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JEWISH FINANCE EXPLAINED - from BERNANKE to RUBIN to PAULSON to GEITHNER to current TREASURY SECRETARY Jacob Lew - MALICIOUS SABOTAGE of ALL non-connected Americans' Savings & wealth funds...

As we explained  in a previous post,  the annual jewish "PASSOVER"  'celebration'   CELEBRATES   the killing of EGYPTIAN CHILDREN - for the past 3,500 years!  as   "proof" that  'god'  prefers jews to all other humans on earth!

 The very jewish writer David Plotz proudly compiled  his 'modern' jewish take on reading the bible in his year long "Blogging the Bible" series at magazine,  on-line,  back in 2006.
 Plotz wrote about  jewish Patriarch Joseph - youngest & favored son of Jacob, whom god himself re-names "Israel"!! -  as being something of an ANCIENT COMMISSAR -  as "CHAIRMAN MAO" at Mao's worst! -
"Our hero Joseph abolishes private property, TURNS FREEHOLDERS IN TO SERFS,  and transforms a decentralized farm economy into A COMMAND ECONOMY  DICTATORSHIP.   This is bad economics and worse public policy. This is China, 1949. JOSEPH is CHAIRMAN MAO."**
** (note: "Joseph IS CHAIRMAN MAO"  at Mao's very worst:   Mao inadvertently inflicted a MAN-MADE FAMINE on China by his attempts to industrialize China with back-yard iron furnaces, and by abolishing privately owned farms in an effort to "communize" those fertile agricultural areas that for all of China's long history had belonged to some particular individuals or clans (who had a vested interest in making them as productive as possible) during the "GREAT LEAP FORWARD" in the late 1950s.   Prior to these dismal industrial, economic, & agricultural failures, Mao is actually something of a Chinese Moses - going on a long "Exodus" like trek (the Long March) to avoid defeat by superior enemy armies;  eventually winning victory against all odds... and then EXPELLING FOREIGN ARMIES and overlords from China, creating an independent Chinese state - exactly as Moses created an independent jewish state.)
  In typical Jewish fashion, after  telling us how APPALLING Joseph is - "but to a modern reader, Joseph is appalling,"     Plotz winds up completely contradicting himself... telling us that Joseph is his hero!!

   And we even get, in the space of the first few paragraphs of just this one page of his long blogging-the-bible series, another, second dose of the typical Jewish ability to JUMP BACK AND FORTH over the line of portraying HIDEOUS, DESPICABLE acts in the bible... and then saying that particular HORROR STORY  shows, proves, illustrates, demonstrates   "HOW GREAT god is,"  and/or  how  superior jews really are!  

  Mr. Plotz even concedes that perhaps the Egyptians had  perfectly legitimate and valid reasons for  OBJECT STRONGLY to the Jews... because the Jews were acting as ferocious overlords,  whether by operating in the name of Pharaoh (as the bible specifically claims Joseph did) -  or perhaps not!

  "And, to speculate a little bit, perhaps this centralized dictatorship established by Joseph is what ultimately led to the Israelites enslavement in Egypt"   
 [that is, an Egyptian BACKLASH to Joseph or any other judeo overlords, whether acting in Pharaoh's name... or not!]   

As Pharaoh's VIZIER - which is to say, "PRIME MINISTER...  and HEAD BANKER, and Chief of industry (and agriculture and grain storage)  Jacob  FORCED Egyptian householders to GIVE UP ALL their land and property in exchange for enough food to survive the famine... meaning that Jacob CONTROLLED _ALL_ the wealth and ALL the property in Egypt

 (paraphrasing) -  "IF YOU WANT FOOD to keep your family ALIVE, YOU HAVE TO SEE COMMISSAR JOSEPH"!!!  
 And an even more troubling possibility arises here - WHAT IF  that "FAMINE by GOD" wasn't  a natural famine at all... what if  Joseph's  "trade your land for food to keep your family alive" policies, were actually RUTHLESS MONOPOLIZATION and CONFISCATION economic policies, IMPOSED on Egyptians even in good times by military force...

confiscation policies (tax, royalty, sharecropping, and rent-seeking - just as today!)  so ruthlessly efficient at DISPOSSESSING Egyptians and turning them in to subsistence, near starvation DEBT SLAVES,  that  the bible must invoke  "A FAMINE" to explain the Egyptian's sudden impoverishment 
 ( = DEBT SLAVERY! )  at the hands of  "god's gift to Egyptians" the ruthless wealth-and-power amassing  vizier Joseph??!! 

