Monday, November 12, 2012

Britain - 200 years partner-in-crime with the Rothschilds led judeo "MONEY POWER" global conquest and ruthless Extortion Imperialists, whipping up DEATH SQUADS to ASSASSINATE Syrian leader Assad... AS the evil judeo-British-American terror cabal had AL QAEDA TERRORISTS ASSASSINATE Qaddafi in Libya 4 months ago...

The insane jewish-supremacist jews in Israel, backed by their "American" and British co-coreligionists partners in insane jewish supremacy in the (late) 'United' States and in Europe,  have had a 2,000+ year hard-on to  CONQUER PERSIA (what today is called Iran),  because it was the Babylonian invasion & conquest of Jerusalem back in 424 B.C. that demonstrated that "god," the omnipotent, all-powerful so-called 'creator of the universe,'  wasn't quite as fully in support of GLOBAL JEWISH SUPREMACY as judeo elites, scholars, and ruling kings had believed or hoped.

      Jewish theology and ideology of course posits that the jews are "GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE,"  DESTINED to POPULATE  and RULE the ENTIRE earth;  and 'modern' jewish protestations about commitment to human rights and dedication to global peace notwithstanding, the jewish bible very clearly illustrates that, whenever they have the opportunity, jews either ENSLAVE or EXTERMINATE their neighbors.
  Now it can easily be argued that all empires on the rise eventually crush their former allies, and that all humans seek to ERADICATE their neighbors ("The Selfish Gene" theory and book that Richard Dawkins published in 1989)  as genetic opponents to be wiped out (so one's own genes will be passed on in perpetuity);  but since the era of the  Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem and the jewish exile into  Babylonian captivity,  judaism has specialized in waging a slow-burn ideological war of extermination against their captors - including Psalm 137, where jewish exiles fantasize about smashing the heads of the children of their Babylonian captors against rocks -  or against any majority peoples when the jews are a minority in that nation, kingdom, or empire.

   We here at theJewishWars have already illustrated the case of Esther and her manager Mordachai, rising in power to a sort of tag-team #2. in the Persian empire (Mordachai as the vizier, or prime minister, in close cooperation with his niece/cousin Esther as the Persian king's queen) from whence they proceeded to launch a MASS-MURDEROUS PURGE in Persia, where the bible gloats that 75,000 were killed at the hands of jews as the Persian army stood idly by.

   But despite Persians having conquered the Babylonians and releasing the jews to return to Jerusalem from the 'Babylonian captivity'; and despite modern Iran having little more than a historical and geographical connection to Babylon, still,  today jews of israel, America, and Europe  LUST after the CONQUEST and WHOLESALE DESTRUCTION OF IRAN,  as what they see would be a vindication, or proof, that GOD once again FAVORS THEM, over ALL OTHER tribes and peoples on Earth,   the all-conquering god of the jewish tribe's glory days (from Moses and Joshua's blood-drenched conquest of  the so-called 'holy land' to David & Solomon's consolidation of a small judeo empire) 
  a theme that is the basis of their entire genocidal religion.

    So it is that the genocidal jews are whipping up these "AMERICAN" wars ALL OVER THE GLOBE, they are ruthlessly ENSLAVING the people, not only of Iraq, Libya, Georgia (former Soviet Republic), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain to ruthless JEWISH APPROVED ABSOLUTE DICTATORS...
      but under the insane Rothschilds/Fed/Bank-of-England and now ECB, European Central Bank ENGINEERED DEMOLITION of  AMERICA and EUROPE's economies
(under massive sheets of glacier like DEBT the central bankers have WHIPPED UP OUT OF THIN AIR,  and bribed European and American 'leaders' to IMPOSE on their public for "bailing out" failed, bankrupt, insolvent JEWISH RUN BANKS!)
 ...the Neo-Cons are BLATANTLY SEEKING TO IMPOSE  "austerity" = massive poverty!  and DICTATORSHIP ENSLAVEMENT REGIMES, on both Americans and Europeans!

 So it is quite amazing that, as the judeo led "Neo-Con" financiers attempt to  DISPENSE WITH DEMOCRACY,  freedoms, economic fairness, and economic equality in Greece, Spain, Portugal, in Britain, and in the United States itself, their fervor to CONQUER AND DESTROY first Syria, as a prelude  to destroying Iran, reaches a Nazi-esque war-lust crescendo - even as they use the propaganda themes of  "bringing freedoms" and 'democracy' to the latest target of their insane, bloodthirsty, genocidal lust!

