Saturday, April 20, 2013

POLICE STATE America IS HERE: Police LOCK-DOWN in Boston looks like a FOREIGN ARMY Invading... They are certainly more well-armed and lethal, than the REDCOAT SOLDIERS who marched to Lexington & Concorde... to SEIZE Patriot's guns & powder!!

POLICE STATE America IS HERE: the Police LOCK-DOWN in Boston looks like a FOREIGN ARMY Invading... They are certainly more well-armed and lethal, than the REDCOAT SOLDIERS who marched to Lexington & Concorde... to SEIZE Patriot's guns & powder 233 years ago!

Is this below photo a picture of the  u.s.a. & jewish war state (israel) funded, led, supplied, & instigated Georgia black-helmeted army & riot police that  puppet dictator Saakashvili used to CRUSH massive, peaceful, popular protests to his insanely corrupt, "ECONOMY WORSE than COMMUNIST predecessors!"   regime back in 2007??

 Nope!  It's just  AMERICA's OWN  black-clad, machine-gun armed riot police  CLAMPING A POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP  down on Boston, Massachusetts,  U.S.A a day ago!!!

BATTLEFIELD USA: De Facto State of Martial Law Declared In Boston *Pics From the War Zone* Boston martial law1

 below:  the 2007 dress rehearsal:  Georgia Puppet dictator Mikhail SAAKASHVILI's  u.s.a. &  evil jewish war state funded "riot-police" storm troopers & goon squad SMASH peaceful protests in Georgia in 2007.

 Following the example of the very peaceful "Rose Revolution of 2003,  many tens of thousands of Georgians protestors who had helped bring Mikhail Saakashvili come to power in Georgia over the regime of former Georgia Communist functionary Eduard Shevardnadze of the USSR 
(who became President of Georgia after the collapse of the Soviet Union  in 1991,  Sheverdnaze was forced to resign on November 23, 2003 by massive "Rose Revolution" U.S. supported peaceful protests) 
 ... tried to replicate their peaceful "regime change" demonstrations in 2007 - protesting U.S. &  israel puppet Saakashvili's  WORSE THAN previous COMMUNISTS   (Sheverdnadze)  Georgia economic slump.
 (Caused by exactly the INSIDER financial parasite LOOTING and ECONOMIC RAPE  of the kind that is now the signature of the judeo ruling class IN AMERICA today)  

until Saakashvili's  American & evil judeo puppet-masters had their puppet UNLEASH the DOGS OF WAR:  opponents were LABELLED "TRAITORS"  for being "Russia sympathizers" 
(this would be like accusing Canadians who did business with their neighbors south of their border as being "TRAITORS" for being "AMERICAN sympathizers"),  

and opposition leaders were - what else?  machine-gunned in streets,  beaten, HUNTED DOWN, TORTURED, KILLED,  and probably more than a few family members raped and murdered.  

  For being SO IGNORANT as to APPLAUD Saakashvili's atrocities - as manipulated by the evil corporate judeo ruled mass-media in America -  Americans are soon enough going to get a taste of the same treatment Saakashvili's evil judeo puppet masters dished out,  over there,  over here.... 

 below - these scenes from Boston, except for the tear gas, are completely interchangeable with the usa/judeo instigated  DEMOCRACY CRUSHING  riot police SUPPRESSION of PEACEFUL PROTESTS in Tsibili, Georgia, in 2007 -

   (don't forget -  UNDER ORDERS to SHOOT FIRST, ask questions later - our Neo-Con overlords are TURNING US Amerikans  in to ghoulish COWARDS -  the LOS ANGELES police, on a similar MACHINE GUNS & TANKS search for a police killing, former police officer in  LA area this past March, 'accidentally" BLASTED A MOTHER AND DAUGHTER  in their car with gunfire  for "looking like the suspect".... DO YOU FEEL 'SAFER' now?)  


 What's important to know here, is that  America's "NEO-CON" judeo warmongers + hired confederates left a HUGE PAPER TRAIL   ADVOCATING  a war against,  and U.S. INVASION OF IRAQ,  from back when  Bill Clinton was president (that is, years before 9-11)...

     but those SAME  "NATIONAL SECURITY 'EXPERTS'"  did NOTHING, NOT ONE  god DAMNED THING,  to deter, prevent, or even make a little more difficult the well known
(in law enforcement and national security circles - including the very specific threat to hijack airliners and use them as human-guided missiles!) (and here) 
potential of  al Qaeda terrorist cells to launch spectacular terror attacks IN AMERICA that would eventually go down on 9-11 2001.

  TODAY, those same Neo-Cons - some wearing "Democrat" clothes, others wearing "Republican" clothes,  are both working together towards THE SAME evil Neo-Con trifecta: 
  1.   police state dictatorship, 
  2.  economic SABOTAGE leading to LOSS OF PRIVATE PROPERTY/wealth rights... leading to CONFISCATION OF WEALTH;**  and 

 ...they  are LAYING A PAPER TRAIL  FAR WIDER and longer than even that paper trail that led up to the IRAQ WAR... including of course the so-called "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" that was ALREADY WRITTEN, copied into the folders of some D.C. appartchiks' desk files,     JUST WAITING for  'an event'  like 9-11 to unfold... to usher in AMERICA's VERSION of  HITLER's draconian Nazi, Gestapo ENABLING ACTS police state dictatorship (in the name of "STATE SECURITY!" of course).

