Saturday, January 26, 2013

Evil Pathological Jewish Liar & Genocidal Hate-Monger Henry Kissinger TALKS UP NUCLEAR WAR against Iran... WHY DON'T WE DISARM _BOTH_ ISRAEL AND Iran..? WHY DO JEWS get to have their OWN, PRIVATE NUCLEAR ARSENAL, while their mad-men Appartchiks promote NUCLEAR WAR against other countries???

Over at the (very jewish owned) LA Times, the JEWISH TAKEOVER of America switches in to HIGH GEAR...  if you're not jewish.... your opinion doesn't count!
   The LA Times media whores pimp judeo supremacy in all things... masquerading as "what's good for Americans" of course  - 

Weekend Talk: Henry Kissinger; Charles Schumer Dianne Feinstein 

Speaking of the evil Dr. K,  there he is,  a real-life  jewish version of the insane nuclear armageddon-lusting Nazi scientist playing the title role portrayed by Peter Sellers in the movie "Dr. STRANGELOVE,"  

 praise be g_o_d  in the highest!

UNMENTIONED in Henry Kissinger's evil diatribe, is the fact that IRAN is and has been  RESTRAINED by  TURKEY, Russia,  and other traditional, powerful opponents in the region...
and Iran has not engaged in wars of genocidal conquest or exampansion for several hundred years.

    The same can not be said of the insidious Jewish War State - which as we speak is relentlessly pimping & PROMOTING WARS outside its own borders - using Al Qaeda Sunni (Islamic) radical terrorists hired mercenaries as proxy armies! 
(financed by its SAUDI, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, Gulf Arab allies, and by its  wholly owned U.S.A. subsidiary/colony/slave-plantation at that) 
and the jewish state is a ruthless, diabolical, MASS-MURDEROUS APARTHEID STATE  within its own borders... 
minorities are actually FAR MORE FREE in Iran, than they are in the despicable jewish-supremacist war state!! 

  HENRY KISSINGER is a DIABOLICAL JEWISH HATE-MONGER,  he is pimping the notion of NUCLEAR WAR as INEVITABLE,  rather than mention that  IRAN  SHOULD HAVE AS MUCH 'right' to a NUCLEAR ARSENAL as ISRAEL does -  we believe that NEITHER nation should need or possess  a nuclear arsenal,  but even MENTIONING  the jew's diabolical nuclear arsenal is off-the-table... VERBOTTEN!  so the evil jew war-mongers would rather talk up  NUCLEAR WAR as INEVITABLE, than mention that it is THEY who LEAD the NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION NIGHTMARE and out-of-control locomotive to world annihilation instead.  

   [Evil Jew]  Henry Kissinger Predicts Nuclear War with Iran
by Kurt Nimmo,  January 25, 2013

 Globalist kingpin, renowned war criminal and Rockefeller co-conspirator [the very jewish] Henry Kissinger is talking up a nuclear conflagration.

Speaking at the one-worlder confab held in Davos, Switzerland, Kissinger said a crisis involving a nuclear Iran in the “foreseeable future” will lead to a nuclear war and “a turning point in human history,” the BBC reports.

“There has emerged in the region, the current and most urgent issue of nuclear proliferation."**

[YES, you genocidal jewish liar.. and ISRAEL,  the evil  jewish war state to which you devote your real allegiance, is the head locomotive on that out-of-control train of NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION...


 ** note:  It was the Evil Neo-Cons  
(jews masquerading as Americans  and their hired appartchiks who, "Manchurian Candidate" style, infiltrated and infested themselves into the highest levels of America's government, financial system, press/media monolith, and throughout all levels of 'American' society)
  WHO SABOTAGED  genuine, intense efforts at global Nuclear NON-proliferation all through the 1990s, when America was at the height of its prestige and world popularity following the (nearly) bloodless collapse of  Soviet Communism, the USSR, and the Warsaw Pact armies.
    The RUMP,  former Soviet state of RUSSIA had NO desire to see it's former 'allied republics' and de facto colonies - Ukraine, Belorussia, etc. - become nuclear-armed potential rivals 
(much less its traditional regional enemies... places like Iran, Turkey,  etc.)   
but rather than use the moment to direct the world towards a comprehensive nuclear disarmament, the Neo-Cons running the Bush (Sr.) presidency proceeded to first kill the American economy
 (with the "Deregulation" of the Savings & Loans and their subsequent massive failures leading directly > to the Bush-1 Recession)
and next their jihad to SABOTAGE world non-proliferation efforts.

note 2.:  WHERE was the EVIL TRAITOR JEW  HENRY KISSINGER,  in the days, weeks, and months LEADING UP to  the 9-11 attacks???  
      WAS THIS EVIL TRAITOR PIG  _UNAWARES_  that Al Qaeda terrorists had BLOWN UP a U.S. Navy warship, the USS Cole, in a Yemen harbor on  October 12th of 2000??
   WHY did this EVIL, TRAITOR PIG    SEE FIT to IGNORE the threat Al Qaeda posed to Americans  until the 9-11 attacks, nearly a year later,  on September 11, 2001??

WHY is this evil Neo-Con war-pig who saw FIT to IGNORE the AL QAEDA ATTACK on the USS Cole for almost a year in 2001,  now,  still  promoting himself as an "expert" on 'global security' and "national security" TODAY???

note 3:     WHY did the Cheney-Bush-WOLFOWITZ-PERLE-FEITH-LIBBY-BOLTEN-MUKASEY-CHERTOFF-WURMSER-ZACKHEIM-LEEVY  administration attempt to use the disgraceful and despicable   HENRY KISSINGER as their CHAIRMAN to lead the 9-11 Commission?? 

(which  the above Bush co. traitors had sought to derail, entirely, until forced to accept such a commission by public pressure.)  
     Was it because they thought judeo supremacist appartchik & career, lifelong Neo-Con WARMONGER Henry K. was the 'perfect man' to  WHITEWASH the CRIMES, DERELICTION OF DUTY, and/or TREASON leading up to those 9-11 hijackings OUT of  history and the official report??  

 The evil Henry Kissinger
- who resigned his post as 9-11 Commission Chairman IN DISGRACE, rather than give up his lucrative financial ties to theocratic, apartheid,  dictator SAUDI  royalty and FINANCIERS** 
   pimps and promotes NUCLEAR WAR as INEVITABLE - truly a racist, evil, despicable blood-lusting, warmongering vampire pig of a ghoul, a pox on the soul of humanity... 

 **note 4 yet another example of the Netanyahu, Likudnik, AIPAC, and 'American' "Big Finance" jews are IN BED with the AL QAEDA SPONSORING, ruthless,  Sunni fundamentalist  theocratic  DICTATORIAL Arab regimes.... 

 If you or I donated a dime to some of their organizations, we would be branded "terrorist sympathizers" and DISAPPEARED in to the evil judeo run American police-state prison gulag,
 by our now TREASONOUS  'justice department'  & its DHS,  Chertoff-Mukasey infested appartchiks and Eric Holder hirelings...

 ...while the evil JEWS in Israel & America and in the (late) 'United' States government are IN BED with these same TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS !!