Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The INTENTIONAL STAGED ECONOMIC SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of the American (and European) Economy... : The Fed/rothschild/judeo+allied financiers SECOND ATTEMPT** at INSTIGATING a GREAT DEPRESSION in America.... (**The first attempt of course succeeded: the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929-1940)

This is a long and complex post to write, so for now we will just post the video that we will be refering to... the 'Money Masters' production of a 3.5 hour video (!) of 
"The ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA  Controls the Fed and National Central Banks" 

where the author(s) attempt to illustrate that
 in America by bankers and the hyper-wealthy they served, was not only a successful strategy the bankers used to amass and consolidate power unto themselves (at the expense of everyone else, especially at the expense of those millions of citizens driven into abject poverty, destitution, and health-wrecking wretchedness) -  but a strategy they repeated time and time again  in the 100 years before they finally succeeded in pushing the people of the United States (and Europe)  into the engineered economic contraction that was the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929-1941.

text, transcript, and illustrations here ...
   There are plenty of oversights, oversimplifications, and errors in the video - which you would expect from any 3+ hour video covering so much ground, so much complex financial history, and so many different players, personalities, and financial institutions - but on the whole it is a wonderful introductory examination into the vital,  today essential subject of  ENGINEERED ECONOMIC SABOTAGE and financial wealth destruction.

   The main shortcoming of the video is that it glosses over the RELIGIOUS WARS of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation (i.e. Catholics vs Protestants that tore Europe apart for centuries), and of the Christianity vs Islam era  upon which the soon-to-be great Spanish empire was founded.

   For example it portrays English Catholic Queen Mary ("Bloody Mary") and her half-sister Queen Elizabeth as both being hostile to "the money changers"... without explaining that Mary nearly had her sister Elizabeth executed for treason (for supporting a failed Protestant coup to depose Mary and have Elizabeth installed on the throne), and Elizabeth did have two of her cousins (among many others) executed for treason, including another Mary,  Mary Queen of Scots, for participating in a similar and opposite plot to depose the Protestant Elizabeth and reinstall a new Catholic monarch, the Catholic Mary of Scots,  on the English throne.
  The video tends to gloss over these religious conflicts, and ascribe most of the machinations and manipulations to "the money power."
  In another example, the video portrays Napoleon as a rather benevolent character who tries to overthrow the "money power"  old order... neglecting to mention that Napoleon tried to re-establish SLAVERY in Haiti, and only sold the Louisiana purchase to the fledgling American nation, because Haiti's slaves rose in a SUCCESSFUL REVOLT and rebellion ("Revolution"!) that gave the otherwise weak American nation the opportunity to benefit from Napoleon's need for cash, the Haitians defeated the French army in Haiti, and Napoleon knew he could not fund a new army to protect his American (Louisiana) claims against encroachment by either the British or Americans, while he was waging war all over the European continent.

 But in main, the video appears to be accurate on most of its portrayals of the bankers'  RELENTLESS CONSPIRACY to WRECK the American economy to suit their purposes; 

   in particular,
  the bankers' recurrent tactic of  SHRINKING THE MONEY SUPPLY,

  by CALLING IN LOANS and FAILING to write new loans - which

  CONTRACTION OF THE MONEY SUPPLY,   invariably CONTRACTING  ECONOMIC ACTIVITY, for the simple reason that the American people simply did not have "THE MONEY" to buy and purchase things - even though the latent potential  for Americans to produce and consume things was there all along...  even as the bankers were WRECKING, SABOTAGING the economy and Americans' natural desire to be industrious! 


In general, the tendency of (American and European) bankers to try to SABOTAGE Economic activity in their host countries at certain selected time periods, is as old as the human race itself:  the bible tells us that Cain murdered, EXTERMINATED his brother Abel because 'god' allegedly FAVORED Abel's economic activity (the 'sacrifice' of Abel's production of meats harvested from killed animals) to Cain's economic contribution of fruits and grains from a plant-based harvest.   

    In this very fundamental manner (killing one's economic rivals),  FINANCIAL SABOTAGE is similar and often integrated with that recurrent blight of humanity, WARFARE: the ORGANIZED KILLING of one's limited, finite resources  (= economic activity) rivals and competitors. 

    And today's stupified American public has certainly forgotten, in their deference to "THE MONEY MASTERS" and autocrat (kleptocrat!) elite, that most of our ancestors came to America  FLEEING the "OLD WORLD"  hierarchy and ridgid stratifcation of England and Europe, where the wealthy MONOPOLISED the land, and treated the vast majority of people as little better than disposable serfs. 


 below photo:       what's new - INTENTIONAL "big finance' ECONOMIC SABOTAGE & DESTRUCTION of economic activity - is old.... 

  What looks like a peaceful countryside moment is actually evidence of an economic war waged, by wealthy autocrat 'landowners'  supported by the English army, against the people of this Highlands village in Scotland in the 17th century.
    The forcible and often brutal removal of people from their ancestral villages - lands that for centuries had belonged, in common, to the people and clan of that village or region - would be repeated on an even wider scale throughout the rest of Scotland, England, and Ireland in the related 'ENCLOSURES' era,  driving tens of thousands of destitute refugees from their native rural communities into towns and cities - where they could be hung for vagrancy if they did not have a place to go to get off the streets after dark.

  The "modern" elitist contempt, in America today, for the large portion of the population portrayed as "unproductive" is very deeply rooted in the Anglo/English and European "Old World" scorn and contempt the nobles and autocrats felt for the "SUBJECT" people (as queen Elizabeth often says, " subjects"!) of their nations...
The Highland Clearances (Scottish Gaelic: Fuadach nan GĂ idheal, the "expulsion of the Gael") was the forced displacement of a significant number of people in the Scottish Highlands during the 18th and 19th century, as a result of an agricultural revolution (also known as enclosure) carried out by hereditary aristocratic landowners, such as the Duke of Sutherland. The changes were seen to be supported by the government, who gave financial aid for roads and bridges to assist the new sheep-based agriculture and trade.[1]
There was mass forced emigration to the sea coast, the Scottish Lowlands and the North American colonies. The clearances were particularly notorious as a result of the late timing, the lack of legal protection for year-by-year tenants under Scots law, the abruptness of the change from the traditional clan system, and the brutality of many evictions.