 (And when 9-11 terror attacks themselves didn't do the trick... PRESTO!    ANTHRAX is mailed to _the_ TWO SENATE LEADERS most influential in blocking the Neo-Cons from RAMMING the  NAZI-esque "ENABLING ACTS"  "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act"  through a stunned, chaotic, TERRORIZED  Congress & senate!!    
Anthrax letters the evil Neo-Cons running the Bush-Cheney government FIRST BLAMED on "ARAB TERRORISTS,"  then on one  U.S. BIO-WAR SCIENTIST, then on a THIRD patsy suspect, a second U.S. army bio-weapons scientist who was "suicided"  in the evil, treasonous  war-lobby's frantic  rush to frame a patsy to prevent the American people from looking closely at the above very simple,  if seemingly complex and confusing,  chain of events.) 

 ** ( note -  "economic SABOTAGE leading to LOSS OF PRIVATE PROPERTY/wealth rights... leading to CONFISCATION OF WEALTH"  
  as Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau OUTLAWED _AMERICANS_ from OWNING GOLD in 1933!   If you dug up a  fat gold nugget out of them thar California hills, YOU HAD TO TURN IT OVER - BY LAW!  or BE A CRIMINAL! -  To Secretary Morganthau or any of his greedy, wealth seizing Treasury/'Fed' appartchiks!) 

 Is this huge paper trail of "preparations" today  that now include POLICE STATE LOCKDOWNS any time some government "black ops" agents fire off a backpack full of explosives designed to stop an "AL QAEDA INVASION"????


  This huge paper-trail of PREPARATIONS for MASSIVE POLICE POWER (and firepower!) and force is designed for one thing, and one thing only: TO QUELL, CRUSH, demolish, destroy any & all  PROTESTS or riots, after the JACOB LEW, tim giethner, BEN BERNANKE, jamie dimon, lloyd blankfein,  bob rubinites   (et al) triggered FLASH CRASH ON WALL STREET,  WIPES OUT  all the wealth and savings, of MILLIONS of American working families, pensioners, savers, and anyone not closely connected to the greenspan/cohen/bernanke/yellen 'Fed'  (or blankfein, paulson, rubin, dimon gs/jpm duopoly)

 (for a taste, just look at our above photos of Saakashvilli's u.s. & israel trained storm-troopers crushing that massive, peaceful, 2007 pro-democracy gathering.)

 below -  GOLD CRASH of JULY 2008.... preceded PERFECTLY, the STOCK MARKET CRASH of SEPT 2008 !!!!
(and, yes,  we just experienced a similar, massive gold price crash... this past week!) 


America's  GREAT DEPRESSION presidingWEALTH CONFISCATING judeo treasury Secretaries...  then (henry morganthau, from 1934 on, right) and  soon -  jacob lew,  left.

  "because stupid, gullible 'goy' Americans DESERVE to be poor, dispossessed, disenfranchised, and prison-gulag (slaves) fodder... they are no better than beasts at best, violent, dangerous, 'terrorists!' vermin (who should be rounded up and.... ) at worst!"


  CORRECTION:  In an earlier post, we stated that  Henry Morganthau became Treasury Secretary in 1933, when President Roosevelt was inaugurated for his first term of office.     Upon closer examination, we note that wikipedia's bio entry for Morganthau states that he didn't become Roosevelt's Treasury Secretary until January 1,  1934, and that Roosevelt had first appointed Morganthau to the national farm board.
   However, the wiki entry does portray Morganthau as one of Roosevelt's closest - and by the later Treasury nomination, certainly the most influential - financial advisers.
     Morganthau may not have been Treasury Secretary  the day that Roosevelt dictated the GOLD CONFISCATION ACT -  but Morganthau certainly supported it,  and later DID NOTHING, when he became Treasury Secretary, to REVERSE the confiscation of gold for those Americans whose WEALTH (gold) HAD BEEN SEIZED.
 Later, when Roosevelt & Morganthau arbitrarily and unilaterally RAISED THE GOLD PRICE... Morganthau  did nothing to REIMBURSE Americans for having the savvy to invest their wealth OUTSIDE of   the crooked, corrupt, so-called "Federal" Reserve overseen (sic) financial system - only to see their wise investments SEIZED from them by Roosevelt and his Treasury officials.  

 And worse,  Roosevelt and MORGANTHAU  portrayed - - HATE-MONGERED! - those Americans who were savvy enough to park their wealth OUTSIDE of the insanely corrupt and "volatile" so-called 'Federal Reserve financial system as "HOARDERS" - implied ECONOMY KILLERS,  when in fact it was the Fed bankers, and their COMPLICIT  hired-and-bribed Treasury Secretaries,  who MOST DESERVE THE 'credit' for INSTIGATING and prolonging the Great Depression.     

  While the substance of our contention is valid - that Treasury Secretary Morganthau PRESIDED OVER the long years of WEALTH CONFISCATION and CRIMINALIZATION of gold possession - we regret the error in our specific timeline.,_Jr.#New_Deal
   In 1933, Roosevelt became President and appointed Morgenthau governor of the Federal Farm Board. Morgenthau was nonetheless involved in monetary decisions. Roosevelt adopted the idea of raising the price of gold to inflate the currency and reverse the debilitating deflation of prices.

   That - morganthau lurking in the background at the 'Federal Farm Board', but actually being the president's closest adviser on money and financial affairs -  is a text-book example of NEO-CON PUPPET MASTERS at work!!

  post-script:  toss in the photos from immediately after the "TEENAGERS DID IT!"  bomb blast smoke & explosions at the Boston Marathon bombing...  and the USA  looks more and more like Saakashvili's puppet (usa & evil judeo war state) DICTATORSHIP....