Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SEGREGATED, APARTHEID America: Bob Rubin's PLAGUE of evil, ferocious, treasonous, treacherous Shysters, Fraudsters, Financial Parasites, and Economy killing "bankers" get BAILED OUT for running THEIR OWN BANKS INTO THE SEWER... ...the rest of America gets serially DEFRAUDED by Benjamin Shalom Bernanke's latest tranche of FRESHLY PRINTED $85 BILLION in Fed funny-money...

Here is the follow-up to our previous post....we wanted to insert this (below) picture/cartoon illustration of a gaggle of fat-cat bankers dining at a table in luxury & ostentation, surrounded by a protective circle of  outward facing heavily armored riot police - who are facing and keeping at bay a huge number of people crowded tightly together, shoulder to shoulder, standing there patiently and  doing nothing besides watching the feast as 'the elite' dining at that table engage in an orgy of gluttony & conspicuous consumption.    

  We are extremely sad to report, that this biting portrayal cartoon illustration of a feast of gluttony and extreme disparity - the protected elites vs. the tightly crowded, silent (if not sullen) grey masses - in reality today has a very distinctly "ethnic" flavor to it...  an  ethnic/religious theocratic flavor,   to be precise...
  And,  horror or horrors, we find that with even minimal research into the historical record,  this theme is standard,  standardized,  de rigueur  ("prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom")
 pattern of behavior,  not only over the past 11 decades here in America,  but is in fact deeply entrenched for the past 4,000 years in the history of the so-called "holy"  blood-drenched bible.**


SEGREGATED, APARTHEID America:  Bob Rubin's PLAGUE of evil, ferocious, treasonous, treacherous  Shysters, Fraudsters, Financial Parasites, and Economy killing "bankers" get BAILED OUT for running THEIR OWN BANKS INTO THE SEWER
(despite the tremendous advantage of being first_in_line for cheap, near free 'money' from the Fed  Bernanke money-printing scam machine)  

  ...the rest of America gets serially  DEFRAUDED by Benjamin Shalom Bernanke's latest tranche of  FRESHLY PRINTED $85 BILLION in Fed funny-money...  which goes to Rubin's pals, and ONLY  Bob Rubin's evil Goddamn-Sachs bankster pals (and fellow bankster/financial parasite cabal  partners in crime)... EACH and EVERY MONTH,      the evil, greedy, treasonous pigs....

 "Present Day U.S.: The Americans were forced to indebt themselves to the banking cabal through fraudulent bailouts, more false flags followed with terrorist shootings and push for gun control, Agenda 21 is taking down dams throughout the U.S. that the farmers need for food production, Michail Gorbachev and Pelosi are instrumental in purchasing land throughout the U.S. to neutralize food production. This take place while our men & Women fight wars in other land helping the banking cabal to seize power of their financial systems. Oh, this is known today as New World Order a new name for the queen’s oligarchy."   

** note:  according to the wikipedia entry, the very word "bible" is derived from the Greek word for the Phoenician port city of Gebal, famous in ancient Greek times for the exporting to the ancient world  of the  PAPYRUS used for that all powerful human trait - learning - for writing and reading.   "Byblos" is a Greek derivation of the word for  "papyrus." According to wiki,  Byblos was settled over 9,000 years ago, and possibly as far back as 8,800 B.C. that makes it far more ancient than even the ego-centric Jews claim that their (bible) timeline extends,  which is only some 6,600 odd years ago (or approx. 4,600 B.C. ) Elsewhere, it is speculated that Hebrew writing itself is derived from the ancient Phoenician alphabet, a fact that, if true,  jewish "scholars" have erased, eradicated from their history It is also speculated that the word "Philistines" - arch-enemies of the Jews as portrayed by hatemongering bible propaganda - is derived from "Phoenicians".     
What is not speculation is that the so-called "holy" bible contends that "god" - the all powerful creator of the entire f***ing universe! - saw fit to "reward"   "his chosen people"not by creating some  new virgin lands "firmament" for them to settle... but rather issued them something of a writ of  GENOCIDAL EXTERMINATION against those who were already residing in Canaan and other lands along the eastern Mediterranean.  What kind of being could  "CREATE the ENTIRE universe" - but then seeks to "reward" one group of upright walking primates, by having them EXTERMINATE their neighbors in a centuries long orgy of hate, genocide, murder, mass-murder, treachery, rape, and horrific dehumanization??