Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goddamn-Sachs Financial Traitor Swine Proclamations, are the PERFECT CONTRARIAN INDICATORS....

ho hum. 
(the dominant-by-virtue of being blatantly jewish banking front for the evil rothschilds euro/jewish banking cabal... For most of the past century,  the rotschields multi-national, loyal-to-none banksters  were happy to hide behind JP Morgan as the dominant front for their American operations , but with the in-your-face supremacy of   judaism in Amerika over the past 25 years, the cabal prefers to rub their judeo-supremacy in the American public's face,  operating boldly behind its dual-jewish named front, "Goldman" + "Sachs") ONLY alive today, because they were BAILED OUT by BILLIONS upon BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of  "SOCIALISM FOR FINANCIAL LOSERS" taxpayer extorted "bailouts" dollars following their MARKET MELTDOWN CRASH of Sept. 2008.
(In particular, the cravenly corrupt 'Democrat' and Rethuglican congress-critters giving BILLIONS of dollars to the jewish Vampire Squid 'bank' via the AIG bailout, where the Vampire banksters had DUMPED their LOSING TRADES into  "credit default swaps" and STUCK AMERICAN TAXPAYERS with THEIR losses).

     Well,  we would literally need an encyclopedic set of volumes to document all of the Vampire Squid's FAILURES over the past dozen years, all COVERED UP by billions of bribed-from-con-gress taxpayer extorted "bailout" dollars
(including the back-door bailout of FREE,  ZIRP,  ZERO-INTEREST Rate Policy  'money' printed up by Genocidal Ben the treasonous, economy-killing  bankster)
 and WHITEWASHED by the treasonously servile and corrupt corporate media whores;   but for now,   at least one set of financial commentators aren't fooled by the bankrupt jewish financial house's  PREPOSTEROUS LIES:     just regard ANYTHING the Vampire Pigs tell their customers, as a CONTRARIAN INDICATOR to what the lying fraudsters are doing with THEIR OWN money!  

54-year market veteran and analyst Ron Rosen:

“In spite of all of the negative press gold is receiving today on CNBC because of Goldman Sachs’ call for the end of the gold bull market, everything is right on schedule.  The timing of this ridiculous proclamation by Goddamn Sachs could not have come at a more perfect time. 

My projections are for a massive move to the upside in gold for 2013 and 2014.  The Goddamn Sachs call will be an interesting footnote after the explosion takes place.  What the analyst is saying is contrary to all natural movements through time.  If you look at the patterns in the charts below you will know where gold is headed.

Final note:  Ari Sussman, CEO of Continental Gold, sent a communication saying, “This reminds me of Goldman's $200 oil call the same week that oil topped out at $140/barrel.”  Ari is absolutely correct.  Global readers have to learn to use these types of  [Goddamn-Sachs vampire finance] calls as REVERSE INDICATORS....  [the vampire squids are NOTHING but LYING  SABOTEURS!! ]