Thursday, April 18, 2013

COWARDLY Jewish TRAITOR Dianne Feinstein WANTS TO OUTLAW Self Defense IN AMERICA... America was BUILT on the TRADITION of DEFENDING ONE's HOMESTEAD on the wild frontier, But Dianne Feinstein Wants to IMPOSE JUDEO HYPOCRISY In America: GUNS OUTLAWED for AMERICANS, while JEWS IN ISRAEL PROVIDED WITH MACHINE-GUNS by THEIR GOVERNMENT (AT U.S. taxpayer expense!!)

Americans, Meet Dianne Feinstein - one of your SENIOR JUDEO COMMISSARS - the Appartchik FRONTS for the JUDEO BILLIONAIRE FINANCIAL  SABOTAGE RAPE,  DESTRUCTION, &  DEBT ENSLAVEMENT of America... 

 This evil woman - jewish   UBER HYPOCRITE "U.S." Senator  DIANNE FEINSTEIN - wants to OUTLAW SELF DEFENSE IN AMERICA - even though she, as a government appartchik,  will have AN EXCEPTION to the draconian OUTLAWING OF GUNS for ORDINARY AMERICANS,
 and even though she, as both a wealthy American and a senior government official, will always have police & security at her beck & call...

Worse than mere self-defense HYPOCRISY  by the Evil Di-Fi,      
AMERICA was BUILT on the tradition of American families DEFENDING THEIR HOMES  on the wild frontier.. or against marauding Red Coat  British soldiers, Indians, or other any other  large, hostile marauding groups (or mere common outlaw gangs... as Jesse James' gang was proudly and defiantly run out of Northfield, Minnesota by townsmen coming to defend their town in 1876).

   The grandparents and great-grandparents of  Jews like Dianne Feinstein's came to America knowing that self-defense was an American right...
 but now they want to IMPOSE their "NEW WORLD ORDER"  on Americans....
which is actually nothing more than the "OLD world order"
 of  ANCIENT JUDEO  conquest, extortion,  ENSLAVEMENT, and EXTERMINATION  foisted on the natives -
as the entire  horrific 'holy' bible story of  "the Promised Land" lays out in chilling,  MASS MURDER, MASS RAPE,  wanton cruelty & destruction, and SYSTEMATIC GENOCIDE detail.

    These are not our "HYPOTHETICAL" rantings - if you live in rural America,
 it could take Police A HALF HOUR or longer - even AN HOUR! to ARRIVE at your home  if you are threatened by deadly home invasion. 

 It could take the police a HALF HOUR or even longer  to arrive at your home,  in America's downtown, urban cities cities today whether in Oakland, California, or in  the blighted wasteland neighborhoods of  abandoned, downtown Detroit, Chicago, or America's other large cities.
 DIANNE FEINSTEIN  wants to TURN AMERICANS in to DEFENSELESS SLAVES - even as she, the hypocrite un-American judeo supremacist - believes in 
ARMING JEWISH "settlers' TO THE TEETH, so they can terrorize, extort, and kill  Palestinians in the latest jewish land-grab in occupied Palestine... with American taxpayer supplied M-16 machine-guns!!

   Coming soon to WHITE America... Judeo approved hired mercenary or 'law enforcement' goons 'patrolling' AMERICAN streets... with LICENSE TO KILL  any  American found in possession of a gun...
(What America's "conservative" Whites get for sneering, 7 years ago, when Bush & JEWISH LAWYER cum FEMA DIRECTOR "heckuva job, Brownie" got  BLACKWATER GUNMEN to patrol New Orleans flooded, post-Katrina streets.. instead of trucks providing water and food!)  
 (What is really insane, is the below murder-happy jewish gunmen  have absolutely NO respect or appreciation for the stupified Amerikan taxpayers,  whose billions of tax dollars  support their insanely theocratic, bronze-age GENOCIDAL judeo war state.)

  And -  did we mention - DIANNE FEINSTEIN  is  THE WILLING FACE of the American "WAR ON DRUGS"  APARTHEID  POLICE STATE,  neo-SLAVERY   GULAG   prison industrial complex... where executives on Wall Street do cocaine by the KILO, while poor minority (and,  white!) youths get LONG PRISON SENTENCES for same???!!

 the Evil Dianne Feinstein is the QUEEN BEE of  WAR PROFITEERING in America,
dishing out lucrative government contracts to "her husband's"  DEFENSE CONTRACTOR COMPANY... FROM HER PERCH as a Senate Committee CHAIR-woman! 
The Evil DiFi went into Congress with a family net worth well under a million dollars, but today, as the Judeo appartchik senator PRESIDING in the SENATE over the JEWISH WARS funded and manned by American chumps,  her family net worth is reputed to be around $99 million dollars - as, over the past 2 decades, ordinary, non-connected Americans have seen their families net worth DECLINE, go DOWN dramatically!  

 In short, DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  like relentlessly lying, FINANCIAL CRIMES WHITEWASHING jewish media tycoon & NY dictatorial Mayor michael bloomberg,  is  the willing face of the New  billionaire/multi-millionaire

JUDEO gulag OVERLORDS of Amerika!


Gun-grabbers React with Outrage as Second Amendment is Upheld in Senate

by Kurt Nimmo,   Prison   April 18, 2013

'Liberals'  [note:  they are NOT 'liberal" - THEY ARE RADICAL RIGHT-WING GOVERNMENT AUTHORITARIANS, POSING as "do-gooder liberals" -  these are essentially the same arguments "DOING IT FOR THEIR OWN GOOD" that SLAVE OWNERS and SLAVE STATE preachers & politicians used to DEFEND SLAVERY... because, allegedly, Black slaves were "BETTER OFF" under slavery]
and anti-Second Amendment activists, led by Obama, expressed outrage over a Senate vote on Wednesday rejecting firearm background checks.
“All in all, this is a pretty shameful day for Washington,” Obama said from the Rose Garden after the vote. “The American people are trying to figure out — how can something that has 90 percent support not happen?”
“I know how this is going to end, and the despair and the dismay of the families standing out there whose safety we need to protect, and we don’t do it. I am really chagrined,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein, who had sponsored a measure to outlaw semiautomatic firearms liberals erroneously characterize as “assault weapons” for political effect.
“Show some guts,” she admonished her colleagues.
“I think we’re going to continue to work for the right thing to be done. I think the senators who voted against this will have to live with that vote, and I think they’re going to have to account for themselves,” Peter Read said. Read’s daughter was killed at Virginia Tech.
In fact, the senators who voted the bill down will have to live with supporting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment specifically states that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.
Moreover, the liberal chorus call echoed by the establishment media demanding the Senate legislate by the result of public surveys – specifically, the Quinnipiac University poll showing 90 percent of Americans believe in background checks – runs counter to the fact America was not established as a democracy. The founders intended the United States to be a constitutional republic.
Liberals and socialists, of course, prefer a democracy where opinion can be manipulated and a majority can impose its will on a minority.
“Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.” said Thomas Jefferson.
Senate Democrats will now work to reintroduce anti-Second Amendment legislation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, voted against Manchin-Toomey for procedural reasons in order to preserve the right to bring the measure back up.
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