 U.S.- traded raw materials rose 1.1 percent to 588,482, led by gains in hogs, corn and cotton... (cont'd


double-bonus:  in the "WE HATE TO DIVULGE OUR SOURCES"  department, here the great former REPUBLICAN  Assistant SECRETARY OF TREASURY  Paul Craig Roberts  explains in cold blooded detail the big CON-GAME.. the JUDEO BAIT & SWITCH going on between what the MEDIA & FINANCIAL ELITES  ARE DOING with THEIR money... and how they are telling the American public to do the opposite,  both to make the price that they buy gold at  cheaper....  and in order to DUMP more of their damned, evil, economies-wrecking  BERNANKE "JUDENFETZEN"  increasingly worthless dollars on all the deluded, unsuspecting chumps they can con & steal from out there in America-land...

NO Bear Market In Gold  
[the REAL story behind the LYING Corporate Media Whores trying to STAMPEDE Clueless Americans OVER A CLIFF...  and in to WORTHLESS dollar  "BERNANKE BUCKS" dominated 'assets']

by Paul Craig Roberts,  Prison Planet.com  May 21, 2013
You know that gold bear market that the financial press keeps touting? The one George Soros keeps proclaiming? Well, IT IS _NOT_ THERE.   The gold bear market is DISINFORMATION that is helping elites acquire the gold  [ =  the evil JUDEO  elites'  BAIT & SWITCH con-game that is  IMPOVERISHING MILLIONS of their American hosts & "neighbors".] Certainly, SOROS HIMSELF DOESN'T BELIEVE IT, as the 13-F release issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 15 provesGeorge Soros has significantly INCREASED HIS GOLD HOLDING  by purchasing $25.2 million of call options on the GDXJ Junior Gold Miners Index.http://bullmarketthinking.com/soros-reports-over-239mm-in-gold-positions-buys-25mm-in-call-options-on-juniors/In addition the Soros Fund maintains a $32 million stake in individual mines; added 1.1 million shares of GDX (a gold miners ETF) to its holdings which now stand at 2,666,000 shares valued at $70,400,000; has 1,100,000 shares in GDXJ valued at $11,506,000; and 530,000 shares in the GLD gold fund valued at $69,467,000. [values as of May 17]
The 13-F release shows the Soros Fund with $239,200,000 in gold investments. If this is bearish sentiment, what would it take to be bullish?The MISINFORMATION that Soros had sold his gold holdings came from misinterpreting the reason Soros’ holdings in the GLD gold trust declined. Soros did NOT  SELL the shares; he REDEEMED the PAPER CLAIM, for [real] PHYSICAL GOLD.  Watching the gold ETFs, such as GLD, being looted by banksters, Soros cashed in some of his own paper gold for the real stuff.The giveaway that Soros is extremely bullish on gold comes not only from his extensive holdings, but also from his $25.2 million call option on junior gold stocks. This is a highly leveraged bet on the weakest gold mines. With high production costs and falling gold price from constant short selling in the paper market, Soros’ bet makes no sense unless he thinks gold is heading up as the short raids concentrate gold in elite possession.In previous articles I have explained how heavy short-selling triggers stop-loss orders and margin calls on investors in gold ETFs. Scared out of their shares or forced out by margin calls, investors’ add to the downward price pressure caused by the shorts. Bullion banks and prominent investors such as Soros are the only ones who can redeem GLD shares for physical metal. They purchase the shares that are sold in response to the falling gold price, and present the shares for redemption in gold metal....  (cont'd) 

In his "blogging the bible" series (later made into a book) at SLATE.com magazine on-line,  the very jewish writer David Plotz stumbled across a bible quote that said that jewish warriors regarded the soon to be EXTERMINATED  people and communities already living in the "promised land" - the Canaan Valley - as "prey."

 3,500 years later, nothing has changed: once the judeo elite amass some wealth & power under their cabal,  they regard their current - American! - neighbors as prey - to be devoured, enslaved, and annihilated - as well.