Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Under Evil judeo FINANCIAL RAPIST PIGS, America an APARTHEID nation: Financial Criminals get SWEET-HEART Treatment From Their BOUGHT-&-OWNED government 'regulators' and politicians.... while, across America, Ordinary People get swept off to JAIL and PROSECUTED to "SET AN EXAMPLE" for often trivial misdemeanors....

  This is the acid-core issue that FORCES  sane Americans to CONFRONT the  overwhelming  JEWISH OWNERSHIP of the vast majority of America's "major media" corporate press & media outlets:   the increasingly  BI-POLAR nature of  crime & punishment in America....

...EFFECTIVELY CREATING a TWO-CLASS structure - overlords vs slaves -   where the working-class, "ordinary Americans" (even the Middle Class) and especially  the impoverished are effectively considered criminals,  first (and "citizens" a distant second),

 while those with enough money to buy influence - especially those today operating at the level of past economy-gutting financial criminals like Charles Keating, Michael Milken, Ken Lay, and Ivan Boesky - now have all but COMPLETE  IMMUNITY from prosecution under the despicable Barack Obama/Eric Holder 'justice' Department  and/or the Obama/Schapiro/Gensler SEC & CFTC.

     As we have mentioned 10,000 times before,  The Sulzberger NY Slimes, the Meyer/Graham cowardly, lying, serially treasonous Washington Post;  the cnn/Time/Warner jewish Wonsakaler family owned Hollywood warmongering media propaganda empire, and the relentlessly financial crimes whitewashing Bloomberg 'news' outlets - among the heaviest of heavy corporate America media hitters

- are  ALL   jewish owned, relentlessly lying corporate media outlets who all advocate a barely disguised JUDEO SUPREMACIST agenda.... 

     Nominally,  Rupert Murdoch is not jewish
(although "anti-semitic" websites contend that both Murdoch and JP Morgan/Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon each have at least one if not more jewish grandparents, and Murdoch's News Corp. Chief Operating Officer, Peter Chernin, is jewish)  

   but Murdoch's Fox 'news' network more slavishly pimps, follows, and blatantly promotes the Neo-Con expanding wars, police-state dictatorship,  "casino gulag economy run by financial rapists in bed with politicians" agenda than the outright jewish owned networks have so far dared to.

  In the below four minute video,  newly elected Senator Elizabeth Warren asks a very simple question:

"WHEN was the last time you regulators TOOK A FINANCIAL CRIMES  case TO TRIAL?"  

 - watch as the bought-off  and incestuous,  insider-friendly, crimes-whitewashing,  wrist-slap regulators try to regurgitate the now standardized Geithner/Bernanke/Dimon/Lloyd/Dodd/Holder  (et al, ad naseum)   financial-speak  verbal dodges,
  trying to appear 'smart' and sophisticated by finding creative ways to avoid giving a straight answer,
trying to appear smart while finding ways  to say "NONE"  as in  

  ..."we have taken NO  financial CRIMES cases to trial".... 

http://youtu.be/mavB1lbtIow  (h/t libertyBlitzkreig blog

 post script:  As much as we admire Senator Elizabeth Warren's dogged pursuit of the entitled, 'holier than g-o-d'  financial criminals who are destroying America's economy 
(by the 2 centuries old well polished Rothschilds tricks of bribery, coercion, monopoly extortion,  and above all, pump-&-dump parasitic attacks on other people's wealth, especially attacking pension-funds and rival investment funds when not raiding competitor companies)
 IT MUST BE NOTED that in "foreign policy" - which is to say, America's EVER EXPANDING,  METASTASIZING  evil jewish wars of imperial extortion, enslavement, and slow-burn genocidal mass-murder -   Ms. Warren is FIRMLY IN the NEO-CON camp.

   We wish Ms. Warren success in her new position as a senator, but if she enables the genocidal, metastasizing police-state wars, her opposition to financial rapists is at best a Pyrrhic victory - at worst an equally treacherous whitewash of serially criminal traitors,  malefactors,  and on-going war-crimes & atrocities perpetrators....
 (see our previous post)

post-script 2:  LibertyBlitzKreig blog captures the APARTHEID nature of crime and 'justice' under the evil judeo-supremacist 'Neo-Con' overlords who now rule America as their puppet fiefdom: 

  "[Senator Elizabeth Warren]  also makes the key point how ordinary citizens are constantly harassed by the “authorities” for what are in many cases petty and victimless crimes, 
while the bankers who have unleashed more destruction than anyone else, get slaps on the wrist 
Every single American should watch this short clip."   

  There it is:  the PRISON GULAG  for  ordinary Americans....  
but a GAMBLING CASINO where connected elites can never lose... their losses are made up 

(and then some! see Bob Rubin & Jacob Lew's "bonuses"... after they ran Citi-bank into the sewer of bankruptcy, bad-debt, and awful loans & horrid deals)  

whenever they drive their 'too big to fail'  financial crime, bribery, larceny,  & extortion syndicates into the sewer,  and, using bribery & extortion, then get license to PRINT MORE MONEY at the Ben Shalom Bernanke Fed - freshly printed 'money' that is a BACK-DOOR TAX on those millions of Americans  who receive paychecks, pensions, or interest on their (increasingly meager due to inflation) savings, 

   =  FREE MONEY for the evil judeo elites and their treasonous 'goy' partners in crimes,**   police state gulag for everyone else.  

 **  including the entire so-called "liberal Democrat" and Rethuglican Parties...