 ...just as Mao's "Great Leap Forward" plan was so ruthlessly efficient at destroying private property rights, (and accidentally destroying agricultural production) that a MAN-MADE famine resulted in China. 

And Mr. Plotz's above speculation that maybe the Egyptians HAD A LEGITIMATE REASON to HATE the jewish aliens in their midst  offers up an even more sinister possibility - what if, at some point in the Jewish residency in Egypt, the Jews no longer had to operate BEHIND the  FACADE of  Pharaoh's throne??!   Certainly the bible goes out of its way to make the "good'  Pharaoh of the Joseph story... AS FACELESS AS POSSIBLE!    He barely exists, except for having the 'wisdom' to appoint Joseph as his vizier...

Maybe it was the Jews, who in certain times, gained the upper hand over their Egyptian hosts - maybe as a hired, mercenary army that "went rogue" and suddenly had the power to invade, conquer, and destroy Egyptian cities?  

   This is not at all an unlikely scenario:  the Egyptian army was constantly facing threats from ALL SIDES against the empire, and if the army went South to fend off a threat from the Cush (present day Sudan),  maybe the Jewish war tribe stumbled on some cities in the north that were now left completely open... undefended, vulnerable, and open to rape, pillage, plunder, and attack ??!      

   The bible specifically recounts exactly this scenario unfolding!  in the later story of the treacherous jewish King David, who,  while an outlawed gang-leader on the run from Saul's vengeance,  becomes a  MERCENARY hired KILLER  of a Philistine king - massacring, wiping out, killing every man, woman and child in JEWISH VILLAGES along the judeo-Philistine frontier.

  Once the jews' defender, King Saul is eventually killed in battle against the Philistines,
 David amasses Saul's troops, and is able to turn on his former Philistine overlords,  and is now lauded by the bible for slaughtering,  not defenseless jewish villages,  but for slaughtering Philistine cities and kingdoms!  

This very believable  story of David's band of hardened, hired criminals - "hard men" in the bible's depiction - acting as MERCENARY KILLERS switching allegiances as opportunity arises,  calls in to question the entire story of  "DAVID THE GIANT KILLER,"  because if David the adult mercenary warlord was the same David who as a youth had won fame throughout the region as the killer of the Philistine giant Goliath in single battle... how likely would a Philistine king be to hire him as a mercenary?

Wouldn't any rational Philistine king want to  KILL David, and gain the glory of killing the warrior who had killed Goliath, and made all the Philistine armies look weak & pathetic???

 And there is yet another bible verse which lends credence to our suspicion - given the entirely plausible bible story of DAVID as a HIRED MERCENARY KILLER & TRAITOR  in the employ of the Philistine king -
(as jewish mercenary bands may well have been in the employ of the EGYPTIAN armies centuries earlier) 

 - that the story of  David & Goliath is AN EMBELLISHMENT, added long after the fact, by writers working in David's  (or his son Saul's) employ,  to burnish his reputation and make him look like a more sympathetic, heroic figure - and that is the bible verse telling us that David was hired by Saul to play the lyre as soothing music to dispel Saul's migraine headaches...
 ...followed by another prequel story, telling us that the 'prophet' Samuel had ANOINTED DAVID as a CHILD who would soon BE KING,  under and in defiance of Saul - who was a sitting warrior king who was defending the Jews from exactly the kind of murderous mercenaries and foreign invaders that the bible itself tells us David later becomes!!!  

  So we have at least three PREQUEL stories that EMBELLISH the reputation of David,  but all three are rather fanciful, designed to burnish the reputation of someone who was HIRED TO KILL JEWS in defiance of, and in abject treason to, the sitting king and defender of jews, King Saul:
 #1. David as killer of Goliath;
 #2. David hired to soothe Saul's migraines by playing the lyre; and
 #3. David, a shepherd  boy in the field, is "ANOINTED" by Samuel,  in defiance of, and in treason against, the sitting King.
Each of these stories is CONTRADICTORY - for David is INTRODUCED 3 different ways, three different times. 

     This last story is the most implausible of all, for WE KNOW how JEALOUS  people are, and it is one thing to take orders from, and defer to, the dauphin,   a child king or crown prince SUPPORTED BY THE ESTABLISHED ROYALTY.... it is an entirely different affair for people in the neighborhood to learn that one of the local boys has been "ANOINTED TO BE KING"  without the support or backing of the royal family,  establishment, or even a handful of loyal nobles - much less when this local lad  is a direct challenge to the sitting king and his royal family - who will happily PAY any local youths or warriors, to DISPOSE OF this blatant, USURPER  THREAT in their midst!!!

