Saturday, May 25, 2013

Alex Jones DESCRIBES PERFECTLY the [judeo!] COMMISSAR GULAG HIJACKING of America & Europe's Critical Financial Markets... the PRELUDE to _REAL_ PRISON GULAGS After the MARKETS ARE INTENTIONALLY CRASHED, "Black Thursday" 1929 style...

Below - Alex Jones explains how today's "TOO BIG TO FAIL" banks, economy & financial markets HAVE BEEN DESIGNED TO FAIL by the treasonous financial oligarchs...

  Critical financial markets DESIGNED TO CRASH, so, after the engineered crash, the politically connected hyper-wealthy OWN EVERYTHING, and you, the American peon scum, own nothing.

You know, just like GREECE and CYPRESS have seen in the past few dozen months.
  After the video, we outline JUST WHO PROFITS FROM _all_ the RAMPANT GREED, FRAUD, CORRUPTION, and CRIMES that PERMEATE OUR critical financial markets, our press/media, and our wholly owned, "RULED BY A FOREIGN POWER" government...

  note:  Mr. Jones, perhaps foolishly,  makes no mention to or connection of the judeo "money power" in his videowe connect those dots here...

Did You Know Citizens of Israel Run [RULE!] Our Country?



 Senate JP Morgan/Chase "London Whale" Financial FRAUD hearing Chaired by...
 ISRAELI citizen,"   "israel UBER amerika"    TRAITOR senator  carl levin !!

 EVERY TIME  there are hearings or investigations in to (massive!)  crimes, FRAUDS, and corruptions  in America's critical financial markets, those investigations get KILLED by the active agents of that FOREIGN POWER, the very judeo 'money power' !!


Whale Senate Committee Chaired By Israeli Citizen

Have you been following the United States Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and their questioning of the folks over at JP Morgan about the London Whale trades?  Did you know that the man who chairs that committee carries an Israeli passport as a citizen of Israel.  Here’s what the cover of United States Senator Carl Levin’s passport looks like.

From Wikipedia:
In 1895, J.P. Morgan & Co. supplied the United States government with $62 million in gold to float a bond issue and restore the treasury surplus of $100 million. In 1892, the company began to finance the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad and led it through a series of acquisitions that made it the dominant railroad transporter in New England. Although his name was big, Morgan owned only 19% of Morgan assets. The rest was owned by the Rothschild family following a series of bailouts and rescues attributed by some to Morgan’s stubborn will and seemingly “non-existent” investment savvy.
How many other Senators and Congressmen are dual citizens with loyalty to another country such as Carl Levin?  Dave wonders just how can you swear loyalty to more than one country and then swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States?  Then again, the theatrical arrangement does make sense when you think about it.

 To see exactly "how many other Senators & Congressmen ARE DUAL CITIZENS with LOYALTY to ANOTHER nation" see:

below illustration also "EXPLAINS A LOT"....

you (or your financial agents, allies, and partners-in-crime)  CAN GET AWAY WITH titanic FRAUDS and the commissar extortion & financial  RAPE of the ENTIRE American economy !!
efficient markets

see also - at the behest of those who do not want their LOYALTY TO ANOTHER NATION 
or de facto "RULING OVERLORDS"  (commissar!)  status  noticed -

 Obama Signs Hate-Crimes Bill Into Law  

Critics Say It Circumvents Constitutional Safeguards Against Double Jeopardy
by Hans Bader on October 28, 2009