Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The "New World Order" IS PURE JEWISH SUPREMACISM IMPOSED on the world, through the Evil Jewish HIJACKING of BOTH 'Democrat' and Republican Parties in America....

Paul Craig Roberts:  "The elites who RULE AMERICAN,  ARE the "New World Order"  being imposed on the rest of the world..." 
(commentary below in this post) 

TheJewishWars:    "Those evil elites are the jewish Neo-Cons and their bribed politicians,  "hirelings" in press/media, government, academia, finance and in professions 
(law, journalism, accounting, banking, construction, industry, science, pharmaceuticals & medicine, Hollywood, gambling, sports & entertainment moguls, etc. etc. etc. etc.)
and lies-spouting 'Fifth column' traitors  across America and the world." 

  Below video:  U.S. Senator (Tenn.) Rand Paul is absolutely correct - 
President Barack Obama IS ACTING LIKE A KING,   
dispensing with "EXECUTIVE ORDERS"  that act as LAWS  passed by  DICTATE of the chief executive (president)  WITHOUT INPUT FROM CONGRESS.    '

  The only problem is that the DICTATORIAL judeo supremacists who are goading Obama to act like a king... are also the KING MAKERS and absolute dictator rulers of the _REPUBLICAN_ Party as well!    
  And merely  by going to israel    (to,  supposedly, "represent in the Senate  his American constituents better"?) 
  Mr. Paul  is kissing their behinds just as much as  Obama does daily.

AND WHO  among Mr. Obama's presidential PUPPET-MASTERS,  might be pushing or goading the supposedly "Liberal"  but actually warmongering,  economy-killing,  police-state authoritarian neo-con puppet president to draft and sign all these DICTATORIAL, royalist,  Tory, monarchical, absolutist "signing statements" and EXECUTIVE ORDERS??

  Why,  Obama's own little orthodox jewish supremacist racist warmongering traitor of a WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF,   BAILOUTS SUCKING  ex-Citi-bank bankster JACOB LEW 
(who will soon be obama's new Treasury looting, economy killing Treasury Secretary.) 

Obama's new chief of staff an EXPERT on EXECUTIVE POWERS 

Jacob Lew's appointment jibes with a reelection strategy that includes taking unilateral actions and running against a deeply unpopular Congress.

January 13, 2012|By Peter Nicholas, Washington Bureau       
 Reporting from Washington — With the appointment of Jacob Lew as his new chief of staff, President Obama chose a Washington veteran who is well-liked on Capitol Hill, but — just as important for dealing with hostile Republicans in a election year — is also an expert on the EXECUTIVE POWERS Obama can use to advance his agenda without lawmakers' cooperation...        (cont'd)  

  NOTE  that the reason  'CONGRESS.... IS DEEPLY UNPOPULAR"  is because Con-gress is BOUGHT & OWNED by the treasonous jewish wamongers, economy killers, and treasury looting elites;  
  and Americans LOATH the TREASONOUS  Neo-Con  "israel 
uber alles"  
[judeo supremacy]
"the jews, being god's 'chosen';  'your superiors' have a god-given  'DIVINE RIGHT'   to extort, tax, enslave, defraud, and/or eterminate you, the goy" 
 warmongering, treasury-looting, expanding police-state, bullying government, legalized theft, fraud & corruption on Wall St. (in big finance)  agenda.  

  NOTE TOO that we don't have to go very far to prove our point:    the very video, above,  of  TENNESSEE SENATOR RAND PAUL   ostensibly speaking out against Obama's royalist, "UNITARY EXECUTIVE"    DICTATORIAL  PROCLAMATIONS, 
(the Senator who is trying to be "the great white hope" of the increasingly "poor white trash" Americans - "increasingly poor" under those Neo-Con financial rape, jobs & industry outsourcing, & Treasury looting economics, that is)
 is  standing in front of  the JEWISH WAR STATE (israel) FLAG,   
demonstrating  that to be anybody in the Republican Party,
YOU MUST KISS THE RING of the   jewish ROYALIST dictators 
"divine right of god  through ANNOINTED KINGS"   jewish war state.  