 So we see that jewish bible writers are quite polished at THROWING IN EMBELLISHMENTS, to make the otherwise UNSAVORY, if not DESPICABLE behavior of jewish leaders, look far more appealing.


   We've been so busy (over-run by horrific news & events) that we haven't even been able to complete our intended survey of the PASSOVER atrocities,  the "PLAGUES SENT by G-O-D,"
 but  we will quickly mention here that, along the lines that there are BELIEVABLE bible stories of individuals & leaders,  and EMBELLISHMENTS of those individuals that border on miraculous - or plain old court flattery,  propaganda P.R. that Saddam Hussein would have demanded his writers and government officials write... too there also are TWO TYPES OF BIBLE "MIRACLES" - those that are completely super-natural, and then those that are mundane,  perfectly believable in context of  history or military affairs. 

    For example, saying "The Assyrian Army was going to CRUSH Jerusalem... until A MIRACLE HAPPENED,   god SENT A PLAGUE to KILL THOUSANDS of the Assyrians, so their army departed, and Jerusalem was saved"   is a perfectly believable 'miracle,' because a plague or pandemic could certainly wipe out a good portion of any army, at any time,  in ancient times.

   The "miracle"  of the Jewish "Hanukah" celebration is the WIMPIEST 'miracle" in all of religion - claiming that a one day supply of lamp oil lasting 8 days was a "miracle" is absurd.  Everyone knows that when a FOREIGN ARMY comes stomping through your territory the FIRST thing you do is BURY all your valuables,  and a jewish priest burying a "holy" lamp &  enough oil to last a month (to be dug up by the priests once the Greek/Hellenistic armies had been defeated by jewish warriors) would be about as difficult as burying,  in some hiding place today,  two one-gallon jugs of water.

 What we're getting to here, is that, looked at in RATIONAL terms,  THE PLAGUES that the bible says "GOD SENT on Egypt"  -  were actually  probably JEWISH & other MERCENARIES WAGING A RELENTLESS & cruel GUERRILLA WAR against the fat (wealthy) but SOFT - (poorly defended)  Egyptian empire.

 We know from history that the Egyptian empire had its ups and downs - and "downs" meant it was TOO WEAK to defend itself from FOREIGN INVADERS rampaging through.

 So what the bible describes as "PLAGUES SENT BY GOD" were quite probably just the result of  whichever Egyptian city (cities) BEING OVERRUN by JEWISH  NOMADIC WARRIORS - as indeed the bible recounts very specifically  JEWISH NOMADIC WARRIORS INVADING and leaving a trail of DEVASTATION that could be compared to deadly plagues, in the genocidal judeo invasion of CANAAN a generation or two  after "the Exodus" story.

   The bible even spells this scenario of JEWS ACTING AS A PLAGUE to the Egyptians  out for us - the infamous Exodus verse 12:35, which we have quoted 100 times before, on how the JEWS EXTORTED, PLUNDERED the people - Egyptians - who the bible portrays as their obliging hosts !!
35 The Israelites did as Moses instructed and 'ASKED'  [EXTORTED!] the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. 36 TheLord had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.
As we have written countless times before,
 PEOPLE WHO POSSESS GOLD & SILVER and precious clothing, are NOT  so poor, as to not have bread and food available and ready to go at all times.

 This single bible quote, Exodus 12:35-36,  puts into question the ENTIRE  narrative of poor jews having to flee Egypt  before they could bake bread.  

The "UNLEAVENED BREAD" story is AN EMBELLISHMENT to the Exodus narrative - 
just as the "prequel" stories about David make this mass-murderous traitor look more sympathetic. 

        EVEN JEWISH CHILDREN would think it a HORRID story, if the bible wrote -

   "the jews SLAUGHTERED and DESTROYED  the homes, people, animals, and families of Egypt, so the Egyptians banded together to drive their tormentors, the Jews,  from their land" 

- so it is CRITICAL to  portray the Jews AS VICTIMS. 

The bible is having it BOTH WAYS!  Portraying jews AS VICTIMS... WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY stating that the JEWS EXTORTED the Egyptians out of their gold, silver, & other wealth!!

  IT IS THIS INHERENT DECEIT that we see so clearly today!    Judeo FINANICAL ELITES  PORTRAYING THEMSELVES AS VICTIMS - WHILE THEY RAPE the American economy, and financial RAPE Americans in to DEBT SLAVERY - just as Joseph may well have COMMANDEERED the Egyptian economy so thoroughly, that he drove Egyptians to the state of destitution and subsistence poverty that looked like mass-homicidal FAMINE !! 

