Sunday, April 14, 2013

Republican Representative Peter King SHOWS HIS TRUE STRIPS: A HIRELING, an APPARTCHIK, a JUDAS GOAT loyal to the Jewish Financiers who are the "Money Power" behind the GUN GRABBING, Self-Defense OUTLAWING Judeo War lobby...

As we wrote in our previous post, Jewish "American" Senators Dianne Feinstein (CA) and Chuck Schumer (NY), along with New York jewish mayor Michael Bloomberg, are three of the "POWERS" behind the  judeo supremacist drive to OUTLAW GUN OWNERSHIP... IN AMERICA, BY AMERICANS... the name of  "keeping Americans safe & secure,"  even as all three of these traitorous pigs CARE NOT A WHIT for Americans who have LOST THEIR HOMES due to serial mortgage fraud
(much less to the more intangible, harder to prove financial victims of  the Greenspan & Bernanke  Fed MONEY PRINTING Real Estate bubbles,  which coincidentally DEBASE the money and wealth of all Americans who hold their wealth in dollar denominated savings accounts, stocks, bonds, real estate, & pension funds, etc.); 

  nor do they care a whit for Americans who have LOST THEIR HEALTH CARE COVERAGE,

 nor do they care for Americans who have had their jobs 'outsourced' to China by the Goddamn-Sachs/rotschields funny-money printing  judeo   DEBT LORDS financial parasites...

 ...but, more importantly,  ALL THREE of the above COMMISSAR judeo supremacist TRAITORS - Schumer, Feinstein, Bloomberg (and many thousands of others behind them) all  support the 'right' of JEWISH 'settlers' to run around shooting Palestinians
(who the judeo owned media have labelled 'terrorists')  -  WITH AMERICAN TAXPAYER SUPPLIED & PAID-FOR MACHINE-GUNS, fully automatic M-16s the evil judeo government supplies to any jew capable of pulling a trigger in cold blood.  

    THIS  post of ours, is merely to point out  who so-called "CONSERVATIVE" REPUBLICAN  Congressman PETER KING ANSWERS TO:  HE ANSWERS TO the JEWISH SUPREMACISTS running the American financial system in to the sewer,
to the DEBT EXTORTION lords who are CHOKING, strangling the American economy....

 ...the Judeo Supremacists behind, above, and OVER,  Janet Napolitano's  Orwellian termed "Department of Homeland Security" 

Peter King TAKES HIS ORDERS from the AMERICA HATING JUDEO SUPREMACISTS ECONOMY KILLERS & WARMOGNERS...   as do almost all other "American" Con-gress critters and senators.  

    But as this NIGHTMARE of  JUDEO  financier  instigated WEALTH CONFISCATION
  - aka the BERNANKE GREAT DEPRESSION II unfolds in America...

 and as the very human outrage against that SABOTAGE of our economy  and that CHOKING with MASSIVE FRAUD &  taxpayer EXTORTED "bailouts" of our financial system
   will unfold in massive protests that the evil judeo "POWERS THAT BE" will LABEL "DOMESTIC TERRORISM"
and unleash their   DHS GULAG DEATH CAMPS &  SUMMARY EXECUTIONS, is almost amusing to see so-called "conservative" Con-gressman Peter King  practically GROVEL and CRAWL to impose this  ANTI-AMERICAN outrage of  OUTLAWING of self-defense in America....

   just as the IRISH were DISARMED BY THE BRITISH, who then stole Ireland's entire food production (under the fig-leaf that those productive Irish farms were now owned - at point of gun - by English absentee landlords and their collaborationist Protestant-Irish local "agents") leading to the IRISH HOLOCAUST famine of  1845-1852, somewhere between ONE MILLION and THREE MILLION Irish men, women, and children killed of famine & famine related diseases, as British soldiers, farmers, merchants, and BANKERS - with the slavery profiteering London Rothschilds at the very apex of Britain's global imperial wealth extorting financial empire - SEIZED Ireland's food production, and shipped the food products to hungry English ports. 

 Con-gressman Peter King is not only a TRAITOR  to AMERICA TODAY...

 ...he is also a TRAITOR to the memory of the IRISH people he is descended from,  the Irish people who were enslaved and partially exterminated by centuries of Anglo conquest, rape, pillage, dispossession, disenfranchisement,  and even outright enslavement, culminating in the   total food confiscation Irish holocaust aka Ireland's "GREAT FAMINE"....

   Just as former 'Democrat' Senator CHRIS DODD - who now blatantly works for the jewish Hollywood media ruthless monopoly MPAA that uses the power of the U.S. government to criminalize people for downloading media that should be in the public domain -
also DESPISES the American people he once represented in the senate for all those terms.

'REPUBLICAN' Con-gressman Peter King JOINS 'liberal' AUTHORITARIAN  Big-Government DEMOCRATS to Introduce the 'CRIMINALIZE AMERICANS'  Gun BAN Bill in House
by Kurt Nimmo,  Prison,  April 13, 2013

Republican Peter King of New York and Democrat Mike Thompson of California plan to introduce a replicated version of the Senate gun bill in the House next week.
“I will be introducing, along with Mike Thompson, basically the House version of the Manchin-Toomey bill on Monday or Tuesday at the latest,” King said.
King said imposing mandatory gun purchase background checks on the American people is the “best route to go.” He admitted working closely with Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania on the House version of the Senate bill. If passed, it will impose de facto firearms registration ahead of eventual confiscation.The New York representative said he will introduce the bill “probably be Monday or Tuesday at the latest” and will have a legislative office draft of the bill “ready on Monday. We’re also showing [it] to a number of possible other co-sponsors.”
King said none of his House colleagues have voiced support for the House bill, but explained “when the time comes, if it comes to a vote, there will be significant support among Republicans” to undermine the Constitution.
We’re not talking about a majority, but a significant number realize we have to do something,” he said. “Certainly having Pat Toomey involved, who was such a solid conservative, and when you see the polls saying 90 percent [of Americans are] supporting [background checks], many Republicans see that as the way to go.”
So far, King is the only House Republican to support the House version. He represents a suburban Long Island district where residents support weakening the Second Amendment rights of Americans who own firearms.
AOL Huffington Post predicts a House version of the anti-Second Amendment legislation may pass if the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner of Ohio, ** decides to bring it up for a vote.
Read the Manchin-Toomey bill...  Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act

  **note:  Republican HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER    JOHN BOEHNER and THE ENTIRE Republican Party ARE  ALSO IN THE POCKETS   of the JUDEO SUPREMACIST, AMERICA DISARMING,  Americans hating, WARMONGERING,  blood-drenched  judeo  HYPOCRITES...   

p.s. - This is what    Republican voting,  Bush-Cheney & Iraq war supporting   "WHITE CON-SERVATIVE" voters GET, 
for supporting the foul, nasty, anti-American NEO-CON  JUDEO WARS AGENDA  back in the 2004 election... where there is actually a video floating around in the ether-nets,  a partially drunk Congressman Peter King on the White House back lawn, re-assuring then President George W. Bush not to worry about the vote count  that was coming in that night "Don't worry, the elecion is already over but the counting,  and WE WILL DO THE COUNTING"  Congressman King slurrs while it was still daylight in Washington D.C., that is, long before the polls had closed in critical, closely contested states farther west.

  ... and so it was,  OHIO's crucial vote-count, which would have put Democrat John Kerry** in the White House,  was counted in the computer servers that were located in a TENNESSEE office building... a building that just so happened to house the Tennessee Republican Party  presidential re-election offices!

 ** note 2:  "Democrat" JOHN KERRY was ALSO COMPLICIT in this massive 2004 presidential election VOTE THEFT:   he knew that if he became president, he would TAKE THE BLAME for the IRAQ WAR... which nightmare Kerry (sensibly) didn't want to touch with a 10 foot pole.

      He ran his presidential campaign entirely as a VANITY PROJECT,  and - despite PULLING HIS PUNCHES,  essentially THROWING THE ELECTION to the cartoonishly incompetent Bush (and widely despised Dick Cheney)   - Kerry actually won the election (had Ohio & other states votes been tabulated correctly)!!  
  But  Kerry was in such a hurry to DUMP the election mess ON ELECTION NIGHT, that he called up Bush to concede  EVEN AS  REPORTS were filling the network news of  massive on-the-ground "IRREGULARITIES" in Ohio voting.

