Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CELEBRATING the KILLING of CHILDREN: PASSOVER is the entrenched ALPHA & OMEGA of judeo HATE PROPAGANDA, 4,000 years of masking HATE for non-jews as "god's will"..

Passover ends tonight (according to wiki's listing), which marks nearly 4,000 years that jewish adults and jewish families have been CELEBRATING the KILLING of Egyptian children.    

  In any other context this 'celebration' would be deemed a demonic or satanic blood sacrifice ritual
  but judaism tries to get away with it by invoking the g-o-d word: 
"GOD ordered and/or perpetrated the KILLINGS of EGYPT's FIRST BORN male children,  so who are we mere mortals and humans to QUESTION  'god's'  will?"   
  Well,  the second, question-half of the above sentence is absurd:   judeo "scholars" have been analyzing & debating "god's intent" on any and all topics for some 4,000 years now,  and, more to the point, 
some of the bible's most revered 'heroes' - Jacob and Moses to name two - specifically contradict "god's" will,  Jacob wrestling with "god" for an entire night, and Moses beseeching "god" not to go through with his threat to kill all the jews,  after the jews were found to be prancing around the golden calf  in the "betray your god" "idolatry incident."   

     So, at a very minimum,  wishing someone a "HAPPY PASSOVER" means  CELEBRATING the KILLING of INNOCENT CHILDREN and BABIES,  because they were Egyptians, and therefore not as "FAVORED BY GOD" as jewish children...  a  pretty horrific rational to "CELEBRATE" the KILLING of CHILDREN !!  

    But as horrific as that notion is  - that a BLOODTHIRSTY GOD  would slack his lust for vengeance,  not by killing the proud, headstrong Pharaoh but by killing children -  

 .....there is an even MORE SINISTER ASPECT to this appalling story and "celebration" of the killing of children that is at the heart & core, that is the ALPHA & OMEGA of judaism... 

  ...and that even more sinister notion is brought up by a jewish writer, David Plotz, in his "BLOGGING THE BIBLE" series at  SLATE on-line magazine (which at the time was headed by jewish so-called "liberal" editor Michael Kinsley) - namely, that the SPLASHES of BLOOD the jews painted on their own doorways to show the "angel of death" that that home was jewish,  to not enter that home and instead  go on to the next doorway to find an Egyptian family to kill their children - 

  ...Mr. Plotz has written that "no angel of god would have needed such a visual instruction to avoid the homes of Jews; no, those splashes of blood were indicators for the men of JEWISH DEATH SQUADS not to enter those homes and perpetrate their ritualistic killing of children on Egyptian children..."  

   IF this  very sensible contention is correct, then, sadly.... for 4,000 years,  Jews have been CELEBRATING... the MURDER, by jewish death squads, of their neighbors' children!  

  Unfortunately, despite an entire day spent trying, we haven't been able to locate that specific paragraph in his long "blogging the bible" series where Mr. Plotz raises the question if those splashes of blood on Jewish doorways were a sign for the killer men of jewish death squads - and not god's angel of death - to spare that home.    However, the cold, evil reality that 
 jews CELEBRATE the KILLING of CHILDREN as both "proof of god's greatness"  and, worse,  as "proof"  that  "GOD'S LOVE OF THEM  IS WORTH far MORE THAN the LIVES of  other people's children" remains.   

   While we haven't found the paragraph where Mr. Plotz raises the "the hand of death entering Egyptian homes that evil night were JEWISH MEN  _TERRORIZING_ and MURDERING their NEIGHBORS," we did spend the entire day re-reading Mr. Plotz's "blogging the bible" series, and will use his below discussion of The Plagues as our gateway into a deeper examination of the  very SATANIC, blood-cult flavor  of   CELEBRATING THE KILLING  of their NEIGHBORS' CHILDREN as the very core & foundation of judaism -    
 and note below that Mr. Plotz does, indeed,  use the word "MURDERS"  to describe "god's killing of children" !!  
http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/blogging_the_bible/features/2006/the_complete_book_of_exodus/god_enjoys_the_10_plagues_way_too_much.htmlExcept for the trouncing of the necromancers, the plagues don't speak well for God. In fact, the episode is the most disturbing in the Bible so far—even more troubling than the Flood. The 10 plagues basically go like this: Moses and Aaron unleash a plague. Pharaoh begs for relief and concedes that the Lord is right. He asks Moses to plead with God to release the plague and vows to let the Israelites go. The plague is lifted, and Pharaoh immediately reneges, because God "stiffened his heart."The key question: Why does God ['god'] prolong the Egyptians' suffering? 
Why would God KEEP HARDENING Pharaoh's heart so that He can INFLICT YET ANOTHER MONSTROUS PLAUGE?   God tells us why. Listen carefully:For I have hardened his heart … in order that I may display these My signs among them, and that you may recount in the hearing of your sons and your sons' sons how I made a mockery of the Egyptians and how I displayed My signs among them—in order that you may know I am the Lord.What an appalling reason! He's causing the plagues so that we can tell stories about the plagues. He's TORTURING the Egyptians so that we will worship Him. [ !!! ]  
What kind of insecure and cruel God murders—murders first-born children—so that His followers will obey Him, and will tell stories about Him? (Also, how about that euphemism, "displayed My signs"—You call them "signs," I call them "plagues.") Yes, Pharaoh is a monster, and the Egyptians are brutal taskmasters. They deserve to be punished. What's upsetting is that God takes delight in the plagues. He even performs the last and worst plague—the slaying of the first-born—Himself. He wants the plagues to continue and to get worse and worse, so that we will tell stories about them. And lo and behold, 4,000 years later, that's exactly what we do every Passover. Not until this moment did I realize that the seder never pauses to consider the suffering of the Egyptians, or notices that God causes that suffering simply to glorify Himself. Who has an explanation for God's behavior? Am I misunderstanding something?  (cont'd) 
 ... (this discussion of jews celebrating the MURDERS of their neighbors' children, and the SADISTIC terrorizing and TORTURE 'god' inflicts on the people & nation of Egypt to "prove his greatness" )
           to be continued & updated....