All the above to say,  the "judeo EXTORTION" conspiracy in America & Europe today,
has a MASSIVE 3,500 year history!!


CORRUPT government officials... 

 and above all  RELENTLESSLY LYING  "5th column SABOTAGE TREASON"  judeo-owned Media
(Bloomberg, Sulzberger NY Slimes, Meyer/Graham cowardly, lying, treasonous, economy-killing Washington Post;  the TIME/cnn/WARNER Bros. Hollywood HATE-MONGERING,  war-mongering mega-media Hollywood propaganda empire - and ALL the other JEWISH DOMINATED  NETWORKS and media and 'news' outlets) - ALL ARE "IN" on the WHITEWASH of  SERIAL, TITANIC, ECONOMY-GUTTING,  GREAT DEPRESSION INSTIGATING,  relentless DECEIT, DECEPTION, PERJURY,  LIES, FRAUD, THEFT, EXTORTION and SABOTAGE "pump & dump" WEALTH EXTRACTION of pension funds, insurance funds, and any other springs of wealth the rapacious Judeo TASKMASTERS, MONEY-LENDERS, TAX COLLECTORS, LOAN-SHARKS, and Moses/Joshua/David  style mass-MURDEROUS genocidal EXTORTIONISTS can lay their hands on  !!

  Just listen to Ann Barhardt (in below video, transcript below that)  TRY to LIST  all the SERIAL FRAUDS, LIES, and CRIMES being committed!!  

ALL WITH THE APPROVAL of the TREASONOUS Sulzberger NY Times,  cnn/TIME/Warner empire,  meyer/Graham Washington Post,  and of course all the blood-sucking vampires at Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan (a 100+ year Rotschield front)  and all their spawn from hell at the U.S. Treasury and deeply infested in the U.S. government
 (including 'former' Goddamn Sachs made-man/partner,  CFTC CHAIRMAN  gary gensler)


Ann Barnhardt in 2011: When You See Metals Cash & Futures Price Decoupling, The End is Nigh!

April 17, 2013 By

This is The Doc with, we’re please to welcome Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital Management today.
Ann was light years ahead of just about everyone in recognizing the implications of
MF Global’s outright theft of supposedly segregated client funds, instantly telling anyone who would listen to immediately get out of all paper markets.   Ann went so far as to instantly shut down her brokerage out of concerns for the safety of her client’s funds.

Ann:  Thanks for having me, it’s a pleasure to be with you.
Doc:  Before we talk about the Sentinel bankruptcy case Ann, we’ve already seen lightning strike twice in the form of the segregated client theft of $200 million of PFG.  What are your thoughts on the latest vaporization of client funds at PFG?
Ann:  It’s just par for the course, and really the big news within the last few days relative to the PFG case is the 7thCircuit Court of Appeals decision- relative to (and I know we’re getting into lots of different companies and lots of different outfits here) the Sentinel Management Group, which was a non-clearing FCM, that was a Ponzi, that crashed all the way back in 2007.  So this happened 5 years ago, and they’re just getting the stuff adjudicated
 [note: JUSTICE DELAYED is JUSTICE DENIED.  The entire U.S. 'Criminal 'JUSTICE' System" no longer has ANYTHING to do with 'JUSTICE'.]   
  - like I said, the decision from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals just was published on Friday.
What that decision said [WHAT THIS CORRUPT  JUDGE RULED], unbelievably, is that basically all property rights in the United States are gone.  Up in smoke.   The court ruled that if you have money with an FCM and they fraudulently used YOUR MONEY that they’re holding as a custodian- if they use your funds to go and borrow money to finance their own in-house proprietary trading desk, when that Ponzi collapses, the customers have absolutely no rights to their own property, and that the counter-party- meaning the mega-bank that lended the FCM the money fraudulently, they stay at the front of the line!