  So the jews who OWN Con-gress (which currently has a Rethuglican majority) are pushing the Neo-Con agenda that is DESPISED by Americans  
(as reflected in the "lower than cockroaches" approval ratings for Congress today, and the dismal approval ratings for Neo-Con hatchet men George H.W. Bush,  Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush when they left office)...

   ...AS IS   puppet "I CAN KILL YOU by issuing an executive order  and sending  robotic drone assassins to bomb your house" Neo-Con warmongering president Barack Obama,  
who  is actually pushing the same,  Neo-Con judeo-supremacist, financial rapists,  economies-killing,  metastasizing wars, police-state brutality, torture, & applied terror dictatorship agenda  
as Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Mukasey, Bolten, Fleischer, Mehlman, Lefkowitz, Gottesman, and all the other Bush gang malefactors  did for 8 horrid years.   

  THIS IS A ONE PARTY DICTATORSHIP,  ruling America (and the world) with an evil,  nuclear-armed humanity crushing,  global extortion & enslaving, robotic drone army murderous iron fist.  


Those who don't understand that the Jews and their various political lobbies and personalities have HIJACKED  both the  Republican Party and 'Democratic' Party in America are grossly ignorant.   

The good news is that this hijacking is made possible only by deceit, and is pushed by a small minority that thrives and profits from their relentless jihad of imposing lies, deceit,  gross inequity, and a zombie, slave-like passive acceptance on the American people, who if they understood the reality, would despise their evil would-be overlords.  

Given an informed choice, the people of America (and the world)  REPEATEDLY REJECT the evil jewish supremacist, dehumanizing, economies killing, wars instigating, politicians bribing, wealth extorting, agenda,   when they can see through the relentlessly lying propaganda that inverts reality (warmongering as "the Noble Peace prize";  DOUBLE DIGIT INFLATION in the items families must purchase as "2% inflation";  relentless intimidation by prosecutors & police of whistleblowers who expose government crimes labelled, by the corporate media presstitues as "freedom";   etc. etc. etc.)  
an agenda and propaganda machine that has been so finely polished & well honed by the media whores, press prostitutes, political whores, and academic mistresses of that evil Neo-Con  agenda over the past few decades.  

 The single, essential factor in a Republican candidate making it to the top of the presidential contender pack,  is his (or her) approval by the jewish "national security" warmongers & jewish financial rapist financiers.  

    What is particularly grotesque and evil about this, is that little jewish appartchik Bill Kristol, the enfant terrible, dauphin,  and  de facto "KINGMAKER" of the entire Republican presidential circus,  specializes in selecting THE MOST GROTESQUELY IGNORANT Republican toadies 
(to the jewish war lobby, of which he is a co-founder of the blatantly jewish supremacist so-called "New AMERICAN Century"  PNAC war-lobby) that he can find.   
It was, almost exclusively,  Bill Kristol's selection of  Alaska Governor SARAH PALIN to be McCain's running mate in the 2008 election that exhibited how the real  rulers of the Republican Party  practically wallow in getting grossly ignorant, subservient,  HATE MONGERING, bellicose (warmongering)  imbeciles like Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and John McCain to bear the standard of the judeo supremacist Neo-Cons who have HIJACKED that Republican Party.  

  (That's right,  virgin-eared, doe-eyed Republicans out there...the childishly Neo-Con jewish appartchik Bill Kristol is more influential in Republican politics, than so-called Bush-Cheney "mastermind" Karl Rove, who knew that Sarah Palin would be a dismal choice for McCain's VP candidate in 2008.!) 

  The Democrat' Party is no better,  their treachery is actually worse 
(they don't pretend to represent 'poor white trash'  rural, gun-toting White Americans, but they do pretend to stand for the rule of law, for working-class and low-income families,  and the Democrats claim to represent the even poorer minorities   
 but their sophistication is slightly better.     Mitt Romney was actually a fairly intelligent Republican presidential nominee,  but  he was a slave to his Mormon religion, which as Webster Tarpley explained in his landmark "Mormon Mafia" video with Alex Jones in October 2012,  as recently as 100 years ago,  Mormons were REQUIRED, as part of their religion, to swear a blood oath against the United States of America,  because the Mormon founding 'prophets' had been hounded out of the Eastern states, and ultimately killed by white American rioters on the way to setting up (what they hoped to be) an independent nation in what is now the Utah/Midwest area. 