Just to add a touch of farce to Kerry's pathetic, cowardly sell-out,  BUSH HAD ALREADY GONE TO BED that night,  so kerry had to hold his SELL-OUT  CONCESSION CALL until the next morning... by  which time, EVEN MORE reports of  'VOTING IRREGULARITIES' in Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico and other states - including probably FLORIDA, again, as well! - were piling up at national news desks.

   Had New Mexico & Iowa votes been counted thoroughly and correctly in that election, that pretty "SOLID RED con-servative HEARTLAND states" 2004 election voting map would have had so-called "rural" states Iowa & especially big, 'blue' New Mexico imposing themselves in the middle of that 'solid red heartland."

  Now this might be a little hard to grasp,  but  IF KERRY had WON the presidency in 2004, it would have seriously curtailed the JUDEO WAR LOBBY's EXPANDING WARS and "PRIVATIZATION"   CONTROL of American economy - even though the "do-gooder"  "liberal Democrats" were &  are also owned by the Judeo financiers & warmongers, it would have been a clear mandate to unwind the Iraq war.

    But as we have seen,  instead in  2004-2008 the Judeo war lobby completely INSTITUTIONALIZED the  jewish wars across not only the world...   and by 2008 Obama's jewish puppet masters had MASTERED the NARRATIVE that Obama was a "CHANGE" candidate - while keeping the WARS, POLICE-STATE POWERS, and especially "BAILOUTS" for fraudulent financiers in place.
     The police state war on America has been institutionalized here in America as well,  where  hired appartchiks and government ECONOMY KILLING TRAITORS  are soon going to be going
DOOR TO DOOR to SEIZE YOUR GUNS**... and any portable wealth you have stored outside of the criminal  greenspan/bernanke/rubin/paulson/geithner "OF, BY & FOR GODDAMN SACHS & the Fed"  insanely corrupt judeo controlled  financial system

** (and label you a CRIMINAL TERRORIST  if you try to hide them - just as the evil judeo warmongering  pigs in government and media  first tried to BLAME the ANTHRAX TERRORIST ATTACKS on the U.S. Senate immediately after the 9-11 attacks,   on "ARAB terrarists," and then some other patsy "person of interest" before finally driving scientist Bruce Ivins to commit suicide, and scapegoating him for the treasonous, mass-murderous anthrax attacks that piggy-backed on the 9-11 attacks that were terrorizing millions of Americans.)

  JOHN KERRY SOLD  MILLIONS of Democratic voters DOWN THE RIVER in his disgraceful 2004  THROWN presidential election campaign,
 just as  Republican Peter King is selling MILLIONS of Americans down the river today.

  AND THOSE Republican voters who CHEERED PETER KING & the Bush-Cheney stolen election... are NOW REAPING THEIR OWN WHIRLWIND, because of course Bush, Cheney, King, and the entire REPUBLICAN Party  were/are nothing but HIRED FRONT-MEN,  APPRATCHIKS, JUDAS GOATS for the insane, treasonous, blood-thirsty, economy killing, GUN GRABBING, America impoverishing, disarming, gun-grabbing, genocidal police-state gulags running   Jewish war lobby...   

 below: the very jewish war lobby "PNAC"  MASQUERADING as a "what's good for America"  so-called   "Project for a New American Century."     

Those are DICK CHENEY, Jeb "the smarter" Bush, and Paul Wolfowitz signatures on the PNAC "Statements of Principles" page....   half the signatures are jewish, the other half are hired 'goy' appartchiks,  for what is clearly a Wolfowitz-Kagan-Kristol-Netanyahu JEWISH WAR LOBBY masquerading as an "American" think-tank...  

  OKLAHOMA VOTERS who voted 65% to 34% for  BUSH - CHENEY over Kerry in 2004, well, guess what -  your precious "REPUBLICAN" PARTY you thought was  "so all American,"   is ALSO OWNED by the treasonous warmongers from  the foreign, insidious, GUN GRABBING, economies-killing,  relentlessly humanity-enslaving, genocidal  judeo war state greedy pigs as well !!  

(as well as the now blatantly pro-BANKER = radical Right-Wing Democrats hirelings, appartchiks, & sell-outs.)