[ = the GODDAMN-SACHS/rotschield/Fed  JUDEO ruled MEGA-BANKS have FIRST CLAIM on EVERY DIME of  _your_ savings, deposits, and segregated funds!! ]
Absolutely STUNNING!   So what this does is it trickles all the way back down through the system to both MF Global and PFG, and basically tells the customers ‘Sorry, you’re screwed.’   Not only are you screwed, but we now have a legal precedent that is going to be used by every executive in every one of these companies
[ = judeo FINANCE - LICENSE TO COMMIT FRAUD, and  EXTORT the 'goy peons! ] 
 to say ‘Hey! The 7thCircuit Court of Appeals just ruled that using customer segregated funds as collateral on your own loans to fund your prop trading desk is completely legal and doesn’t constitute fraud.
So what we’re seeing is the complete disintegration of the financial system before our very eyes! 
It’s Soviet!  It’s truly, truly Soviet!!   You couldn’t even make stuff like this up!   If you told me a year ago that any of this would be going on, and that we’d have court decisions like this, I would have told you that you were completely out of your mind.
Now here we are, it’s happening, you’ve got to get out of the financial system!  Nothing is safe! 
Doc:  I couldn’t agree more.  For clarification because this story hasn’t been picked up at all really in the MSM or even the alternative sites like ZeroHedge, so let’s give a little bit of a background for those unfamiliar with the story, Sentinel Management Group imploded in 2007 with over $500 million in segregated client funds vaporizing when Sentinel  'rehypothecated' their client’s assets in order to secure a line of credit from the Bank of NY Melon.
So now we’re 5 years into the bankruptcy court proceedings and BNY Melon has sued to get in the front of the line ahead of segregated customers [DEPOSITORS!] essentially stays ahead of customers.  So Friday’s court ruling essentially means that the Federal Appeals Court has ruled that the Bank of NY Melon gets to jump in line ahead of segregated customers

[ = DEPOSITORS _ROBBED_ of their savings and accounts, by bank executives  GAMBLING with their, depositors', money !!! -  with the blessings of this CORRUPT PIG of a judge, and the ENTIRE  Obama 'Justice' Department, SEC, and Treasury !!! ]
Ann:   Exactly!  And this despite the fact that the Bank of NY Melon executives who testified at the trial LIED, and it even says in the decision- the exact words that are used was that they were ‘HEARTLESS LIARS’, and the decision goes so far as to say that because the bankers lied so blatantly and egregiously, that that must somehow be proof that they weren’t actually COMPLICIT in the FRAUD !!
TOTALLY SOVIET, we’re through the looking glass, none of this makes any sense.

