Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our EVIL, parasitic billionaires "ruling elite" have transmitted an undeniable message across America & the world: "WORKERS ARE DISPOSABLE" !! Yes, the EVIL judeo Neo-Con billionaires AGREE with the reality of CONCENTRATION CAMP DISPOSABLE WORKERS, although of course their wholly owned media whores PRETEND they are concerned with "freedom," democratic equality, and human rights...

Anyone who disputes that our Evil, billionaire RULING ELITES have DEHUMANIZED WORKERS all across the world - in America, in Australia, and certainly the "Brown skin"  disposable hires in China, Asia, and elsewhere - is a deluded moron. 

Now we understand that Australia was filled with the criminal riff-raff deported from England once the American Revolution closed those (former) colonies off as a dumping-ground for England's poor, impoverished, criminally insane, and criminals
(who actually fared a much more humane treatment than they might have met in Medieval England, where under Kings Edward I, II, and III, and even as late as the Tudor King Henry VIII or Elizabeth I, for example, vagrancy was often a hanging offense) 
 -  but even given Australia's Anglo poor-white-trash wackiness,  we still have a corporation attempting to sell its expertise in renting out temporary workers for hire playing the  
"WORKERS ARE DISPOSABLE!"  angle to grab market share - complete with portrayals of executed workers. 

(Yes, we realize the CEO is first to get the "EXECUTED - KILLED AT WORK" treatment in this depraved 'commercial',  but the clear message is nonetheless aimed at killing,  once and for all the notion that companies should keep their workers productively working until retirement.)

  Just in case anyone thinks the above might be a purely theatrical or "spoof" video production,  the company actually has an up-and-running web site,  though you will have to copy & paste this link yourself to pay them a visit -