Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Obama's NEO-CON (judeo warmongering & financial rape) agenda explained!

 Once again, the great graphic artist/commentator "William Banzai 7" hits a home run, his graphic art  "Santa's iPad" says - in words even Harvard graduate George W. Bush and Harvard Law graduate Barack Obama can understand - what is so awful about Barack Obama's presidency....  he's a radical right-wing warmonger and traitor, sell-out financial rapist!
  The man (obama) who became president ONLY because of the courage of those who came before him in the 100 years (including the Civil War) leading up to the Civil Rights era, has put a "Democrat" STAMP OF APPROVAL on George W. Bush's Neo-Con (judeo war lobby)  DICTATORSHIP BY PRESIDENTIAL DECREE.  
    Indeed, Obama's signing of the Gestapo "NDAA" bill, is even more draconian of a police-state "KIDNAP, TORTURE, & (mass- !!) MURDER by presidential decree" than anything idiot Bush signed... and as treasonous as Bush & Cheney were,  they didn't try to SHIP AMERICAN GUNS to MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS with THE INTENTION of provoking a mass-murder killing spree... as Obama and Holder did with their "FAST & FURIOUS" treason.
(with the Neo-Con intent of BLAMING White American gun-owners, so to outlaw American gun ownership.)  

 Santa's iPad hacked - 

 Whoops!    Perhaps Bush & Cheney  top that insane treason of Holder & Obama's... under Cheney's tender mercies,  several NUCLEAR WARHEADS went "MISSING" out of Barksdale Air Force base for a few hours (if not days) - which is probably worse than shipping a few truckloads of guns to Mexican terrorist drug cartels....