     The jewish bible is a RELENTLESS COMPILATION of the jews KILLING their neighbors, and attempting to DISPOSE OF the ruling elites of those neighboring kingdoms.
From the Napoleonic wars of the early 1800s to World Wars I & II and through the Cold War to the present, the Rothschilds London based judeo financiers were and are SYNONYMOUS with the British empire.

    So today it is hardly surprising to read that the Jewish Wars which are insanely foaming at the mouth at knocking off little Syria as a prelude to the Iran war,  are now using  BRITISH SOLDIERS as DEATH SQUAD ASSASSINS in Syria. 

   When their HIRED AL QAEDA TERRORISTS can not terrorize Syria into submission, the EVIL JEWS  get the REAL PROS - the British military  (or the "U.S." CIA) to do their dirty work for them... just as it was NATO BOMBERS which unleashed a TORRENT OF TERROR and GENOCIDAL KILLINGS in Libya, turning Africa's  HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING ECONOMY, into a charred and terrorized wasteland, where evil judeo overlords finance and oversee Al Qaeda terrorists genocidally killing  thousands of Black African Libyans.


Britain Prepares Squads to Assassinate Assad in Syria

by Kurt Nimmo
 Britain is a “full-spectrum player” in effort to kill Syria’s leader and terrorize its people.

Saudi and Qatari funded Free Syria Army and al-Qaeda terrorists are being trained to assassinate Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and his military leaders, the Daily Star reports today.

Britain Prepares Squads to Assassinate Assad in Syria syriasasThe newspaper reports British SAS, SBS and troops from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment are inside Syria “helping show insurgents how to use new weapons and explosives” and “train rebel assassination squads to target President Assad and his warlords.”
The British Chief of the Defense Staff,General Sir David Richards, said contingency plans are being drafted, including “limited” intervention by British troops in “areas where assistance was being provided,” the Press Association reports.
Britain considers itself a “full-spectrum player” in the Middle East. It was at the forefront of the military "intervention" [INVASION!]  in Libya that resulted in the death of more than 30,000 people.
The Telegraph reported on Saturday that the United States has balked at prime minister David Cameron’s proposal to further assist the FSA and al-Qaeda following reports that the CIA and MI6 supported mercenaries are killing unarmed civilians. The FSA has admitted killing civilians and captured Syrian soldiers.
According to the CIA-engineered propaganda outfit, the Voice of America, U.S. intervention in Syria is more urgent now that “extremist Islamist elements” are taking a more active role in Syria.
“The balance of forces in the Syrian opposition is such, that as time goes by and the radical Islamists are the ones who always seem to have the money and always seem to have the weapons, they will become much more dominant in terms of that opposition. That does not serve American interests and it certainly doesn’t serve the interests of stability in the region,” Dennis Ross told VOA. 

   [DENNIS ROSS is an evil jewish NEO-CON who was CONTINUING... in the so-called  'liberal Democrat' administration of Obama-Biden, the dirty work begun under the Wolfowitz-Libby-Bolton-Wurmser-Zackheim Neo-Con loyal-to-Netanyahu mass-murderous jewish supremacists who OWNED  the CHENEY-BUSH administration.    Americans THOUGHT they were voting for "CHANGE!" in 2008, but in the person of Dennis Ross, Rahm Emanuel, Jacob Lew,  Cass Sunstein, and all the other Obama administration Neo-Con, mass-murderous, genocidal jews, Americans GOT MORE  JUDEO WARMONGERS and MORE jewish wars! ]  
Ross is a member of both the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. He works with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, an Israel-centric think tank closely related to the American Enterprise Institute and other neocon organizations.
In September, al-Qaeda and the FSA offered a reward of $25 million for the assassination of al-Assad. Turkey’s Anadolou news agency quoted FSA commander Ahmad Hijazi as saying the money would be paid by “supporters and businessmen” abroad.
Saudi Arabia and Qatar are spending tens of millions of dollars to support the effort to depose and kill al-Assad. Military aid is brokered through Turkey and “a secretive group operates something like a command center in Istanbul, directing the distribution of vital military supplies believed to be provided by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and transported with the help of Turkish intelligence to the Syrian border and then to the rebels.”
In October, Turkey attacked Syria with artillery after Syria targeted FSA and al-Qaeda mercenaries on the border.