Thursday, April 11, 2013

Now We're having fun! "Market CRASHINGS & Economy KILLINGS for fun & profit" !!

Now We're having fun! -

 In case you didn't notice it, our previous post was our best writing  ever!

 In one post, we asked the question that proves how PROPAGANDIZED Americans are: 

 "WHY doesn't the so-called 'Federal' Reserve 
- which was sold to Con-gress in 1913  specifically on the premise that the 'experts' at a huge, privately owned state monopoly authorized legal tender (fiat money) central bank would PREVENT FUTURE financial 'panics' and massive economic 'dislocation' (contractions)
get any attention (much less blame!) for PRESIDING OVER 
(if not INSTIGATING!) the stock market CRASH & resulting GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929-1944? 
 And we answered our own question, seamlessly working in the horrific 'bible' story  of  the people of an entire 'religious faith'


  - the horrific tale of mass-murderous plagues against innocent victims - 

   as the psychological foundation for the "WINNER TAKE ALL"  "let the 'useless mouths' whither on the vine...and die!"  agenda, ideology,  and mindset that prevails in America today.

 - A horrific agenda that is really the  CONCENTRATION CAMP  / DEATH CAMP agenda
(for despised minorities) merely relabelled, or papered-over or masquerading as  "free market capitalism" - when in fact the monopoly controlled and wealth-extorted economy of America today is hardly a "free market" anywhere!

   Our above video shows how the same players (or their market manipulation heirs if not literal descendants)
who TRIGGERED the STOCK MARKET CRASH of 1929, are alive and well and using the same "Pump... and DUMP!" financial sabotage, wealth extraction tactics,  today... 

  The same "Pump & DUMP" tactics perfected, if not pioneered, by Nathan Rothschild in London and his four brothers across Europe two hundred years ago, by the end of the Naopoleonic Wars (1815).

  We'll leave it at that to keep this post short & sweet, so for now,  enjoy the video, and for those who are interested,  here's the back-story to the BITCOIN  CRASH the other day that the hilarious song is about - which crash was of course just another  Wall St. / Rotschield  style  criminal cartel shake-down & wealth-extraction shake-out, fleecing the masses with a big wet-kiss from the insanely corrupt, anti-American whores & traitors  in media & government, who've got their hands out for the KICKBACKS (what used to be called "graft") from that latest ENGINEERED CRASH by the CRIMINAL PIGS at the big banks and financial funds on Wall St.... and in the U.S. Treasury itself, which is now the hatchet-man, loan-sharking, knee-capping,  slave-catching, debt-collection extortion  enforcer of occupied America.    (link)   ENJOY!