  [ As we've pointed out in our long ramble at the top of this post,  "SOVIET" =  JUDEO COMMISSAR EXTORTION !!  ]  
The other big point about Sentinel, is what Sentinel was- it was a hedge fund for other FCM’s. 
So when other FCM’s had excess proprietary cash, what they would do is they would send it to Sentinel and park it with them, and then Sentinel said that they were acting as a hedge fund and they were investing the funds, so that the FCM’s could generate some sort of return in excess of the rapidly falling interest rates that were going on in 2007 and before.
So what Sentinel was- it was a non-clearing FCM.   Who has the regulatory and auditing oversight of all non-clearing FCM’s in the US?   Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s the National Futures Association.
The same National Futures Association that apparently just completely missed the fact that PFG Best only had $5 million in it’s segregated account, when it was telling them that it had $225 million.
But I guess that’s what you get when you’re sending account balance confirm requests to unverified post-office boxes.   I guess that’s also what you get when a 9 figure FCM has some gal working out of her house on the West side of Chicago acting as their auditor.   The fact that an FCM that size has thousands of journal entries per day, and that one gal working out of her house is doing all of the accounting and all of the in-house auditing?
We couldn’t possibly expect the NFA to investigate that or follow up on that, and we couldn’t possibly expect the NFA to be sending account balance confirms to anything other than an unverified post-office box, even though you can’t even buy a .99 piece of crap on E-bay if you’re doing business through an unverified post-office box! 
Look.  The NFA is a CRIMINAL MAFIA!  The upper management of the NFA and the upper echelon of these auditors should do hard time.  I’m not talking camp cupcake.  I’m talking about DECADES OF HARD TIME THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE DOING!  Because they are completely complicit in this, there is NO REAL REGULATORY OVERSIGHT OF THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY IN THIS COUNTRY!!
The NFA isn’t auditing anybody in any realistic sense.  If you’re in the NFA’s mafia, they’ll coast you right through.   
 If you’re not in the NFA’s mafia, they will tear you apart and destroy you with malicious auditing and malicious litigation.
 [ = rotschield style  judeo SABOTAGE of  non-connected competitors] 
Who was the auditing oversight body for MF Global?  Well it was the CME.   Again, they were NOT  doing any realistic auditing oversight, you know, ‘we’re not gonna mess with Corzine, we’re not gonna mess with MF Global, just sign off on them’ and now the coup de grace is that THE COURTS ARE NOW COMPLETELY COMPLICIT IN ALL OF THIS!!   The courts facilitated the fraudulent bankruptcy filing of MF Global, and now the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals- upholding a decision from the District Court- has now made this absolutely MIND-BLOWING decision, setting precedents that say customers have absolutely no right to their segregated funds held in any depository or financial institution!
I don’t know what else people need.  MF Global stole $1.6 billion, PFG Best is $225 million gone, who’s going to be next?  It’s clear there’s no regulatory oversight. 
 If you’re still in these markets you’re either stupid or on drugs That’s the only conclusion that I can come to.
Doc:  I wanted to get your thoughts on one aspect of both MF Global and PFG Best.  I don’t particularly believe that it’s much of a coincidence that the customer accounts at PFG just happened to again be held at JP Morgan.
I don’t know if you saw this or not, but JP Morgan filed a request with US bankruptcy court last week attempting to limit the subpoena power of PFG’s bankruptcy trustee Ira Bodenstein!
  [ LIKE THE NAZI GESTAPO,  the CRIMINALS of our Financial Markets want to KILL YOU if you dare expose their crimes or atrocities !!  ]  
Basically JP Morgan is doing everything in their power to keep their dealings with PFG client funds under lock and key.  Are we reading too much into this, or should we be focusing on JP Morgan’s role in both of these bankruptcies?
Ann:  Oh no, not at all.  I’ve got another one for you.  JP Morgan has just announced that it wants to hold customer collateral.  It wants to be the body that holds customer collateral for FCM’s.
Now the argument they’re making is, ‘look at these FCM’s.  You can’t trust them, so now we need a third party to hold customer collateral’.  Guess who’s going to get to be that third party?
IT’S GOING TO BE JP MORGAN!!  Look, they know that the end is in sight, and they know that in a lawless environment, possession is EVERYTHING!   They want as much in their physical possession as they can possibly get because they know that when the poop hits the fan and this whole deal collapses, they’re going to be able to keep everything that they have.  They want as much as possible!
No, this is all completely revolving around JP Morgan and Goldman  [both 100 year FRONTS for the London/Europe Rotschields]  and I would personally be looking for within the next few weeks to months- I think that what they’re going to try to do is to try to consolidate these mega banks even more, and I think that JP Morgan is probably going to end up making a play for Citi at some point, and they are just going to try to have as much as possible under Jamie Dimon’s roof, because I think they know that the end is coming.  It’s rotten to the core!
Doc: I think both Citigroup, as well as I can see them making a play for Bank of America as well.  It’s almost like these banks are zombie corpses- without new infusions of blood capital the zombie can’t pretend to be alive walking around any longer
Ann:  Exactly.  We’re in the end game, no question.
Doc:  Really what you described from Sentinel, the court’s decision last Friday being shocking, I couldn’t agree more.  When I saw the news I really had to read it twice, and when I actually first read the ruling my first thought was   forget wabbit season, This is open hunting season on segregated client funds all year round.’  
[ Just as the INFAMOUS  pro-SLAVERY  U.S. Supreme Court  DREDD SCOTT decision, effectively GAVE LICENSE to  SOUTHERN "SLAVE CATCHERS" to not only catch ESCAPED slaves in the no-slavery North.. 
but by simply BRIBING  Northern Judges,  they could  LABEL a FREE BLACK as an "ESCAPED SLAVE" and ship him in chains down South!   Since 'the value' of a slave was several times the yearly pay for a white worker,  JUDGES COULD BE EASILY BRIBED.] 
Ann:  Absolutely!  That’s all it is!  Like I said, it basically destroys all property rights that anybody has with any financial institution or depository institution.  I’m with you.   I cannot figure out why the Tylers have not posted this at ZeroHedge! This is HUGE!  What the hell is going on!?! 
  [NOTE:  That would still leave your wealth held OUTSIDE of the INSANELY CORRUPT  "U.S."  (rotschields'!) financial system.....  NO PROBLEM!!   JACOB LEW, the new, 'MODERN'  HENRY MORGANTHAU, is  having his junior appartchiks write up  GOLD CONFISCATION, WATER CONFISCATION, FOOD CONFISCATION,  LAND CONFISCATION,  & OTHER COMMISSAR  anti-property LAWS AS WE SPEAK  - which will all  seem 'very reasonable' after THEY  TRIGGER the NEXT "mega-catastrophic TERROR EVENT"  that will make 9-11 look quaint...  and blame it on their latest enemy du jour.]   
Denninger hasn’t said anything over at Market Ticker.  As far as I can tell it’s me, and then some metals websites and Warren Pollock- we’re the only people who are talking about this! 

