Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jewish Owned Bloomberg & Washington Post PIMP "Free Money for judeo Bankers" as 'SAVING' the world economy"....

  AS the EVIL JEWISH PROPAGANDA TRAITORS at the Meyer/Graham cowardly, lying Washington Post  PIMP  "the FED IS DOING A TERRIFIC JOB of SAVING the world economy!"   and as the evil jewish TRAITORS at the SULZBERGER New York Times PIMP "GET RID of the U.S. CONSTITUTION!" ...

   Across Europe.. AND AMERICA... people are MIGRATING AWAY from the  CENTRAL BANKER fiat currencies FORCED ON them by the POLITICAL EXTORTION of that fiat money being printed up (out of thin air, by the banksters) and used to BRIBE politicians, con-gress critters, parliamentarians, presidents,  prime minsters, and academic & press/media whores, in order  to EXTORT PEOPLE with freshly printed money BEING DEBASED TO ZERO, that makes the $10,000 in your bank account increasingly worthless,  as the evil bankers ABUSE their economy leading, money-printing powers....
"This sort of behavior will be the wave of the future in all countries, as Central Bank currencies are debased into extinction. It’s interesting because while I was in Crested Butte over New Year’s I noticed they have a local currency going there called Crested Butte Bucks and I was really surprised to see that you can spend them pretty much anywhere in town. I also highlighted this trend in my post earlier this year English City of Bristol Launches its Own Local Currency."

  Needless to say, the TREASONOUS  judeo led "judenfetzen" currency killers,  economy wreckers, & FINANCIAL SABOTEURS  will BRIBE their politician & news whores to CRIMINALIZE avoidance of their state compelled fiat currencies, but the public is beginning to get tired of this treasonous nest of rats and economic saboteurs. 

see the below video of  insane Wall St. pig Andrew Stoltman pimping TAX AVOIDANCE by goddamn-sachs executives,       (h.t. the reformed broker) 

  we are paraprhasing here,  "RICH, SUCCESSFUL EXECUTIVES have a  DUTY to AVOID PAYING TAXES... because  THEY  are the engines of economic productivity & growth, THE PEONS are PARASITES"!!!

When money speaks, the truth keeps silent. -Russian proverb  
(h.t. word-a-day)

Make no mistake:  far, far, far from being "liberal," progressive,  rights & empowerment aiding, entlightenment, rational, & humanity-friendly publications,
  the Sulzberger NY Times and Meyer/graham Washington Post are THE TWO TOP judeo supremacist anti-American, anti-humanity PROPAGANDA OPERATIONS in the entire world.

  As such, they are not "liberal", they are RADICAL Right-Wing  JUDEO SUPRMEACIST rags,  pimping the ENSLAVEMENT OF ALL  HUMANITY,  the enslavement of all those not closely connected to the judeo elites, as "god's natural order for human-kind."

To repeat,  the EVIL JEWS at Washington Post SPIN   THEIR  ongoing  ECONOMIC  SABOTAGE  DESTRUCTION CATASTROPHE, as "markets SAVE world" !!

  This is a TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE of the evil jews   WHITEWASHING the VICTIMS of their economies-gutting central banker EXTORTIONS,  RIGHT OUT Of the 'news':

Washington Post: “Markets Saved World” in 2012 
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This is a brilliant piece of propaganda. Central Planners [the hyper-wealthy judeo elite & their hired & bribed bankers & political commissars] are trying with all their might to FORCE people into behaviors and financial assets that are in direct contrast to their logic as well as long term financial well being. This is the height of immorality, not to mention hubris. In the end, there is no chance of any of this working as the reality on the ground will overwhelm all of the manipulations and lies of the corrupt oligarch class.

From the Washington Post/Bloomberg article

   “Almost All of Wall Street Got 2012 Wrong as Markets Saved World”: 

Blankfein was more prescient. “I tend to be a little more positive than what I’m hearing from other people,” the 58-year- old CEO told Bloomberg Television in an April 25 interview at Goldman Sachs’s New York headquarters. “One of the big risks that people have to contemplate is that things go right.”
Well of course Mr. Blankfein was optimistic. He knows he has the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve in his back pocket and they will do whatever he says with one phone call. 

Furthermore, if things go wrong you just get a bailout. Crony Capitalism 101. That’s how the World’s 100 Richest People Got $241 Billion Richer in 2012.

Stocks rose as Federal Reserve decisions to keep benchmark interest rates at record lows while buying more than $80 billion a month of mortgages and Treasuries boosted confidence in the economy.
“In general they’re trained to analyze the economic data, balance sheets and so on. They’re not trained to predict political decisions. These factors have ruled the lives of fund managers in a more significant manner than what used to be over the past 20 or 30 years.”
The paragraph above pretty much sums it up. There are no markets, there are manipulations.   

As for the nonsense going around yesterday about a Fed exit, this is what I tweeted:
There is a 0% chance of any FED exit ever.    This entire experiment ends with civil unrest and martial law.   That**  is   the exit strategy.    

 Full WP article here.  


 [** note:  "THAT" exit strategy =  the CHERTOFF-MUKASEY-Brown-BOLTEN-EMANUEL-LEW  jewish TRAITORS  run DHS / FEMA / U.S. presidency run CONCENTRATION CAMPS,  mass SUMMARY EXECUTIONS, and an evil JUDEO HIJACKED 'United' States government WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - just as the jewish Commissars "Red wolf of the Kremlin"  Kaganovich & "Stalin's bloody dwarf"  Yezhov run mass-murder gulags  did to millions upon millions upon millions of Russian, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Poles, and other nationalities in the horror years between  WWI and WWII. ]