Friday, January 18, 2013


The treacherous Barack Obama is the point-man for the hyper-hypocritical Neo-Cons who hate and despise America.
    In this video as a presidential candidate he  _says"I will never come for your guns"  when in reality, as the  puppet, Saakashvilli style brutal front-man "elected" dictator  for the evil anti-American judeo-supremacist Neo-Cons who rule America (Europe, and the world) with a mass-murderous iron fist,  he will do exactly that:  

    use the excuse of past  (and future)  psychotropic drug instigated mass-murder shooting 'incidents'  -  many of which reek of the pattern of "false flag" GOVERNMENT INSTIGATED TREASONOUS TERROR ATTACKS on the civilian American population with the intent of ratcheting up   the Neo-Con's  Saakashvili style ruthless dictatorship authority in the U.S., using DRUGGED UP  PATSIES as scapegoat  victim/perpetrators - to come and CRIMINALIZE GUN OWNERSHIP in America, and use the entire evil body of "WAR ON TERROR"  DICTATOR POWERS that have grown up around presidents Bush & Obama
 to WAGE WAR ON AMERICANS who refuse to bow down to the evil Neo-Con hijacking of America and surrender their guns or gold and other privately owned wealth to the evil Neo-Cons who have run America's economy, industry,  Treasury and Constitution into the toilet over the past two decades...    

Regarding the convenient use of drugged-up patsies used as scapegoats for government instigated terrorist attacks on the American  public - "Operations Gladio & "Northwoods" have finally come to America -  as Anglo/Scots, French, Dutch  and poor white pirates (and other races) pirates cruising the waters of the Caribbean and American colonies understood well over 300 years ago,  "DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES"   

When we say "AMERICA HATING NEO-CONS" we are speaking of people like Chicago Mayor and Jewish supremacist RAHM EMANUEL,  who believe that JEWS IN ISRAEL  should have AMERICAN FUNDED  M-16 fully automatic rifles to "defend themselves against terrorist attacks" - while residents of his own crime & corruption plagued "Pottersville" of a City...
(Rahm Emanuel is the new Al Capone of Chicago... and that is no exaggeration.   Rahm's father, Benjamin Emanuel,  was an active member of the  jewish "Irgun" terrorists, Emanuel Sr. participated in attacks on BRITISH SOLDIERS and Arab, British, and Palestinian civilians  in the Irgun's bloody war to establish a jewish war state in Palestine 70 years ago. Not even Al Capone took on the U.S. army)

 ...must face gangs armed with guns in many neighborhoods where POLICE WILL NOT RESPOND  for  dozens of minutes... if they respond to a plea for police protection or a shooting call at all!

  The same with Emanuel's fellow jewish supremacist traitor of an "israel uber America" Neo-Con war-pig, "U.S." (retch) Senator Dianne Feinstein... who has enriched herself and her family by $99 million since becoming a U.S. senator, trading on insider information and handing rich government military contracts to her war-profiteering "defense" contractor husband -  Dianne Feinstein openly declared she was going to carry a concealed hand-gun "in case any terrorists came after her" -  a basic human right SHE WANTS TO DENY "ordinary"    "Shiksa" & "Shegetz"  (jewish slang-words for "human vermin") or "goy"  Americans......


below video -  uber Neo-Con TRAITOR and  JEWISH HYPOCRITE Dianne Feinstein WANTS GUNS to PROTECT HER OWN treasonous,  jewish supremacist, Neo-Con overlord self....  while  DENYING that same need exists out there in America for 'ordinary' Americans.

Senator Dianne Feinstein:  "I CARRIED a CONCEALED WEAPON"

  Feinstein is a typical, and indeed, uber judeo Neo-Con  HYPOCRITE  would-be dictator and APARTHEID SEGREGATIONIST,  just like her evil co-religionists in the  blood-soaked 'holy' land are...

Dianne Feinstein - the HEAD WITCH of the jewish Neo-Con driven U.S. government's efforts to CRIMINALIZE ALL non-government/medical issued drugs (i.e. marijuana)  in the so-called "war on drugs"  - AGAINST THE WISHES OF  her CALIFORNIA VOTERS,  who repeatedly vote to decriminalize marijuana - is also the head-witch of the "DISARM AMERICANS and  throw the tradition of  300 years of an armed and vigilant American populace into the toilet" agenda... the only people in America who will be approved to have guns, will be those who have spent their entire lives jumping through hoops to become officials & government  appartchiks of the jewish controlled government and private/corporate 'security' companies... BLACKWATER, the MERCENARY GUNMEN  the treasonous President George W. Bush and his equally treasonous  FEMA  Director, incompetent jewish apparatchik Michael "Heckuva job, Brownie!" Brown sent to New Orleans to intimidate Hurricane Katrina drowning & disaster victims... INSTEAD OF SENDING well prepared COAST GUARD rescuers to help save the lives of those American victims!


  Under the EVIL Dianne Feinstein & co. judeo Neo-Con appartchiks takeover/hijacking of the late "United" States of America,  the only ones allowed to have guns,  will be the King's own troops and Hessian mercenaries  government approved police, military, and Blackwater and other hired mercenary gunmen...   

"WHITE" America, this nightmare that you mocked when it was aimed at Black victims  
(labelled "looters" by the evil hate-mongering  jewish owned corporate media)  of  Bush & Michael Brown's 'Brownie'  Katrina  FEMA  incompetence/treason  in 2005,  IS NOW AIMED  dead  AT YOU...  

"i wanna kill someone..."  (and they'll get a "bonus" if the do!)