  [note:  GOOD POINT!  We here at TJW have long been meaning to write a post on KARL DENNINGER, RICK ACKERMAN, PETER SCHIFF, and "MISH"  MIKE SHEDLOCK....  THEY ALL KNOW how CORRUPT  THE FED, Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan (rotschield),  the ENTIRE  U.S. DOLLAR... and THE ENTIRE U.S. GOVERNMENT  are...  
    But THEY are ALL PART OF THE "TRIBE" -  
and therefore feel that THEY, like JP Morgan and Bank NY Mellon - are ENTITLED to GO TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE -  THEIR CLAIMS on WEALTH, via their PAPER bets ('trades') ARE HOLY... while the  American Constitutional SOCIAL CONTRACT, that ALL Americans DESERVE A MINIMUM SLICE OF the PIE....  is inherently ridiculous, unjustified, and nothing but  "gutter-trash feeding at the trough" who should be left to starve !!! ]  

 [  note 2:    Schiff, Ackerman, Denninger, and Shedlock will ALL use the term "COMMUNISM" or "SOCIALISM" to DENIGRATE others... EVEN THOUGH the jewish word "KIBBUTZ" has a POSITIVE ring to PURE SOCIALISM, and even though, as we pointed out at top of this blog post,  "JOSEPH was similar to a COMMISSAR - exchanging food for ALL the private property in Egypt - and THROUGHOUT the jewish bible,  judeo leaders frequently DEMAND that the jews SURRENDER THEIR GOLD.... ON PAIN OF DEATH.    LONG before there were COMMUNIST Commissars,   judeo leaders were ACTING AS COMMISSARS  and were every bit as ruthless - AS THEY ARE TODAY !! ]  

This isn’t speculation!  This is a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision!  This is in black and white!   This is setting massive legal precedent and nobody’s picking it up, even on the alternative side of the media!  It’s truly bizarre, I don’t know what’s going on. 

