Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The $20 trillion blog.... the TWENTY TRILLION DOLLAR blog (right here!)

 As we've written many times before, the true "Neo-Con" agenda is deeply rooted in 40 centuries of religious/clan/tribal/race  ideology  (mass-homicidal/genocidal judeo-supremacy)  
  and the 'modern'  "Neo-Con" agenda is simplicity itself:

  1.    first EXTORT the population:  Once a critical-mass of Neo-Con appartchiks have advanced high enough in finance, government, academia, politics, and leadership  (and in press/media to mask & cover up that clear  "EXTORT The PEONS"  agenda) to shove through economically destructive or ruthlessly confiscatory policies on the subject population ( = high taxes to pay for "bailouts" for parasitic, failed, bankrupt, economy killing  'bankers')   
  2.   then ENSLAVE the population  - DEFINE THEM  as DEBT SLAVES, or "USELESS MOUTHS" and then cut them off from the resources necessary to sustain life (or make them first WAGE SLAVES,  then wholly dependent on their "owners" or slave masters... or,   in the case of America's metastasizing  "PRIVATIZED"  prison/gulag state, make them the de facto "property" of  those "PRIVATIZED" prisons!)...
  3.  then finally EXTERMINATE the "useless mouths,"  who, dispossessed, disenfranchised, destitute, and living in a gutter, are now a violent threat to their "social betters"   (see the Palestinians living in the sole remaining concentration camps - bombed, shelled, starved, and summary death sentences by jew death-squads/drone  executions in Gaza & West Bank of what used to be Palestine.)   ( = biblical style GENOCIDE)  
 Those who don't understand these concepts and chains of events that we will be discussing here at TJW blog, are grossly ignorant of the most powerful forces that are affecting human life in the world today.

  The very definition of "HUMAN INTELLIGENCE" means "understanding the complex relations between forces and effects in the natural word,"  and using those relations (or "connections") to modify the immediate environment, to better serve our survival needs. 

 Those who misunderstand those forces today, and the connections between them, risk being destroyed by the greater environment around them... just as surely as a stone-age hunter who made a wrong calculation  and wound up directly in front of a herd of  charging buffalo who were stampeded in the wrong direction.  

  From the first proto-humans living on the open savanna  who learned how to harness fire
(the cause-and-effect connections between kindling, firewood, and a first primitive fire source) 
and were better able to warm and defend themselves on cold, dark nights,  to all higher learning and research ever since, human intelligence is defined by MAKING CONNECTIONS between events, forces, or materials, "connections"  that may be hidden from our understanding for centuries or millennia .

   Unfortunately, making just some of the right 'connections' may not be enough;   just as the mysteries of nature may be hidden behind dozens of false paths or seemingly locked doors, so too in  the modern world with  the connections between the seven billions of people who make up our human world today - - -  some of those important  connections may be obscured, and others seemingly rock-solid connections may be illusory, and lead investigators down a completely false path.  

Researchers, investigative journalists, political commentators, financial writers, and other observers today may understand a large portion of the "connections" behind today's global financial (economic), social,  military, and political balances of power,  but in failing to pursue some important leads to their hard conclusions, they come to  only a partial, fragmented, and disjointed understanding of  "the big picture."   

  Which is where we here at TJW come in.   We have steadfastly avoided being pigeonholed into any one specialty - not history, not military science, not business, not finance, not social sciences, not politics -  specifically so we can step back and look at "the big picture"  without strong preconceptions or career blinders on.

  This was actually a lesson in professional/academic  humility learned way back in the early 1970s during the Vietnam War, when it finally became apparent that what the United States government called "bringing freedom and democracy to Vietnam"   was actually a case of  picking one side or group as "good guys" and allies... and then arming, supplying, and funding that side as they went about their age-old pursuits of trying to exterminate the opposition. 

     "God" himself couldn't see to the execution of absolute, perfect 'justice' in these internecine wars in South East Asia,   and,  as thousands of well paid,  "expert" professionals in and out of the U.S. government found out during that war,  no amount of expertise was going to deliver "perfect justice" to all the peoples caught up in that war - there were going to be winners and losers,  and tens of thousands of innocent non-combatants killed by both 'friendly' and hostile fire.

 (And, indeed, by setting up a Catholic minority puppet dictatorship over a 90% Buddhist majority country - over a people & country that had been happy to expel the French Catholic colonial overlords after World War II - French colonial administrators who had been ALLIED WITH the ruthless, genocidal JAPANESE ARMY during that war, at that! - the United States government was actively trying to INSERT and assert a ruthless MINORITY RULE OVER an unwilling, hostile majority - what our government officials & early 1960s U.S. press/media called  "bringing freedom & democracy" to the region was actually IMPOSING an ALIEN and FOREIGN CULTURE on the local "unwashed" natives.

 What we are trying to say is that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link;  a weak link can make a mighty chain fail precisely at the most catastrophic moment; 

 ...a single ruptured or slipped disc can destroy an otherwise health backbone and spinal cord (and life!),
     ...and a single FALSE LEAD or  DETOUR DOWN A FALSE PATH   
(much less a series of such false trails) 

  can completely negate the utility of an otherwise well researched  theory or narrative about the balance of power in today's  nuclear-armed,  resources stretched, ferociously competitive, ruthlessly confiscatory, serially genocidal  modern world.


     As our readers may have noted, we've been slow to post any new posts since our previous "POLICE LOCKDOWN of  ENTIRE  Boston Neighborhoods, ALLEGEDLY 'in search of  teenage terror-bombing suspect"   post highlighted how TERRORIZING THE AMERICAN POPULATION  _IS_  the  clear 'new' agenda
for the "new world order"  Neo-Cons and their hired & bribed "U.S."  government officials who rule America today. 

  We regret our tardiness,  which has not been because of lack of subject material - to the contrary,  we've started a dozen plus posts - but simply because there is SO much material, and the dozens if not thousands of  CONNECTIONS are now so apparent, that it is hard to get a hold on just that portion that will make a coherent new post.

       So, hold on to your hats!

   ONE of TWO THINGS is going to happen:   either "they" will CRASH THE ECONOMY,  START NEW WARS, and openly DECLARE a  (judeo commissariat run prison gulag POLICE STATE in America, 

  or we, the voices of sanity, reason, tolerance, democracy, enlightenment, rationalism, and economic fairness will prevail, and maintain at least a semblance of  American democracy, Constitutional rights (= human rights!)  and prevent the evil Neo-Cons from IMPOSING their  DEATH CAMPS,   SLAVE STATE GULAGS, and  (financial & )  economic sabotage on us. 

  To get from here (America on the very edge of catastrophic economic collapse, metastasizing foreign wars, and a Concentration Camp/Commissar GULAG police state)   to there - maintaining an America of at least the appearances of democracy, economic fairness, and human rights - is at the moment an outside, slim chance. 

  The  "FORCES OF EVIL in a Bozo nightmare"  (video  HAVE THE MONEY POWER behind them - the primordial forces of greed, jealousy, hate, and murderous rage -  a "money power" which has clearly demonstrated its ability to CORRUPT EVERY LAST CORNER & closet of the ENTIRE  'United' States government,

   to where the U.S. government and corporate press/media can COMPLETELY OBSCURE, hide, CENSOR from the American people, the fact that there was a MASSIVE POLICE and BOMB SQUAD PRESENCE, at both the start and finish line of the Boston Marathon -

  - a  censorship or obfuscation PROPAGANDA power  which allows the government to proceed with its  "WE NEED MORE money and POWER... TO PROTECT YOU!" narrative,

   ...even though the "big picture" shows the STEADILY GROWING  "they just want to protect us"  (retch!)  POLICE STATE, is  PARALLELED  by  EVER MORE  TERRORIST ATTACKS ON the American people -  including this CBS,  corporate mainstream news story"THE FBI HAD FOREKNOWLEDGE OF the PLOT TO BOMB THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS in 1993... but LET THE PLOTTERS PROCEED WITH THEIR murderous PLANS, unmolested!" 

    ...to this horrid Sulzberger New York Times 'news' story, which in typical treasonous lying Neo-Con media-whore fashion, tries to SPIN the story that  THE FBI CREATED, initialized, & OVERSAW the TERROR CELL that perpetrated that  World Trade Center bombing, as a  "that lousy snitch is nothing but a complainer" story!! 



  So, HANG ON! 

  IF  we humans are to get from here - the brink of grotesque global economic collapse in the nuclear + drone-war age - to there - continuing with some sort of  "American freedoms & liberties" and economic opportunity -  it will easily "save" the American population  some $20+ trillion  in lost, vanished,  washed-down-the-Bernanke/rotschield/Fed/GoddamnSachs  rat-hole American wealth losses.

     If you are not asking the tough questions, and making the tough connections, you are part of the problem.

   IF  you want to see how those connections are laced in steel...  and just waiting to initialize THEIR OVERT  COMMISSAR  POLICE-STATE drone-wars GULAG  FANTASY, which will be OUR NIGHTMARE 
 (essentially, the U.S. invasion of Iraq... brought home to AMERICAN shores!)  -  
  (or "life for AMERICANS will be identical with lives of Palestinian living under Netanyahu Emanuel, Adelson, et al's guns")  

 stay tuned !!!