Thursday, December 6, 2012

rothschilds/Goddamn-Sachs/jpMorgan / genocidal Ben Bernanke/Fed/geithner genocidal judeo DEBT SLAVERY WAR ON ... GREECE

Well, this should be an easy blog-post to write:  just take everything we wrote a day or two ago about the rothschilds/Goddamn-Sachs/jpMorgan /  genocidal Ben Bernanke/Fed  judeo DEBT SLAVERY WAR ON IRELAND... and insert in their place the DEBT RAPED people and economy of Greece instead...

  this particular story by the New York 'Amerikan'  judeo lying swine at  BLOOMBERG 'news' - who, EVEN AS THEY HAVE reported that  'the bailouts' WILL COST AMERICAN TAXPAYERS $20+ TRILLION dollars" -   

(that's double the national GDP of approximately $13 trillion per year) 

  ...the Bloomberg LIARS  abjectly REFUSE to admit that IT IS THE BAILOUTS  that have SUCKED THE LIFE OUT of the American  (Greek, Ireland, Portugal, England, France, etc.) economy,  NOT the so-called "socialism"  social welfare, food-stamps, retirement plans, pensions, and other funds that, would be solvent and paying out today,  if workers had earned a simple 5% annual interest on their 'withheld' payments that they and their employers have paid into the system over the past 50 years...
  ...which instead have been RAPED by bribed-and-bought-off con-gress critters at the behest of the Treasonous bankers like Bloomberg and his fellow New York, Wall St., City of London, and israel judeo loan-sharking, debt extortion,  SLAVE TRADING  cohorts:

Depression Deepens Greek Middle Class Despair With Crime
By Oliver Staley  BLOOMBERG lying, traitor, vampire-judeo 'news'   Dec 6, 2012

   Anastasia Karagaitanaki, 57, is a former model and cafe owner in Thessaloniki, Greece. After losing her business to the financial crisis, she now sleeps on a daybed next to the refrigerator in her mother’s kitchen and depends on charity for food and insulin for her diabetes.  

“I feel like my life has slipped through my hands,” said Karagaitanaki, whose brother also shares the one-bedroom apartment. “I feel like I’m dead.”
For thousands of Greeks like Karagaitanaki, the fabric of middle-class life is unraveling. Teachers, salaries slashed by a third, are stealing electricity. Families in once-stable neighborhoods are afraid to leave their homes because of rising street crime.
Karagaitanaki’s family can’t afford gas to heat their home this winter and will rely on electric blankets in the chilly northern Greek city. They live on the 785 euros ($1,027) a month their mother collects monthly from their late father’s pension. Two years ago, Karagaitanaki sold her jewelry for 3,000 euros, which she gave to her two sons. Her blood sugar is rising because she can’t afford the meat and vegetables her doctor recommends and instead eats rice and beans she gets from the Greek Orthodox Church.... (cont'd) 


   AS we can see... EVERYWHERE the GODDAMN-SACHS VAMPIRE judeo SLAVE-TRADING banksters get their claws in, the people soon start LOSING their JOBS, PENSIONS, social safety net, homes... and soon enough thereafter, their health and lives...     just as the London Rothschilds did to first the people of Ireland, and then to the people of Europe when they supported the autocrats CRUSHING the 1848 Europe-wide anti-autocracy dictatorships...

rothschilds/Goddamn-Sachs/genocidal Ben Bernanke Fed/judeo War on Humanity reaps its ugly harvest: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ABUSE SOARS In DEBT RAPED Ireland...

While the corporate owned 'mainstream media" whores still refuse to do their basic jobs - ask tough questions  and juxtapose articles
  (the old grade-school skills of  "compare and contrast" that the media whores have discarded, in favor of brown-nose propaganda lying)
that would provide real information to their readers about the U.S. "financial cliff" and related world economic crimes,   at least the 'alternative media' are slowly starting to do so, with this pair of  depressing headlines posted next to each other on one of our favorite financial 'muckracking' websites:

Ireland Budget 2013: TAKING €5bn FROM The People, To GIVE TO The BANKS 


  Need we mention, "TAKING MONEY at point of government bayonet or gun (the IRS/gov't. Tax agency) to GIVE to the PARASITIC BANKERS"    IS the "financial model" of the parasitic bankers?

Need we point out, that when people become stressed out, harassed, disempowered, and driven into the streets by DEBT SLAVERY, they may tend to lash out in frustration at anyone they come in contact with,  violence fueled by despair?

     NEED WE POINT OUT again that, AS MILLIONS of Irish men, women and children PERISHED from the so-called "Irish potato famine" - which was actually
(that preceded the ARMENIAN HOLOCAUST of WWI, the Holodomor intentional famine of the Ukraine in the 1920s  and following Stalinist purges of the 1930s;  followed by Nazi "holocaust" itself  of the 1940s)

       ...the British Rothschilds, at the uncontested apex of British empire wealth & power (including over subject, conquered, and occupied Ireland) were building palatial country estates and London mansions like so many mushrooms popping up after a rainstorm?  

millions of starving children...
Skibbereen 1847 by Cork artist James Mahony (1810–1879), commissioned by Illustrated London News, 1847 the anglo/judeo rothschilds financiers built themselves mansions and palaces with blood-&-bayonet extorted wealth...

  Well, as the Goddamn-Sachs, Citi-bank, JP Morgan/Chase, and other Fed banksters count their ill-gotten,  "BRIBEOCRACY"   LOOT,    we hope the American public isn't stupid enough to believe that they are immune to a similar new round of  GREAT DEPRESSION  "Okie" poor-white-trash or segregated minorities
  (yesterday Blacks in the Deep South;  today Palestinians in jewish occupied Palestine... tomorrow any Americans who express opposition to the 'innate supremacy' of 'god's own, chosen ones' !!)
 style  poverty, CRIMINALIZATION,  dispossession, disenfranchisement and "YOU DON'T COUNT" waves  of violence, abuse, suicide, shootings-by-police, or other forms of premature death and slavery posing as legal punishment (incarceration).