  [WE  here at TJW know what's going on!    It's the SULZBERGER NY SLIMES, the MEYER/GRAHAM washington whore post, the  BLOOMBERG "lying for the Fed is what he does" 'news',  it's the cnn/Time/Warner  "WE LIE to the MORONS EVERY DAY",   it's the LA TIMES,  CHICAGO TRIB,  CBS, NBC, ABC   CHORUS of LIARS  riding the wave of  RAPE THE ECONOMY -  WE DESERVE IT!"  FINANCIAL FRAUD, LARCENY,  BRIBERY, & EXTORTION!!  As to even the "ALTERNATIVE media" - until you grasp the sheer depth and breadth of ABJECT CRIMINALITY, it is hard to believe that ALL JUDGES ARE ALSO CORRUPT -   if they DARE STAND UP TO  Al Capone the Goddamn-Sachs/Fed/Bernanek/rotschields  financial rapists, THEY WILL BE DESTROYED, too!!! ]    
Doc:  I look at it that not only does it set a precedent for ongoing bankruptcy proceedings with PFG and MF Global, but essentially it gives the bankers a green light to steal as much segregated client funds as you want because you know you just rely on the precedent and ‘we’ll just jump back in line ahead of the clients if anything happens’.
Ann:  That’s exactly right.  The other thing people have to remember is people are focused on all this as happening exclusively inside the futures industry.    This has ramifications throughout all financial markets, every sector of the financial industry, and even into simply street corner depository banking. 
They’re all doing this rehypothecation.  They’re all doing this, and now they’ve just been given a green light that they are legally protected, and the depositors or investors who are sending their margin to be held in these customer seg accounts have been completely, legally hamstrung!  There is now no legal recourse whatsoever!
The court has explicitly stated that taking somebody else’s money, and using that as collateral on your own personal loan is not fraud!
I don’t even know what to say!  What in the HELL IS GOING ON!?! –  OTHER THAN THE ONLY EXPLANATION-WELCOME TO MARXIST FACSIM LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!  It’s here!  Welcome to hell!
Again, reiterating, you have got to get your money out of the financial system!  Not just the futures markets, but the entire thing!  Stocks, 401k, IRA
- and so help me if one more person emails me or calls me and says well what about my 401k with such and such a firm?    I’m going to just go and stick my hand through the wall!   What is the matter with you people?  What part of GET THE HELL OUT are you not understanding?  What is so difficult about this?  It’s the ENTIRE FINANCIAL SYSTEM!
The only way that you can survive a Ponzi scheme is if you get the hell out before it implodes and crashes!   That could be any day now ladies and gentlemen!  You have had so much warning and so much lead on this, there is no way that you can make any argument that ‘I didn’t know!’
I’ve been here for 9 months screaming at the top of my lungs GET THE HELL OUT! And people are so stuck in their sophomoric normalcy bias that they literally send me emails and they have no idea what I mean by that.   If you are so far intellectually far gone, if you are such a coward that you cannot comprehend what the words GET THE HELL OUT OF THE FINANCIAL MARKETS mean, then you deserve to lose all your money, and don’t you dare call or email me whining about it!
Doc:  We strongly advocate physical precious metals as one of the only remaining assets that have zero counter-party risk, and we’re talking physical gold and silver held in your own personal possession.
What are you recommending to clients and former clients now with your strong recommendations to get out of all markets- and as you’ve mentioned now you’re not only talking the futures markets, you’re talking stocks and even deposit accounts.   Are your recommendations focusing on physical precious metals like gold and silver or also real estate?  What are you recommending people protect their wealth with?
Ann:  I’m not a metals person, I was a cattle and grains person so metals aren’t my forte, but absolutely metals.  Gold and silver, some of both.  I’ve had people email me and say ‘Well I have $150,000, what could I possibly do with $150,000?’  OK, $150,000 people, do you know how to do 3rd grade division?
If gold is at $1600 an ounce, and there’s 16 ounces in a pound (editor’s note: there are actually 12 troy ounces in a pound, but Ann’s point remains the same) that comes out to less than 6 lbs of gold.
You can’t carry something that weighs 6 lbs?
So you have gold for very compact storage of wealth, you have silver for barter, I’d have some of both, I would probably keep some cash around.  I don’t know exactly how the collapse of the US dollar is going to play out but I think it would be wise to have some actual paper cash.
From my perspective, a lot of my clients are agricultural people,  and there are still lots of places in the central US where farm ground is still very much a buy.   I wouldn’t be buying farm ground in south central Illinois where there’s just been a massive bubble for the last 4 years and it just keeps going and going- that would make me nervous.  But there’s plenty of good productive farm ground in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and South Dakota that is still very much in play and would be an excellent store of wealth.
Long guns-  Rifles and shotguns.  You can’t have too many long guns or too much ammunition.
If we’re wrong and there isn’t a hot war, and everything cools off and reverts to normalcy (I think the odds of that are extremely slim) but if I’m wrong about all of this, your long guns and ammunition are still going to have resale value.  It’s not like it’s just money into a black hole if you buy these things.
Gold will still have value.  Silver will still have value.   Farm ground will certainly still have value. 
From the survival perspective, dehydrated food.  You can go online and buy that years at a time, and you can burn through thousands of dollars just buying food.  Water.  Fuel.  Generators.
Needless to say, if you’re carrying any debt whatsoever, mortgage, car- anything, PAY IT OFF!
Own as much as you possibly can outright so you are as nimble and as removed from the system as humanly possible.
Doc:  Along with your statement about buying food, with your background in agriculture, what is your outlook for food prices over the next 6-12 months with the historic drought we’ve been experiencing?
Ann:  Oh it’s going to go up baby.  It’s going to go up, up, up, up, up!
Just looking at what corn has done- corn has made new highs, probed above $8.15.   Ok, when your feeding corn to cattle, hogs, and poultry, that translates directly into the price of those protein products, and we’re so mentally retarded that we’re turning corn into rot-gut gasoline substitute, which is about the dumbest thing that we could possibly be doing.   It’s all part of this Marxist/ Fascist attempt to completely destroy this economy.  

[Note:  the WEALTHY judeo financiers  who REALLY run the show - the Rothschilds, the Goldmans, the Lehmans, the Sachs, the Schiffs, the Warburgs, the Oppenheimers, Stearns, Perlemans, Bernard Marcus, Sheldon Adelson, Koch brothers, etc. etc. etc. are perfectly good at HIDING their COMMISSAR   bribery & EXTORTION, behind  a "FREE MARKET CAPITALISM" veneer - there ARE NO "free markets" when you bribe & extort politicians & government officials, to allow you to set up ruthless, PREDATORY, PARASITIC  MONOPOLIES - whether in the name of "FREE MARKET CAPITALISM or "what's good for the collective"  (i.e. pretend benevolent socialism) !! ] 

Doc:  Before we let you go Ann, how can listeners follow your work?
Ann:  Just at my website which is
Doc:  Ok, great.  We really appreciate your time and insight today Ann, and we look forward to talking to you again soon. specializes in precious metals news, analysis, and commentary, and it’s bullion division SD Bullion is one of the lowest cost bullion dealers in the country.