 ATTACK On Sovereignty Across the World

by Paul Craig Roberts  

 Those concerned about “The New World Order” speak as if the United States is coming under the control of an outside conspiratorial force. 

  In fact, it is the [NEO-CON RULED, DOMINATED, & EXTORTED] US that is the New World Order.   

That is what the American unipolar world, about which China, Russia, and Iran complain, is all about. 

    Washington has demonstrated that it has no respect for its own laws and Constitution, 
much less any respect for international law and the law and sovereignty of other countries. 

All that counts is Washington’s will as the pursuit of hegemony moves Washington closer to becoming a world dictator.   

 [note:  "Pursuit of hegemony" means making SLAVE PLANTATION COLONIES of the rest of the world, and, even worse, fomenting wars between ethnic groups across the world, to make war-ravaged genocidal WASTELAND of those lands and nations - as is happening now in Libya-  where Washington's only interest is "RESOURCE EXTRACTION"  -  As  the evil Obama "intervention" PROXY INVASION & CONQUEST of Libya   [by America/israel's  Al QAEDA HIRED TERRORISTS proxy army!)  has turned that nation,  recently "the WEALTHIEST COUNTRY IN AFRICA" into a divided and conquered, genocidal wasteland.    
Long before Tacitus said of the Romans after their total destruction and annihilation of Carthage   
"They make a wasteland, and call it peace,"  that  -  genocidal extermination & annihilation -  had been core jewish war-tribe strategy,  from the Euphrates to the Nile to Palestine, for well over 1,000 years previously.]

 The examples are so numerous someone should compile them into a book. During the Reagan administration the long established bank secrecy laws of Switzerland had to bend to Washington’s will. The Clinton administration attacked Serbia, murdered civilians and sent Serbia’s president to be tried as a war criminal for defending his country. The US government engages in widespread spying on Europeans’ emails and telephone calls that is unrelated to terrorism. Julian Assange is confined to the Ecuadoran embassy in London, because Washington won’t permit the British government to honor his grant of political asylum.  
[that is correct:  Julian Assange is a virtual PRISONER of the EVIL JEWISH WAR LOBBY.]  
Washington refuses to comply with a writ of habeas corpus from a British count to turn over Yunus Rahmatullah whose detention a British Court of Appeals has ruled to be unlawful. Washington imposes sanctions on other countries and enforces them by cutting sovereign nations that do not comply out of the international payments** system....   (cont'd
** [note: That - "imposing sanctions on other countries and [forcing them to] comply"  was precisely the job of "little economic DEATH SQUAD LEADER"  Timmy Geithner... who is about to be replaced  as Obama's jobs outsourcing, industries exporting,  fraud perpetrating, economies killing, global extortion,  Treasury looting TREASURY SECRETARY,  by obama's treasonous, taxpayer raping bailouts sucking,   jewish supremacist orthodox White House Chief of Staff,  jacob lew


Americans LOATH the  NEO-CON,  treasonous, treacherous,  stealth  judeo-supremacy, warmongering, financial rapist, elitist agenda that has a headlock on America  (and the world)  -  which is why Con-gress, bought & owned by the treasonous jewish war lobby,  has such  DISMAL approval ratings today.

  BILLIONS upon BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS go to parasitic jews in Israel  (and trillions more to "bail out" jewish owned banks, and trillions more to fight the jewish wars)...   while the Con-gress watches Americans go backwards in standard of living, today millions of American families CAN NOT AFFORD HEALTH CARE or college, and millions more American families are in deep fear of losing their jobs or life sustaining paychecks and pensions...
below video,  Senator Michael Bennet illustrates how unpopular the U.S. Congress has become in past few years, 2007-2013.    
However, he fails to see the very unified, NEO-CON AGENDA that is  DESPISED by Americans,   actually RULES BOTH PARTIES,  and  underlies every single factor behind these appalling approval ratings 
(including expanding war crimes, financial crimes, police-state brutality & legalized assassinations... including even here in the ;ate 'United' States!!)